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Verbrechen ohne Ende der USA, der Saudis, des Recep Erdogan mit Fidan und NATO Syrien

Jeffrey Feltman, die Saudi und US Verbrechen in Syrien

Wie Peter Scholl-Latour erklärt, haben sind die US und Saudi Waffen, Fahrzeuge auch für den Irak, heute in Hand der ISIL der Sunnitischen Minderheit im Irak, wo die Basis die ehemaligen Saddam Armee bildet. Eine absolute Idiotie Strategie der Amerikaner, identisch in Syrien, ohne Planung und ohne jeden Verstand.

Giftgas Attake nun im März 2014 der Terroristen unter dem Schutz der Türken

Exclusive Report added below ! Latika and the defeat of the “ north battle “

proclaimded tactical a the “ south battle “

this “ north battle “ will solve to issue


and the “ war on syria “


Pic 1 Syrian Soldier/NDF/Local Figters on Duty

The Syrian army killed hundreds of foreign-backed militants in the Northern parts of the war-hit country.

The army units killed 500 terrorists who were trying to enter Syria from neighboring Turkey.

Also in the past 24 hours, the Syrian army killed a senior militant commander in the Damascus countryside.

The army units killed head of the Opposition Military Council in Al-Qalamoun region in Damascus countryside on Thursday.

Also, the Syrian army killed a notorious terrorist ringleader in Felita region.

The army killed Ahmad Navaf, commander of Seif Al-Haq battalions, in heavy clashes in Felita region.

Meantime, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad warned of the dangers of terrorism and extremism backed by the West and some countries in the region.

President al-Assad cautioned, during a meeting Thursday with an Armenian parliamentary delegation, that this extremist ideology poses a threat of fragmenting the region that has been historically characterized by cultural and social diversity, Syrian Arab News Agency reported.

Elsewhere, Turkey’s main opposition party criticized Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan for his policy on neighboring Syria.

„The world’s most immoral man is currently occupying the Turkish prime minister’s seat. He wants to drag Turkey into a war against Syria,“ said Kemal Kilicdaroglu, the leader of the Republican People’s Party (CHP), in an interview with al-Monitor on Thursday.

Kilicdaroglu also noted that Erdogan’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) is playing good-cop, bad-cop with the foreign-backed militants fighting against the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The opposition leader went on to say that the current conflict in Syria is not a threat to Turkey.

Elsewhere, a car bomb blast rocked al-Arman neighborhood in the city of Homs, claiming the life of a civilian and injuring 11 others.

A source in Homs province said that the Thursday bombing took place in the main street in the neighborhood where militants had earlier parked the car.

The source said most of the injured are women and children, adding that the terrorist attack also caused great material damage to a number of houses, cars and shops.


Exclusive Report form the Latakia “ north battle “

#Syria #Kasab #SAA #Erdugan #Al_Qaeda

The situation today is Kasab till this moment:

– Mount #Al_Nasr is under the control of the Syrian Arab Army.

– Point.45 is under the control of the army and the clashes are in its surroundings.

– #Al_Nabeen is under the Army control and clashes still going in the area.

– Erdogan do exist in #Samra village but without the ability to keep positions because of the

heavy strikes of the SAA. Samra X is now considered as hell for the

insurgents because of the large number of their dead bodies in the

streets and jungles there.

– Syrian Airforce is constantly targeting #Al_mur spring.

– Border crossing point had been targeted in several raids by the Syrian Airforce, and direct hits are recorded.

– Borders area: A terrorists‘ convoy of 3 Dushka cars had been targeted and evaporated.

-#Kherbat_Solas area : the army stopped many terrorists attacks in the last day and night .

and a group of hostages were freed by a qualitative operation carried out by a unit of the Syrian Arab Army.


Military operations now are in the favor of Syria, despite the control of insurgents on some areas.

It is worth mentioning that #Erdogan terrorists lost more than more about 2200 rats since the beginning of the battle.

Pray for the Arab Syrian Army.

a:A For Mother Syria



Giftgas Attake nun im März 2014 der Terroristen unter dem Schutz der Türken

Die Kurden bringen die Saudi Terroristen inzwischen um, welche von den USA und den Saudis ins Land eingefallen sind.



More dead Wahhabis killed by the Kurdish YPG force
 Part of channel(s): Syria (current event)

More dead Wahhabis killed by the Kurdish YPG force, during the siege of Kobanê city by ISIS. They have so far failed miserably with their attempt to capture the city. The Kurdish people and the Kurdish YPG force will break this siege and claim victory.


