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Die Pentagon produzierte Lüge mit dem Terroristen Führer: Abu Musab Al Zarqawi

Dezember 23, 2015 1 Kommentar

Kriegs Führung nach reinen Erfindungen der Pentagon Presse Stelle, um einen Feind zu erhalten und mehr Geld im Schwarzen Loch der Auslands Einsätze verschwinden zulassen. Peinlich werden dann die vielen selbst ernannten Terrorismus Experten wie Elmar Theveßen im ZDF, oder Jean-Charles Brisard, der in seinem Buch

„Das neue Gesicht der Al-Qudia – Sarkawi und die Eskalation der Gewalt“, praktisch nur die erfundenen Pentagon Storys verbreitete wie der Spiegel in 100erten von Artikeln.

Reine Erfindungen wie in vielen Bereichen, wo man dann Massenmord an Zivilisten als Anti Terror Kampf verkauft und mit fabrizierten Lügen im Irak einmarschierte. US Central Command (USCENTCOM) fälscht Berichte mit System, selbst vom eigenen Militär Geheimdienst (durch Michael T. Flynn bestätigt), kann man also als kriminelles Monster bezeichnen, was die Gesetze und Politik Anweisungen ignoriert. Mit Vorsatz hat man Terroristen, Banditen und Verbrecher unterstützt.

Ich glaube nicht, dass sie blind war. Ich denke die US-Regierung hat eine willentliche Entscheidung getroffen (die Islamisten gewähren zu lassen).
Die US-Regierung hat sich also bewusst dafür entschieden, einen Aufstand zu unterstützen, der von Salafisten, Al-Qaida und der Moslembruderschaft ausging?
Sie hat sich ganz bewusst dafür entschieden. … Sie müssen schon den Präsidenten selbst fragen, was er mit dieser Politik erreichen wollte, die ich sehr konfus finde.
Es ist ziemlich offensichtlich, dass NATO-Staaten gemeinsam mit regionalen Verbündeten jahrelang verschiedene Banditenhaufen finanziell unterstützt, bewaffnet und trainiert haben, um die weltliche syrische Regierung zu stürzen; bis heute konnte aber kein Regime wechsel in Damaskus erzwungen werden. aus Luftpost

Ex-US-Geheimdienstchef über den IS: „Wir waren zu dumm“

Ein Interview von und

An internal document produced by U.S. military headquarters in Iraq, states that ”the Zarqawi PSYOP program is the most successful information campaign to date.” (WP, op cit).

The senior commander entrusted with Pentagon’s PSYOP operation is General Kimmitt who now occupies the position of senior planner at US Central Command (USCENTCOM), responsible for directing operations in Iraq and the Middle East.

Origins of the Islamic State (ISIS): Who is Behind “Al Qaeda in Iraq”? Pentagon Acknowledges Fabricating a “Zarqawi Legend”

Who is behind "Al Qaeda in Iraq"? Pentagon acknowledges fabricating a "Zarqawi Legend"

Author’s note

This article was first published by Global Research on April 18, 2006. In the present context, an understanding of the historical origins of the ISIS is required.

Abu Musab Al Zarqawi was the alleged mastermind behind Al Qaeda in Iraq which is at the origin of the Islamic State (ISIS).

Until recently the Islamic State was referred to as Al Qaeda in Iraq, which was a creation of US intelligence. As outlined in my 2006 study (also published as a chapter in my book America’s “War on Terrorism”:  “The US military-intelligence has created it own terrorist organizations. In turn, it has developed a cohesive multibillion dollar counterterrorism program “to go after” these terrorist organizations.  To reach its foreign policy objectives, the images of terrorism in the Iraqi war theater must remain vivid in the minds of the citizens, who are constantly reminded of the terrorist threat”.

Michel Chossudovsky, December 18, 2015

*       *       *


Abu Musab Al Zarqawi has been presented both by the Bush administration and the Western media as the mastermind behind the ”insurgency” in Iraq, allegedly responsible for the massacres of Iraqi civilians.

click image to order Michel Chossudovsky’s book

Zarqawi is the outside enemy of America. The Bush administration in official statements, including presidential speeches, national security documents, etc. has repeatedly pointed to the need to “go after”  Abu Musab Al Zarqawi and Osama bin Laden.

