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FBI smashes huge alleged NY Cosa Nostra mafia ring

Januar 20, 2011

The FBI launched its biggest crackdown ever on the New York area’s infamous La Cosa Nostra organized crime network, in a massive roundup before daybreak Thursday of 127 alleged mafia members and associates.

„Today’s arrests and charges mark an important step forward in disrupting La Cosa Nostra’s illegal activities,“ US Attorney General Eric Holder said at a press conference in Brooklyn.

Holder called the sweep „the largest single-day operation“ against the infamous organized crime network.

Those detained included 91 members and associates of seven organized crime families throughout New York and the New England area, who faced charges ranging from drug dealing to murder.

Officials said the wave of arrests early Thursday was over by 8:00 am.

Federal officials said other charges included murder, loansharking, arson, drugs, extortion, robbery, labor racketeering.

„The indictments charge leaders of these criminal enterprises, as well as mid-level managers… and others alleged to be corrupt union officials,“ said Holder, the top US law enforcement official, whose presence at the New York press conference underscored the significance of the crackdown.

Cosa Nostra families once infiltrated and controlled swathes of the US economy, with a longtime stronghold in and around New York.

The phenomenon took root nearly a century ago and remains an important factor in organized crime, but New York’s historic Five Families of Italian-American mobsters have seen a sharp decline in fortunes over the last decade as a result of court testimony from turncoats breaking the once impenetrable code of silence.

But although the Italian Mafia has lost some power, with ethnic-Russian, Mexican and Asian gangs moving in, it continues to loom large in the popular imagination thanks to classic movies such as „The Godfather“ and the award-winning „Sopranos“ series on cable television.

Despite the mystique, the organization’s aura of invincibility has long crumbled.

In 1991, the acting head of the Luchese family, Alphonse D’Arco, agreed to testify against his comrades. Then Salvatore Gravano testified against the Gambino family, leading to the imprisonment of John J. Gotti, previously known as the „Teflon Don,“ because of his ability to escape prosecution.

However, a marathon effort to convict Gotti’s son, John „Junior“ Gotti, in 2009 spectacularly collapsed. The mafia scion walked free after a mistrial that marked the fourth time in five years prosecutors failed to pin charges on him.


13. Januar 201m.grokenberger

Mafia Takedown
Largest Coordinated Arrest in FBI History

Early this morning FBI agents and partner law enforcement officers began arresting nearly 130 members of the Mafia in New York City and other East Coast cities charged in the largest nationally coordinated organized crime takedown in the Bureau’s history.

Members of New York’s infamous Five Families—the Bonanno, Colombo, Gambino, Genovese, and Luchese crime organizations—were rounded up along with members of the New Jersery-based DeCavalcante family and New England Mafia to face charges including murder, drug trafficking, arson, loan sharking, illegal gambling, witness tampering, labor racketeering, and extortion. In one case involving the International Longshoremen’s Association (ILA) at the Ports of New York and New Jersey, the alleged extortion has been going on for years.

Mafia Org Chart
New York’s Five Families (pdf)

More than 30 of the subjects indicted were “made” members of the Mafia (see graphic), including several high-ranking family members. The arrests, predominantly in New York, are expected to seriously disrupt some of the crime families’ operations.

„The notion that today’s mob families are more genteel and less violent than in the past is put to lie by the charges contained in the indictments unsealed today,” said Janice Fedarcyk, assistant director in charge of our New York Field Office. “Even more of a myth is the notion that the mob is a thing of the past; that La Cosa Nostra is a shadow of its former self.”

The Mafia—also known as La Cosa Nostra (LCN)—may have taken on a diminished criminal role in some areas of the country, but in New York, the Five Families are still “extremely strong and viable,” said Dave Shafer, an assistant special agent in charge who supervises FBI organized crime investigations in New York.

Today’s operation began before dawn. Some 500 FBI personnel—along with about 200 local, state, and other federal law enforcement officers—took part, including key agencies such as the New York Police Department and the Department of Labor Office of Inspector General. By 11 a.m., more than 110 of the 127 subjects charged had been taken into custody.

Janice Fedarcyk, assistant director in charge of the New York FBI, speaks during a press conference today
in Brooklyn. To her left is Attorney General Eric Holder. | Full Statement


The idea for a nationally coordinated LCN takedown originated at the Department of Justice last summer, said Shafer, a veteran organized crime investigator. “We have done big LCN takedowns before, but never one this big.”

