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US Senat: Does Clinton Policy Support Group with Terror, Drug Ties?

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U.S. Senate Republican Policy Committee - Larry E. Craig, Chairman - Jade West, Staff Director

The Kosovo Liberations Army: Does Clinton Policy Support Group with Terror, Drug Ties?

From ‚Terrorists‘ to ‚Partners‘

On March 24, 1999, NATO initiated air attacks on Yugoslavia (a federation of two republics,

On March 24, 1999, NATO initiated air attacks on Yugoslavia (a federation of two republics, Serbia and Montenegro) in order to impose a peace agreement in the Serbian province of Kosovo, which has an ethnic Albanian majority. The Clinton Administration has not formally withdrawn its standing insistence that Belgrade sign the peace agreement, which would entail the deployment in Kosovo of some 28,000 NATO ground troops — including 4,000 Americans — to police the settlement. But in recent days the Clinton public line has shifted to a demand that Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic halt the offensive he has launched in Kosovo, which has led to a growing humanitarian crisis in the region, before there can be a stop to the bombing campaign.

One week into the bombing campaign, there is widespread discussion of options for further actions. One option includes forging a closer relationship between the United States and a controversial group, the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), a group which has been cited in unofficial reports for alleged ties to drug cartels and Islamic terrorist organizations. This paper will examine those allegations in the context of the currently unfolding air campaign.

Results of Week One

The air assault is a product of a Clinton policy, which for months has been directed toward intervention in Kosovo, in either the form of the use of air power or of the introduction of a peacekeeping ground force — or of air power followed by a ground force. [For details on the turbulent history of Kosovo and of the direction of Clinton policy leading to the current air campaign, see:

…………..and „Bosnia II: The Clinton Administration Sets Course for NATO Intervention in Kosovo,“ 8/12/98.]

Just hours before the first bombs fell, the Senate voted 58 to 41 (with 38 Republicans voting in the negative) to authorize air and missile strikes against Yugoslavia (S. Con. Res. 21). The Senate then approved by voice vote a second resolution expressing support for members of the U.S. Armed Forces engaged in military operations against Yugoslavia (S. Res. 74).

Prior to the air campaign, the stated goal of Clinton policy, as noted above, was Belgrade’s acceptance of the peace agreement signed by the Kosovo Albanian delegation (which included representatives of the KLA) on March 17. Now, more than a week into the air campaign, that goal appears even more elusive as the NATO attack has rallied Serbian resistance to what they see as an unjustified foreign aggression.

Since the NATO bombing campaign began, Serbian security forces also have intensified an offensive in Kosovo that began as the airstrikes appeared inevitable. According to numerous media reports, tens of thousands of Albanians are fleeing the Serb army, and police forces and paramilitary groups that, based on credible allegations, are committing widespread atrocities, including summary executions, burnings of Albanian villages, and assassination of human rights activists and community leaders. Allied officials have denounced the apparently deliberate forced exodus of Albanian civilians as ethnic cleansing and even genocide. But according to some refugee accounts, the NATO bombing is also a factor in the exodus: „[M]ost residents of the provincial capital say they are leaving of their own accord and are not being forced out at gunpoint, as residents of several western cities and villages in Kosovo say has been happening to them. . . . Pristina residents who made it to Macedonia said their city is still largely intact, despite the targeting of ethnic Albanian businesses by Serbian gangs and several direct hits from NATO air strikes in the city center“ [„Cause of Kosovar Exodus from Pristina Disputed: Serbs Are Forcing Exit, Some Claim; Others Go on Own,“ Washington Times, 3/31/99].

At the same time, the Clinton Administration, consistent with its track record on Kosovo, has ignored credible but unconfirmed evidence from sources not connected to Milosevic’s Serbian government that the NATO campaign has resulted in far more civilian damage than has been acknowledged.

Making Things Worse?