“You know, I hate to predict violence, but I just understand the nature of the killers. This guy, Zarqawi, an al Qaeda associate — who was in Baghdad, by the way, prior to the removal of Saddam Hussein — is still at large in Iraq. And as you might remember, part of his operational plan was to sow violence and discord amongst the various groups in Iraq by cold- blooded killing. And we need to help find Zarqawi so that the people of Iraq can have a more bright — bright future.” (George W. Bush, Press Conference, 1 June 2004)

The official mandate of US and British occupation forces is to fight and win the “war on terrorism” on behalf of the Iraqi people. Zarqawi constitutes Washington’s justification for the continued military occupation of Iraq, not to mention the brutal siege of densely populated urban areas  directed against “Al Qaeda in Iraq”  which is said to be led by Zarqawi.

Coalition forces are upheld as playing a “peace keeping role” in consultation with the United Nations.  The Western media in chorus has consistently upheld the legitimacy of the “war on terrorism”. It has not only presented Zarqawi as a brutal terrorist, it has also failed to report on the Pentagon’s disinformation campaign, which has been known and documented since 2002.

Pentagon PSYOP Zarqawi Program

In an unusual twist, the Washington Post in a recent article, has acknowledged that the role of  Zarqawi had been deliberately “magnified” by the Pentagon with a view to galvanizing  public support for the US-UK led “war on terrorism”:

 ”The Zarqawi campaign is discussed in several of the internal military documents. “Villainize Zarqawi/leverage xenophobia response,” one U.S. military briefing from 2004 stated. It listed three methods: “Media operations,” “Special Ops (626)” (a reference to Task Force 626, an elite U.S. military unit assigned primarily to hunt in Iraq for senior officials in Hussein’s government) and “PSYOP,” the U.S. military term for propaganda work…” (WP. 10 April 2006)

The military’s propaganda program, according to the Washington Post, has “largely been aimed at Iraqis, but seems to have spilled over into the U.S. media. One briefing slide about U.S. “strategic communications” in Iraq, prepared for Army Gen. George W. Casey Jr., the top U.S. commander in Iraq, describes the “home audience” as one of six major targets of the American side of the war.” (WP, op cit.)

An internal document produced by U.S. military headquarters in Iraq, states that ”the Zarqawi PSYOP program is the most successful information campaign to date.” (WP, op cit).

The senior commander entrusted with Pentagon’s PSYOP operation is General Kimmitt who now occupies the position of senior planner at US Central Command (USCENTCOM), responsible for directing operations in Iraq and the Middle East.

“In 2003 and 2004, he coordinated public affairs, information operations and psychological operations in Iraq — though he said in an interview the internal briefing must be mistaken because he did not actually run the psychological operations and could not speak for them. Kimmitt said, “There was clearly an information campaign to raise the public awareness of who Zarqawi was, primarily for the Iraqi audience but also with the international audience.”

A goal of the campaign was to drive a wedge into the insurgency by emphasizing Zarqawi’s terrorist acts and foreign origin, said officers familiar with the program. “Through aggressive Strategic Communications, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi now represents: Terrorism in Iraq/Foreign Fighters in Iraq/Suffering of Iraqi People (Infrastructure Attacks)/Denial of Iraqi Aspirations,” the same briefing asserts

It is difficult to determine how much has been spent on the Zarqawi campaign, which began two years ago and is believed to be ongoing. U.S. propaganda efforts in Iraq in 2004 cost $24 million, but that included extensive building of offices and residences for troops involved, as well as radio broadcasts and distribution of thousands of leaflets with Zarqawi’s face on them, said the officer speaking on background…

The Zarqawi program at the Pentagon was run concurrently with a related operation “led by the Lincoln Group, a U.S. consulting firm, to place pro-U.S. articles in Iraq newspapers, according to the officer familiar with the program who spoke on background.” According to The Washington Post, however, there was no relationship between the Pentagon’s PSYOP program and that run by the Lincoln Group  on behalf of the Pentagon. (WP, 10 April 2006)

Disinformation and war propaganda are an integral part of military planning. What the Washington Post fails to mention, however, is its own role in sustaining the Zarqawi legend , along with network TV, most of the printed press, and of course CNN and Fox News, not to mention a significant portion of the alternative media. Disinformation regarding the War on terrorism has been fed into the news chain by a limited number of “top feeders”:

A relatively few well-connected correspondents provide the “scoops” that get the coverage in the relatively few mainstream news sources – the four TV networks, TIME, Newsweek, CNN – where the parameters of debate are set and the “official reality” is consecrated for the bottom feeders in the news chain. In other countries, this is what is known as propaganda – or, put less politely, psychological warfare. ( Chaim Kupferberg, The Propaganda Preparation for 9/11)

Zarqawi  has been identified by the US media as being behind the “insurgency” in Fallujah, Tal Afar and Samara. He was held responsible for the Amman hotel bombings as well as terrorist attacks in several Western capitals.. He is indelibly behind the suicide bomb attacks in Iraq as confirmed by the Washington Post: ” The ruling Shiite leadership has Zarqawi squarely in its sights. He has led the suicide bombers whose Shiite victims are now climbing into the thousands.” ( 11 December 2005).

