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Alles Chaos: Libyen, Jemen, Süd Sudan

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 Direkt finanziert durch Hillary Clinton, wie emails zeigen

WikiLeaks have released an email in which Hillary Clinton admits that Qatar and Saudi Arabia – two of her mega-donors – provide financial and logistical support to ISIS.

In the extraordinary email, sent to John Podesta in 2014, Clinton lays out an eight point plan to defeat ISIS in Iraq, and mentions that Saudi Arabia and Qatar are both giving financial and logistical support to the Islamic State and other extremist Sunni groups.

Saudi Arabia Qatar isis

Die VAE, Waffen Lieferungen mit einem angeblich hoch modernenen USKriegsschiff und mit einer kleinen Panzer Faust praktisch vollkommen zerstört, durch die Houti Regierung. Die Saudis haben im US Verbrecher Stile, erneut eine Berdigungs Gesellschaft zu Tode bombardiert.
How the destruction of the US warship „Spearhead“ changed naval warfare forever.
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On October 2nd the USAV Spearhead (TSV-X1) USAV stands for „United States Army Vessel“ and TSV-X1 stands for „Theater Support Vessel – Experimental #1“ … was making another run from Africa to Yemen with weapons, ammunition and mercenaries from Africa. Now, the ship was re-flagged as an United Arab Emirati vessel, but it was doing the work for the Western powers who actually created the political entity called United Arab Emirates. The UAE exists at the pleasure of the ‚West‘, the moment the UAE doesn’t do as they’re told, they will find themselves in the company of Saddam and Gadaffi. The ship had made this same run dozens of times before.

[font=Arial, Verdana]On the Yemeni shoreline, 4 Red Arrow 8 series Anti-Tank Guided Missile launchers were set up, and fired at the ship. [i][These whole systems weigh 55 pounds each in total. (The missile itself weighs 24.6 pounds) Any dingy that c

Ein ehemaliger Alliierter der USA bereitet zunehmend Sorgen. Die Präsidentengarde beschoss bereits im Juli das Personal der US-Botschaft. In dem an Erdöl reichen Staat tobt seit Jahren ein Bürgerkrieg zwischen ehemals von den USA unterstützen Milizen.