The Clinton Administration and NATO officials flatly reject any suggestion that their policy has exacerbated an already bad situation on the ground in Kosovo. With neighboring Albania and Macedonia in danger of being destabilized by a flood of refugees, questions are being raised about NATO’s ability to continue the campaign unless positive results are evident soon:

„With critics arguing that the NATO campaign has made things worse, the alliance must slow the Serbs‘ onslaught or watch public support and alliance unity unravel. U.S. and NATO officials angrily rebutted the critics, arguing that Mr. Milosevic, the Serbian leader, and his forces were already on the rampage before NATO strikes began.“ [„NATO Is Set to Target Sites in Belgrade,“ Wall Street Journal, 3/29/99]

If the immediate NATO goal has now shifted to stopping the Serb offensive in Kosovo, observers point to three likely options [WSJ, 3/29/99]:

Option One is to continue the air campaign, increasingly targeting Serb frontline troops [in Kosovo], but it could be days before the onslaught is really slowed.“ This option, which NATO has already begun to implement, is likely to entail greater risk to NATO aircraft and crews, due to the lower and slower flightpaths needed to deliver tactical strikes. Still, most observers doubt the offensive can be halted with air power alone. Late reports indicate increased bombing of targets in Belgrade, the capital of both the Yugoslav federation and the Serbian republic.

Option Two is to start considering intervening on the ground.“ In recent days, the Clinton Administration has begun to shift its position on NATO ground troops from a categorical assurance that ground troops would go in only to police a peace settlement to hints that they might, depending on some unspecified „conditions,“ be introduced into a combat environment. For example, in comments on March 28, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Henry Shelton suggested that certain „assessments“ had been made, but that there was as yet no political agreement on ground troops:

„There have been assessments made, but those assessments were based on varying conditions that existed in Kosovo… At this point in time, there are no plans per se to introduce ground troops.“ [NBC’s „Meet the Press,“ 3/28/99]

Option Three: arming the separatist Kosovo Liberation Army to carry the war on the ground while NATO continues it from the air.“ This option, which would make NATO the overt air force of the KLA, would also dash any possibility of a solution that would not result in a change in Balkan borders, perhaps setting off a round of widespread regional instability. Clinton Administrations officials have begun to suggest that independence may now be justified in view of the Serb offensive. The KLA has been explicit in its determination to not only achieve an independent Kosovo but to „liberate“ Albanian-inhabited areas of Montenegro (including the Montenegrin capital, Podgorica), Macedonia (including the Macedonian capital, Skopje), and parts of northern Greece; most of these areas were in fact annexed to Albania under Axis occupation during World War II. (For a visual representation of the areas claimed by the KLA, see the map at the website of the pro-KLA Albanian-American Civic League at

Note that arming and training the KLA, as called for in Option Three, would highlight serious questions about the nature of the KLA and of the Clinton Administration’s relationship with it.

The KLA: from ‚Terrorists‘ to ‚Partners‘

The Kosovo Liberation Army „began on the radical fringe of Kosovar Albanian politics, originally made up of diehard Marxist-Leninists (who were bankrolled in the old days by the Stalinist dictatorship next door in Albania) as well as by descendants of the fascist militias raised by the Italians in World War II“ [„Fog of War — Coping With the Truth About Friend and Foe: Victims Not Quite Innocent,“ New York Times, 3/28/99]. The KLA made its military debut in February 1996 with the bombing of several camps housing Serbian refugees from wars in Croatia and Bosnia [Jane’s Intelligence Review, 10/1/96]. The KLA (again according to the highly regarded Jane’s,) „does not take into consideration the political or economic importance of its victims, nor does it seem at all capable of seriously hurting its enemy, the Serbian police and army. Instead, the group has attacked Serbian police and civilians arbitrarily at their weakest points. It has not come close to challenging the region’s balance of military power“ [Jane’s, 10/1/96].

The group expanded its operations with numerous attacks through 1996 but was given a major boost with the collapse into chaos of neighboring Albania in 1997, which afforded unlimited opportunities for the introduction of arms into Kosovo from adjoining areas of northern Albania, which are effectively out of the control of the Albanian government in Tirana. From its inception, the KLA has targeted not only Serbian security forces, who may be seen as legitimate targets for a guerrilla insurgency, but Serbian and Albanian civilians as well.