The Pentagon’s PSYOP is a cover-up for US sponsored atrocities by the US media, which has upheld the “villainize Zarqawi” focus in its news and editorials coverage of the Iraqi resistance movement.

The top U.S. military intelligence officer in Iraq said Abu Musab Zarqawi and his foreign and Iraqi associates have essentially commandeered the insurgency, becoming the dominant opposition force and the greatest immediate threat to U.S. objectives in the country.

“I think what you really have here is an insurgency that’s been hijacked by a terrorist campaign,” Army Maj. Gen. Richard Zahner said in an interview. “In part, by Zarqawi becoming the face of this thing, he has certainly gotten the funding, the media and, frankly, has allowed other folks to work along in his draft.” (WP, 25 September 2005)

Amid the continuing bloodshed in Iraq, there is evidence of fresh thinking. The change is, ironically, brought about by Abu Musab Zarqawi himself, whose indiscriminate terrorism appears to have succeeded in uniting people there against his global jihad ideology. Since the hotel bombings in Zarqawi’s native Jordan, more and more Sunni Iraqis and Arabs have condemned the terrorist leader’s nightmarish vision for their societies — one that promises further “catastrophic” suicide attacks. (WP, 4 December 2005)

Immediate withdrawal from Iraq is not an option the U.S. administration can or should entertain. It would give Abu Musab Zarqawi and his small band of foreign fighters the opportunity to claim victory and to announce that they have successfully defeated a superpower. This would strengthen al Qaeda’s hand across the Middle East and elsewhere, and lead to greater instability throughout the region. (WP, 11 December 2006)

The US media has identified the nature of the insurgency, centering on the key role of Zarqawi and his ties to the former Baathist regime:

“The backbone of the insurgency appears to be an alliance between the die-hard Baathists and the network of terrorists mostly under the command of Abu Musab Zarqawi. It is a partnership of convenience; both groups are fighting the same battle, but for different reasons and with different goals. (WP,  8 May 2005)

[S]enior officials at the Pentagon and in Iraq say they believe that Mr. Zarqawi and the insurgency’s ”center of gravity” is now in the bends and towns of the Euphrates River valley near the Syrian border.(New York Times, 17 September 2005)

In Fallujah, the siege of the city, which resulted in thousands of civilian deaths was described as a battle against the “Zarqawi network”:.

U.S. forces have conducted four airstrikes on what have been described as targets associated with Zarqawi’s network in and around the city. Among them was a housing compound in an agricultural area about 15 miles south of Fallujah where the U.S. military said as many as 90 foreign fighters were meeting. The military said the strike, which occurred on Thursday evening, killed about 60 foreign fighters.

Witnesses and hospital officials disputed the account, saying that about 30 men were killed, many of them Iraqi. They said 15 children and 11 women also died in the attack.

Neither version of the strike could be independently verified.

The following night, the U.S. military said in a statement that it conducted “another successful precision strike” on a meeting of “approximately 10 Zarqawi terrorists” in central Fallujah. “There was no indication that any innocent civilians were in the immediate vicinity of the meeting location,” the military said in the statement. (WP, 21 Sept 2004)

Concluding Remarks

If indeed Zarqawi’s role was fabricated as part of the Pentagon’s PSYOP, what is the accuracy of these media reports?

The internal military documents leaked to Washington Post confirm that the Pentagon is involved in an ongoing propaganda campaign which seeks to  provide a face to the enemy. The purpose is to portray the enemy as a terrorist,  to mislead public opinion.

Counterterrorism and war propaganda are intertwined. The propaganda apparatus feeds disinformation into the news chain. The objective is to present the terror groups as “enemies of America.” responsible for countless atrocities in Iraq and around the World.  The underlying objective is to galvanize public opinion in support of America’s Middle East war agenda.

US military-intelligence has created it own terrorist organizations. In turn, it has developed a cohesive multibillion dollar counterterrorism program “to go after” these terrorist organizations. To reach its foreign policy objectives, the images of terrorism in the Iraqi war theater must remain vivid in the minds of the citizens, who are constantly reminded of the terrorist threat. The Iraqi resistance movement is described as terrorists led by Zarqawi.

