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Ukraine’s Kiev Regime Is Not “Officially” A Neo-Nazi Government

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Ukraine’s Kiev Regime Is Not “Officially” A Neo-Nazi Government
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Ukraine’s Kiev Regime Is Not “Officially” A Neo-Nazi Government

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

June 02, 2014 „ICH“ – „GR“ – Do they know who they are?Do we know who they are?

There are “ultra-conservatives” in the Kiev government but “they are not Neo-Nazis.” According to the Western media, its all part of “a relentless Kremlin-driven propaganda offensive that uses World War II-era terms and imagery”.

The alternative media, however, has acknowledged that the Kiev regime is “a loose Centre-Right coalition” integrated by two Neo-Nazi parties (Svoboda and Right Sector) “but it is not a Neo-Nazi government”. Both Svoboda and Right Sector display Nazi emblems.

Is it a loose coalition? If a government were to officially display Nazi emblems, does that not suggest that the government is committed to Nazi ideology?

When the Kiev regime “officially” displays Nazi emblems to identify entities of their National Security and Military apparatus one would normally assume that it is a Neo-Nazi government.

Below is the Nazi emblem of the National Guard [Національна гвардія України] which is defined as Reserves of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. They operate under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The National Guard is part of the so-called “Internal Troops of Ukraine.” The emblem is a stylized swastika (see below).

Imagine what would happen if the US National Guard were to display swastika-like symbols.

Of significance, the National Guard of Ukraine is directly financed by the Obama administration, with a view to protecting American style democracy in Ukraine.

Unknown to the American public, the US government is channeling financial support, weapons and training to a Neo-Nazi entity.

Nobody in America knows about it because the use of the words “Neo-Nazi” and “Fascist” in relation to Ukraine is a taboo. The have been excluded from the lexicon of investigative reporting. In media reports they have been replaced by “Ultra-conservative” “Extreme Right” and “Nationalist”.

Another entity –which is part of The Ukraine National Guard– is The Azov Battalion (Батальйон Азов). The Azov Battalion -which displays the Nazi SS emblem– (below left) is described by the Kiev regime as “a volunteer battalion of territorial defense”. It’s a National Guard battalion under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Officially based in Berdyank on the Sea of Azov, it was formed by the regime to fight the opposition insurgency in Eastern and Southern Ukraine. It is also financed by the US administration.

These militia bearing the Nazi SS emblem are sponsored by Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, equivalent to America’s Department of Homeland Security.

They are casually referred to as “Freedom fighters”.

Its all for a good cause. “Democracy is the endgame”.

In the words of the New York Times, “The United States and the European Union have embraced the revolution here [Ukraine] as another flowering of democracy, a blow to authoritarianism and kleptocracy in the former Soviet space.” (, March 1, 2014).

It goes without saying that “support” to the formation of a government in the Ukraine with “Neo-Nazi leanings” does not in any way imply the development of “fascist tendencies” within the White House, the State Department and the US Congress.

Scroll down for Selected Images of the Azov Battalion “Freedom Fighters”

We will remind, in Nikolaev in April of this year by order of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov the specialbattalion «was createdSaint Nikolay»  for fight against the Russian saboteurs. According to assurance of the Nikolaev militia, this division includes the people having experience of service in law enforcement agencies and not soiled the reputation.

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Das Verfassungs Gericht in Libyen erklärt die Wahl von Ahmed Maiteeq als PM für ungültig

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Das NATO Chaos geht in die nächste Runde, in einem zerstörten Staat von Banditen Clans kontrolliert.

Das Verfassungs Gericht in Libyen, erklärt die Wahl von Ahmed Maiteeq, als Premier Minister für ungültig

Veröffentlicht am 09.06.2014

Libya’s Supreme Court has declared the election of Ahmed Maetig as prime minister to be unconstitutional.In the latest political turmoil to strike the country, a judge at the Supreme Constitutional Court said on Monday „the election of Maetig at the General National Congress [was] unconstitutional“.Maetig, a 42-year-old independent backed by religious groups, was elected in a chaotic session of parliament in early May, in a vote that had been disputed by some politicians and judicial experts.Al Jazeera’s correspondent Stefanie Dekker reports from Libya.