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Ist der Vize General Sekretär der NATO: Sandy Vershbow – ein Russicher Spion?

Uralte gut bekannte Quellen ( berichten diese Story, welche nur teilweise bekannt ist, weil Vieles vertuscht wird. Bill Clinton begnadigte Marc Rich (Partner des Gangsters Georg Soros), den meist gesuchten Amerikaner, nachdem er Schmiergeld erhalten hatte, was damals ein Skandal war. Ebenso hatte prominente Kriminelle, Drogen Bosse Zugang zu Bill Clinton, Jo Biden, wie CIA Offizier Robert Baer auch später outete.

450.000 $ in bar für Bill Clinton kostete diese Begnadigung, was aufzeigt, wie korrupt die Clintons sind, und andere US wie Deutsche Politiker ebenso. Sandy Vershbow ist ein Mann des Bill Clinton, der die Islamischen Terroristen und Kopf Abschneider nach Bosnien holte.

Chris Hegde erklärte die Hirnlose NATO Politik
, nachdem Afghanistan und Irak Mord Desaster.

Alexander Russell „Sandy“ Vershbow (born July 3, 1952) is an American ambassador and the current Deputy Secretary-General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Is a Top American Diplomat a Russian Agent?
The Interpreter Magazine ^ | 4 Nov. 2014 | John R. Schindler

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Is a Top American Diplomat a Russian Agent?

John R. Schindler November 4, 2014

Is a Top American Diplomat a Russian Agent?

November 3, 2014 Today the Ukrainian news website GORDON ran an interview with the Russian businessman and sometime politician Konstantin Borovoy. A harsh critic of Vladimir Putin — he recently said Russia’s president is “mentally unstable” while a year ago he pronounced the collapse of Putin’s corrupt dictatorship to be “inevitable” — Borovoy is something of a gadfly. A parliamentarian of independent views in the Yeltsin era, he served as an intermediary between Moscow and the rebels in the First Chechen War, and was assessed as “a respected and influential Duma deputy” by one savvy Western expert, in part due to his staunch opposition to the takeover of Russia by the “special services,” especially the Federal Security Service (FSB), during the Putin years.

Hence Borovoy’s statements are not to be rejected out of hand as the ravings of a madman. In the GORDON interview, he lambasts Ukraine’s government for having faith in the West as it faces protracted war at Putin’s hands: don’t put faith in NATO and the European Union, he warns Kyiv, “because they do not want a large-scale military conflict.” Borovoy explains that he has assembled experienced cadres of experts — unnamed “military and political experts” — who, like himself, hope to assist Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko as he stands up to Putin’s aggression.

One of the major obstacles, Borovoy asserts, is that Putin has secret friends in high places not just across Europe but inside NATO itself, Kremlin “agents of influence” who subvert Western defenses. In particular, he focuses on one well-placed figure — NATO’s deputy secretary general, who, he explains, previously was America’s ambassador in Moscow. Without naming him, this is unmistakably Sandy Vershbow, a career diplomat with a distinguished reputation, having served not only in Moscow from 2001 to 2005, but as the U.S. Ambassador to NATO from 1998 to 2001. Before being sent to Brussels again to serve as the Atlantic Alliance’s number-two civilian official, Vershbow was the Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs. When it comes to Alliance matters and Russian affairs, there are few American officials more experienced than

Sandy Vershbow.

Vladimir Putin with Alexander Vershbow

Of the ambassador’s tenure in Moscow, Borovoy has this to say:

He established an unprecedented intimacy with former top officials of the KGB and the current leaders of the Russian FSB. For some time his residence in Moscow called “the club of former KGB officers.” They say that this was one reason for his leaving Russia.

To call these charges explosive may be an understatement. I have no idea if they are true or just a scurrilous rumor. This is Russia, after all, where provocation is a way of life. Is this a nasty lie or something one of those connected “military and political experts” shared with Borovoy? I am personally acquainted with a couple cases in recent years when U.S. diplomats in Russia got themselves snared in FSB nets and into trouble, so anything is possible. Borovoy is a reasonably sober character and, more importantly, a sincere Putin opponent, which would make his motivation here difficult to discern if he seeks to malign a top NATO and American official.

I hope American journalists look into this matter, since it merits investigation. If nothing else, it’s a helluva story, regardless of whether Vershbow is a Russian agent or the victim of vicious Kremlin slander. However, I’m not confident that much will happen there, since every few years explosive, indeed salacious charges like this emanate from Moscow, only to be totally ignored by the American media.

