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Georg Soros: Ukraine Chrisis Media Center and the Öl Gangster: Carl Bildt

Mai 17, 2014

Georg Soros: Ukraine Chrisis Media Center


payed by CIA and NeoCons

Oil and War in Sudan: the Role of Carl Bildt and Co.


Carl Bildt, segele mit einem Katamoran, vor Portugal und als seine Frau Sonja in einen Hafen wollte, wo man einen schwedischen Arzt kannte, ermordete er die Frau und ward die Frau über Bord.

Carl Bildt


Ukraine Crisis Media Center | UACRISIS.ORG

Carl Bildt: no doubt there will be free and fair elections on the overwhelming territory of Ukraine

Kyiv, May 16, 2014 – Carl Bildt, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden showed confidence during a briefing at the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center that free and fair elections in Ukraine will take place and assured that if anyone will try to destabilize and disrupt elections European Union will take measures

According to Mr. Bildt, the reforms the Ukrainian government is undertaking are necessary to ensure development of Ukraine. “I salute the government of Yatsenuk for the courage that he has demonstrated with the IMF programme and deep and comprehensive reforms, some of them painful, some of them not popular but absolutely necessary to turn this country around and demonstrate the full potential of Ukraine in the years ahead for the people of Ukraine and also for all of Europe,” – said the Minister.

Mr. Bildt stated he has full confidence in the way the government is handling the problems on the East of the country. “They’ve taken the actions against illegal armed groups very carefully.  And they’ve given the emphasis to the policies of the dialog,” – underlined he. But the Minister noted that the main dialog should be with democratically elected politicians from the East – negotiations can’t be made with separatists, that would be deligitimation of democratic institutions.

Commenting on the presidential elections Carl Bildt said that EU attaches supreme importance to the presidential elections: “You have a government which is a fully legitimate government. And it will be very good for the stability of the country to have fully legitimate political authorities as soon as possible”. Besides Mr Bildt added that he has no doubt that free and fair elections can be held across the vast territory of Ukraine. “I am also quite certain that some separatist forces will try to disrupt as much as they can in the East and citizens of Crimean will be deprived of their possibility to vote. But I think there will be free and fair elections on the overwhelming territory of Ukraine,” – said the Minister…………….

In diesem Kultbuch beschreibt Admiral McRaven die wildesten Kommando-Operationen der Geschichte bis zu dem gefälschten Mord von Osama Ben Laden in Pakistan.

 Ex-”Delta Force – Navy Seal” General Hugh Shelton outet die Verbrechen der Bush Regierung


Gunnel Bildt – Nils Bildt – Carl Bildt – Mass Murder in Sudan

  1. pollord
    Mai 17, 2014 um 6:54 pm

    „Trip to Washington
    > A Soviet submarine washed up on the shores of Sweden in the early
    > 1980s, causing a considerable international incident. Olof Palme was
    > again prime minister and he was busy trying to sort things out with
    > the ‚Big Bear‘. …………
    > >,00.shtml
    > Carl Bildt werden auch andere transatlantische Verknüpfungen und zu
    > multinationalen Konzernen nachgesagt (Zitat):
    > „Carl Bildt has earned large sums on the Iraq war. He has served on
    > the board of asset manager Legg Mason with big economic interests of
    > the U.S. war industry. While he was a lobbyist for the American war
    > interests with ties to weapons manufacturer Lockheed Martin.
    > It is remarkable that the Swedish Foreign Minister lobbied for a war
    > against Iraq, and then also self-earned money on war. Bildt had 2007
    > shares in four of the largest manufacturers of cluster bombs:
    > Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Textron and Alliant Tech Systems.“
    > >

  2. agron
    Mai 17, 2014 um 9:01 pm

    UKRAINE Donbas: criminal attacks and destroys the banks ATMs ^ | 16/05/2014 16:22

    Posted on Fr 16 Mai 2014 18:12:03 CEST by

    In eastern Ukraine, made more than 20 attacks on banks, destroyed 100 ATMs, marked loss of 13 million USD. This was stated by the Acting NBU chairman Volodymyr Krotyuk during an hour of questions to the government in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, – according to RBC -Ukraine.

    According to him, the whole of the NBU is monitoring the situation in the banking system of Ukraine. However, there are difficulties with the activities of bank branches in the eastern regions of Ukraine.

    „Today the situation in the eastern regions pointed. Goes attack on branches and ATMs of banks, in particular, „Privat“ … As of today in the eastern regions of Ukraine took place more than 20 attacks on structural units of banks. Destroyed more than 100 ATMs,“ – said Krotyuk.

    Also there is a THREAT to the lives of EMPLOYEES of BANKS.

    He said that it is as Donetsk and Lugansk region about. But more pressure is in the Donetsk region. However, according to Krotuk, today in the eastern regions of Ukraine payment system enabled and banks continue their work.#

    This article portrays this as an act of random criminality, without reporting any of the key facts explaining this event.

    The new Ukrainian interim government appointed Igor Kolomoysky to be the new Dnepropetrovsk governor, an oligarch with an estimated worth of $2.4 billion.

    He both owns and heads Ukraine’s largest bank Privatbank.

    Yesterday, this same man was the subject of leaked tapes allegedly revealing that he was behind the massacres in Odessa (in which 45 people were burned to death) and Mariupol, where the bank attacks occured.

  3. norama
    Mai 18, 2014 um 11:33 am

    Massenmord als Geschäft

  4. navy
    September 2, 2014 um 4:57 pm

    Kolomoyskiv, Igor Kolomoiski betreibt die Bank, wo die jüdischen Entschädigungs Zahlungen eintreffen. Opfer werden erfunden und Partner von Steinmeier usw..

