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Stürzt die EU ab, mit dem Griechischen, Britischen, Italienischen und Spanischen Finanz Desaster

März 31, 2010

EU warnt: Großbritannien vor griechischen Verhältnissen

Die Europäische Kommission warnte, die britische Regierung würde in eine mit Griechenland vergleichbare Lage geraten, falls sie sie sich nicht stärker um die Durchsetzung von Sparmaßnahmen bemühe.

IMF head: Europe risks falling behind US, Asia


If the EU does not act swiftly, Europe may find itself in the second tier of economic powers in a decade or so, IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn warned. He also strongly urged Romania to adopt the euro.

(Financiarul, Nine O’clock, Actmedia – 31/03/10; AFP, AP, Reuters, Bloomberg, Telegraph, – 30/03/10; IMF 29/03/10)

photoIMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn (right, with Romanian Senate Chairman Mircea Geoana) spoke to parliament Tuesday (March 30th). [Gabrial Petrescu/SETimes]

Europe needs to take quick action, or risk of dropping out of the top economic division within a decade or two, IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn warned during a brief visit to Romania on Tuesday (March 30th).

„The risk for European economies is to be in the second league,“ AFP quoted Strauss-Kahn saying in an address to students at the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest. „There is a probability that, if Europeans do not act swiftly … the [economic] fight will be between the US and Asia, while Europe will be left aside.“

He also warned that Europe — hard hit by the recent global recession — is coming out of the crisis more slowly than other parts of the world.

„Recovery is going fast in some parts of the world, such as Asia, not so bad in Latin America and will probably accelerate in the United States,“ said Strauss-Kahn, noting „Europe is still lagging behind.“

Strauss-Kahn told the business students that strengthening global co-operation is of vital importance, as world markets could be hit by another crisis at some point in the future. Part of the solution for Romania, he said, would be adopting the euro, even though current conditions make that difficult. The current target date for Romania to join the eurozone is 2015.

Separately, he told parliament members that steps are needed to strengthen policy co-ordination among the 16 EU nations using the euro.

„Problems like the Greek one, which I do think the EU will be able to overcome, come from the fact that 16 countries have a single currency, but they don’t have a single economic policy.“



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  1. mesut
    April 2, 2010 um 6:20 am

    Die Deutschen haben ja die Hilfe direkt an weitere Rüstungs Käufe der Griechen gekoppelt, wo dann vor allem erst einmal die faulen Kredite der KfW, für Kraus Maffei (Leopard Panzer nach Griechenland) und Thyssen bedient werden müssen (U-Boote), wowie die Kredite für die Franz. Fregatten.

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