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Über 1.000 tode Zivilisten im Terror Krieg der Israelis gegen Kinder und Frauen

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Es erinnert an die Zerstörung durch die Hitler Schergen in Russland und der Ukraine, wo man ganz Dörfer kaputte bombte und die Einwohner massakrierte.

Befehle Zivile Ziele zubombardieren sind ein Kriegs Verbrechen. Die Israelis erschiessen aber gezielt sogar unbewaffente Kinder durch Scharf Schützen, weil Videos zeigen. Zuvor wurden diese Familien, aus ihren Häusern durch Bomben getrieben.

Erdogan: “Israel übertrifft mit Gaza-Offensive Barbarei Hitlers”

An explosion during an Israeli strike in the northern Gaza Strip is pictured from the Israeli border with Gaza, early morning July 26, 2014, before a cease-fire takes effect. (Reuters / Ronen Zvulun)

An explosion during an Israeli strike in the northern Gaza Strip is pictured from the Israeli border with Gaza, early morning July 26, 2014, before a cease-fire takes effect.

The terrible price the children of Gaza are paying
By Charlotte Armstrong

July 18, 2014 – …This is not the first time that Israeli forces have struck civilians on the Gazan coastline. On July 11, an Israeli attack on the Fun Time Beach café near the city of Khan Yunis killed nine civilians, including two 15-year-old children, and wounded three, including a 13-year-old boy. An Israeli military spokesman said the attack was „targeting a terrorist“ but presented no evidence that any of those at the café, who had gathered to watch a World Cup match, were participating in military operations, or that the killing of one alleged „terrorist“ in a crowded café would justify the expected civilian casualties…
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As war rages in Gaza and Pakistan, drone companies gather at Farnborough to market their wares
By Chris Cole


July 18, 2014 – Against a backdrop of horrific Israeli air strikes in Gaza as well as a US drone strike in Pakistan, the Farnborough International Air show took place this week in the UK. Although billed as an air show, the event is in reality a week-long marketing event for the world’s military (and some civil) aviation companies to show off their wares with an open-to-the-public air show tacked on at the end. Drones are increasingly important at Farnborough with a reported 78 companies displaying unmanned drones this year. In terms of British drones the key event was the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the UK and France on the £120m ($205m) agreement to study the development of the Future Combat Air System. This funding was first announced earlier this year at the Anglo-French Summit at Brize Norton…
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 Bloody Friday: 12 children among dozens killed in Israel’s merciless slaughter
Ali Abunimah


July 18, 2014 – At least 61 people, at least 12 of them children, were killed on Friday alone, the second day of Israel’s ground invasion of parts of the Gaza Strip, and the twelfth and bloodiest day since Israel began bombarding the territory with airstrikes and land-based and naval artillery. Eight members of a single family, the youngest six months old, were killed when a missile struck their home…
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Glenn Greenwald: Why Did NBC Pull Veteran Reporter After He Witnessed Israeli Killing of Gaza Kids?
Democracy Now!

July 18, 2014 – NBC is facing questions over its decision to pull veteran news correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin out of Gaza just after he personally witnessed the Israeli military’s killing of four Palestinian boys on a Gaza beach. Mohyeldin was kicking a soccer ball around with the boys just minutes before they died. He is a longtime reporter in the region. In his coverage, he reports on the Gaza conflict in the context of the Israeli occupation, sparking criticism from some supporters of the Israeli offensive. Back in 2008 and 2009, when he worked for Al Jazeera, Mohyeldin and his colleague Sherine Tadros were the only foreign journalists on the ground in Gaza as Israel killed 1,400 people in what it called „Operation Cast Lead.“ We speak to Glenn Greenwald of The Intercept, who has revealed that the decision to pull Mohyeldin from Gaza and remove him from reporting on the situation came from NBC executive David Verdi…
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