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Top Secret America – Washington Post


More than a dozen Washington Post journalists spent two years developing Top Secret America. | See the details »


Top Secret America on Frontline

A short video from PBS’s FRONTLINE on The Post’s two-year investigation. An hour-long documentary film is forthcoming. Watch the trailer »

The reporters

Dana Priest

Investigative reporter Dana Priest has been The Washington Post’s intelligence, Pentagon and health-care reporter. She has won numerous awards, including the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for public service for „The Other Walter Reed“ and the 2006 Pulitzer for beat reporting for her work on CIA secret prisons and counterterrorism operations overseas. She is author of the 2003 book, „The Mission: Waging War and Keeping Peace With America’s Military, (W.W. Norton).



2013-0740.pdf         US Snowden Extradition Request to Venezuela      July 6, 2013


4 July 2013

Alleged Ecuadorian Embassy Bug Is A Decoy (where are other 3?)

James Atkinson is a professional technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) expert. His recent report on NSA spying contracts:


Date: Wed, 03 Jul 2013 22:32:42 -0400
From: „James M. Atkinson“ <jmatk[at]>
Organization: Granite Island Group
To: John Young <jya[at]>
Subject: Re: Alleged Bug Found in London Ecuadorian Embassy

This is a photograph of a video.

The outlet is typically what you find in London, but the device itself is a decoy, and is installed like this with the intention that it will be found.

For example this is connected to the back of the faceplate, with the back facing outward. This position the device in such a way that ensures that even the most primitive bug detectors will detect it, and it fact it oudl be almost impossible not to trip over it in any sort of bug sweep.

If this one is present, then this is not the real bug, but merely the decoy.

Where are the other 3 devices that they missed?

George Smiley Lives.


John Young wrote:

Photo of the alleged bug found in the London Ecuadorian Embassy
where Julian Assange is holed up. Not in his room but the office
of the ambassador:


Yassin Kadi – Erdogan

2013-0690.htm ok      Listed Terrorist Meets with Turkish Intelligence June 24, 2013
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