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Mi6 Offizier Harry Ferguson, macht einen Hungerstreik für Gefangene im Folter Camp Guantánamo

Jeder vernünftige Sicherheit Mensch, weiss, das es ein kriminelles Treiben ist der US- NATO Politiker mit schlimmen Folgen für den Westen, wenn man derartige Verbrechen mit System betreibt. Mi6, SAS Offiziere haben ja selbst in Basra, Kosovo, Anschläge organisiert und mit Sicherheit auch in anderen Ländern. Die Hirnlosigkeit einer rein kriminellen Truppe und immer wie in Syrien mit Terroristen unterwegs, und lange vorher geplant, wie der US General Wesley Clark outete.


Ex-MI6 officer joins Guantánamo inmate in hunger strike
Mark Townsend


August 10, 2013 – A former MI6 officer will begin a week-long hunger strike on Monday in solidarity with the Guantánamo Bay detention camp prisoner Shaker Aamer, a move he says is prompted by shame over the behaviour of the British intelligence service he once served. Harry Ferguson, 52, will attempt to fast for a week to highlight the plight of Aamer, the last UK resident being held at the US military camp, who has been on hunger strike for more than 170 days. The former MI6 operative, who took part in the fight against terrorism, said he was motivated by a regret that the „organisation of which I was once proud to be a member now supports policies including assassination, rendition, torture and detention without trial“…
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  1. konradi
    Oktober 16, 2014 um 6:28 pm

    The rogue intelligence officer, the bogus news agency and the spies who never were
    Special report: freedom of information

    Ian Traynor in Moscow
    The Guardian, Wednesday 24 January 2001 02.51 GMT

    MI6 set up a surrogate news agency in central London as a front for recruiting Russians to spy for Britain, the rogue British intelligence officer Richard Tomlinson alleges in the controversial book which the service has been trying to ban.

    In what he describes as a botched and short-lived operation in 1992, the former MI6 officer claims the service wasted almost £40,000 on a futile effort to obtain Russian military secrets. ….

  2. März 24, 2016 um 12:35 pm

    Dana Rohrabacher Questions during the House Foreign Affairs Hearing, regarding the closure of the Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility. 03/23/2016

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