The propaganda campaign using the Western media,  presents the portraits of the leaders behind the terror network. In other words, at the level of what constitutes an “advertising” campaign, “it gives a face to terror.”

The “war on terrorism” rests on the creation of one or more evil bogeymen, the terror leaders, Osama bin Laden, Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, et al, whose names and photos are presented ad nauseam in daily news reports. Without Zarqawi and bin Laden, the “war on terrorism” would loose its raison d’être. The main casus belli is to wage a ” war on terrorism”.

The Pentagon documents leaked to the Washington Post regarding Zarqawi have revealed that Al Qaeda in Iraq is fabricated.

The suicide attacks in Iraq are indeed real, but who is behind them? There are indications that some of the suicide attacks could have been organized  by the US-UK military and intelligence. (See references below pertaining to British Special Forces Soldiers caught Planting Bombs in Basra.)

Michel Chossudovsky is the author of the international best seller “The Globalization of Poverty ” published in eleven languages. He is Professor of Economics at the University of Ottawa and Director of the Center for Research on Globalization, at He is also a contributor to the Encyclopaedia Britannica.  His most recent book entitled: America’s “War on Terrorism”, Global Research, 2005, contains a detailed analysis of the role of Zarqawi in the Adminstration’s disinformation campaign. 

To order Chossudovsky’s book  America’s “War on Terrorism”, click here.

Order directly from Global Research

America’s “War on Terrorism”

by Michel Chossudovsky

In this new and expanded edition of Michel Chossudovsky’s 2002 best seller, the author blows away the smokescreen put up by the mainstream media, that 9/11 was an attack on America by “Islamic terrorists”.  Through meticulous research, the author uncovers a military-intelligence ploy behind the September 11 attacks, and the cover-up and complicity of key members of the Bush Administration.  original

The expanded edition, which includes twelve new chapters focuses on the use of 9/11 as a pretext for the invasion and illegal occupation of Iraq, the militarisation of justice and law enforcement and the repeal of democracy.

According to Chossudovsky, the  “war on terrorism” is a complete fabrication based on the illusion that one man, Osama bin Laden, outwitted the $40 billion-a-year American intelligence apparatus. The “war on terrorism” is a war of conquest. Globalization is the final march to the “New World Order”, dominated by Wall Street and the U.S. military-industrial complex.

September 11, 2001 provides a justification for waging a war without borders. Washington’s agenda consists in extending the frontiers of the American Empire to facilitate complete U.S. corporate control, while installing within America the institutions of the Homeland Security State.


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Das „Nepotismus “ Verbrecher Imperium des Frank-Walter Steinmeier nun mit dem nächsten Putsch und Langzeit Banditen Clan: Barzani

Dezember 9, 2015 15 Kommentare

Kein Wort der Medien, über die Kriegs Verbrechen und Greuel, Kopf Abhacker Orgien der NATO und Israel Verbündeten im Irak und Syrien. Kein Wort von den peinlichen Fuzzi, der sich UN General Sekretär nennt und seinem Vize Jeffrey Feltman, der die Ethnischen Säuberungen organisierte mit Prinz Bandar, auch als Feltman & Bandar Plan bekannt.

Steinmeier ist bei jedem Verbrechen der Amerikaner dabei, vor allem bei der Erfindung des „Kampfes gegen den Terrorismus“, denn mit einem Feind, denn es nie gab, kann man Milliarden verschwinden lassen, u.a. mit seinen Terrror Finanz Partnern in Katar, den Saudis und anderen Verbrechern.

USA flute in syria Weiterlesen …

Die Financier der Kopf Abhacker und Terroristen: Nathaniel Philip Rothschild, John McCain, Carl Bildt, Hillary Clinton, Jean Claude Gandur

November 19, 2015 10 Kommentare

Lange Zeit schützten die NATO Verbrecher die Terroristen Financierung rund um das geraubte Öl im Irak und in Syrien, weil Nathanile Philip Rothschild Britische Politiker finanziert, mit seinre Frima Genel Energy. und der Bilal Erdogan (Sohn des Recep Erdogan, finanziert vom Bin Laden Financier Yassin Kadi )Firma als Partner:

Die Terroristen Financier, geht in höchste US und Britische Politik Kreise, und der Familie der Rothschilds.

USA IS Terrorist

Langzeit Partner in der Terrorismus Finanzierung, die Amerikaner, Britten und im Drogen Handel wie der Geldwäsche. Ahmet Chalabi im Irak, ein gesuchter Betrüger, organisierte den Raubzug von Milliarden im Irak für die Amerikaner, was ebenso System war.

