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40 Jahre Besetzung des Gaza Streifens durch Israel

40 Jahre Verbrechen, 60 Jahre Ethnische Saeberungen durch die Israelis und Terror. siehe Prof. Pappe als Israelischer Historiker

The second intifada put holes in Israel’s wall of fear
Budour Youssef Hassan

October 4, 2013 – The Palestinian calendar is permeated with anniversaries of uprisings, battles, massacres, fateful declarations and meaningless „independence“ days. Despite our continuous pledge to never forget and never forgive, most of these once-paramount occasions have been transformed into fleeting memories — oscillating between irrelevance, fetishism and attempts by factions to exploit them for political gains. For instance, the thirteenth anniversary of the start of the second Palestinian intifada passed a few days ago, but it breezed by with remarkably little public or media attention. While this is neither surprising nor unprecedented, it is exceedingly disheartening…

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Israels Verbrechen im Gaza, mit dem Phospor Raketen

sraels Non-Stop Kriegs Verbrechen im Gaza, bei der Zerstörung von Zivilen Zielen

Alte Tradition: Israel zerstört die Deutschen Entwicklungshilfe Projekte im Gaza und in der Westbank

Israel Terror gegen Zivilisten – Israel initiates bloodbath on Gaza… which continues 4 days later

Der Baby Mord der Israel Faschisten als man dem Gaza KZ den Strom abdreht

The Gatekeepers: Locking in Palestinians as Terrorists


Waiting in Gaza, where nothing makes sense
Yousef M. Aljamal


October 4, 2013 -It’s 1pm on 18 September at the Rafah crossing at the Gaza-Egypt border. Hundreds of travelers — mostly students and medical patients — are waiting at the passengers’ hall at the Palestinian side of border. All of them are holding their Palestinian Authority travel documents, looking at the officer who calls the names of people who are supposed to travel the next day.People who have the good fortune to hear their names are congratulated by fellow passengers. Dozens edge closer to the counter where the officer stands, thinking that this might help them. The hall is getting narrower. Frustration, anger, cries, chants and tears are heard and seen everywhere. „Students! Students! Students!“ chants one of the stranded students, demanding that students be given priority to travel, to the dissatisfaction of those in the hall already living and working abroad. „The crossing was open to allow students in particular to travel,“ says one of the students. „We are about to lose our scholarships.“…
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By Vacy Vlazna


October 4, 2013 – What image of Palestinians would viewers, who have a smattering, or if any, knowledge of the Palestinian struggle, gain after seeing Dror Moreh’s documentary, The Gatekeepers? The word ‚terrorist’ and versions thereof – ‚terrorism’ ‚terror’ – occur over 40 times, and all, bar once, in reference to Palestinians implicitly justifying the raison d’etre for Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency). The MO of the vicious Shin Bet or Shabak is covert counter-terrorism – based on the premise that the people of Palestine have no right to defend themselves or fight for their rightful independence enshrined in international law against the brutal illegal occupier and colonizer- the rogue State of Israel. Meanwhile, Israel, the world’s fourth largest high-tech nuclear military force bleats its right to defend itself against Palestinian rocks and piddly homemade rockets…
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