In view of such tactics, the Clinton Administration’s then-special envoy for Kosovo, Robert Gelbard, had little difficulty in condemning the KLA (also known by its Albanian initials, UCK) in terms comparable to those he used for Serbian police repression:

Robert Gelbard: Fatos Klosi: Albanian Secret Service

“ ‚The violence we have seen growing is incredibly dangerous,‘ Gelbard said. He criticized violence ‚promulgated by the (Serb) police‘ and condemned the actions of an ethnic Albanian underground group Kosovo Liberation Army (UCK) which has claimed responsibility for a series of attacks on Serb targets. ‚We condemn very strongly terrorist actions in Kosovo. The UCK is, without any questions, a terrorist group,‘ Gelbard said.“ [Agence France Presse, 2/23/98]

Mr. Gelbard’s remarks came just before a KLA attack on a Serbian police station led to a retaliation that left dozens of Albanians dead, leading in turn to a rapid escalation of the cycle of violence. Responding to criticism that his earlier remarks might have been seen as Washington’s „green light“ to Belgrade that a crack-down on the KLA would be acceptable, Mr. Gelbard offered to clarify to the House Committee on International Relations:

„Questioned by lawmakers today on whether he still considered the group a terrorist organization, Mr. Gelbard said that while it has committed ‚terrorist acts,‘ it has ’not been classified legally by the U.S. Government as a terrorist organization.‘ “ [New York Times, 3/13/98]


September 19, 2005

Treasury Designates Bin Laden, Qadi Associate

The U.S. Department of the Treasury today designated Dr. Abdul Latif Saleh pursuant to Executive Order 13224 for providing support to Usama bin Laden and al Qaida……………….

08.12.200509:50 (GMT)
The Albanian government has seized the assets and bank accounts of Abdul Latif Saleh who allegedly worked with Osama bin Laden to supporting terror networks in Albania, Serbianna reported citing Albanian Finance Ministry. Albania blocked 33 bank accounts in three commercial banks as well as assets and investments in Saleh’s businesses and civic organizations he was involved with. Saleh founded an Albanian jihadist group that has been bankrolled by the Al Haramain Foundation, an Islamic charity with alleged links to al-Qaida. Saleh is believed to be associated with Yasin al Qadi, a Saudi businessman. Abdul Latif Saleh, who holds Jordanian and Albanian citizenship, left Albania three years ago. He was placed on a UN sanctions list in September. He is also being investigated for alleged money-laundering for al-Qaida. Earlier this year, Albanian authorities seized property and froze the assets of four foundations and a married couple accused by the United Nations of funding terrorist activities.

Financial Infrastructure of Islamic Extremists in the Balkans

I am posting this on behalf of TF Blog contributor Darko Trifunovic.  Shortly I will be posting two presentations Darko made at the recent Institute for Counterterrorism conference in Herzliya, Israel.  Darko’s post follows:


9 Both Abdul Latif Saleh and Yasin Al-Qadi were represented in court by Idayet Beqiri, political secretary of the “Front of Albanian National Unity” (FBKSh).


Albanian Secret Service Chief Fatos Klosi in 16.5.1998 in der “Albania” durch den Albanischen Geheimdienst Chef Fatos Klosi: KLA (UCK) is financed by Bin Laden

European Union has blacklisted other Macedonian citizens of Albanian nationality. Among those added to the blacklist are Idayet Beqiri – leader of so-called Albanian National Army (ANA), Ljirim Jakupi and Agim Krasniqi – leaders of armed group in Kondovo, Fatmir Limani, Ruzhdi Matoshi – Democratic Party of Albanians (DPA) Representative in Parliament, Naser Misimi, Taip Mustafa – National Liberation Army (NLA) commander from Gostivar, Ermus Suma – member of Ali Ahmeti’s security and Sami Ukshini.
Source: Makfax


Financial Infrastructure of Islamic Extremists in the Balkans

NATO Training Camps in North Albania with Islam Terrorist

Citizens of Bosnia-Herzegovina need help, because they cannot fight against this pestilence alone. One should be careful to differentiate the extremists from the Muslim population in general; one of the extremists’ goals is to foment conflict between all Muslims and modern civilization. This is what the leaders of Al-Qaeda in Kosovo are doing. According to expert information, the top extremists in the area are: Ramush Haradinaj, Hashim Taqi, Ilaz Selimi, Ahmed Krasniqi (Haradinaj’s enemy), Setmir Krasniqi (organized crime) Muxhar Basha, Snu Lumaj, Ismet Bexhet, Remi Mustafa, Nazmi Bekteshi, Xhimshit Osmani, Ramadan Dermaku, Luzim Aliju i Baylush Rustemi. All are connected to imam Omar Behmen. Their funding comes from various sources, but all have in common the Swiss enterprise called “Phoenix,” owned by Qazim Osmonaj. Another man worth mentioning is Abdullah Duhayman, a Saudi citizen, the founder of the “Islamic Balkan Center” Zenica, Bosnia. Duhayman is one of the main contacts and financiers of Ekrem Avdiu of Kosovska Mitrovica, a veteran of the Bosnian war and the founder of UCK’s mujahid’din unit “Abu Bakr Sadeq.”

