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US Special Forces Kommandeur, organisiert die Terror Aktionen in Syrien

Nichts Neues, wie die US Banditen überall mit Kriminellen zusammenarbeiten und man konnte es ja rund um den Kosovo und Albanien sehen, in 1998

Was macht eigentlich…

10. Dezember 2011

… US SOCCent Commander Charles T. Cleveland?

Wie Champress berichtet, hat die ägyptische Zeitung al-Arabi am Freitag berichtet, ein US Colonel Cleveland, US Special Forces Kommandeur, sei der tatsächliche Führer der mörderischen Terrorgruppe „Free Syrian Army“.

Es sieht also wohl so aus, dass es Cleveland ist, der in verschienden Trainingscamps in der Türkei, im Norden und Osten des Libanon und in Irbil im Irak syrische Muslimbrüder, wahhabitische Extremisten und andere gewaltbereite Kriminelle bewaffne und ausbilde, damit sie in Syrien unter dem Label Free Syrian Army mörderische Terroranschläge begehen.

Tja, was soll man da sagen? Damit ist wohl der Chef der „Free Syrian Army“ enttarnt und es sieht ganz so aus, als hätten die USA sich mal wieder beim Verbrechen des Staatsterrorismus erwischen lassen. Die Special Forces der USA machen, was sie immer machen.

Dass die US-Armee hinter dieser Terrorgruppe steckt, ist, da sie haargenau dem Handbuch der US-Armee für unkonventionelle Kriegsführug folgt, nicht wirklich überaschend, aber damit dürfte nun auch klar sein, wer sich wohl für das Verbrechen verantworten muss, falls es mal ein Nürnberg II gibt, wo die Führer der USA sich für ihre Verbrechen verantworten müssen.

yria News – December 9, 2011 (Warning: Graphic Videos)
Local Coordination Committees of Syria + Videos


December 9, 2011 -Friday has ended with 46 martyrs killed by security forces and army, 9 of them were children and 3 were ladies, in addition to 8 soldiers who defected from the army. 15 martyrs have fallen in Damascus Suburbs (6 in Dumair, 3 in Kafr Batna, 2 in Saqba and Douma and 1 martyr in Zamalka and 1 in Hamouriah); 17 martyrs in Homs; 7 in Idlib, 5 in Hama and 2 martyrs in Daraa. … Homs: Shelling of more than three houses in bayada neighborhood and the wall of one of the mosques was destroyed and heavy shooting led to the fall of many injuries in Khaldiyeh… Homs: Shelling of more than three houses in bayada neighborhood and the wall of one of the mosques was destroyed and heavy shooting led to the fall of many injuries in Khaldiyeh.
  continua / continued avanti - next    [83785] [ 10-dec-2011 12:01 ECT ]Syria Protests December 9, 2011 : A Video Roundup

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      continua / continued avanti - next    [83778] [ 10-dec-2011 08:53 ECT ]

    NATO suspends military projects to wage all-out economic war against Syria“

    Having applied until now the humanitarian military intervention model already tested in Yugoslavia and more recently in Libya, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is forced to rewrite its script for Syria. It will now adopt the same strategy that was used in Iraq: To besiege the country, in defiance of the population, and weaken it sufficiently for the next assault.

    Voltaire Network | Damascus (Syria) | 10 December 2011

    JPEG - 31.4 kb
    US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the Saban Forum in Washington, 3 December 2011.

    NATO is currently reviewing its strategy for Syria. After eight months of low intensity war and despite the infiltration of many Arab and Pashtun fighters, Syrian society has not fractured. To be sure, some religious clashes took place in Deraa, Homs and Banias, but they were not widespread and were short lived. For the Alliance, it is no longer realistic to think that it can rapidly foment a civil war to justify an „international humanitarian operation.“

    This realization comes at a time when the ad hoc military coalition is in the throes of a crisis. During the war against Libya, the initiative had been spearheaded by France and the UK. However, the two European heavyweights proved they were incapable of mobilizing the necessary resources. In fact, three quarters of the war effort was provided or funded by the Pentagon. Above all, the deployment of inadequate devices could have wrought disaster had Libya decided to attack NATO’s ships and helicopters [1]. The problem is much worse in the case of Syria, which boasts a population four times larger than that of Libya, and an army seasoned by previous regional conflicts.

    It was therefore decided to strengthen the Franco-British duo by bringing in Germany. A tripartite agreement was to be negotiated on December 2 to mark, albeit belatedly, the anniversary of the Lancaster House Treaty [2] which laid down the organizational framework for the joint British and French expeditionary forces and sealed the fate of Libya [3]. However, the event was canceled. In the middle of the Western economic crisis, Berlin is loath to underwrite war expenses without a guaranteed return on its investment.