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US – NATO Partner: Bahrain police on rooftop brutally beat detained protesters

Bahrain police on rooftop brutally beat detained protesters with batons (Cakhurh,Bahrain)
(December 16th, 2011) (HD) — Video out of a small village called Cakhurh,Bahrain showing detained protesters on rooftop getting a truly brutal beating by Bahrain police. They were on the roof and thought they were out of view but someone on another highrise had a cam and i must say, this looks like they aren’t showing any mercy, even though it’s half behind a wall you can tell this is a pretty nasty beating. End of vid shows one of the bloody victims.

How police in Bahrain end an argument (Manama,Bahrain)
(December 16th, 2011) A man arguing with a Bahraini police officer gets his answer as the officer casually lobs a flash bang grenade at the mans feet.

Bahrain Riot Police in Full Retreat as Protesters Throw Molotov Cocktails and Rocks (Bani Jamra, Bahrain)
(November 20th, 2011) Released only moments ago, a video showing Bahrain police in Bani Jamra in full retreat as a volley of rocks and firebombed come hurling toward them, the demonstrators giving chase the whole time.



Opposition supporters and police clash in Bahrain for third day along highway west of capital
Associated Press + Videos

— Witnesses say opposition supporters in Bahrain have clashed with police for a third straight day along a main highway west of the capital. Police used tear gas and stun grenades to disperse thousands of protesters gathered Saturday along Budaiya highway, which connects a string of largely Shiite villages west of the capital, Manama…

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