On 5 October 2000, a month before the U.S. presidential election, the Russian press agency Ekho Moskvy, which broadcasts on radio and the Internet, ran a sensational piece. Duma deputy Aleksei Mitrofanov publicly asked Russia’s Federal Archive Service to provide him with any documentation they possessed regarding the secret relationship between Armand Hammer and Albert Gore, Sr., the father of the Democratic presidential candidate in 2000. “I already have this information. My purpose is to get it officially,” Mitrofanov told Ekho Moskvy.

The Duma deputy wanted to illuminate “the  mechanism of supporting Armand Hammer and Albert Gore, Sr. by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union…they were financing Gore’s coming out against the Vietnam war,” Mitrofanov said, “as  well as his assistance in closing an FBI investigation against Hammer.” He continued: “All this is very interesting, especially in connection with the ongoing presidential campaign in the United States…the incumbent President [Clinton] also started his political career on money given by Hammer or, in fact, on Soviet money. Everybody knows that Hammer got his most profitable contracts in the Soviet Union from Politburo decisions.” Mitrofanov concluded by stating that Albert Gore, Jr. also started his career on Hammer’s dubious money.

This was not exactly news, as ties between Armand Hammer, the Occidental Petroleum boss, and the Soviets were barely concealed. The son of Jews from Odessa, Hammer never hid at least some of his pro-Soviet views, and the FBI knew of them early on, though it took decades for the sordid details to publicly emerge, including that Hammer was tight with the KGB and even acted as a fence for the Kremlin, selling stolen valuables abroad to benefit the Soviet Union. Albert Gore, Sr., who represented Tennessee in Congress from 1939 to 1971, was close friends with Hammer, who shoveled him (often dirty) money in exchange for Washington, DC access going back to 1950.

The Hammer-Gore-Moscow connection was sufficiently well understood behind closed doors that when Albert Gore, Jr., then a member of the House of Representatives, took Hammer as his guest to Ronald Reagan’s 1981 inauguration, getting the Kremlin’s man a seat reserved for senators, when Hammer tried to get Reagan to shake his hand the new president, knowing the bagman’s reputation, refused.

While Aleksei Mitrofanov is a somewhat controversial character, the notion that the Gores, Sr. and Jr., were perhaps a bit too cozy with the KGB through the Hammer cut-out was not a crazy question when Mitrofanov asked it. The case became more interesting when, on 25 October 2000 — still before the U.S. election — the Duma deputy made a quixotic statement to the Moscow news agency Interfax about his request to the Russian archives in the matter of Hammer and the Gores, saying that he had received relevant information but he would not be disclosing what he had learned: “This document is classified and the deputies who would like to read it may  do so in exchange for a written statement promising not to disclose its content.”

Despite the fact that this story emerged on the eve of the American elections, the U.S. media’s interest in the case was exactly zero. Even though the Interfax report had appeared in English, I can find no evidence that the “mainstream media” bothered to look into this story in any serious way. I will let readers conclude why this was so. Instead this apparently sensational story was relegated to fringe sites**, where it was soon forgotten. As long as reporters show no interest in what Russian intelligence is up to in the West, the Kremlin will enjoy a free hand to spy, steal, bribe, and influence our policies, officials, and politicians.

Al Gore und der Klima Betrug, wo Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul ebenso aktiv mitmachte.

Gore And Clinton Early
Careers Said Funded By
Communist Money
>American Freedom News
Copyright October 27, 2000A member of the Russian Duma has obtained documents from the Russian government showing that the early political careers of Bill Clinton and Al Gore were financed by communist money. Aleksey Mitrofanov, a leader in Russiaís Liberal Democrat party, submitted a request to the Federal Archive Service in Moscow for the documents. His actions were reported on October 5 by the Ekho Moskvy news agency in Moscow and translated by BBC News in London. In a letter to Vladimir Koslov, Director of the Federal Archive Service, Mr. Mitrofanov specifically requested information about the Soviet Unionís relationship with the late Armand Hammer, an American industrialist, and U.S. Senator Albert Gore, Sr. BBCís monitoring of the Russian news report said Mr. Mitrofanov wanted documents about the decisions of the Soviet Politburo ìconcerning cooperation and relations with president and chairman of the board of directors of Occidental Petroleum Corporation Armand Hammer and the member of the board of directors of the above company and former Representative from Tennessee, Albert Gore, Sr.î……………

Drogen – Wallstreet und CIA im Frank Wisner Drogen Kartell

“European Council on Foreign Relations” und Georg Soros und Drogen und der Finanz Betrug

Der vorherige NATO Generalsekretär Rasmussen erhielt einen gut dotierten Job bei der Maersk Reederei, der Haupt Transporteur der NATO Ist. also muss man noch schnell einen Krieg anzetteln, möglichst gegen Russland.