Among those charged:

  • Luigi Manocchio, 83, the former boss of the New England LCN;
  • Andrew Russo, 76, street boss of the Colombo family;
  • Benjamin Castellazzo, 73, acting underboss of the Colombo family;
  • Richard Fusco, 74, consigliere of the Colombo family;
  • Joseph Corozzo, 69, consigliere of the Gambino family; and
  • Bartolomeo Vernace, 61, a member of the Gambino family administration.

The LCN operates in many U.S. cities and routinely engages in threats and violence to extort victims, eliminate rivals, and obstruct justice. In the union case involving the ILA, court documents allege that the Genovese family has engaged in a multi-decade conspiracy to influence and control the unions and businesses on the New York-area piers.

“If there’s money to be made,” said Diego Rodriguez, special agent in charge of the FBI’s New York criminal division, “LCN will do it.” He noted that today’s Mafia has adapted to the times. “They are still involved in gambling and loan sharking, for example, but in the old days the local shoemaker took the betting slips. Now it’s offshore online gambling and money laundering. If you investigate LCN in New York,” Rodriguez added, “it’s a target-rich environment.”

Department of Justice press release
New York press release
Rhode Island press release
Statement of New York ADIC Janice Fedarcyk

FBI beendet Pokergeschäfte der New Yorker Mafia

Drogenhandel, Erpressung und Mord: Die Geschäfte der Cosa Nostra sind schmutzig, die der Gambino Familie abstoßend. Der berüchtigte Mafia-Clan mischte in New York im illegalen Pokerbusiness mit. Außerdem wurden Gambler und High-Roller mit Prositituierten beliefert.

Gefragt waren ihre spektakulären Pokerpartien, bei denen man nur auf Empfehlung eingeladen wurde. Nicht selten wechselten an den Pokertischen der Gambinos sechstellige Beträge den Besitzer. Das abgedroschene Klischee der Bündel von 100-Dollar-Noten und den Bergen von Chips auf den Tischen in verrauchten Zimmern, es war beim Gambino-Clan Realität. Gezockt wurde nächtelang. Um die übermüdeten Spieler bei Laune zu halten, schickte die Mafia käufliche Frauen an die Tische. Sie sollten die Zocker nach einem Bad Beat ‚aufmuntern‘ – notfalls auch im Nebenzimmer.

Die Gambino Family war über Jahre die führende Mafia-Familie am Big Apple. Jetzt schwindet ihre Macht. Eine ganze Reihe ihrer wichtigsten Mitglieder wandert hinter Gitter. 14 Mafiosi wurden im letzten April vom FBI verhaftet und vor Gericht gestellt. Die Prozesse, die in Manhattan und Brooklyn geführt wurden, zogen sich bis in dieses Jahr hinein. Jetzt bekannten sich die letzten Angeklagten schuldig, wie das FBI mitteilte.

Ihre Verbrechen umfassen praktisch alle Bereiche des Strafgesetzbuchs: Erpressung, Kreditwucherei, Bedrohung sowie Bestechung von Zeugen und Jurymitgliedern, Drogenhandel, Glücksspiel, Beihilfe und Anstiftung zum Mord. Der Tod von Frank Hydell soll auf das Konto der Gambinos gehen. Der 31-jährige Mobster hat die Familie angeblich verraten. Er wurde unter einem Vorwand in einen Stripclub gelockt und durch Schüsse in Kopf und Rücken getötet.

Die illegalen Pokerspiele wurden von Michael Scarpaci und Thomas ‚Tommy‘ Orefice (Foto rechts) geleitet. Für die Pokerabende mieteten sie Hotelzimmer in Manhattan an. Dominick Difiore, Anthony Manzella, Michael Scotto, David Eisler, Steve Maiurro und Suzanne Porcelli versorgten den illegalen Pokerclub mit Prostituierten. Die Frauen wurden ausgebeutet. Vom Liebeslohn kassierten die Gambinos bis zu fünfzig Prozent als Vermittlungsprovision. Drogen wurden auch geliefert. Die Gangster machten dicke Gewinne. Ein weiteres Standbein waren Wetteinnahmen, die teilweise auch über das Internet abgewickelt wurden. Das kriminelle Leben der Mafiamitglieder wird nun unterbrochen. Sie müssen jeweils für fünf bis 30 Jahre ins Gefängnis.

