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Terroristen Finanzierung der Britten: Aleppo: US-Außenminister Kerry will Schutzzonen für die bewaffnete Opposition

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Der CIA Agent Frank Walter Steinmeier der Hirnlos und korrupt durch Welt torkelt, zeigt das er die teueste Schallplatte der Welt ist. Er sappelt dann Alles nach, was die Anderen vorgeben.

Aleppo: US-Außenminister Kerry will Schutzzonen für die bewaffnete Opposition

Der russische Außenminister Lawrow warnt vor militärischen Lösungen

Wie der Guardian berichtet, hat die britische Regierung private Medienzulieferer Millionen dafür bezahlt, dass sie die „moderate Opposition“ möglichst in gutem Licht darstellen – mit dem Ziel, das Klima für eine eventuelle militärische Intervention günstig zu stimmen.

How Britain funds the ‚propaganda war‘ against Isis in Syria

Government contractors effectively run a press office for opposition fighters but communications conceal UK’s role

A Free Syrian army fighter fires an anti-tank missile in Syria.
A Free Syrian army fighter fires an anti-tank missile in Syria. Photograph: Reuters

The British government is waging information warfare in Syria by funding media operations for some rebel fighting groups, in the foreign front of what David Cameron has called “the propaganda war” against Islamic State.

The campaign aims to boost the reputation of what the government calls the “moderate armed opposition”, a complex and shifting alliance of armed factions.

Deciding which factions to support is risky for the government because many groups have become increasingly extremist as the five-year civil war grinds on.

Contractors hired by the Foreign Office but overseen by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) produce videos, photos, military reports, radio broadcasts, print products and social media posts branded with the logos of fighting groups, and effectively run a press office for opposition fighters.

Materials are circulated in the Arabic broadcast media and posted online with no indication of British government involvement.

As the Guardian has reported, the Home Office’s Office of Security and Counter-Terrorism is running a parallel effort within the UK, aiming to bring about “behavioural and attitudinal change” among British Muslims by producing anti-Isis messaging “at an industrial pace and scale”.

In both the foreign and domestic campaigns, the government’s role is often concealed. Messages are put out under the banner of apparently independent groups – community organisations in the UK, and armed groups in Syria.

The UK regards information as a vital element of modern conflict. The MoD has drawn up a doctrine describing information as “so prevalent, potent and unavoidable that it forms as much a part of the strategic environment as the terrain or weather”, and saying how it should be managed through “strategic communications”.

The UK’s propaganda effort for the Syrian armed opposition began after the government failed to persuade parliament to support military action against the Assad regime. In autumn 2013, the UK embarked on behind-the-scenes work to influence the course of the war by shaping perceptions of opposition fighters.

Contract documents seen by the Guardian show the government appears to view the project as a way to maintain a foothold in the country until there can be greater British military involvement, offering “the capability to expand back into the strategic space as and when the opportunity arises”.

Through its Conflict and Stability Fund the government is spending £2.4m on private contractors working from Istanbul to deliver “strategic communications and media operations support to the Syrian moderate armed opposition” (MAO).

The contract is part of a broader propaganda effort focused on Syria, with other elements intended to promote “the moderate values of the revolution” and help mould a Syrian sense of national identity that will reject both the Assad regime and Isis.

Free Syrian army fighters
Free Syrian army fighters, one of the groups often considered to be part of the moderate armed opposition. Photograph: Reuters

The documents call for contractors to “select and train a spokesman able to represent all the MAO groups as a single unified voice”, as well as providing media coaching to “influential MAO officials” and running a round-the-clock “MAO central media office” with “media production capacity”. One British source with knowledge of the contracts in action said the government was essentially running a “Free Syrian army press office”.

The contract to support the moderate armed opposition was briefly held by Regester Larkin, an international communications consultancy, where it was headed up by a former lieutenant colonel in the British army who had also worked as a strategic communications specialist at the MoD. He set up a company called Innovative Communications & Strategies, or InCoStrat, which took over the contract from November 2014, a Regester Larkin spokeswoman told the Guardian.

An InCoStrat spokesman confirmed: “InCoStrat is providing media and communication support to the moderate Syrian opposition to assist Syrians to better convey the reality of war and those involved in it.”

Both emphasised the close supervision of the work by the British government. An insider also described “tremendous oversight”, with handlers from the FCO and MoD meeting contractors up to three times a week. “They had the last say in everything,” the source said.

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Ex-CIA Chef Georg Tenet, arbeitet nun für die „geheimnissvolle“ Investment Bank: Allen & Company

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Der frühere CIA -Chef und Verbrecher Georg Tenet, ist nun bei einer berüchtigen Betrugs Investment Bank CoE. Gegen diese Leute wird ermittelt, wegen Unterschriften Fälschung des Gründers, kurz vor seinem Tod und andere Betrügereien. Eine Legende die Lügen für den Irak Krieg, von Georg Tenet inzeniert, viele Regierung Putsche mit Kriminellen und dann auch noch der 11.9.2001, oder die Ethnischen Säuberungen in der Krainja wurden organisiert, wie die Kosovo Terroristen Ausbildung, inklusive des Bürgerkrieges in 1997 in Albanien.

Allen & Company Logo.gif

Allen & Company is a New York-based investment firm

George Tenet: Ο Ελληνας αρχιπράκτορας της CIA έγινε «μυστικός» τραπεζίτης



Judge Dismisses Forgery Lawsuit Against Herb Allen

Herb Allen Jr., left, and Jeffrey Katzenberg of Dreamworks at the Allen & Company meeting in Idaho in 2009.Nati Harnik/Associated PressHerb Allen Jr., left, and Jeffrey Katzenberg of Dreamworks at the Allen & Company meeting in Idaho in 2009.

A federal judge has dismissed a fraud lawsuit filed earlier this year against the billionaire chief executive of the investment bank Allen & Company.

Judge Colleen McMahon of Federal District Court in Manhattan threw out a claim that Herbert A. Allen Jr., the bank’s chief executive, had conspired with others to forge the signature of a dying cousin to protect a family ranch in Arizona from a creditor.

In a 24-page decision issued late Wednesday, Judge McMahon ruled that the plaintiff failed to state a proper claim under applicable Arizona law. She was highly dismissive of the lawsuit, calling aspects of it “implausible” and specifically describing the forgery claim as based on “sheer speculation.”

“It is highly questionable whether plaintiff even has, or ever had, standing to pursue this action,” wrote Judge McMahon.

The plaintiff, Excelsior Capital, is a commercial lender controlled by Richard Davis, a Long Island businessman who had had a dispute with C. Robert Allen III, who was Mr. Kramer’s brother and the first cousin of Herb Allen Jr. Excelsior said it had a $25 million judgment against Robert Allen, who died in March 2011.

The lawsuit accused Herb Allen and others of forging Robert Allen’s signature just weeks before his death, transferring his 18 percent interest in the ranch to a corporate entity to protect it from Excelsior’s reach.

Judge McMahon’s ruling highlighted Herb Allen’s tenuous connection to his late cousin. It pointed out that before the lawsuit was filed, Herb Allen had informed Excelsior’s lawyer that he had had no direct business dealings with Robert Allen for 25 years and did not recall seeing or speaking with Robert Allen in more than 30 years. He also said lawyers had been recommending changing the ownership structure of the Allen ranch for several years.

“This lawsuit was a crude attempt to collect money from my late cousin by making ungrounded accusations against me,” Herb Allen, 72, said in a statement. “The lawyer who brought this case has once again discredited the legal profession, this time at continuing expense to both himself and his client. We intend to hold them responsible for their actions.”…


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