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Im korrupten NATO Verbrecher Verein dreht der Staatspräsident Klaus Johannis durch

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Kaum zuglauben, was für ein undemokratisches System von Verbrechern überall installiert wurde.

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Rumänischer Präsident lehnt muslimische Ministerpräsidentin ab  

In Rumänien gibt es aktuell einen politischen Skandal. Klaus Johannis, der rumänische Präsident, lehnte die von der Regierung für das Amt des Ministerpräsidenten ernannte Kandidatin Sevil Shhaideh ab. Der national-liberale Präsident kündigte bei einer Pressekonferenz am Dienstag an, dass er sich nach gründlicher Überlegung und nach Abwägung der Argumente, bezüglich der muslimischen Kandidatin Sevil Shhaideh, […] Weiterlesen


CIA Agent Carl Bildt und die Schwedischen Politik Kriegs Verbrecher in Libyen

  • How Sweden as a mamber of the so-called “West” in six months reduced the most successful and humane nation in Africa in to a Hell-hole currently under the nominal control of terrorist-designated warlords.
  • Georg Soros: Ukraine Chrisis Media Center


    payed by CIA and NeoCons

    Oil and War in Sudan: the Role of Carl Bildt and Co.

    How some seven hundred Swedish citizens filed charges against their own government, parliament and armed forces.

Click here for a list of the suspects.
Click here for an overview of the process.
Click here far a background article on Libya.
Click here for an article on the UN.


Twenty-nine cabinet members, two-hundred and forty MPs and four military commanders reported for war crimes in Libya 2011

Click here to see the suspects..

November 4, 2011

The International Prosecution Chamber in Stockholm

Box 70296
107 22 Stockholm

Report on serious offences subject to public prosecution

The offences include violations of international law,1 genocide,2 terrorism,3 and financing of terrorism.4


Until March 2011 Libya was a sovereign secular state, ranked by the United Nations as a “High Human Development” country in a global context5 (HDI ranking 53 out 194, ahead of countries like Russia and Brazil) and the most advanced country on the continent of Africa.6 As late as Jan 4, 2011 – just weeks before the war started – several UN members applauded Libya’s continued commitment to upholding human rights.7

Today, seven months later, Libya has – as a result of decisions and actions by individuals i.a. within the Swedish government and Sweden’s military forces – been turned into a bombed out war zone with up to a million refugees8 under the control of a “National Transitional Council” (NTC) which is in the process of turning Libya into a theocracy regulated by Islamic Sharia law.9

The leadership and cadre of the NTC rebels are dominated by past and present members10 of designated terrorist organizations11 such as Al-Qaeda (AQ, AQI, AQIM)12 and the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG).13

The council is presently headed by a de facto triumvirate – holding executive/financial/military power:

  1. Mahmoud Jibril – a university lecturer educated, and for several years resident, in the US and whose studies was mentored by a renowned CIA case officer working for CIA in Iran during the CIA/staged coup there in 1953.14
  2. An American economics professor by the name of Ali Tarhouni.15
  3. A senior Al-Qaeda asset/educator/leader previously operating in Afghanistan and Iraq but who currently acts under the name of Bel Hadj as the Commander in Chief for the NTC as well as military dictator of Tripoli.16

On March 19, 2011, two days after the adoption of UN resolution 1973, this NTC/Al-Qaeda/LIFG rebel council announced the creation of a new central bank and a new oil company.17 Starting a “revolution” with the creation of new central bank may be a possible “first” in world history and casts the long shadow of as yet unidentified international financial actors over the war against Libya.18

The war

The pretext and framework for the attack on Libya by Sweden and other countries was United Nations resolution 1973. This resolution i.a. authorized a ban on flights and measures “to protect civilians and civilian populated areas” whilst excluding “a foreign occupation force of any form on any part of Libyan territory”.19

The reality is that participants in the NATO-led war already at the outset was in violation of resolution 1973 and that the motive was not to protect civilians – but regime-change.

