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USAID, MI6 finanzierte Kopf Abschneider Organisation „White Helms“ erhielt „Oscar“

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Die CIA kontrollierten US Medien und Hollywood, verkündeten aus Versehen die OSCAR Verleihung an die Terror Organisation inklusive Kinder köpfen: White Helms vom Britischen Geheimdienst, USAID schon wieder finanziert.

Die Terroristen haben einen Oscar bekommen

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Den ganzen Sonntagabend haben die „Sauspieler“ und der Moderator der Oscar-Verleihung einen Witz nach dem anderen über Präsident Trump gemacht und sind mit viel Gelächter über ihn hergezogen. Das wirklich „lustige“ war aber die peinliche Panne bei der Auszeichnung des besten Film. Es wurde fälschlich „La La Land“ zuerst verkündet, bis es dann korrigiert wurde, als die…

Bildergebnis für white helms child syria

Just prior to the 2016 announcement of the Nobel Prize I wrote to eminent author and filmmaker, John Pilger, about the NATO and Gulf State propaganda construct, the White Helmets, demonstrated to be nothing more than Nusra Front civil defence in Syria. In yesterday’s interview with RT’s Going Underground, John Pilger outed the White Helmets as nothing more than a “complete propaganda construct in Syria”. WATCH ~

The CIA and deep state have controlled US media and Hollywood for decades.

Posted: 26 Feb 2017 09:00 PM PST

FOLGE DEM GELD: Die Weißhelme sind nur eine weitere Komponente des neuen NGO-Komplexes.

Many have expressed their shock and horror that the a ‘documentary’ on the White Helmets organisation has won the Oscar for Best Documentary. The White Helmets purports to be an aid organisation but has been widely discredited as such. What is more, the organisation has been exposed as a handsomely funded western propaganda tool. Even worse, the White Helmets have been exposed as actively supporting (both materially and in terms of PR) the criminal acts of groups like Al-Qaeda/Al-Nusra. The Syrian government which considers the group a terrorist organisation has been totally vindicated. The UN consequently do not recognise the White Hemlets as any sort of aid agency.

Journalist Daniel Greenfield puts it most succinctly:  “Few media outlets are willing to say that out loud, but it’s quite true. There is no Free Syrian Army. It’s an umbrella for providing Western aid to a front group run by the Muslim Brotherhood.”  He deplores the shaky Pentagon math that Obama and Congress have used in an attempt to downplay the reality that even in 2013 Pentagon sources were reluctantly admitting that extremist groups constituted over 50% of Syrian “opposition” and that these numbers were steadily increasing.

Al-Qaeda Gets An Oscar

Bildergebnis für white helms child syria

Source: Moon of Alabama

Hollywood is all about fake. That is what movies are – fake depictions of a fake reality that only exist in the mind of scriptwriters, directors and a usually gullible audience. (Disclosure: I do like some movies.)

Hollywood has never been shy of plagiarizing. Every idea, tale of cinematographic trick that made a splash somewhere – and is thereby a potential money generator – will get copied again and again. Every successful make gets a remake. And another one.

In 2015 the promoting host of the Miss Universe franchise „misread“ the name of the winner. He announced „Columbia“ when the chosen winner was „Philippines“. After he few minutes he „corrected“ himself. That „mistake“ brought a lot of additional media attention – and financial value – to the event owner.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the U.S. marketing and lobby organization of the movie makers, hands out some yearly rewards arranged to promote specific movies or persons in the movie business. The academy award ceremony is a rather boring event but it gets a lot of hype and media attention (and thereby generates lots of advertisement revenue).

To further increase its value this years event plagiarized the idea of the Miss Universe promoters. One of the hosts announced the wrong winning movie for some category and then reversed himself to announce a different „real“ winner. It was a „mistake“ just as surely as Hollywood’s latest movie was a description of real life.

Those without memory went into the desired frenzy, the insiders yawned. „Oh, that clumsy fake again.“

One of this years prices went to a fake „documentary“ about a fake „rescuer“ group which makes and distributes fake videos, staged photos and fake victims of the war on Syria. These al-Qaeda propaganda sidekicks, the White Helmets, are a British disinformation operation that is financed by more than $100 million of U.S. and UK taxpayer money. Its general task is to convince the „western“ public that the war on Syria is justified because of the „cruelty of the Syrian government“ which the fakes intend to establish in the mind of its consumers.

Hollywood never was shy of taking government money to promote war on this or that country or „enemy“. The Pentagon’s liaison office in Hollywood finances many movies. If there are some tanks needed and military heroes in a script the Pentagon will organize the props, real tanks and soldiers, at no cost – provided of course that it can read and „correct“ the script the way it sees fit. The makers of „Top Gun“ need planes, air craft carriers and lots of explosions? No problem at all and at no costs to the producers. In exchange military recruitment staff will wait to trap moviegoers when they leave the theaters. Congress will happily pass the money for more useless planes.

An Academy Award reinforces the message a production carries and gives the people behind the message additional value. The marketing companies that create and run the „White Helmets“ will surely receive a few extra millions for yesterday’s Oscar promotion.

Hollywood is all fake. The wrong winner is announced and al-Qaeda gets an Oscar. „No harm done,“ the promoters of such fakes might say.

Except to the people of Syria. For them the destruction and death promoted by the fancy people in Los Angeles is all too real.

Whitehelms Terroristen

Ein Club des Verbrechens:

“White Helmets primary function is propaganda” reported an independent journalist, who tied the group to George Soros and the controversial advocacy group Avaaz.

Avaaz in schlechter Gesellschaft

Ist Conroy wirklich nur ein Fotograf?

Paul Conroy (mit blauer kugelsicherer Weste), Mahdi al-Harati, Al-Kaida-Führer (mit schwarzer Weste) und Abdelhakim Belhaj (mit Tarnanzug), Foto: Voltairenet

Das Foto zeigt den von Avaaz aus Homs evakuierten britischen Fotoreporter Paul Conroy mit zwei Al-Kaida-Größen:

Mahdi al-Harati ist ein Al-Kaida-Führer und mutmaßlicher Mittäter der Anschläge vom 11.3.2004 in Madrid.24 Er kämpfte während des Libyen-Kriegs in Tripolis und ist jetzt in Syrien im Einsatz.

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