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Recep Erdogan Refah Partei mit dem Haupt Quartier in Deutschland

International Humanitarian Relief Organisation, hatte ihr Haupt Quartier in Deutschland

The Welfare Party (Turkish: Refah Partisi, RP) was an Islamist political party in Turkey. It was founded by Ali Türkmen, Ahmet Tekdal, and Necmettin Erbakan in Ankara in 1983 as heir to two earlier parties, (National Order Party, MNP) and (National Salvation Party, MSP), which were banned from politics. The RP participated in mayoral elections at that time and won in three cities Konya, Şanlıurfa, and Van. Their vote percentage was approximately 5%.

The Welfare Party participated in the 1991 elections in a triple alliance with the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) and the Reformist Democracy Party (IDP). They gained 16.9% of the vote. They won 62 deputies to parliament, but 19 ones of MHP (with founding Democratic Movement Party in 25 December 1991 and joining the MÇP in 29 December 1991) and 3 ones of IDP left the Welfare Party after it. Their popular vote increased over the years until they became the largest party under Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan in 1996. The coalition government of Erbakan was forced out of power by the Turkish military in 1997, due to being suspected of having an Islamist agenda.[1]

In 1998, the Welfare Party was banned from politics by the Constitutional Court of Turkey for violating the separation of religion and state as mandated by the constitution.[2] The ban was upheld by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) on 13 February 2003. The ECHR’s decision was criticized by Human Rights Watch for lack of consistency, as the ECHR had refused disbanding of other parties on several occasions, but the ECHR defended its decision.[3][4]

The incumbent President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was a former member of the party, but later founded Justice and Development Party (AKP). Abdullah Gül, the former President of Turkey was the deputy leader of the party up until its dissolution.

  1. CIA document, as posted by the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (ITIC).  (The Google cache of the ITIC report in question is archived at )



A revealing CIA document on the IHH, which led the Gaza flotilla

I. CIA document reveals IHH started operations with terror against Yugoslavia

  1. The CIA document

[June 6, 2010]


  1. A revealing document

The Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (ITIC) is a useful source of information on Turkey’s „Humanitarian Relief Fund“ or IHH, the group that owns the ship called „Mavi Marmara“ and ran the Gaza flotilla operation.  The link to one of the ITIC reports is no longer working; we don’t know why, but whatever the reason, the report in question is important because it includes a scan from a 1996 CIA document stating that the IHH had regional offices in Sarajevo, Bosnia, and in Zagreb, capital of Croatia in the 1990s, where it was „linked to Iranian operatives“ and played an activ+e role in aiding „terrorist“ forces, who were involved (and this is TENC’s point, not the CIA’s) in destroying Yugoslavia. TENC has archived the ITIC page in question; it can be accessed at  The CIA document is at the bottom of the page, and it is also posted below.

Since the IHH claims to be a Muslim charity, but actually coordinates Muslim extremist terrorists, and since the Sarajevo so-called ‚government‘ of Izetbegovic was a font of Muslim extremism, Sarajevo was a logical headquarters for the IHH in Bosnia.

According to the scan from the CIA document (which again, is at the bottom of this page), the IHH Sarajevo office worked closely with the clerical fascist regime in Iran (IR). The IR played a major role in Yugoslavia, helping to supply and coordinate the importation of military supplies and mujahedeen for the Izetbegovic ‚government‘ and advising Izetbegovic, and cozying up to the Milosevic government in Belgrade, influencing Milosevic against the Bosnian and Krajina Serbs. And today the IHH is in the IR orbit, witness the facts that a) Hamas, benefactor of the Gaza flotilla, is an IR protégé, and b) Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, who sponsored the flotilla, is an IR ally.

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