Verurteilt wurden der 70-jährige Daniel Marino (bis zu 5 Jahre Haft), Thomas Orefice (34, bis zu 30 Jahre), Onofrio Modica (47, bis zu 20 Jahre, Foto links), Dominick Difiore (31, bis zu 10 Jahre), Anthony Manzella (32, bis zu 20 Jahre), Michael Scotto (25, bis zu 20 Jahre), Michael Scarpaci (35, bis zu 20 Jahre), David Eisler (24, bis zu 20 Jahre), Thomas Scarpaci (36, bis zu 20 Jahre, Foto rechts unten), Salvatore Borgia (32, bis zu 20 Jahre), Steve Maiurro (32, bis zu 20 Jahre), Keith Dellitalia (34, bis zu 20 Jahre), Suzanne Porcelli (44, bis zu 10 Jahre) und Anthony Vecchione (41, bis zu 20 Jahre).

Die Zugehörigkeit zur Cosa Nostra, der nordamerikanischen Mafia, bestreiten die Verurteilten. Der 35-jährige Michael Scarpaci gab an, dass die Leute, mit denen er seine Geschäfte gemacht hat, alles „alte Freunde aus Brooklyn“ sind. Trotz der teilweise hohen Haftstrafen ist nicht zu erwarten, dass der Clan seine Geschäfte komplett einstellt. Zu lange mischt man im Gangster-Business mit.

Zweifelhafte Berühmtheit erlangten die Gambinos unter John Gotti. Der ‚Teflon Don‘ ließ 1985 Paul ‚Big Paul‘ Castellano aus dem Weg räumen und stieg so zum Familienoberhaupt auf. Gotti war der erste Mafiosi der gegenüber den Medien wie ein Star auftrat und Public Relations betrieb. Er schaffte es mit seiner Offenheit sogar auf die Titelseiten des Nachrichtenmagazins Time, der Zeitschrift People und dem New York Times Magazine.

Glücksspiel war lange Zeit die Haupteinnahmequelle der Gambino Familie. Nicht wenige Casinos wurden mit Geldern der Mafia in Las Vegas gegründet. Traurig aber wahr – Sin City wäre nie zu der weltberühmten Stadt geworden, wenn die Cosa Nostra nicht Millionen investiert hätte. John Gotti wurde 1992 zu lebenslanger Haft verurteilt, landete in einem Hochsicherheitsgefängnis und starb 2002 an Krebs.

Balkan: Gambino, Luchese, Genovese


FBI Identifies 26 Balkan Drug Traffickers
Pristina | 20 March 2009 | by Shega A’Mula

A drug trafficking gang made up of Albanians, Montengrins and Serbs has been arrested by the FBI for importing illegal substances to the US.

The 26 detainees, legal and illegal US immigrants, have coordinated drug trafficking in Serbia, Macedonia, Albanian, Montenegro and Kosovo, and have been using private jets to smuggle narcotics such as ecstasy into the US.

The FBI has announced that 17 of the suspects are in custody, four had been previously arrested and five are still on the run such as Albanians Myfit Dika and Kujtim Lika, who are believed to be the leaders.

The arrests came at the end of a two year investigation conducted by the FBI in the United States, Canada, Holland and the Balkans. More than 500,000 dollars, and two private jets were confiscated from the gang.

The planes were used to import ecstasy and marijuana from Canada, cocaine from Florida, ecstasy form Holland, and heroine form Serbia and Turkey, along with contraband cigarettes and arms…

Von Kuba über Kennedy bis Vietnam

Markus Kompa 13.10.2007
Die schmutzigen Tricks des Allen Dulles (Teil 4/4)
Geheimdienstchef Allen Dulles versagte bei der CIA-gesteuerten Invasion in der kubanischen Schweinebucht kläglich. Nach den Kennedy-Attentat dominierte und manipulierte der umstrittene Schattenmann die hiermit befasste Warren-Kommission. Seine letzten Einsätze bestritt der pensionierte Spion gegen ultrarechtsgerichtete Landsleute.