    Days of warcrimnal and thug Kolomoyskiy are numbered…
    Part of channel(s): Ukraine (current event)

    well know zio oligarch and thug Kolomoyskiy is the main sponsor of the criminal neo-Nazi Battalions in the East Ukraine…In Russia is criminally prosecuted and his property in the Crimea is blocked. He has on Crimea sanatoria and money from these sanatoria go to finance neo-Nazi in Ukraine. Even his private bank embezzled money of Crimean Jewish community for the memorial to the victims of Nazism.On his dirty fingers he has blood of killed Russians thus days of this criminal rat, are numbered…


    ****Ukraine**** Kiev (bankster) Coup is Collapsing
    Part of channel(s): Ukraine (current event)

    Author: Jim Dean

    Kiev Coup is Collapsing

    Once again we see Western aggression leaving nothing but death, destruction and broken states in its wake. There is the old saying that we all are supposed to learn from our mistakes in life, but that is a dead cliché now. We do just the opposite by repeating them over and over. How stupid is that?

    The Kiev Coup-meisterings are staggering around like a Spanish bull at the end of a Sunday fight, tired and bleeding. They seem to have no strategy other than lie after lie, their favorite being “The Russians are invading!!” If the military high command had the brains and the guts, they would do a counter-coup, crush the Right-Sector and the Oligarchs, and save what is left of the country. How do I know they don’t have the guts? If they did, they would have done it already.


    Israelisch-ukrainischer Nazi-Boss Igor Kolomoisky entlarvt sich
    15. Mai 2014

    Der israelisch-ukrainische Milliardär Igor Kolomoisky, der als einer der wichtigsten Unterstützer des Kiewer Nazi-Putsches gilt und nach dem Staatsstreich von den Putschisten den Posten des Gouverneurs über Dnjepropetrovsk erhalten hat, hat den Dnjepropetrovsker Rada-Abgeordneten Oleg Zarev, der ein entschiedener Gegner des Nazi-Putsches und Unterstützer des antifaschistischen Widerstandes im Süden und Osten der Ukraine ist, angerufen und ihn im Stile eines Mafia-Bosses mit Mord bedroht.

  5. lufit
    Oktober 23, 2014 um 1:42 pm

    Die PR-Profis von Greenpeace wissen, wie man Emotionen manipuliert, in diesem Fall hoffentlich wirklich für eine gute Sache. Sie bringen nach dieser lang ausgewalzten, herzergreifenden (Toy-) Story tatsächlich sogar noch einen Absatz mit knapper Erwähnung der Maidan-Toten und des „‘Massaker von Odessa‘, wie es in Russland genannt wird“. Greenpeace nennt immerhin auch den US-Milliardär George Soros, der Anfang März im Hotel Ukraina am Maidan ein „Informations“-Zentrum für Westjournalisten finanzierte: Ein Propaganda-Motor für Poroschenkos Kriegslügen gegen Russland. Aber war dies der einzige Einfluss aus den USA im Ukraine-Propagandakrieg, gar im Ukraine-Krieg selbst?

  6. Juni 29, 2015 um 4:34 am

    Rohrabacher aktuell über die ISIS, angebliche Terroristen, und Religionen im Kongreß. Einer der Wenigen der noch Ahnung hat

    UN US Botschafterin, die nur dummes Zeug erzählt, weil man Kinder Niveau hat.

    Veröffentlicht am 26.06.2015

    Ambassador Samantha Power testified on congressional priorities and concerns in advancing U.S. national interests at the United Nations (U.N.) on 16th June.
    Congressman Dana Rohrabacher chairs the House Foreign Affairs subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia and emerging threats.

    Nuland Grilled on Neo-Nazis in Ukraine & Money U.S. is Spending

    Congressman Dana Rohrabacher grills U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power on Ukraine

    Inkompetenz, von korrupten Voll Idioten: US Department of State! Es geht um den Putsch in der Ukraine, eine Folge krimineller Umtriebe der US Botschaft, mit Steinmeier, KAS und Co. wie kriminellen der EU Politik.

    630 Tode gab es nur in der Ukraine lt. der US Botschafterin bei der UN, was zum Kopf schütteln bei Dana Rohrbacher führt. Peinlich wenn jemand so ignorant ist, wo Dana Rohrbacher sich bei fremden Geheimdiensten und Diensten erkundigt, was Fakten sind.

    Erstaunliches sagt der neue Ukrainische Präsident:
    In seiner Erklärung an das ukrainische Verfassungsgericht, die öffentlich einsehbar ist, schrieb der Präsident:

    „Ich bitte das Gericht zu bestätigen, dass das Gesetz über die Entfernung von Viktor Janukowitsch aus dem Präsidentenamt verfassungswidrig ist.“

    Nach Meinung von Poroschenko war die Amtsenthebung des einstigen Präsidenten, aufgrund des gesetzlich verankerten Schutzes des Präsidententitels, verfassungswidrig. Er betonte zudem, dass das ukrainische Parlament im Februar 2014, indem es dieses Gesetz verabschiedete, die Verfassung untergraben hätte.

    „Poroschenko bestätigt die verfassungswidrige Entmachtung von Janukowitsch. Sowohl die EU wie auch PACE leugneten diese. Jetzt ist es anerkannt.“

    Ambassador Samantha Power testified on congressional priorities and concerns in advancing U.S. national interests at the United Nations (U.N.) on 16th June.
    Congressman Dana Rohrabacher chairs the House Foreign Affairs subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia and emerging threats.



    Elmar Brok und seine Mord Nazi Banden in alter Tradition in der Ukraine

    Ein Soldat erklärt, das man wartet, weil man kein Essen, Verpflegung, Sold hat.

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