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Ron Paul Says SAME as our Intelligence Agencies about 9/11 Motive‬

Ron Paul Says SAME as our Intelligence Agencies about 9/11 Motive‬

U.S. support for Israeli crimes against Palestinians, propping up oppressive regimes and killing Muslims in the Middle East, these crimes motivated the 9/11 terrorists to attack in order to pressure the U.S. government to stop these specific actions which are perpetrated due to immoral policies.

NYT Caught Lying about Iran & IAEA Report on Civilian Nuclear Program

Devious Reporting on Iran Exposed

War Propaganda Exposed Part 1 Mass Media Warmongering Against Iran

War Propaganda Exposed Part 2 Confronting Lies About Iran & Israel

Ahmadinejad DID NOT threaten to „wipe Israel off the map.“




European Aid Convoy ‘Miles of Smiles 8’ Arrives in Gaza
Saed Bannoura


January 15, 2012 – The eighth in a series of vehicle convoys from European and Arab countries to the Gaza Strip reached its destination on Saturday, bringing medical equipment and vehicles for the disabled. According to organizers, forty-eight European and Arab activists participated in the convoy, which consisted of a number of vehicles driving caravan-style from Europe through Arab countries, and then entering Gaza from Egypt. The convoy is bringing two tons of medical supplies worth approximately $500,000 USD…
  continua / continued avanti - next    [84879] [ 16-jan-2012 17:54 ECT ]The Plant-a-Tree in Palestine Project
By Dave Black


January 16, 2012 – On January 2nd members of a Stop the Jewish National Fund (JNF) delegation joined individuals from a nearby refugee camp, trade union representatives, youth activists, Stop the Wall campaigners and representatives of a spectrum of political parties to take part in a new project to re-plant trees in previously devastated areas of Palestine. The group planted 111 trees, representing the number of years that the JNF has been in existence, playing a key role in Israel’s policy of displacing and dispossessing Palestinians…
  continua / continued avanti - next    [84882] [ 16-jan-2012 19:17 ECT Palestinians live in fear for their lives as two-state solution hopes fade
Ruth Pollard

January 15, 2012 – A 20 per cent rise in settlement construction across the West Bank and East Jerusalem in the past year has taken land critical to the creation of a Palestinian state and placed a two-state solution further away than ever, a report has found. Building has started on at least 1850 housing units, while there were 3500 units already under construction, the Israeli settlement watch group Peace Now said. Eleven new settlements – home to 2300 settlers and 680 structures – were recognised by Israel last year when it legalised those outposts (outposts are created when a settlement expands to a new area of land)….
  continua / continued avanti - next    [84874] [ 16-jan-2012 17:26 ECT ]
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