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Inside the Muslim Brotherhood and the Albanian Mafia arm dealers

April 2, 2011 1 Kommentar

Special report: The Brotherhood’s role in Egypt’s revolution.

Charles M. Sennott

This two-part series by GlobalPost’s Charles M. Sennott is part of a partnership with PBS FRONTLINE to cover the dramatic and historic events of the revolution in Egypt.   full story
How should the world engage with this political player?

Die Staatliche Waffen Firma MEICO von Albanien, der CIA und die Geschäfte mit Hezbollaha und Terroristen

Hintergründe der Waffen Geschäfte des CIA, US Militär Geschäfte, zur Munition Versorgung u.a der Afghanischen Armee, Söldner Truppen um die Welt, wo dann Original Chinesische Waffen und Munition zum Einsatz kamen und was in einem grossen Betrugs Fall, der den US Kongress beschäftigte und mit der Kathastrophe von Gerdec unterging! Geschäfte einer Weltweit operierenden Jüdischen Rabbi Mafia, um

Der Jüdische Milliardär Yoav Botach der mehrere Rabbiner in seiner Familie hat, ist der Drahtzieher dieses schweren Betruges, wo eine US Kongress Untersuchung 2009 lief und mit ihm verbundene Rabbiner der USA, mit guten CIA Verbindungen und weil er u.a. auch Ausrüster für die Los Angelas Polizei ist.

Sein Sohn Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, war nicht nur direkt in diese Waffen Geschäfte ebenso verwickelt, sondern von dem so plötzlich und merkwürdig verstorbenen Mickel Jackson der engste Partner.

Shmuley Boteach Is The Son

Did Efraim Diveroli’s Crony Ship Missiles to Hezbollah?

March 27, 2008


UPDATED: More amazing adventures of Men with Gold Chains

The NYT has a long article on a Miami Beach company that has gotten a contract worth in the hundreds of millions of dollars from the U.S. government to supply Afghan government forces with ammunition, even though it is supposedly run by a 22-year-old. (Here’s CEO Efraim Diveroli’s MySpace profile.) Much of the ammo has apparently turned out to be junk scrounged from ex-Soviet, Albanian, or Chinese supplies.

What’s not explained in the article is: „Who are these people?“

UPDATE: With lots of help from my alert readers, I’ve found out more about the clan involved. It’s a great story, involving Michael Jackson, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, „America’s Rabbi,“ and America’s largest palimony suit.

The NYT article does mention that Diveroli got his start working briefly for his uncle Bar-Kochba Botach’s weapons shop, Botach Tactical.

Here’s a fun discussion thread entitled „ is by far the worst company I have ever dealt with…,“ where ex-customers of Botach discuss their experiences trying to get Botach to live up to its promises. You’ve got to give this family of arms dealers credit for courage — I can see ripping off photographers wanting to buy Nikon cameras cheap, but routinely ripping off the kind of people who want to buy 30-round magazines for their M-16s (the featured item on Botach’s website today), well, that takes some brass.

Botach Tactical operates out of an unmarked building in — where else? — South Central Los Angeles. From The Wave, LA’s black newspaper: