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Hinterlassenschaft der US – NATO im Irak: immer mehr Obdachlose im zerstörten Staat

Die Methode ist immer die Selbe: Bildung, Staat, Krankenhäuser, Wirtschaft und Arbeit wird mit kriminellen Partner durch die USA, Weltbank, IMF, NATO und Entwicklungshilfe vernichtet: Obdachlose gab es früher nie, identisch im Kosovo, Albanien, Libyen, wo nur Kriminelle das Sagen haben.

Iraq’s homeless suffer from neglect, exploitation
Tyler Huffman


April 3, 2014 – ….Baghdad has a number of homeless communities with people ranging between 10 and 20 years of age. In Liberation Square, in the center of the city, a group of homeless beg while others pickpocket passersby or steal from the shops in nearby areas. Most of them do not have homes or families to protect them. Some sleep in the streets, while others have joined begging networks that provide them with shelter.One homeless young man in the Karada district of central Baghdad told Al-Monitor, „[There is] coordination between some of the beggars‘ networks and the police, which prevents us from being arrested.“ Nonetheless, there are other dangers. A security source informed Al-Monitor, „Armed groups exploit the homeless in some provinces of Iraq.“… There are only two homeless shelters in Iraq — one for males and one for females. While there are no official figures available on the number of homeless, various unofficial statistics estimate that they exceed 500,000….
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Seven civilians killed and wounded by Iraqi army’s artillery and mortar shells in Fallujah

April 2, 2014 – Seven civilians were martyred and wounded on Wednesday evening by renewed shelling with artillery and mortars to the city of Fallujah.
A security source told the National Iraqi News Agency NINA/ that the army artillery and mortar shelling renewed to the neighborhoods north and east of the city of Fallujah.The source added that the bombing led to the killing of two civilians and wounding 5 others, including two children, were all taken to the hospital. …
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Iraq civil activists fight to preserve constitutional rights
Mustafa al-Kadhimi


April 1, 2014 – Conservative political parties of different affiliations have been controlling the political and security landscape in Iraq over the past years. However, all of them have attempted to restrict women’s freedoms and rights. These attempts are still continuing, despite the popular resistance that succeeded in curbing a series of decisions and actions that seemed to belong to the Middle Ages. There have been undeclared decisions to impose the veil on female employees in some government departments. This is not to mention the decisions of some local governments in the provinces of Wasit and Muthanna, for instance, to force women who are members of the local authorities to be accompanied by their husbands, fathers or brothers during their work and when they leave their houses….

Das die NATO und US Spinner zu Allem zu blöde und korrupt sind, ist gut bewiesen.

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