Durres – Albania: Gambino, Luchese, Genovese Clan

FBI Weighs in on Balkan Organised Crime


An FBI statement before a US Senate Committee in October assessed the organised crime situation in the Balkans.

By Dimitris Agrafiotis for Southeast European Times in Athens – 21/11/03

Organised crime in the Balkans has attracted the interest of the American law enforcement community and the US Senate. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) believes that crime from the Balkans, Eastern and Central Europe, and the former Soviet Union is expanding and will continue to expand.

„In the last year or two, European nations have recognised that Balkan organised crime is one of the greatest criminal threats that they face,“ Assistant Director of the FBI Criminal Investigative Division Grant D. Ashley said in an October statement before the Subcommittee on European Affairs of the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.

He added that European police organisations estimate that Balkan crime rings now control more than 70 per cent of the heroin market in some of the larger European nations, and are rapidly taking over human smuggling, prostitution and car theft rings across Europe.
………, Albanian organised crime has reached the United States, creating partnerships with the Gambino, Genovese, and Luchese families to facilitate specific crimes………………..


Super Drug and Real Estate US Mafia Boss: Alban Yhillari



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  1. fatos
    Januar 21, 2011 um 9:52 am

    Mit Video

    Es war ein fast historischer Moment: Dem FBI ist nach eigenen Angaben der bislang größte Schlag gegen Mitglieder der Cosa Nostra gelungen. Mehr als 120 Personen wurden im Raum New York festgenommen – darunter mutmaßliche Top-Mafiosi und die komplette Führungsriege der Colombo-Familie.

    New York – Der Schlag gegen das organisierte Verbrechen – vielleicht die größte Anti-Mafia-Razzia in der US-Geschichte – startete im Morgengrauen. Mehr als 800 Beamte waren im Einsatz und nahmen in New York, New Jersey und New England einem Bericht der „New York Times“ zufolge am Donnerstag in einer beispiellosen Aktion 127 Personen fest. Ihnen wird Mord, Schutzgelderpressung, Drogenhandel, Einbruch, Erpressung, Raub, illegales Glücksspiel und Lohnbetrug vorgeworfen.

    Unter den Verdächtigen sind Buchmacher, Helfershelfer und Top-Mafiosi wie die komplette Führungsriege der Colombo-Familie. Die Colombos bilden mit den Bonannos, Gambinos, Genoveses und Luccheses die sogenannten Fünf Familien, fünf Gruppierungen, in denen sich die Cosa Nostra des Bundesstaates New York und insbesondere in New York City organisiert hat. Die Familien haben beträchtliche Teile der Wirtschaft in New York und Umgebung infiltriert.,1518,740657,00.html

    • März 14, 2019 um 6:06 pm

      Gambino Clans Boss, von Senator Elio Engel, Hillary und Bill Clintos wurde hingerichtet.

      Frank Cali, Reputed Gambino Mob Boss, Is Shot and Killed on Staten Island

      Francesco Cali was fatally shot outside his home on Staten Island on Wednesday night.CreditItalian Police Press Office/EPA, via Shutterstock

      Francesco Cali was fatally shot outside his home on Staten Island on Wednesday night.CreditCreditItalian Police Press Office/EPA, via Shutterstock

      By Ali Winston, Nate Schweber, Jacey Fortin and Liam Stack

      [Update: The slain reputed Gambino boss shunned the limelight. Here’s the latest.]
      Francesco Cali, the reputed boss of the Gambino crime family, was fatally shot outside his home on Staten Island on Wednesday night, a senior police official said.
      Mr. Cali, 53, was shot six times, the official said. The police said they received a report about the shooting outside 25 Hilltop Terrace in the Todt Hill section of Staten Island around 9:20 p.m. There was also a report of a blue pickup truck leaving the scene around the time of shooting.
      Mr. Cali was pronounced dead at Staten Island University Hospital.
      A 58-year-old neighbor who gave only his first name, Salvatore, said that he heard a burst of about seven gunshots shortly after 9 p.m.

      “I just heard the pow-pow-pow-pow-pow,” he said.
      He said he rushed to his window but could not see anything. He said the shots were all the same volume, as if fired from the same gun.

