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Der Illegale „Hunde“ Handel, in Europa

April 23, 2021 Kommentare aus

Seit langem bekannt, Hunde Handel, die selben OK Gruppen, wie Menschen, Drogen und Waffen Handel

Viele Tiere sind krank, zu jung, die heimlich auch nach Deutschland gebracht werden, vor allem auch nach Italien,

🇪🇺 The Illegal Dog Trade — It’s one of the fastest-growing black markets in Europe. The illicit trade in domesticated dogs includes tax-dodging hobby breeders, as well as transnational organized criminal groups who smuggle designer breeds along with drugs and humans……

Few have heard of the illegal dog trade, but it is believed to rank among Europe’s fastest-growing illicit markets. It generates more money than the illegal organ trade, poses a greater risk to public health than the illegal wildlife trade, and kills more European animals than the illegal arms trade kills Europeans.
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