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Die „Linke“ Kriminalität vor allem in Hamburg und Berlin eskaliert immer mehr

Seit Jahren bekannt, sind die kriminellen Horden der „Linken“, was von den Politikern und Medien vollkommen verfälscht wird. Der „Rechten“, sind ja praktisch identisch mit dem Deutschen Verfassungs Schutz, was bewiesen ist. Hinzu kommen dann noch Extremisten und Kriminelle aus ausländischen Verbrecher Clans (sowie Islamische Extremisten), wobei Berlin besonders bekannt dafür ist.


„German security authorities reported a substantial increase in crime and attacks on police in 2009 related to left-wing political groups and individuals,“ said a new report (pdf) from the DNI Open Source Center.  „According to Germany’s Interior Ministry, more extremist crimes and acts of violence occurred in 2009 than in any year since 2001. The ministry reported that in 2009, left-wing extremist crimes increased by almost 40% to 9,375,“ the report said.

„The Berlin intelligence service chief called his city the ‚German stronghold of left-wing extremism,‘ noting 2,200 resident radical individuals, 950 of whom are ‚autonomous‘ leftist anarchists. According to the police, the number of leftist crimes in Berlin doubled to 1,300 in 2009…. This increase in left-wing crime represents an additional concern alongside Germany’s perceived problems with right-wing extremist and immigrant crime….Federal and local government officials have initiated measures to combat left-wing extremism,“ the report said.

A copy of the unclassified report, marked For Official Use Only,“ was obtained by Secrecy News.  See „German Left-Wing Crime Increase Adds to Public Security Concerns,“ Open Source Center, April 27, 2010.

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  1. sabri
    Juni 9, 2010 um 8:49 am

    Deutschland weigert sich natürlich an einer Internationalen Untersuchung der Vorfälle teilzunehmen.

    Im Hariri Mord, der mit sicherheit von den isreaelis organisiert wurde, schickte man für falsche Zeugen und beweise den Staatsanwalt Mehlis, der selbst im Betrugs Sumpf dann unterging.

    2010/06/07 – A Balance of Weaknesses (II)

    TEL AVIV/GAZA/BERLIN (Own report) – Berlin is using international
    outrage over the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Flotilla to reinforce
    Germany’s position in the Middle East. The German chancellor demands
    that the EU take part in an international investigation of the acts of
    violence that took place May 31. This would provide Germany with
    opportunities to obtain more influence in the Israeli-Palestinian
    conflict. For years the Federal Republic of Germany has been
    systematically expanding its footholds in Israel’s close vicinity –
    with military – as well as police missions in the name of the United
    Nations and the EU. The objective is the complete normalization of
    German operations throughout the Middle East. At the same time, Berlin
    is intensifying its cooperation with the Palestinian Authority and
    demanding an end to the blockade of Gaza – which is only reinforcing
    the region’s anti-Western forces, according to government advisors.
    The German government is continuing to combine signals for cooperation
    with Arab countries – who are contributing heavily to Germany’s export
    success – with close cooperation with Israel, thereby averting a
    consolidation of a potential predominant power in the Middle East, a
    region rich in resources.


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