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Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists’ statement on the massacre of Copts at Maspero

Oktober 10, 2011

Ägypten: Militär agiert brutal gegen Kopten

Nach dem schwarzen Sonntag in Kairo suchen Regierung und Militarrät die Erklärung bei einer ausländischen Verschwörung

Cairo: Army and police massacre protesters at Maspero (Videos)


October 9, 2011 – The army and police committed a horrible massacre against peaceful protesters today in Maspero, Cairo. Army vehicles ran over protesters. Live ammunition was used. Extensive rounds of tear gas were fired, and showers of beatings from the military police and the central security forces. At least 19 people have been killed, and more than 150 injured. The toll keeps increasing. The Army also stormed Al-Hurra TV station and 25 January TV stations, and took them off air. The Egyptian state run TV is inciting the public against the „Coptic protesters“ and even called on the citizens to take to the streets to „protect the army“!! SCAF is trying to instigate a sectarian civil war..The protesters are not only Copts. There are Muslims present in the protests too and are talking active part in resisting the police and the army. There are ongoing battles as I’m writing now. The unifying chants in downtown Cairo is against the army and field marshal Tantawi. Protesters are chanting: „Muslims and Christians… One hand!“ and „Death to the Field Marshal.“…
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Cairo: Army and police massacre protesters at Maspero (Videos)

Eyewitness in Cairo: Copts were gunned down by the military
by Hossam el-Hamalawy in Cairo

October 10, 2011 – At least 23 protesters were killed in Cairo last night, Sunday, as the army and police carried out a massacre in front of the state TV building. Coptic Christians had been staging a peaceful march from the working class district of Shubra to Maspero, in downtown Cairo, to denounce sectarian attacks against churches. The international media has reported there were „clashes“—but the truth is the authorities cracked down brutally using live ammunition, while army armoured vehicles ran over protesters in cold blood…
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Victims of Maspero at Egypt’s Coptic Hospital
Al-Masry Al-Youm

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Attacks against Coptic churches, part of a plan to expel Egypt’s Christians

iratxe (771 Beiträge seit 26.11.05)

Recent attacks against Coptic churches in Merinab (Aswan) and
Elmadmar (Sohag) are part of a strategy promoted by Saudi Arabia to
use its petrodollars to bring the country under a radical Islamic
regime, sources in Cairo told AsiaNews. The latter are fearful of a
mass exodus by Egypt’s minority Christians.,-part-

Saudi Arabia: Egyptian Salafis victim of smear campaign

The cold hard cash counter-revolution

The counter-revolution, paraphrasing the late, great soul jazz poet
Gil Scott-Heron, will not be televised; it will float downstream
flush with hard cash. Take Egypt. The House of Saud has just given
Supreme Military Council leader Field Marshall Tantawi US$4 billion
in cold hard cash – although not even the Sphinx knows for sure how
much power Tantawi, 75, deposed tyrant Hosni Mubarak’s former
minister of defense, really wields.

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