Identische Firmen Logos, der selbe Designer bei den Internatonalen Raubzügen und der Terroristen Finanzierung und der der Finanzierung auch der Familie des Recep Erdogan, als Partner, einem normalen Joint Venture, aller Betrugs Firmen rund um Privatisierungen.

Das kurdische Unternehmen The Nokan Group. Einem Bericht des britischen Unterhauses zufolge

ist Genel Energy die einzige britische Firma in dem Gebiet.

Erst die Russen zeigten den Obama vor wenigen Tagen in Antalya, Fotos der Tankwagen Kolonnen, welche unter dem Schutz der NATO, US und Londoner Verbrecher standen, wobei Nathaniel Rothschild auch Montenegrinischen Pass hat, dort seine hohen Millionen Profite wäscht und in der Schweiz wäscht. Die USA, die NATO Medien als Verbrecher Organisationen verbreiteten die Lügen der USA, man würde gegen den Terrorimus, oder gegen die IS kämpfen. Eine üble Lüge, denn man will auch mit den Flüchtlungs Wellen Europa destabilisieren, was im Balkan und in vielen Ländern schon gelang.

USA und Türkei dulden Öl-Schmuggel des Islamischen Staats Weiterlesen …

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Wenn einfach Berufs Betrüger wie Ahmed Chalabi, oder Frank Wisner:zum Vorbeter des korrupten und Hirnlosen US – NATO Politik Apparates wurde

November 8, 2015 2 Kommentare

Die korrupten Verblödung nahm seinen Lauf, als Kriminelle US und Britische Politiker Profite machen wollten unter der Flagge der NeoCons wie Tony Blair, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Georg Bush jun. Angela Merkel und andere Ratten wie Berlusconi. Krieg und Zerstörung für private Geschäfte und der nun verstorbenee vorbestrafte Berufs Betrüger im Stile der Amerikaner, betete erneut die tollsten Storys vor, damit er den Posten als Geld Verwalter erhält, nachdem der Irak besetzt ist. Massenmord der Irakis wurde geplant durch General Petreus, mit Chalabi, damit man den Aufbau der Zivilen Struktur leichter handhaben kann, wenn es weniger Menschen gibt. Die Kontrolle der Sicherheit wurde so einfacher, wenn Blackwater Söldner – MPRI, Joschka Fischers Terroristen Gangster im Balkan mit Immunitäts Vertrag in Deutschland, einfach Leute abknallen auf der Strasse, wenn man vorbeifuhr. Das ist Deutsche Politik, auch in Afghanistan, wo man nur die übelsten Verbrecher finanzierte wie General Fahim, im Kosovo und Albanien identisch.

Ratten Nest einer kriminellen Organisation, der komplette US und NATO Militär Apparat, wo Milliarden spurlos verschwanden. Zum Schimpfwort wurden Schlagworte wie „Humanitäre Kriege“ „Demokratie“ und Ziviler Aufbau, wo jeder Kriminelle dann Minister und Premier Minister wurde, solange er das Wort Demokratie in den Mund nahm als US Lakai.

USA IS Terrorist

The Death of a Charming Charlatan

Ahmed Chalabi, who served as leader of the Iraqi National Congress.

Exclusive: The death of Ahmed Chalabi, the Iraqi exile who collaborated with U.S. neocons to bamboozle the American people into invading Iraq, merits a moment of reflection on how the ongoing chaos in the Middle East (and now Europe) got going, writes retired USAF Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski.

In October 2007, Chalabi was appointed by Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki to head the Iraqi services committee, a consortium of eight service ministries and two Baghdad municipal posts tasked with the “surge” plan’s next phase, restoring electricity, health, education and local security services to Baghdad neighborhoods. David Petraeus’ “Brownie”, Chalabi did a “heck of a job” supporting the good General’s efforts to ease the demand on services in Baghdad by reducing the number of living Iraqis.

America’s Chalabi Legacy of Lies

President George W. Bush announcing the start of his invasion of Iraq on March 19, 2003.

Exclusive: The passing of Iraqi fabricator Ahmed Chalabi, one of the “heroes in error” who duped the American people into the Iraq invasion, is a good time to remember how the corrupted intelligence/media process worked back then – and how it continues to operate today, writes Robert Parry.