Testimony by former NATO military commander General Wesley Clarke confirms that as early as 2001, Pentagon was instructed to prepare for war against Libya20 – i.e. long before Libya was reported as a “problem” somehow in need of a “solution”.

Thus, the backdrop carries distinct echoes of colonialism,21 spiced with the general geostrategical redrawing of the entire Middle-East set in motion by the attacks in the US on September 11, 200122 and envisaged by the Project for the New American Century (PNAC).23

The event that is said to have triggered NATO’s attack on Libya was the Libyan government’s own attempts to restore order and protect civilians in the Benghazi area, where an estimated one thousand jihadists24 (Al-Qaeda/LIFG) had stormed military storage facilities, and armed themselves and started to shoot up the neighbourhood.

Given the miniscule size and poor to non-existent training of this “rebel” contingent,25 the successful containment and disarmament of these rebels by the Libyan government should have been a foregone conclusion – had it not been for the intervention of French and subsequently US airpower on the side of these Al-Qaeda jihadists.26

Since March 31, 2011, NATO has conducted 9658 air strike sorties,27 averaging 46-47 strike missions per day for 207 days. When assessing the gravity of the war crimes reported here this massive air campaign needs to be contrasted against the realities on the ground.

What are these realities?

Even before UN resolution 1973 Libya was reported to have no effective air force.28 Moreover, and in regional terms, Libya did not have much of a military to speak of in the first place.

For example, indicated by the chart below is that whereas neighbouring countries in the first decade of the 21st century escalated their military expenditures – Libya did the opposite.29

In fact, Libya under Qaddafi, was a remarkably constructive factor in the region – being the founding father of the African Union.30

Reported war casualties vary widely.31 What is clear is that the involvement of the armed forces of Sweden and other countries not only changed the outcome of what would have been the orderly neutralization of a local fringe Al-Qaeda/LIFG flurry into a full-scale regime-change (for the worse) with a death toll, injured and refugees at a very different order of magnitude.

Some key-points:

  • The attack on Tripoli: There are reports that the NTC/Al-Qaeda/LIFG ground assault on Tripoli July 20, 2011, was amphibious (supported by NATO ships) and planned , directed and led by NATO-officers, also on the ground.32 The way in which the reportedly NATO-led rebels were at all able to progress through Tripoli was by NATO Apache attack helicopters strafing the streets to clear it of civilians.33
  • The attack on Sirte:34 Coordinated with NATO’s massive bombing campaign against the city were the rebels cordoning off, of it – preventing civilians attempting to escape the carnage from leaving.
    Why would the Swedish government, or any other government, for that matter, wish to prevent civilians from escaping an event that by observers have been likened with the town of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War?35
    The level of popular support enjoyed by the Qaddafi government, as reflected by the resistance of the inhabitants of i.a. Tripoli and Sirte, indicates that the Libyan people in vast numbers view the Qaddafi government as the only legitimate government.36
  • Genocide on black Libyans:37 Numerous reports exists on the apparent rascist agenda of the NTC/Al-Qaeda/LIFG rebel as they seek out and kill black people.38 Substantiated, as these reports are, the instigators of this as a generic policy in the war may not necessarily have been Al-Qaeda or the LIFG.
  • The role of NATO’s so-called Special Forces (SF) units: There also exists high-profile testimonies of how Danish and French SF-units engaged in and set up a policy of publicly decapitating black libyans in order to terrorize the civilian population of Tripoli into submission39 under the capital’s newly installed military dictator Bel Hadj.
  • The destruction of the Great Man-Made River project:40 NATO’s wholesale destruction of Lybia’s world-renowned Great Man-Made River project is a text-book example of crimes against international law. Not only did NATO destroy the world’s most advanced water project – it also destroyed the factories capable of repairing this vital civilian infrastructure.
  • Use of inhumane weapons such as depleted uranium41 and cluster bombs:42 Evidence points to the possibility of both cluster bombs and depleted uranium being used by NATO in Libya.
  • The foreign occupation force prohibited by UN resolution 1973 is in fact what the NATO-led war is all about, both tactically – with military ground force elements – and strategically – with the installation of a puppet terrorist-designated regime controlled by Anglo-American interests.

