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China kontrolliert die ausl. NGO – Sabotage, Demonstrations Industrie aus dem Ausland

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Man übernimmt Teile der US Gesetze, womit der NED, Georg Soros Demonstrations und Sabotage Industrie auch das Leben in China schwerer gemacht wird. Open Society, wird wohl wie die NED, dubose Deutsche Stiftungen das Land verlassen
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Environmental costs of China’s new law on foreign NGOs

In 2015, China’s People’s Congress revised and ratified a controversial foreign non-governmental organisation (NGO) management law that is set to take effect in 2017. According to reports, the new law will directly affect approximately 7,000 foreign NGOs operating within the country’s borders as well as local NGOs who receive financial support from overseas donors. These groups include foundations, social groups, NGOs and think tanks. Strict government control toward these groups will likely manifest from the law.

Whilst the Chinese government may have their own reasoning for the new regulations (concerns about foreign NGOs harming national security), at a time when environmental problems are only increasing in the country and around the world (often with Chinese involvement), this law can only do more harm than good. Globally and in China, often it is international environmental NGOs that do most of the work in trying to address vast environmental challenges.

According to experts, the actual consequences of this new law remain unknown since it will not be implemented until 2017. Yet, it will undoubtedly strengthen the Chinese government’s control over foreign NGOs and their room to maneuver. Many foreign NGOs are now considering limiting their operations or closing down their China branches altogether. This may have major consequences for the many domestic NGOs that depend on overseas support for the running of their organisations.

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