Robert Baer: Der Niedergang der CIA

Autor : Michael Kolkmann
Artikel vom: 10.07.2002

Der Amerikaner Robert Baer, über 20 Jahre in den Diensten der CIA, hat mit seinem früheren Arbeitgeber abgerechnet. Michael Kolkmann hat seinen Erfahrungsbericht gelesen…………..
Parallel dazu erfährt er bei seinen Ermittlungen, die er auch nach Ausscheiden aus der CIA weiter betreibt, dass Geldwäscher, Drogen- und Waffenhändler, gegen die er ermittelt, Kaffeetermine bei Präsident Clinton erhalten und die nationale Sicherheit mehr und mehr durch wirtschaftliche Interessen kompromittiert wird.

Die Super Gangster von Georg Soros und Bill Clinton bauten Drogen Netze und Geldwäsche Systeme Weltweit auf.

Marc Rich and then-wife Denise in a 1986 photo

Warum begnadigte Clinton den Milliardär Marc Rich?

Wegen der Begnadigung für den Finanzier und Milliardär Marc Rich hat die Staatsanwaltschaft Manhatten einem Fernsehbericht zufolge Ermittlungen gegen den früheren US-Präsidenten Bill Clinton aufgenommen.

Es werde geprüft, ob der Gnadenerlass durch Spenden an die Demokratische Partei erkauft wurde, berichtete der Sender New York One am Mittwoch. Die New Yorker Staatsanwältin Mary Jo White wolle prüfen, ob die Begnadigung mit Geldzahlungen erkauft worden sei, teilte ein Informant, der anonym bleiben wollte, der US-Nachrichtenagentur AP mit.

White, die 1993 von Clinton als Bundesanwältin berufen worden war, hat erklärt, die Begnadigung sei ohne vorherige Absprache mit ihrem Büro erfolgt. Mit der umstrittenen Begnadigung Richs befasst sich auch schon ein Untersuchungsausschuss des US-Kongresses. Die Intervention Clintons zu Gunsten von Rich ist von verschiedenen Seiten kritisiert worden.

Gnadenerlass als letzte Amtshandlung

Den Gnadenerlass für Rich hatte Clinton als eine seiner letzten Amtshandlungen unterzeichnet, bevor er am 20. Jänner das Präsidentenamt an seinen Nachfolger George W. Bush übergab. Rich ist unter anderem wegen Steuerhinterziehung angeklagt. Der Milliardär hatte sich dem Verfahren 1983 durch Flucht in die Schweiz entzogen, wo er seitdem lebt. Kritiker werfen Clinton vor, er habe sich für Rich eingesetzt, weil dessen Ex-Frau Clintons Partei Spenden in Millionenhöhe zukommen ließ. Richs Ex-Frau verweigert bisher die Aussage, um sich nicht selbst zu belasten.

Aus Parteikreisen der Demokraten verlautetet am vergangenen Freitag, die Ex-Frau des in die Schweiz geflohenen Milliardärs, Denise Rich, habe an Clintons Bibliotheksstiftung schätzungsweise 450.000 Dollar (482.729 Euro/6,64 Mill. S) gespendet. Die Spende sei aber lange vor der Begnadigung erfolgt, hieß es weiter. Die Tageszeitung „Washington Post“ berichtete, Denise Rich habe zwischen Juli 1998 und Mai 2000 drei Mal gespendet. Clinton hatte Rich, gegen den 1983 in New York wegen Steuerhinterziehung, Betrugs und illegalen Ölgeschäften mit Iran Anklage erhoben worden war, zusammen mit 140 weiteren Personen mit einer seiner letzte Amtshandlungen im Jänner begnadigt.


John McCain macht weiter den Kriegs Treiber und niemand verhaftet ihn.
US Should Send Ukraine Weapons: McCain says lethal military aid needed to counter Russian invasion
 Part of channel(s): Ukraine (current event)


Press Release:


Nov 07 2014 Washington, D.C. ­

U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) today released the following statement following reports that Russia has violated its ceasefire agreement and again supplied pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine with military equipment and arms:

“No one should be surprised by reports today that large columns of Russian tanks, artillery, and military personnel have moved back into eastern Ukraine. If true, this would be the latest and most conclusive reason to believe that the ceasefire agreement is effectively dead.

“The United States and Europe need to stop assuming that the provision of lethal military assistance to Ukraine would provoke President Putin into further aggression. What is most provocative to Putin is U.S. and European unwillingness to take these steps, and the perception of weakness it fosters.

“If confirmed, today’s reported Russian re-invasion of Ukraine should lead to an immediate escalation of U.S. and E.U. sanctions. More importantly, we must also provide our Ukrainian partners with the military capabilities to defend their sovereign territory and resist Putin’s aggression. If we do not, Putin will continue trying to devour more and more of Ukraine for his new Russian empire.“


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