The offences

As a result of initiatives taken by members in the Swedish government, made possible by individuals in the Swedish parliament, and carried out by individuals in the Swedish military, the state of Sweden today shares responsibility for the transformation of the most humanitarian and successful state on the African continent into a third-world war zone run by a conglomerate of terrorist-designated rebels over which the agendas of Anglo-American intelligence and banking oligarchs cast their long shadow.

For more details on casualties, the destruction of civilian life, and civilian infrastructure brought by the military forces of Sweden and other countries, consider the Libya reports from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.43

Given existing international agreements and the clear violations committed by the participants of NATO’s Unified Protector campaign, of the intent and boundaries set by UN Resolution 1973, it is evident that crimes falling i.a. under the following categories have been and are being committed:

  1. War of aggression
  2. Crimes against humanity
  3. Genocide

These crimes were not the result of mission-drift or mission-swings – but were pre-mediated for the purpose of imposing regime-change in Libya in violation of international law.

Given the international consensus of the designation of i.a. Al-Qaeda and LIFG as “terrorists” it is also evident that the following crimes have been and are being committed by the individuals reported here:

  1. Terrorism
  2. Failure to report on Terrorism
  3. Support of Terrorism
  4. Financing of Terrorism

Dates and Periods:

  1. March 29, 2011 Cabinet Meeting44
  2. March 30, 2011 Start of Sweden’s military operation FL0145
  3. April 1, 2011 Parliament vote46
  4. June 9, 2011 Cabinet Meeting47
  5. June 17, 2011 Parliament vote48
  6. July 1, 2011 Start of Sweden’s military operation FL0249
  7. September 15, 2011 Cabinet Meeting50
  8. September 21, 2011 Parliament vote51


These MPs listed below voted in favor of the war at event 3 and later abstained:

Björlund, Torbjörn
Brink, Josefin *
Dinamarca, Rossana *
Johnson, Jacob
Linde, Hans *
Olofsson, Eva
Olsson, Lena
Persson, Kent
Sjöstedt, Jonas *
Lillemets, Annika *

Interviews with Brink, Dinamarca, Linde, Sjöstedt, and Lillemets (marked with * above) confirm that the reason for abstaining was the realization that the Swedish government was in violation of UN resolution 1973 in its participation of the NATO-led war.52

Key suspects in the Swedish military:

Reported individuals from Sweden’s military establishment include the chain of command from Commander-in-chief Sverker Göransson down to all personnel part of the FL01/FL02/infoop operations . This also includes any staff-members in Sweden involved in the planning, directing and execution of these operations, as well as possibly members of units such as Special Operations Group (SOG) and the parachute regiment at K3 and which may have been involved in the clandestine parts of the war against Libya in 2011 – including the atrocities reportedly committed by French and Danish SF units.


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  2. United Nation’s Human Development Report 2010
  3. Background paper: “How Al Qaeda men came to power in Libya”, Thierry Meyssan, Sep 7, 2011
  4. West Point study: “Al-Qaida’s Foreign Fighters in Iraq” Dec 19, 2007
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  15. Rebuilding Americas Defenses, Project for a New American Century, 2000.

November 4, 2011

Die Financier der Kopf Abhacker und Terroristen: Nathaniel Philip Rothschild, John McCain, Carl Bildt, Hillary Clinton, Jean Claude Gandur

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Werbung und Tracking im Web: FAZ, TAZ, Spiegel, Die Zeit,, / Telepolis und das Spionage Tracking

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Hier das Diagramm für Schockierend!