Wie der CIA Offizier Robert Baer 20 Jahre später erklärte, schickte man ein paar CIA Leute, um Panik zuverbreiten und um Kriminelle als Politiker zufinanzierern, welche mit Mord und Terror einen Bürgerkrieg organisierten. Das ging mit der Ermordung der Jugolawien Armee Soldaten an der Slowenisch, Österreichischen Grenze los, welche sich mit weisser Fahne ergaben, oder mit der Ermordung des SZ Journalisten Egon Scotland, der dem grossen Betrug und den CIA Agenden auf die Spur kam.

24.10.2013 | 20:18 31
Die Rolle des CIA im Jugoslawienkrieg

Geheimdienst: Wie die Öffentlichkeit manipuliert wird, Feindbilder erzeugt und damit militärische Einsätze legitimiert werden. Die Realität überholt Verschwörungs- theorien.

Ein Blog-Beitrag von Freitag-Community-Mitglied pleifel

„Vergleiche mit den Nazis mögen hier und da hinken – eines bleibt: Wer mit derselben fanatischen Überzeugung Menschen systematisch mordet, vertreibt, vergewaltigt und ihrer elementaren Rechte beraubt, dem muss mit aller Macht in den Arm gefallen werden.“ (Bundesminister der Verteidigung Rudolf Scharping)

Nach und nach kommen immer mehr Einzelheiten ans Licht, die ein  neues Bild über die Hintergründe des Jugoslawienkriegs ergeben. Humanitäre Gründe waren nur vordergründig der Auslöser für den Einsatz der Nato.

Ein lesenswerter Beitrag dazu: „Der Wohltätigkeitsverein“ von Ralph Hartmann aus Ossietzky 21/2013.

Dieser Beitrag gibt die Meinung des Autors wieder, nicht


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Bundeswehr hat keine Kenntnis über den Verbleib der gelieferten Waffen im Nordirak

Immer mit Kriminellen, die einzige Politik Deutschland und der Hofschranze Friedbert Pflüger, der dort als Lobbyiste auftritt.

Man unterstützt Folter, Mord, geheime Gefängnisse, eine Traditon krimineller Politik in Berlin schon mit den Kosovo Terroristen, Afghanistischen Mord Warlords und Afrikanischen Schlächtern, bis zur Mexikanischen Drogen Mafia.

ARD-Magazin MONITOR Bundeswehr hat keine Kenntnis über den Verbleib der gelieferten Waffen im Nordirak – Schwere Vorwürfe gegen Peschmerga-Milizen

Die Bundeswehr im Nordirak weiß nicht, an welche Einheiten der kurdischen Peschmerga-Milizen die gelieferten Waffen nach deren Ankunft im Irak gehen. Das räumte der Sprecher der Bundeswehr vor Ort im Interview mit dem ARD-Magazin „Monitor“ ein (Donnerstag, 21:45 Uhr im Ersten):


Logo Monitor
Bild vergrößern © WDR

„Wir können nicht verfolgen, wo die einzelnen Waffen hingehen. Wir haben keine Kenntnisse über die einzelnen Bataillone oder gar Kompanien, wo die Waffen sich befinden“, sagte Oberstleutnant Torsten Stephan dem ARD-Magazin.

Recherchen von „Monitor“ im Nordirak legen zudem schwere Menschenrechtsverletzungen durch Peschmerga-Milizen und die kurdische Führung nahe. So schilderten mehrere kurdische Regierungskritiker „Monitor“, wie sie vom Geheimdienst der Autonomieregierung oder Privatmilizen in Geheimgefängnisse gebracht und dort gefoltert wurden. Die kurdische Autonomieregierung beschuldigen sie, solche Gefängnisse auch weiterhin zu unterhalten und befürchten, dass die westlichen Waffen schon bald auch gegen sie gerichtet werden könnten.

Ein ranghoher Peschmerga-General wird darüber hinaus verdächtigt, einen Auftragsmord an einem regimekritischen Journalisten angeordnet zu haben. Bis Ende Dezember 2014 befehligte er einen der Frontabschnitte, die mit deutschen Waffen ausgestattet wurden. Das belegen Filmaufnahmen von „Monitor“.

Die Krisenbeauftrage der Menschenrechtsorganisation amnesty international, Donatella Rovera, äußerte scharfe Kritik am Verhalten der Bundeswehr. Den Verbleib gelieferter Waffen nachzuverfolgen, „liegt in der Verantwortung jeder Regierung, die Waffen verkauft oder kostenlos weitergibt“. Vor diesem Hintergrund sei das Verhalten der Bundeswehr „absolut falsch“. Die Bundesregierung trage damit auch „die Mitverantwortung für alle Verbrechen“, die mit diesen Waffen begangen werden.