Qazim Osmonaj = Qazim Osmoni

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Das NATO Wahl Debakel in der Ukraine

Februar 9, 2010 Kommentare aus

Totales Debakel in der Ukraine, der NATO Agression und Georg Soros Lakeien

9.2.2010 von janmalte.

Ob die NATO und Georg Soros Gestalten der Deutschen Politik kapieren, das man unerwünscht ist mit diesen Bestechungs Orgien.

Was für ein peinlicher Vorgang, denn die NATO Erweiterung nach Osten ist ein Wort Bruch, bei der Wieder Vereinigung von Deutschland. Bei der Unglaubwürdigkeit der NATO, mit Massen Morden an Zivilisten und der Zusammenarbeit im Balkan und in Afghanistan mit Mördern, Drogen Baronen, Terroristen und Warlors, ist steht die NATO zur Diskussion, als der Welt agressivsten Angriffs- und Besatzung Bündniss, vor allem wegen den hohen Millionen Unterschlagungen auch der Entwicklungshilfe schon in der Kohl Zeit u.a. mit Vadim Zinovievich Rabinovich und der Ost-West-Handelsbank in Frankfurt. Schon damals räumten SPD gestützte Gewerkschaftler in 2003 die Konten der Bank ab. Nachdem die Staatsanwaltschaft ermittelte, wurde die Bank in VTB Bank (Deutschland) AG umbenannt. Viele Hundert Millonen verschwanden spurlos.

The CIA – Pentagon arm business, with the Albanian Mafia

09.02.2010 – Held der Ukraine

KIEW/BERLIN (Eigener Bericht) – Mit dem Präsidentenwechsel in der
Ukraine erleiden die bisher vom Westen gestützten Kräfte der
“Orangenen Revolution” einen schweren Machtverlust. Der mit dem
Umsturz Ende 2004 an die Macht gelangte Präsident Wiktor
Juschtschenko, Befürworter eines NATO-Beitritts der Ukraine, ist
bereits im ersten Wahlgang mit kaum mehr als fünf Prozent der Stimmen
ausgeschieden. Ministerpräsidentin Julia Timoschenko, die ebenfalls
kandidiert hatte, ist trotz ihrer Abkehr von westlichen
Sparforderungen im zweiten Wahlgang unterlegen. Der künftige Präsident
Wiktor Janukowitsch, ein Mann der ostukrainischen Schwerindustrie,
lehnt einen NATO-Beitritt dezidiert ab. Transatlantisch orientierte
Politiker bedauern, die Umsturzkräfte des Jahres 2004 hätten es
versäumt, einen vollständigen “Elitenwechsel” durchzusetzen, um sich
dauerhaften Einfluss zu sichern. Trotzdem zieht Berlin Vorteile aus
dem Machtwechsel: Eine enge Zusammenarbeit mit Janukowitsch, der die
Beziehungen zur EU intensivieren will, ruft keine Konflikte mit Moskau
hervor – anders als die Kooperation mit seinem NATO-orientierten
Vorgänger. Dieser hat in einer seiner letzten Amtshandlungen einen
NS-Kollaborateur zum “Held der Ukraine” ernannt.


Vorbild Deutscher Aussenpolitik: Das Verbrecher Kartell des Georg Soros und seiner NG0’s wie dem ICG

