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Wo sind die in der Zentral Bank gefundenen Milliarden in Libyen verblieben

Wo sind die vielen Gelder nur geblieben, durch die Banditen der NATO. wie im Irak, verschwanden Mililarden und wurden in Geldwäsche Projekte in der neuen Verbrecher Stadt Dubai umgesetzt, welche auch Drogen Verteil Stelle ist.

Gaddafi-Sohn Saif al-Islam festgenommen

Poor Tripoli
Dariela Aquique

November 18, 2011 – …When the insurgents came to occupy most of Libya, the town of Tawergha was in a vulnerable position, therefore its inhabitants fled to take refuge on the outskirts of Tripoli, living in makeshift shantytowns. Now these displaced people are suffering reprisals from the Misurata guerrillas (the opposition), who are experiencing feverish emotions, contradictions and confusion, but who principally fester raw bitterness. Rape, abductions and lynchings take place daily in Tripoli. Contempt and animosity have set in between people of the same nation. Even with the passage of time, some localities may never overcome having been victims of the most dramatic and horrifying chapters of the Libyan Civil War. They are the western town of Sirte (the birthplace and stronghold of the slain Gadhafi) and the opposition city of Misurata. But Tawergha is now a ghost town. Its former residents have headed off for anywhere with the sole hope of staying alive…
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Ruin & Rebuild: Warfare worth $300bln Libya windfall


November 18, 2011 – Libya has big plans for its post-war future, hoping to be reborn as the next Dubai and having all the necessary sun and beaches, with oil reserves aplenty. British companies are likely to come out on top of those lining up for a piece of the action. It was France and the UK who initially led the effort to topple Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. Britain, together with France, sent their navy and fighter jets to establish a sea blockade and assault military targets on Libyan territory. Now the National Transitional Council (NTC) of Libya says its friends will be rewarded – and these are not just words….
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