And an extra picture, I forgot to upload:



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  1. ganser
    Juni 2, 2014 um 12:41 pm

  2. navy
    Juni 16, 2014 um 2:26 am

    Die Terroristen und Mafia gründet wie immer Hilfs Vereine, oft mit Steuergeldern finanziert und auch als Finanzierung und Unterstützung für Terroristen, was Deutsche Politik ist

  3. aguron
    Juli 30, 2014 um 4:20 pm

    Die Grünen: Petra Becker packtieren wie die SWP-Berlin mit den Terroristen !!!

    „Biting the Syrian Bullet“
    (Own report) – The director of the Catholic relief organization, Caritas-Lebanon, has voiced strong criticism of the West’s policy on Syria. The West, together with its Middle Eastern allies, should finally stop equipping Syrian insurgents with military hardware, Paul Karam, Director of the Caritas-Lebanon declared. It must also stop the constant flow of citizens from European countries coming to join the Salafist terrorist militias in Syria – at the expense of the tormented civilian population. Dmitri Trenin, the foreign policy expert of the Moscow Carnegie Center, explains why the West continues to try to overthrow the Assad government, in spite of a growing demand to put an end to the reign of terror of the „Islamic State.“ According to Trenin, in the course of the Syrian War, Russia succeeded in inflicting serious political setbacks on the West. The West, for its part, is doing its utmost in the Syrian War to crush Russia’s influence in the Middle East. In Germany, the call for western military intervention in Syria is again being voiced.
    Arms and Terror
    The director of Caritas-Lebanon, the priest Paul Karam, has voiced strong criticism of the West’s policy in regards to Syria. To put an end to the killings, he is demanding an immediate halt to all arms supplies to the warring parties in Syria. He explicitly points to Western countries, which, together with their Middle Eastern allies, are providing arms and other equipment and military training to the Syrian insurgents. At the end of June, US President Barack Obama asked Congress for US $500 million to „train and equip“ the Syrian insurgents.[1] Caritas-Lebanon, which has been trying desperately to provide adequate support to the more than 1.6 million war refugees in Lebanon, is also demanding that the Western countries stop the influx into Syria of Salafist combatants particularly from Europe. Several thousand citizens of EU member countries have already joined the ranks of the „Islamic State“ terrorist organization in its war in Syria and Iraq.[2] Karam declared that the fact that more and more Europeans are coming to participate in Salafist terrorism in Syria, bringing death to the country and causing civilians to flee, can no longer be tolerated.
    Lessons from the War on Libya
    Foreign policy expert Dmitri Trenin of Moscow’s Carnegie Center, a subsidiary of the US Carnegie Endowment for International Peace think tank, shed light on what is behind western support for the insurgents in Syria. Trenin, first of all, points out that Moscow, learned the lesson of Libya, and refused to support the West’s efforts to overthrow the Assad government. At the time of Libya, Russia had abstained in the UN Security Council vote, opening the door to western military aggression, only to then realize that the West had used Gadhafi’s overthrow to impose its interests, while Russia’s position was seriously weakened. Therefore, Moscow was unwilling to facilitate overthrowing also the Syrian government. According to Trenin, additionally President Putin had drawn the conclusion, that Assad was stronger than his opponents and that the strongest among his opponents were the jihadis, so the choice was essentially between the two. „That assessment proved to be more realistic than the calculus of Obama’s advisers in the White House.“[3]
    Return to Equal Partnership
    Trenin also reminds that in May 2013, Moscow offered Washington a chance to jointly lead the process of political settlement in Syria. However, the West, turned the proposition down. In the summer of 2013, Moscow was able to negotiate the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons. This was „arguably the first eye-to-eye discussions between U.S. and Russian representatives since the downfall of the Soviet Union.“ With the Geneva Peace Negotiations, Russia essentially won back „the diplomatic parity with the United States“ that it had lost in the early 1990s. President Putin has been able to achieve all this despite the fact that „Russia’s resources were a fraction of America’s, and its influence in Syria -not to speak of anywhere else in the Middle East – was hardly dominant.“ Of course Washington was not happy to watch its Russian rival gaining influence. „Irritation“ with Putin and with Russia „mounted in U.S. political circles,“ concludes Trenin.[4]
    From Damascus to Kiev
    Trenin points out that the scandal around Edward Snowden, which had also weakened Washington and strengthened Moscow, arose alongside Russia’s empowerment in the Syrian War. The Ukraine crisis, that developed soon thereafter, „was thus not an isolated spat or a tragic misunderstanding,“ but rather the next round on the spiral of the Washington-Moscow power struggle.[5] A few months ago, this was also pointed out by US experts. ( reported.[6]) Nearly every means is being used in this power struggle.[7]
    „The Best Option“
    The West’s continuous refusal to end their war against the Assad government – in spite of the persistent advance of the „Islamic State“ terrorist organization is another aspect in this power struggle against Russia. Demands for the West to change course and join the Assad government in fighting the „Islamic State,“ have been raised for quite some time. Already back in December 2013, the former head of the CIA, Michael Hayden declared that he found an Assad victory to be the best option in the Syrian War; he said he could hardly imagine that the non-terrorist insurgents could win. „Someone has got to bite the bullet and say Assad stays,“ considers Joshua Landis, a renowned expert on Syria, at the University of Oklahoma.[8] Back in February 2014, Berlin demonstrated its opinion of this option. At the time, the „president“ of the self-proclaimed Syrian „government“ in exile, which Berlin had recognized as the „legitimate representative of the Syrian people,“ had had audiences with Foreign Minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier and the chancellor’s foreign policy advisor, Christoph Heusgen. Thereafter it was proclaimed that Assad must absolutely be removed from power. Berlin has yet to revise this position.
    No-Fly Zone or Antiaircraft Missiles
    The demand that the West, itself, should intervene militarily against the Assad government in Syria, is again being raised in the German capital. A „no-fly zone“ should be established in Syria and the insurgents should be systematically furnished weapons, according to Petra Becker,