      Two other neighbors who declined to give their names corroborated Salvatore’s descriptions.
      The Gambino family was once the nation’s largest and most influential organized crime group, but several of its leaders were convicted in the 1990s of crimes that included murder and racketeering.

      The family was led at the time by the showy crime boss John J. Gotti, who frequented expensive restaurants and nightclubs with a crew of bodyguards. He took power in the family by arranging for the murder of his predecessor, Paul Castellano, in 1985, in front of Sparks Steak House in Manhattan.

      The scene outside Mr. Cali’s home on Staten Island on Thursday morning.CreditJefferson Siegel for The New York Times

      The scene outside Mr. Cali’s home on Staten Island on Thursday morning.CreditJefferson Siegel for The New York Times

      Mr. Gotti was convicted of racketeering and murder in 1992 and died of cancer in prison in 2002, at the age of 61. In 2013 his son, the former Gambino boss John A. Gotti, was stabbed in the stomach in Syosset, N.Y. He survived.

      [Read more about the Gambino crime family from The New York Times’s files.]
      The assassination of Mr. Cali came on the same day that Joseph Cammarano Jr., the reputed acting boss of the Bonanno crime family, was acquitted at trial, and about a week after Carmine J. Persico, a longtime boss of the Colombo crime family, died in prison at age 85.
      While it has been decades since a Mafia boss was killed in New York, lower level members have been attacked or killed in recent years.

      In October, Sylvester Zottola, 71, a reputed associate of the Bonanno crime family was shot and killed as he waited in his S.U.V. to pick up an order at the drive-through window of a McDonald’s in the Bronx.
      Just three months earlier, Mr. Zottola’s son, Salvatore Zottola, was ambushed by a gunman and left for dead on a leafy street outside his family’s Throgs Neck compound. He survived.

  2. gart
    Juli 14, 2011 um 3:25 pm

    July 14, 2011

    Dozens charged in NY case in violent drug ring

    By TOM HAYS, Associated Press

    Wednesday, July 13, 2011

    A ruthless syndicate of ethnic Albanians in the United States, Canada and Europe orchestrated a multimillion drug-dealing scheme spanning a decade, at times hiding shipments of cocaine in luxury cars and using gunplay and other violence to protect its turf, U.S. authorities said Wednesday.

    An indictment unsealed in federal court in Brooklyn charged 37 people with multiple counts of conspiracy to smuggle and distribute massive amounts of high-grade marijuana and cocaine.

    A strike force of agents and officers from the Drug Enforcement Administration, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the New York Police Department and other agencies arrested most of the defendants Wednesday during raids in the New York City area, New Jersey, Colorado and Florida.

    U.S. authorities said one reputed ringleader named in the indictment, Arif „The Bear“ Kurti, already is serving time in Albania for heroin trafficking, but has continued to give orders from behind bars using smart phones smuggled into prison.

    Court papers filed in New York described the ring as a network of „several inter-related ethnic Albanian family clans“ that spanned the globe in pursuit of illicit profits and used violence „for the specific purpose of intimidating, eliminating or retaliating against witnesses and law enforcement agents.“

    Earlier this year, three of the defendants gave a „clean-cut“ patron of a Bronx bar a vicious beating because they suspected he was an undercover officer who was following them, the court papers said. A dispute over a drug debt prompted two ring members to track down another victim June 4 at a busy Bronx café, where they pulled guns, chased him out the door and shot him in both legs, the papers added.

    A four-year investigation found that the ring smuggled tens of thousands of kilos of marijuana into the United States from Mexico and Canada by hiding it in tractor trailers carrying legitimate cargo, court papers said. The drugs were stashed in warehouses in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx before being distributed throughout the city and suburbs.

    The syndicate also smuggled cocaine inside hidden compartments in luxury sedans shipped by U.S. car dealers to Albania and elsewhere in Europe, authorities said. Last year, one of the ring’s couriers was caught at the airport in Lima, Peru carrying clothing saturated with 24 kilos of liquid cocaine, they added.

    Raids in New York on Wednesday resulted in the recovery of 18 firearms and hundreds of rounds of ammunition, authorities said. Previous seizures in Manhattan netted nearly $2 million in alleged drug proceeds.
    Read more:

  3. nero
    Juli 14, 2011 um 3:41 pm

    Dozens charged in NY case in violent drug ring

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