Es gibt absolut keine Deutsche Aussenpolitik! Wie Afghanistan aktuell zeigt und der Balkan sowieso, hat man jede Art von Einfluß in der EU und NATO verspielt, weil man ausschliesslich wie ein Papagei den Soros – CIA gesteuerten Zirkeln wie dem ICG, HRW, “Open Society” usw. nachplabbert, bzw. gleich im ICG Mitglied ist wie Ute Zapf oder der Amtsversager Joschka Fischer, oder alternativ in dem bekannten Bestechungs Verein von Walter Leisler Kiep, der Atlantik Brücke e.V. Mitglied ist, wo man Leute wie Eckhardt von Klaeden, Westerwelle, aber auch Herrn zu Guttenberg trifft. DAAD (Akademischer Auslands Dienst hat unter dem Kommando, geistig behinderter Krimineller aus der SPD), direkt Abkommen über das AA, und schalten sogar Anzeigen in Albanien.Wichtig ist vor allem, das man im Geiste des Georg Soros die Drogen Handels Wege, durch eigene Partner kontrolliert und sich zugleich weigert, eine Sonder Kommision Albanische OK zu bilden, welche Italien, Österreich, Bayern und Baden-Württenberg forder. Das wurde direkt vom bekanntlich hoch korrupten Innenminister Schäuble und zuvor Otto Plauder Tasche Schily abgelehnt. aus dem BF

Wahl Debakel in Bulgarien und Albanien für die Georg Soros – Steinmeier Mafia

Man hat Georg Soros Mann in Bulgarien verhaftet, Vize-Minister Alexander Filipov und zugleich ist die Georg Soros – Steinmeier Verbrecher Partei:

Viktor Juschtschenko und der Kaspar: Micheil Saakaschwili als Marionetten ihrer CIA – Ehefrauen

Heute steht tatsächlich fest, das die Wiener Ärzte in Wirklichkeit keinen Nachweis führten, woher die angebliche Vergiftung kam.

Medien wirksame Kinder Aufführungen, wie bei Doris Schröder – Köpp

aus dem BF

CIA – Georg Soros und die Steinmeier Gestalt Juschtschenko bereitet seine Flucht in der Ukraine vor

Wer in der Welt, will von den Bestechungs- und Betrugs Künstler aus der NATO Finanz Welt noch was wissen?

Georg Soros – Merkels Lakaj in Georgien am Ende: Saakashvili

Eine der peinlichsten Vorstellungen nach der Ukraine lieferte die Betrugs- und Faschisten Organisation des ICG mit Georg Soros in Georgien. Und wo die Georg Soros die Länder destabilisieren, ist die Dumm Steinmeier und Merkel Truppe immer dabei.

Rußlands Gangster Boris Beresowski und sein Partner die Bush Familie

Dienstag, 28. August 2007


…oder wer ist Platon Elenin?

Es ist interessant wie immer einer aus der Bush Verbrecherfamilie bei fast allen grossen Dreckgeschäften auf der Welt involviert ist, bzw. wie sich die weltweit operierenden Gangster gegenseitig treffen und helfen. Gleiches gesellt sich zu gleichem. Als ich mir die Geschichte eines russischen Mafiapaten angeschaut habe, tauchte auch der Familienname Bush auf. Was für eine Überraschung.

Aber es geht hier nicht darum die Zusammenhänge zwischen der Bush Familie und dem Verbrechen aufzuzeigen, dazu könnte man mehrere Bücher schreiben, die es ja in aller Ausführlichkeit auch gibt, sondern um die Russenmafia. Aber auch hier ist eine Verbindung da. Denn ausgerechnet der jüngste Bruder von George W. Bush, Neil Bush, hat Geschäftsbeziehungen zum mutmasslichen grössten Gangster Russlands, dem Oligarchen Boris Beresowski, und Junior Bush ist schon öfters in der VIP Loge von Beresowski im Emirates Stadium, Heim des britischen Fussballklubs Arsenal F.C., gesichtet worden…..
Russische Staatsanwälte haben diesen Montag 10 Verdächtige verhaftet, im Zusammenhang mit dem Mord an der Journalistin Anna Politkovskaya, und sagten die Tötung wurde aus dem Ausland geplant und gesteuert durch:: aus Schall und Rauch

