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NATO killing in Libya: Libya: 147 killed in 6 days of clashes in south


Libya: 147 killed in 6 days of clashes in south

March 31, 2012 — Six days of tribal clashes in a remote desert town in southern Libya have killed 147 people, the country’s health minister said Saturday. Fatma al-Hamroush said in a press conference in Tripoli that the fighting in Sabha has also left 395 wounded. Around 180 people have been transported to the capital Tripoli for emergency treatment, she said. The clashes in the oasis region some 400 miles (650 kilometers) south of Tripoli show the fragile authority of the Libyan government, particularly in the isolated settlements that dot the southern desert…

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Libya’s humanitarian catastophe the West doesn’t care about because it caused it: (Video)

March 30, 2012 – The lawlessness Libya has plunged into is the direct result of how the current government came into power, Oxford-based freelance journalist Neil Clark told RT. „The main problem is that Libya is awash with arms. And who is to blame for this? It’s the Western powers, who gave these arms to the rebels to topple Gaddafi. And now you have different tribal militias all heavily armed. You have got a very week divided government in Tripoli, which cannot control its territory. You have got a real recipe for anarchy at the moment,“ he explained. „The main Western news channels are not covering the story the way they are not covering Iraq. In the end of the story Gaddafi is gone, and they are really not interested in reporting what’s going on, which is a human rights catastrophe,“ he added….
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U.S. soldier accused of killing 17 Afghan villagers ‚had many accomplices‘, survivors of massacre claim
By Graham Smith

March 30, 2012 – …One mother-of-six, whose husband was killed during the incident, believes there were as many as 20 people involved. She told SBS Dateline journalist Yalda Hakim: ‚When they shot dead my husband, I tried to drag him into the house, they’d shot him in the head so his brain was all over my hands. I had to use a bowl for his blood. ‚I saw more than 20 people when I looked out the house. The Americans pointed their guns at me and threatened me, telling me not to leave the house or they’d kill me.’…
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