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Abu-Ghuraib Skandal und identische Verbrechen der NATO Truppen in 1993 bereits in Somali

Abu-Ghuraib Skandal im Irak, ab 2003

Das Bild des mit Elektroschocks gefolterten Satar Jabar wurde zum Symbol des Skandals. An beiden Händen und am Penis waren stromführende Drähte befestigt. Ihm wurde angedroht, dass er durch Elektroschocks hingerichtet würde, falls er von der Kiste falle. Als das Foto an die Öffentlichkeit gelangte, leugneten die US-Stellen, dass die Kabel stromführend gewesen seien.


Clayton Matchee poses with a badly beaten Somali teen Shidane Arone in 1993. He and Pte. Of these artifacts, though, there is one piece of artifact that has stood out and has enraged some Canadians; it is the picture of Shidane Arone. Another Canadian comments on Shidanes portrait and says, One of the first images to confront visitors when they enter the new Canadian War Museum is not about war but about shame. Issue 13, p26 Presents a detailed account of how Canadian soldiers tortured and killed Shidane Abukar Arone, a Somali teenager, near Belet Huen in Somalia on March 16, 1993. It is pieced together as a result of the four weeks of testimony at the court marital of Pte. And perhaps most problematic of all, were the mistreatment of Shidane Arone and other incidents of misconduct caused by a few “bad apples”, or were they symptomatic of deeper institutional problems in the Canadian military at the time — problems relating to command and control, accountability, leadership, or training?Arone protested, claiming he had simply been trying to find a lost child. Photos of the torture of Shidane Arone came to light, [They were taken on Kyle Browns camera.


When Brown mentioned the event to Sergeant J. Canada forums, part of the Global Discussion category; Saw this on the news today, I forgot all about him. The Commissioners said Parliament should set clear guidelines for future peacekeeping missions, and the military justice system should be reformed. The murders early this month of a black couple in Fayetteville, N. We issued formal statements at a press conference following the January 10, 1997 decision to cut short our hearings, at which time each of us expressed concerns about the implications of such a decision, but reaffirmed our individual and collective commitment to stay on in pursuit of the truth. In the latter phases of our hearings, we had the unfortunate task of issuing rulings denying the requests of various individuals to be heard. The government of Prime Minister Jean Chretien, which was not in office at the time of the murder, has had to preside over the unpleasant aftermath. She excels in the first two shots of each point, putting enormous pressure on her opponent with her unbridled aggression. These are narratives about white knights to the rescue, a collective fantasy about bringing a people from darkness into light.

Canadian Newsblog: Interesting art exhibition now on at the War Museum Jan 7, 2011 … One of the more disturbing images is Gertrude Kearns‘ 1996 painting of Somali teenagerShidane Arone …

Somalia – Review – ROASTED BOY Dec 13, 2001… child called Shidane Arone and then beat him to death.“ Photos show the Canadians grinning. …

Somalia Coverup Nov 8, 1997… fuelled by photographs of the brutal torture-murder of Somali teenager Shidane Arone and …

shidane arone pictures

In effect, our procedures were created to ensure that all relevant witnesses were identified and their evidence advanced if it might assist us to carry out our mandate.

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Markup pictures

Following Arone’s death, Matchee attempted to commit suicide and was deemed unfit to stand trial because of brain damage. Newbury Park, CA – Page 219 Newbury Park, CA: Sage, 1993. Vettel-Becker, Patricia. He was court-martialed twice, and both times acquitted, for allegedly altering the “Rules of Engagement” to allow for the use of deadly force in Somalia. These three chapters are thus a detailed narrative summary of the events, actions and decisions relating to the Somalia operation. Driven by the idea that they were in Somalia to save Somalis from the excesses of their own society, they had little information to enable them to understand the ungrateful natives who threw rocks at them and engaged in petty thievery. Orders were also issued at various times to give individuals standing before the Inquiry.

Pakistani Defence Forum > Canadian Airborne Regiment Photos of the torture ofShidane Arone came to light, as well as a videotape of hazing activities …

THE MEDAK POCKET * popular media with images of Shidane Arone=s beaten body and senior officers testifying before the ASomalia Inquiry@ …

shidane arone pictures

In Canada, we made prolific use of the line about a few bad apples.

Examining racist violence committed by Canadian troops in Somalia, Razack argues that modern peacekeeping maintains a color line in world politics between a family of white nations and the Third World…..


Articles citations with the tag: ARONEShidane May 9, 1994 … Examines how the torture and death of Shidane Arone violated Canada’s strongest images of itself. …

The Bukowski Agency – Lake of the Prairies – Excerpt Shidane Arone was systematically dehumanized, tortured and killed not because he was … For a long time I couldn’t look at the newspaper reproductions of Kyle Brown’s photographs, because I knew …

The Somalia Affair | CBC Archives May 28, 2003 … Photo of Canadian aid worker with Somali child by Andrew Vaughan/Canadian Press. … On March 16, 1993, Shidane Aroneslipped onto the grounds of the Canadian camp at Belet Huen. …

shidane arone pictures

On March 16, 1993, Arone was detained by soldiers near the Canadian compound in Belet Huen, Somalia.

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