CIA Zweigstellen Leiter in der Ukraine: Valantin Nalyvaychenko

Eurasian Secret Services Daily Review
Valentin Nalyvaychenko finally appointed chairman of Security Service of Ukraine
President of Ukraine to Security Service and General Prosecutor: keep public informed in gas case
Ukraine’s Interior Ministry denies security service’s accusations of spying
Former Ukrainian security service chief speaks out on way to solve diplomatic tensions between Romania and Ukraine
Expulsion of Romanian diplomats keep continuing spying row
Alleged Bulgarian spy remains behind bars in Romania
Bulgaria’s SANS detained Interpol wanted Albanian national
Bulgaria’s State Agency for National Security arrested policeman-broker of real estate
Canadian community rallies to help former KGB agent’s family avoid deportationValentin Nalyvaychenko finally appointed chairman of Security Service of Ukraine
The Supreme Rada (parliament) of Ukraine has decided to appoint Valentin Nalyvaychenko the head of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), news agency UNIAN reports. 230 members of parliament, among them 149 members from Yulia Tymoshenko block, voted to support the decision. The President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko once again brought to the parliament his representation on appointment of Nalyvaychenko as the SBU chairman, news agency notes.
In particular, factions have voted for appointment of Valentin Nalivaychenko the SUB head as follows: Party of the Regions – 0, Yulia Tymoshenko block – 149, Our Ukraine

Nalyvaychenko Photo Izvestia
Valantin Nalyvaychenko

aus BF

Wayn Madsen: Der NeoCons Präsident des CIA in der Ukraine Viktor Juschtschenko vergiftete sich selber

Genau das selbe haben schon damals die ärztlichen Untersuchungen in Wien ergeben bzw. es wurde vermutet.

Der CIA Lakai Viktor Juschtschenko, wollte natürlich die Gas Pipeline privatisieren

aus BF

Wer ist: Vadim Rabinovich is President of the All-Ukrainian Jewish Congress.

Michael Friedmann, besser bekannt als Kokser und “Paolo Pinkel”, baute gezielt ein Mafiöses Schleuser System auf, um gegen Kasse und mit Vadim Rabinovich, Tausende von Russen mit einer Jüdischen Legende zu versehen, welche dann ihre Sozial Wohnungen in Deutschland weiter vermieteten und kriminelle Netzwerke aufbauten. siehe Visa Skandal um die Botschaft in der Ukraine. Was u.a.

Interview mit einer aufrechten Frau: Evelyn Hecht-Galinski

“Paolo Pinkel” genannt Michel Friedman

Affäre um Zwangsprostitution und Kokain

Im Juni 2003 geriet Friedman im Zuge von Ermittlungen wegen Menschenhandels im Rotlichtmilieu in das Blickfeld der Staatsanwaltschaft. Mehrere Prostituierte, die illegal aus der Ukraine nach Deutschland gebracht und zwangsprostituiert worden waren, sagten aus, er habe mit ihnen mehrmals Sex gehabt, in ihrem Beisein Kokain konsumiert und das Suchtmittel auch ihnen angeboten. Prostituierte und Kokain habe Friedman unter dem Pseudonym Paolo Pinkas (von der Polizei zunächst fälschlicherweise als Paolo Pinkel verstanden – Pinkas ist ein hebräischer Vorname) angefordert. Daraufhin wurden seine Kanzlei und seine Wohnung rechtmäßig durchsucht. Drei szenetypische Päckchen wurden gefunden, die Anhaftungen von Kokain aufwiesen.

Leser Zuschrift von Frau Evelyn Hecht-Galinski : Maisburg-Marzell

im Stern Ausgabe 27/2003 Seite 22


Ohne Lustgewinn, aber mit Genugtuung beurteile ich den Fall Friedman.
Wer so arrogant austeilt und sein jüdisches Amt so schamlos ausnutzt,
um Medien- und Partei Karriere zu machen, sollte nicht nur die Showas
ruhen lassen, sondern auch seine Ämter als Zentrats-Vize und
Präsident des europäischen Zentralrats! Paul Spiegel hätte besser
geschweigen, ansatt die Affäre Friedman als dessen Privatsache zu
bezeichnen. Mein Vater, Heinz Galinski, sagte einmal zu mir:
“Friedman ist ein Fall für die Couch” Das war schon 1992, kurz vor
seinem Tod!

Sehr geehrter Herr Korn, ich verurteile Ihre Einmischung. Sie ist unangemessen und anmaßend.

Die Kriegstreiber aus dem Zentralrat der Juden

Der Zentral Rat der Juden: «Sprachrohr der israelischen Propaganda-Maschinerie»


Jüdische Gemeinden in Westfalen

der Zuwanderer kamen aus der Ukraine, mehr als 20 % aus den baltischen Staaten, …. Antwort kommt prompt: „Gelobt seist du ewiger unser Gott, König der Welt Grigory Rabinovich heißt der Mann aus Moskau, der der fast 1000 Mitglieder .

Freie Fahrt für Kriminelle in Deutschland!