Menschenrechtsbeauftragter der Bundesregierung fordert Aufklärung

Der Menschenrechtsbeauftragte der Bundesregierung, Christoph Strässer, forderte gegenüber „Monitor“, dass die deutsche Hilfe an Peschmerga-Milizen in dieser Form nicht weiter geleistet werden dürfe, sollten sich die Vorwürfe bestätigen. „Geheimgefängnisse, insbesondere Foltergefängnisse, müssen geschlossen werden. Das ist eine Voraussetzung für eine vernünftige und verantwortungsvolle Zusammenarbeit mit einem Staat. Und da kann man auch keine Kompromisse schließen.“ Strässer kündigte an, entsprechende Anfragen an die Bundesregierung stellen zu wollen.

Die Bundesregierung antwortete auf „Monitor“-Anfrage, dass „Berichte über Verletzungen des humanitären Völkerrechts sehr ernst genommen“ werden und die vereinbarte Endverbleibserklärung für Waffen und Rüstungsgüter hin. Es lägen „keine Erkenntnisse vor, dass die Regierung der Region Kurdistan-Irak von der unterzeichneten Endverbleibserklärung abweicht“.

Noch in diesem Monat soll der Bundestag über die Ausweitung des Bundeswehr-Einsatzes Nordirak entscheiden. Zusätzlich denkt die Bundesregierung darüber nach, den kurdischen Peschmerga-Milizen noch mehr Waffen und Ausrüstung für den Kampf gegen den so genannten Islamischen Staat zu liefern.

Flüchtlingslager | Bild: Ahmet Senyurt zum Artikel Freikauf IS-Geiseln Deutsches Lösegeld an den IS

Über 5000 jesidische Frauen und Mädchen sollen von der Terrormiliz „Islamischer Staat“ (IS) im Irak und Syrien verschleppt worden sein. Einige Hundert sollen bislang freigekauft worden sein. Auch mithilfe von deutschen Geldern. Dies zeigen exklusive Recherchen von BR und DIE ZEIT. [mehr]

14.01.2015 – Die nächste Runde in Mittelost

BERLIN/ERBIL (Eigener Bericht) – Berlin nutzt das Massaker in Paris zu
einer umfassenden Kampagne für die weitere Aufrüstung im
geostrategischen Kampf um die Sicherung der Einflusssphären in Nah-
und Mittelost. Man müsse im Kampf gegen den „Islamischen Staat“ (IS)
zusammenstehen, erklärt Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel mit Blick auf
die Pariser Demonstration am vergangenen Wochenende. Weil der IS eine
Bedrohung sei, müsse man ihn bekämpfen und nun die Lieferung weiterer
Waffen an die Peschmerga im Nordirak in Betracht ziehen, heißt es in
Berlin. Noch im Januar wird der Bundestag einen Irak-Einsatz der
Bundeswehr beschließen. Während Berlin ausdrücklich erklärt, es werde
sich nur um einen Einsatz zur Ausbildung irakischer Streitkräfte
handeln, bereiten die USA Medienberichten zufolge „eine gewaltige
Frühjahrsoffensive“ vor, um irakischen Truppen bei der Rückeroberung
IS-kontrollierter Gebiete zu helfen. Der neue Irak-Einsatz der
Bundeswehr folgt auf das Scheitern der bisherigen Bemühungen, in
Afghanistan, im Irak oder in Syrien zuverlässig prowestliche Regime zu
installieren. Dem IS, gegen den der Krieg sich richtet, hat der Westen
selbst den Weg an die Macht ermöglicht.


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John Kiriakou: über die westliche Werte Gemeinschaft und das System der Folter, Morde, Regierungs Umstürze

Dezember 16, 2014 7 Kommentare

update: Arte Doku im Dezember 2014 : John Kiriakou war in Wirklichkeit ein whistleblower, der die Folter Praktiken in den USA Medien publik machte und auch die Lügen. Einige Klar Namen der Folterer in den Kommentaren.

Die Dreh- und Angelscheibe dieses Mord-Netzwerkes heisst doch Ramstein, und diese Air Base liegt in Deutschland, was die gekauften Medien vertuschen, wobei am schlimmsten die NATO Website setimes ist. Im März 2015, wurde die Website geschlossen. Southeast European Times was a United States European Command-sponsored news website dedicated to coverage of Southeast Europe that ended publication in March 2015.