Der Chaos Computer Club e. V. (CCC) ist die größte europäische Hackervereinigung und seit über dreißig Jahren Vermittler im Spannungsfeld technischer und sozialer Entwicklungen. Die Aktivitäten des Clubs reichen von technischer Forschung und Erkundung am Rande des Technologieuniversums über Kampagnen, Veranstaltungen, Politikberatung, Pressemitteilungen und Publikationen bis zum Betrieb von Anonymisierungsdiensten und Kommunikationsmitteln. Der Club besteht aus einer Reihe dezentraler lokaler Vereine und Gruppen. Diese organisieren regelmäßige Veranstaltungen und Treffen in vielen Städten des deutschsprachigen Raums. Der CCC vermittelt seine Anliegen über vielfältige Publikationswege und sucht stets das Gespräch mit technisch und sozial Interessierten und Gleichgesinnten. Außerdem fordert und fördert er den Spaß am Gerät und lebt damit die Grundsätze der Hackerethik.


Gutachten für NSA-BND-Untersuchungsausschuss: BND-Operationsgebiet Inland

2016-10-06 23:37:00, 46halbe

Der Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) kann bei seiner Massenüberwachung nicht sicher zwischen in- und ausländischen Datenverkehren unterscheiden, ohne detailliert Inhalte der Kommunikation zu analysieren. Das belegt ein vom Chaos Computer Club (CCC) im Auftrag des NSA-BND-Untersuchungsausschusses des Deutschen Bundestages angefertigtes Sachverständigengutachten. mehr …

Werbung und Tracking im Web

Ich surfe oft per Mobilfunkverbindung und merke dann, wie viele überflüssige Daten Webseiten nachladen. UMTS hat im Vergleich zum Festnetz eine hohe Latenz: Es dauert über zehn Mal so lange, bis angeforderte Datenpakete ankommen – im Regelfall etwa 300 bis 700 Millisekunden statt 20 bis 50.

Um Zehntelsekunden längere Ladezeiten sollten eigentlich kein Problem darstellen. Webseiten voller Werbung und Social Media Widgets (Like, +1, Tweet) laden allerdings hunderte von Dateien, die für Leser* weitgehend überflüssig sind. Spreeblick etwa lädt 116 Dateien mit einer Gesamtgröße von 2,8MB. Selbst mit DSL bedeutet das eine Ladezeit zwischen 5 und 25 Sekunden – für eine Seite mit 7 Bildern und 3 Videos.

Übermäßige Werbung ist leicht erkennbar: Lade ich Heise Online ohne Werbeblocker, besteht 38% der Seitenfläche aus unerwünschten Informationen (Bildschirmfoto). Social Media Widgets hingegen funktionieren unsichtbar: Durch sie wissen soziale Netzwerke, wer welche Seiten aufruft. Die Übertragung dieser Daten erfolgt ohne Kenntnis oder Einwilligung der Nutzer* – es handelt sich also um Spyware.

Ende Januar baute ich ein Skript, das zeigt, welche externen Inhalte eine Webseite einbindet. Hier einige Ergebnisse:

Externe Inhalte auf Externe Inhalte auf Externe Inhalte auf Externe Inhalte auf Externe Inhalte auf Externe Inhalte auf Externe Inhalte auf Externe Inhalte auf Externe Inhalte auf Externe Inhalte auf

Privatsphärenfreundliche Webseiten ohne Bannerwerbung existieren!

Externe Inhalte auf Externe Inhalte auf


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Stellungnahme des CCC zum Staatstrojaner

2016-08-18 08:00:00, evelyn

Der Chaos Computer Club (CCC) veröffentlicht eine Stellungnahme zum Einsatz staatlicher Spionagesoftware nach dem Urteil des Bundesverfassungsgerichts vom April 2016. [1] Angesichts der Risiken und der Interessenkonflikte, die unweigerlich mit dem Einsatz von Staatstrojanern einhergehen, sollte von der Ausweitung der Nutzung abgesehen werden. mehr …

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