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Gehen die Saudis auf Distanz zu den USA – Saudi spy chief says Riyadh to „shift away from U.S.“ over Syria, Iran

Der Pyschopat Prinz Bandar ist verärgert, weil sein Gift Gas Angriff in Syrien, nicht zur Intervention der Amerikaner in Syrien führte, obwohl dieses Konzept des Terrors, mit Yassin Kadi als Bin Laden Financier schon in Bosnien,dem Kosovo sehr gut geklappt hatte, wenn man Terror finanziert, um eine Intervention zuerreichen. Nun überdenkt man seine US Politik, obwohl das nur Kamel Treiber sind, ohne Schule und vollkommen inkompetent für irgendetwas Positives.

Die USA und ihr Partner: Prinz Bandar: Gift Gas für Saddam und nun nach Syrien

US Ambassador Jeffrey Feltman – Prinz Bandar Plan, um Syrien ins Steinzeit Alter zubomben

Saudi spy chief says Riyadh to „shift away from U.S.“ over Syria, Iran
By Amena Bakr


October 22, 2013 – – Saudi Arabia’s intelligence chief has said the kingdom will make a „major shift“ in relations with the United States in protest at its perceived inaction over the Syria war and its overtures to Iran, a source close to Saudi policy said on Tuesday… „The shift away from the U.S. is a major one,“ the source close to Saudi policy said. „Saudi doesn’t want to find itself any longer in a situation where it is dependent.“The United States and Saudi Arabia have been allies since the kingdom was declared in 1932, giving Riyadh a powerful military protector and Washington secure oil supplies. The prince’s initiative follows a surprise Saudi decision on Friday to reject a coveted two-year term on the U.N. Security Council in protest at „double standards“ at the United Nations….
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Nun im Oktober 2014, müssen die Amerikaner mit dem Erzfeind Iran sogar zusammen arbeiten, was den Saudis nie gefallen wird.

Khamenei: We rejected a US request to cooperate against ISIS
Middle East Monitor

September 16, 2014 -The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said that he „rejected an offer from the United States to cooperate against the organisation of the Islamic State (ISIS)“. In remarks made after he was discharged from hospital following prostate surgery, Khamenei said he rejected an offer that was made ​​by the American embassy in Iraq to the Iranian ambassador to Iraq, to hold a joint meeting to discuss ways to combat ISIS, saying he refuses to cooperate with the United States because its hands are stained and its intention is not pure. Khamenei also said that US Secretary of State John Kerry also made an offer to the Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif for mutual cooperation to combat ISIS, but Zarif rejected the offer…
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Al-Qaeda, Saudi Arabia and Israel

Prince Bandar bin Sultan, then Saudi ambassador to the United States, meeting with President George W. Bush in Crawford, Texas. (White House photo)

Exclusive: Saudi Arabia is under a new cloud after a jailed al-Qaeda operative implicated senior Saudi officials as collaborators with the terror group – and the shadow could even darken the political future of Israeli Prime Netanyahu because of his odd-couple alliance with Riyadh, reports Robert Parry.

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