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NATO Verbrecher Organisation und die Proteste gegen die NATO in Montenegro

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Ob in Afrika, oder dem Balkan: die NATO Verbrecher Organisation hat nirgendwo in der Welt Unterstützung, also kauft man sich korrupte und kriminelle Politiker.

Mit Vorsatz und vollem Wissen ein Krankenhaus bombardiert, wie die Fakten zeigen. Deutschland schweigt, zu diesem erneuten Kriegs Verbrechen der Amerikaner, was an finsterste Zeiten vor dem 1 WK erinnert und wo es kein Völkerrecht gab.

US forces in Afghanistan knew Kunduz site was hospital – report

The damaged hospital in which the Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) medical charity operated is seen on October 13, 2015 following an air strike in the northern city of Kunduz. © STR
New information suggests the US deliberately targeted the Kunduz hospital, killing 22 patients and staff, despite knowing it was a protected medical site.

US special operations analysts investigated the hospital for days prior to the deadly October 3 attack, describing the hospital as a base of operations for a Pakistani agent coordinating Taliban activities, AP has learned from a former intelligence official familiar with the documents.

The site, operated by Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres, MSF), was attacked five times in the span of an hour by a C-130 gunship, despite repeated pleas by the MSF to US forces. MSF officials described repeated strafing runs against the main hospital building, which housed the emergency room and the intensive care unit. No surrounding buildings were hit, they say.

The new details suggest „that the hospital was intentionally targeted,” Meinie Nicolai of MSF told the AP by email. “This would amount to a premeditated massacre,” she added.

According to AP’s source, intelligence reports suggested the hospital was being used as a Taliban command and control center and a repository for heavy weapons. MSF insists that no weapons were allowed in the hospital. While the US military has claimed that US and Afghan forces came under fire from the hospital, Afghan hospital employees told AP that no one had fired from the building

MSF staff „reported a calm night and that there were no armed combatants, nor active fighting in or from the compound prior to the airstrikes,“ Nicolai told AP.

The US military initially reported the air strike was conducted “in the vicinity” of the MSF medical facility, targeting the Taliban who were fighting US and Afghan forces, and that the strike “may have resulted in collateral damage “ to the hospital.