  4. agron
    September 22, 2014 um 8:55 am

    Monitor- Türkei unterstützt Dschihadisten und erlaubt den Zutritt nach Syrien! 29. 08. 2013

  5. yuko
    Oktober 1, 2014 um 8:14 am

    Leaked conversation of Turkish officials regarding invasion of Syria
    Part of channel(s): Syria (current event)

    Remember the leaked conversation between Erdogan officials in view of an invasion of north Syria as Turkey is currently preparing to establish a so called „buffer zone“ alongside the border

    Full transcript (translated by @castizbey):

    Ahmet Davutoğlu:
    „Prime Minister said that in current conjuncture, this attack (on Suleiman Shah Tomb) must be seen as an opportunity for us.“

    Hakan Fidan:
    „I’ll send 4 men from Syria, if that’s what it takes. I’ll make up a cause of war by ordering a missile attack on Turkey; we can also prepare an attack on Suleiman Shah Tomb if necessary.“

    Feridun Sinirlioğlu:
    „Our national security has become a common, cheap domestic policy outfit.“

    Yaşar Güler:
    „It’s a direct cause of war. I mean, what’re going to do is a direct cause of war.“
    Ahmet Davutoğlu: I couldn’t entirely understand the other thing; what exactly does our foreign ministry supposed to do? No, I’m not talking about the thing. There are other things we’re supposed to do. If we decide on this, we are to notify the United Nations, the Istanbul Consulate of the Syrian regime, right?

    Feridun Sinirlioğlu: But if we decide on an operation in there, it should create a shocking effect. I mean, if we are going to do so. I don’t know what we’re going to do, but regardless of what we decide, I don’t think it’d be appropriate to notify anyone beforehand.

    Ahmet Davutoğlu: OK, but we’re gonna have to prepare somehow. To avoid any shorts on regarding international law. I just realised when I was talking to the president (Abdullah Gül), if the Turkish tanks go in there, it means we’re in there in any case, right?

    Yaşar Güler: It means we’re in, yes.

    Ahmet Davutoğlu: Yeah, but there’s a difference between going in with aircraft and going in with tanks…

    Yaşar Güler: Maybe we can tell the Syrian consulate general that, ISIL is currently working alongside the regime, and that place is Turkish land. We should definitely…

    Ahmet Davutoğlu: But we have already said that, sent them several diplomatic notes.

    Yaşar Güler: To Syria…

    Feridun Sinirlioğlu: That’s right.

    Ahmet Davutoğlu: Yes, we’ve sent them countless times. Therefore, I’d like to know what our Chief of Staff’s expects from our ministry.

