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Der Flotten Aufmarsch der Kriegs Treiber gegen Syrien im Mittelmeer

September 11, 2013

The war in Syria postponed!


The latest developments relative to the issue of the planned U.S. attack in Syria, focus on diplomatic consultations between the U.S. and Russia to defuse the crisis by parallel monitoring of the chemical arsenal of the Syrians.

The RIMSE for several days had alerted on the developments and the „scene“ contacts and conflicts of all „players“ to the Syrian crisis (See: ) . The analysis of this website based on logical analysis of activities framed by reliable information „open source“ of all parties involved.

Furthermore, the analysis had the form of holistic reading of developments, namely the all-round research in political, diplomatic, military and „backstage“ in order to give readers an as complete as possible. and accurate picture of developments. During this period the probability of stroke by the U.S. to Syria for September is estimated at 10% (from 25% the previous days-see relevant previous reports RIMSE 1 and 4 September).

It should also be noted that the current deceleration does not mean the end of the Syrian crisis, but is merely a turning point. In the coming months there will be after all assurance and other crises at various levels and the attitude of Saudi Arabia plays a major role since largely now podigetei the American diplomacy and the Kingdom of Saud faces profound internal contradictions and paradoxes that will become widely known during the upcoming Royal Succession. It can be presumed that it will continue as funding, equipment and training jihadis in the coming period to challenge terrorist attacks and raids cruisers in Syrian territory.

In regards to Greece, still surprising and resentment in a large foreign political circles and non adjacent friendly country in the „silence“ of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of the Greek Archdiocese ongoing genocide of the Orthodox in Syria and the Christians in general Middle East. Indeed, the silence becomes dysexigiti when other Orthodox churches ever „earn points“ to the residents of these areas, often with government incentives in nature, while the Vatican State through the Roman Catholic Church achieves maximum spread of the influence of time anticipating the evolution of things.

Furthermore Helladic foreign policy continues to monitor remotely developments not having the strength or will to articulate any formal proposals for settling problems or even give nuggets alertness, since a possible ignition in the Eastern Mediterranean is more than sure will be extended will profoundly affect very negatively and both Greece and Cyprus.

Finally, it should be strongly emphasized that international developments such as unfolding this season and estimates for the short and medium future period of time, showing clearly the interdependence international level all the major powers either state or private actors but also the need for a “ Monte Viventi „before the situation derailed unforeseen conflicts in various parts of the world.

Therefore, the visa both theoretical and practical level of „Monopoly power“, „default judgments“ and „monopoly situation“ must be rejected.

Concomitantly the role of diplomacy acquires larger dimensions, but also implicit tools of foreign policy such as the intelligence services, the government directed information (propaganda) and the use of economic instruments as mechanisms to exercise international policy. With simple, clear and understandable words, the 2013 is a far cry from the 90s and the new competitive, interdependent, and ferocious environment variable called on the international community to coexist and indeed countries that are close to „hot zones“ such as Greece have greater challenges than in the past.


Map layout Naval Forces to the Eastern Mediterranean 8/9/2013


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  1. busara
    September 27, 2013 um 10:29 am

    DAMASKUS/BERLIN/WASHINGTON/MOSKAU (Eigener Bericht) – Berlin fordert
    eine rasche Entscheidung über die nächsten Schritte zur Vernichtung
    der syrischen Chemiewaffenbestände. Wie Außenminister Guido
    Westerwelle verlangt, müsse ein entsprechender Beschluss noch diese
    Woche gefasst werden. Die Bundesrepublik will sich nach wie vor
    umfassend an der Giftgasvernichtung beteiligen. Jenseits davon gehen
    die Berliner Chancen, maßgeblich Einfluss auf die Neuordnung Syriens
    zu nehmen, gegenwärtig eher zurück. Die Aufrüstung der Aufständischen
    ist von der Bundesregierung im Rahmen der innerwestlichen
    Arbeitsteilung anderen Mächten überlassen worden; zur Zeit tun sich
    damit vor allem die USA und Frankreich hervor. Die Versuche, durch
    Wiederaufbau-Maßnahmen im Rebellengebiet Sympathien zu gewinnen,
    stehen vor dem Scheitern: Antiwestliche islamistische Milizen
    erstarken; rund 50.000 meist salafistische Kämpfer haben sich von der
    Exilopposition losgesagt, über die Berlin sich eine starke Stellung in
    Syrien verschaffen wollte. Die internationale Entwicklung wird von
    Verhandlungen zwischen den USA und Russland dominiert, die im Medium
    des Syrien-Krieges ihre weltpolitischen Machtkämpfe fortsetzen. Das
    Plädoyer deutscher Regierungsberater, gegebenenfalls
    Bundeswehr-Soldaten nach Syrien zu entsenden, trägt dem befürchteten
    deutschen Einflussverlust Rechnung.


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