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Microsoft Global Criminal Compliance Handbook und Bank Info Island

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The five below Zipped         February 28, 2010 (19MB)         Microsoft Win 7 Spying Guide 1 - LE Sensitive    February 28, 2010 (9.7MB)         Microsoft Win 7 Spying Guide 2 - LE Sensitive    February 28, 2010 (2.4MB)     Microsoft Win 7 File Spying - LE Sensitive       February 28, 2010 (580KB)     Microsoft Win 7 Copy Spying - LE Sensitive       February 28, 2010 (2.2MB)      Microsoft Win 7 BitLocker Spying - LE Sensitive  February 28, 2010 (4.4MB)

Public Intelligence notes that it published the Microsoft Win 7 Spy Guides on 25 February 2010:
26. Feb. 2010: Icelandic Icesave offer to UK-NL, 25 Feb 2010
Confidential Feb 25 offer (conveyed around 10AM, GMT) from the Icelandic Icesave negotiation team to their British and Dutch counterparts. Iceland agreed to cover all monies associated with the UK-NL Icesave payouts, but forcefully objects to a 2.75% „profiteering“ fee demanded by UK-NL over and above base interest rates.

26. Feb. 2010: Final UK-NL offer to the government of Iceland, 19 Feb 2010
Confidential offer from the UK, Dutch Icesave negotiation teams to their Icelandic counterparts. Iceland is to cover all monies associated with the UK/NL Icesave payouts, all currency and recovery risks, base interest as well as an effective 2.75% additional fee. The 2009-2010 period is excerpted from interest charges, which the offer values at 450M euro (how the figure is derived is not specified, but it equates to approx. 5.5% PA on 4 Bil EUR). The offer appears to be designed to be leaked, as it contains rhetoric about „tax payers“ and similar irrelevancies. Indeed a sentence from the offer appears in a Reuters article filed at 18:04 UTC, February 19, six hours before the confidential offer was sent to the Icelandic government. In the Reuters‘ article, phrases are quoted from the offer by an anonymous source, clearly a sactioned British official, although this is not stated by Reuters. Similar „sources“ selectively quoted the document to other media outlets including Channel 4 and the Guardian on Feburary 25, 2010.

24. Feb. 2010: takedown: Microsoft Global Criminal Compliance Handbook, 24 Feb 2010 is a venerable New York based anti-secrecy site that has been publishing since 1999. On Feb 24, 2010, the site was forcably taken down following its publication Microsoft’s „Global Criminal Compliance Handbook“, a confidential 22 page booklet designed for police and intelligence services. The guide provides a „menu“ of information Microsoft collects on the users of its online services. Microsoft lawyers threatened Cryptome and its „printer“, internet hosting provider giant Network Solutions under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). The DMCA was designed to protect the legitimate rights of publishers, not to conceal scandalous internal documents that were never intended for sale. Although the action is a clear abuse of the DMCA, Network Solutions, a company with extensive connections to U.S. intelligence contractors, gagged the site in its entirety. Such actions are a serious problem in the United States, where although in theory the First Amendment protects the freedom of the press, in practice, censorship has been privatized via abuse of the judicial system and corporate patronage networks.
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