    Yaşar Güler: Maybe his intent was to say that, I don’t really know, he met with Mr. Fidan.

    Hakan Fidan: Well, he did mention that part but we didn’t go into any further details.

    Yaşar Güler: Maybe that was what he meant… A diplomatic note to Syria?

    Hakan Fidan: Maybe the Foreign Ministry is assigned with coordination…

    Ahmet Davutoğlu: I mean, I could coordinate the diplomacy but civil war, the military…

    Feridun Sinirlioğlu: That’s what I told back there. For one thing, the situation is different. An operation on ISIL has solid ground on international law. We’re going to portray this is Al-Qaeda, there’s no distress there if it’s a matter regarding Al-Qaeda. And if it comes to defending Suleiman Shah Tomb, that’s a matter of protecting our land.

    Yaşar Güler: We don’t have any problems with that.

    Hakan Fidan: Second after it happens, it’ll cause a great internal commotion (several bombing events is bound to happen within). The border is not under control…

    Feridun Sinirlioğlu:I mean, yes, the bombings are of course going to happen. But I remember our talk from 3 years ago…

    Yaşar Güler: Mr. Fidan should urgently receive back-up and we need to help him supply guns and ammo to rebels. We need to speak with the minister. Our Interior Minister, our Defense Minister. We need to talk about this and reach a resolution sir.

    Ahmet Davutoğlu: How did we get special forces into action when there was a threat in Northern Iraq? We should have done so in there, too. We should have trained those men. We should have sent men. Anyway, we can’t do that, we can only do what diplomacy…

    Feridun Sinirlioğlu: I told you back then, for God’s sake, General, you know how we managed to get those tanks in, you were there.

    Yaşar Güler: What, you mean our stuff?

    Feridun Sinirlioğlu: Yes, how do you think we’ve managed to rally our tanks into Iraq? How? How did we manage to get special forces, the battalions in? I was involved in that. Let me be clear, there was no government decision on that, we have managed that just with a single order.

    Yaşar Güler: Well, I agree with you. For one thing, we’re not even discussing that. But there are different things that Syria can do right now.

    Ahmet Davutoğlu: General, the reason we’re saying no to this operation is because we know about the capacity of those men.

    Yaşar Güler: Look, sir, isn’t MKE (Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation) at minister’s bidding? Sir, I mean, Qatar is looking for ammo to buy in cash. Ready cash. So, why don’t they just get it done? It’s at Mr. Minister’s command.

    Ahmet Davutoğlu: But there’s the spot we can’t act integratedly, we can’t coordinate.

    Yaşar Güler: Then, our Prime Minister can summon both Mr. Defence Minister and Mr. Minister at the same time. Then he can directly talk to them.

    Ahmet Davutoğlu: We, Mr. Siniroğlu and I, have literally begged Mr. Prime Minster for a private meeting, we said that things were not looking so bright.

    Yaşar Güler: Also, it doesn’t have to be a crowded meeting. Yourself, Mr. Defence Minister, Mr. Interior Minister and our Chief of Staff, the four of you are enough. There’s no need for a crowd. Because, sir, the main need there is guns and ammo. Not even guns, mainly ammo. We’ve just talked about this, sir. Let’s say we’re building an army down there, 1000 strong. If we get them into that war without previously storing a minimum of 6-months‘ worth of ammo, these men will return to us after two months.

    Ahmet Davutoğlu: They’re back already.

    Yaşar Güler: They’ll return to us, sir.

    Ahmet Davutoğlu: They’ve came back from… What was it? Çobanbey.

    Yaşar Güler: Yes, indeed, sir. This matter can’t be just a burden on Mr. Fidan’s shoulders as it is now. It’s unacceptable. I mean, we can’t understand this. Why?

    Ahmet Davutoğlu: That evening we’d reached a resolution. And I thought that things were taking a turn for the good. Our…


  6. navy
    Januar 18, 2015 um 7:34 pm

    Sat Jan 17, 2015 3:23
    Turkish Military Says MIT Shipped Weapons to Al-Qaeda
    Turkish Military Says MIT Shipped Weapons to Al-Qaeda

    TEHRAN (FNA)- Secret official documents about the searching of three trucks belonging to Turkey’s national intelligence service (MIT) was leaked online, once again corroborating suspicions that Ankara has not been playing a clean game in Syria.

