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Ein Ukrainischer Militär Helikopter wurde am Flugplatz Kramotorsk abgeschossen

April 25, 2014 Kommentare aus

Helicopter explodes at Kramatorsk airfield in eastern Ukraine (VIDEOS)

Published time: April 25, 2014 09:21
Edited time: April 25, 2014 13:04

Still from YouTube video/NewCrimea

Still from YouTube video/NewCrimea

“Our people approached the airfield, shot a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) in the direction of the helicopter. There was an explosion. [Kiev] militants started shooting and we [protesters] retreated,” a representative from the Kramatorsk self-defence troops told RIA Novosti.
А video posted online shows a loud explosion at the site where a plume of smoke is seen. The smoke was swiftly followed by another explosion. Witnesses say fire was also seen in the area of the blast.

Still from YouTube video/NewCrimea

Still from YouTube video/NewCrimea

The blowing up of the helicopter has also been confirmed by Ukraine’s Security Service, the SBU.
Earlier, reports from, said several explosions took place at about 11am local time (09:00 GMT). The explosions were followed by a fire and smoke, the news portal added.
“An Mi-8 helicopter has exploded at Kramatorsk airfield, with no victims reported. The pilot managed to jump [from the plane],” Dmitry Tyimchyuk, the head of the Center for War-Political Investigations told news. “The preliminary theory is that the helicopter caught fire during a warm-up before a flight.”

Earlier, the representatives of the Kramatorsk Interior Ministry said anti-government protesters were behind the explosions. The ministry didn’t report any victims.
However, local residents say that at least three people died in the explosions. They say the blast took place when the Ukrainian military was arming the helicopter.
According to SBU General Vasily Krutov, the helicopter was targeted by a sniper, who shot the fuel tank. He added that the pilot was injured in the incident.

ein Deutscher Oberst leitet die OSCE Mission, wo Festnahmen erfolgten. Man erinnert sich an den Kosovo, wo es rein militärische Spioage Missionen waren, inklusive Ziel Erfassung: Vor allem durch die Britten und den Leiter Walker damals.


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