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ISSA Report on “The New Battlefield” Attracts Interest: An End to Asymmetric Warfare

ISSA Report on “The New Battlefield” Attracts Interest: An End to Asymmetric Warfare

A series of studies by a team at the International Strategic Studies Association (ISSA) has thrown new light onto the “battlefield of the future”, and has defined some of the parameters which will drive new equipment thinking. Some of the papers resulting from the study can be downloaded here.

“Governments fielding modern conventional forces which allow themselves to be drawn into asymmetric warfare situations have learned the hard way that they cannot allow an adversary to define the rules of engagement,“ ISSA President Gregory Copley said. “The key is to define a new form of symmetrical warfare in which modern military forces can excel, staying in the field for protracted engagements, without the burden of heavy diesel and water logistical tails, and without reliance on high-cost strategic weapons. Strategic weapons have another rôle, and that is to stave off conflict where-ever possible; tactical engagements cannot be driven in future by legacy systems. That is the road to economic and political defeat.”

The papers which can be downloaded from this site are:

The studies led to the creation of a set of specifications for new systems which would enable protracted deployment, by providing non-diesel dependent sources of purified ground water, desalinated sea-water, and electrical power. These specifications were taken up by US R&D house, Strategic Asset Protection Systems, Inc., which created the Argonaut family of vehicle-based, back-pack, and transportable systems to achieve the mission goals which the ISSA studies defined. The basic specifications for some of the Argonaut systems can be downloaded here.

The Loss of a Great Strategic Mind, and Friend: Vice Admiral Ko Tun-hwa

Vice-Admiral Ko Tun-hwa, the National Policy Advisor to the President of the Republic of China (ROC: Taiwan), and a recipient of the ISSA Award for Outstanding Contributions to Strategic Progress, died, at age 89, in Taipei, on June 12, 2010. VADM Ko — Tony Ko to his Western friends — had been active in strategic affairs right up to the time of his passing. He was regarded as one of the foremost maritime strategists in the world, and had pioneered modern studies of sea lane security. He had also been a true naval hero, fighting against the Japanese invasion of China, then operating with the Royal Navy at the D-Day landings at Normandy and in the South of France before returning to China to emerge as a major participant in the Chinese civil war.

VADM Ko spent the last week of his life with ISSA President Gregory Copley, in Taipei, at the Naval Command & Staff College, the National Defense University, and at naval facilities in the ROC. A tribute to his life was published in Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy. Click here to see the PDF of the report. He is seen here, on the bullet train from Taipei to Kaohsiung, with his daughter and great aide, Ming Ko, just a few days before his passing.

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