    According to the authenticated documents, the trucks were found to be transporting missiles, mortars and anti-aircraft ammunition, Al-Monitor reported. The Gendarmerie General Command, which authored the reports, alleged, „The trucks were carrying weapons and supplies to the Al-Qaeda terror organization.“ But Turkish readers could not see the documents in the news bulletins and newspapers that shared them, because the government immediately obtained a court injunction banning all reporting about the affair.

    When President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was prime minister, he had said, „You cannot stop the MIT truck. You cannot search it. You don’t have the authority. These trucks were taking humanitarian assistance to Turkmens.“

    Since then, Erdogan and his hand-picked new Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu have repeated at every opportunity that the trucks were carrying assistance to Turkmens. Public Prosecutor Aziz Takci, who had ordered the trucks to be searched, was removed from his post and 13 soldiers involved in the search were taken to court on charges of espionage. Their indictments call for prison terms of up to 20 years.

    In scores of documents leaked by a group of hackers, the Gendarmerie Command notes that rocket warheads were found in the trucks‘ cargo.

    According to the documents that circulated on the Internet before the ban came into effect, this was the summary of the incident:

    -On Jan 19, 2014, after receiving a tip that three trucks were carrying weapons and explosives to Al-Qaeda in Syria, the Adana Provincial Gendarmerie Command obtained search warrants.

    -The Adana prosecutor called for the search and seizure of all evidence.

    -Security forces stopped the trucks at the Ceyhan toll gates, where MIT personnel tried to prevent the search.

    -While the trucks were being escorted to Seyhan Gendarmerie Command for an extensive search, MIT personnel accompanying the trucks in an Audi vehicle blocked the road to stop the trucks. When MIT personnel seized the keys from the trucks‘ ignitions, an altercation ensued. MIT personnel instructed the truck drivers to pretend their trucks had malfunctioned and committed physical violence against gendarmerie personnel.

    -The search was carried out and videotaped despite the efforts of the governor and MIT personnel to prevent it.

    -Six metallic containers were found in the three trucks. In the first container, 25-30 missiles or rockets and 10-15 crates loaded with ammunition were found. In the second container, 20-25 missiles or rockets, 20-25 crates of mortar ammunition and Douchka anti-aircraft ammunition in five or six sacks were discovered. The boxes had markings in the Cyrillic alphabet.

    -It was noted that the MIT personnel swore at the prosecutor and denigrated the gendarmerie soldiers doing the search, saying, „Look at those idiots. They are looking for ammunition with picks and shovels. Let someone who knows do it. Trucks are full of bombs that might explode.“

    -The governor of Adana, Huseyin Avni Cos, arrived at the scene and declared, „The trucks are moving with the prime minister’s orders“ and vowed not to let them be interfered with no matter what.

    -With a letter of guarantee sent by the regional director of MIT, co-signed by the governor, the trucks were handed back to MIT.

    -Driver Murat Kislakci said in his deposition, „This cargo was loaded into our trucks from a foreign airplane at Ankara Esenboga Airport. We are taking them to Reyhanli (on the Syrian border). Two men (MIT personnel) in the Audi are accompanying us. At Reyhanli, we hand over the trucks to two people in the Audi. They check us into a hotel. The trucks move to cross the border. We carried similar loads several times before. We were working for the state. In Ankara, we were leaving our trucks at an MIT location. They used to tell us to come back at 7 am. I know the cargo belongs to MIT. We were at ease; this was an affair of state. This was the first time we collected cargo from the airport and for the first time we were allowed to stand by our trucks during the loading“.

    -After accusations of espionage by the government and pro-government media, the chief of general staff ordered the military prosecutor to investigate. On July 21, the military prosecutor declared the operation was not espionage. The same prosecutor said this incident was a military affair and should be investigated not by the public prosecutor, but the military. The civilian court did not retract its decision.

    The government cover-up

    Though the scandal is tearing the country apart, the government opted for its favorite tactic of covering it up. A court in Adana banned written, visual and Internet media outlets from any reporting and commenting on the stopping of the trucks and the search. All online content about the incident has been deleted.

    The court case against the 13 gendarmerie elements accused of espionage has also been controversial. The public prosecutor, who in his indictment said the accused were involved in a plot to have Turkey tried at the International Criminal Court, veered off course. Without citing any evidence, the indictment charged that there was collusion between the Syrian government, Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

    At the moment, a total blackout prevails over revelations, which are bound to have serious international repercussions.

    McCain heads US delegation to Saudi Arabia to discuss Syria

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