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CIA Firma Chevron und Frank Wisner (Welt Betrugs Gangster des CIA) planen einen neuen Putsch in Ecuador

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CIA Gangster und Mafiosi in Albania: Frank Wisner

The Power Elite: Enron and Frank Wisner

On 28 October 1997, Enron Corporation announced the entry of Frank G. Wisner
Jr. onto its board of directors. Most of the business press did not find this
untoward and it certainly did not emerge as part of the US discussions  on
corruption at the highest level. Frank Wisner, as we know in India, was the
US Ambassador from 1994 until this year and his entry into Enron must be seen
in light of the scandal of Dabhol. Enron, like most US corporations, uses its
close association with the state (both its elected and bureaucratic arms)
for its own ends.

US campaigns are financed by corporations whose money not only enables
politicians to win elections, but it also buys businesses the state’s power
both for domestic subsidies and for the use of US power in the international
Frank Wisner, Jr. was a big catch for Enron Corporation. His lineage is
impeccable, since his father, Frank Wisner Sr., was a senior CIA official
(from 1947 until his suicide in 1965) who was involved in the overthrow
of Arbenz of Guatemala (1954) and Mossadeq of Iran (1953). Wisner Junior
was well-known in the CIA and he worked as Under Secretary of Defense for
Policy and Under Secretary of State for International Security Affairs;
his current boss, Kenneth Lay, Chief Executive Officer of Enron Corporation,
also worked for the Pentagon during the US war in Vi

CIA and Chevron against President of Ecuador

The President of Ecuador Rafael Correa praised the book The CIA Against Latin America –Special Case – Ecuador. Over 30,000 copies are in circulation. Written by Jaime Galarza Zavala and Francisco Herrera Aráuz the book tells a story about the dirty tricks the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was engaged in during the 1960s in Ecuador. The authors offer interviews with Phillip Agee recorded at different times. Agee was a retired CIA operative who turned against the Agency…

Nil NIKANDROV | 31.05.2015

Patton Boggs to Pay $15 million to settle fraud allegations

By Jennifer Smith May 7, 2014 6:20 p.m. ET   12 may 2014 – Patton Boggs LLP has agreed to pay Chevron Corp. $15 million to settle a bitter feud over the law firm’s role in a disputed $9.5 billion environmental verdict against the oil giant. The proposed settlement is a significant reversal for the Washington, D.C., firm, a well-known lobbying powerhouse whose revenue has slid in recent years….
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  1. navy
    Oktober 31, 2015 um 4:04 pm

    2 Millionen $ Bestechungsgeld bezahlt an einen Beamten, für falsche Zeugen Aussagen um 10 Milliarden $ Strafe für Umwelt Verschmutzung zuzahlen.

    Frank Wisner Bestechungs Verbrecher Familien

  1. August 22, 2015 um 4:17 pm

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