Was ist das für eine «Wertegemeinschaft»?Die USA und Europa nach dem Senatsbericht über Folterpraktiken der US-Geheimdienste | von Willy Wimmer, ehemaliger Staatssekretär im deutschen Bundesverteidigungsministerium

John Kiriakou, left, leaving court in Alexandria

Georg Tenet Man: Ex-CIA Officer John Kiriakou Indicted

Schweig, Verräter!

Whistleblower im Visier

Live Dienstag, 16. Dezember um 20:15 Uhr (97 Min.)

Whistleblower packen aus. Nicht über die brisanten Geheimdienstinformationen, die sie öffentlich machten, sondern über ihr Schicksal als „Verräter“ und angeklagte Straftäter. Weil sie die Wahrheit sagten, stehen sie nun am Pranger. In ihrer Geschichte spiegelt sich das Bild einer panischen politischen Praxis der USA im Kampf gegen den internationalen Terror.

Ex-C.I.A. Officer’s Path From Terrorist Hunter to Defendant

Published: January 24, 2012

WASHINGTON — In March 2002, John Kiriakou coordinated a team of fellow Central Intelligence Agency officers and Pakistani agents that descended upon a house in Pakistan where they believed they might find Abu Zubaydah, a high-level figure in Al Qaeda.

Foltern hat keinerlei Ergebnisse gebracht, wie der US Senats Bericht in vielen Details aufzeigt, über die Verbrechen der US Partner und der CIA Terroristen.

Nur ein Teil des geheimes Berichtes der in Wirklichkeit 6.000 Seiten lang ist und nicht 528 Seiten, die nun veröffentlicht wurden. Dana Priest eine investigative Journalistin erklärt die Fakten.


The release of the executive summary of the Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA’s post-9/11 interrogation program is, among other things, an epic act of record preservation.

Numerous CIA records that might not have been disclosed for decades, or ever, were rescued from oblivion by the Senate report and are now indelibly cited and quoted, even if many of them are not yet released in full.

That’s not a small thing, since the history of the CIA interrogation program was not a story that the Agency was motivated or equipped to tell.

“The CIA informed the Committee that due to CIA record retention policies, the CIA could not produce all CIA email communications requested by the Committee,” the report noted, explaining that the desired information was sometimes recovered from a reply message when the original email was missing.

Agency emails turned out to be a critical source of information, a fact that illuminates the Committee’s sharp response recently to the (now suspended) CIA proposal to the National Archives (NARA) to destroy most Agency emails of non-senior officials.

Thus, the gruesome record of the waterboarding of al Qaeda operative Abu Zubaydah “was referenced in emails, but was not documented or otherwise noted in CIA cables.” (This is at odds with NARA’s initial view that “It is unlikely that permanent records will be found in these email accounts that is not filed in other appropriate files.”)

The Committee report is also a remarkable demonstration of the congressional oversight function that is all the more impressive because it was performed in adverse, unfavorable conditions.

It is striking to see how the CIA sometimes treated the Senate Intelligence Committee, its leadership and its staff with the same disdain and evasiveness that is often perceived by FOIA requesters and other members of the public.

Committee questions were ignored, inaccurate information was provided, and the oversight process was gamed.

“Internal CIA emails include discussion of how the CIA could ‘get… off the hook on the cheap’ regarding [then-Committee] Chairman [Bob] Graham’s requests for additional information…. In the end, CIA officials simply did not respond to Graham’s requests prior to his departure from the Committee in January 2003,” the report said.

“I am deeply disturbed by the implications of the study for the committee’s ability to discharge its oversight responsibility,” wrote Sen. Angus King (I-Maine) in his additional remarks. “Because it appears from the study that the committee was continuously misled as to virtually all aspects of this program, it naturally raises the extremely troubling question as to whether we can trust the representations of the agency in connection with difficult or sensitive issues in the future.”

But minority members of the Committee disputed this characterization: “In reality, the overall pattern of engagement with the Congress shows that the CIA attempted to keep the Congress informed of its activities,” they wrote in their extensive dissenting views.

Perhaps the most important achievement of the Committee report was to document and memorialize the fact that agents of the US Government practiced torture. Not “harsh measures” or “enhanced techniques,” but torture.

Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine), who criticized what she said were methodological flaws in the Committee report, said in her additional views that “Despite these significant flaws, the report’s findings lead me to conclude that some detainees were subject to techniques that constituted torture. This inhumane and brutal treatment never should have occurred.”

By the same token, the most important omission from the report is the absence of any discussion of remedies.

Now that it is firmly established that “we tortured some folks,” as President Obama awkwardly put it, the question is what to do about it. Confession without atonement is incomplete.

Prosecution seems problematic for a number of reasons, including the difficulty of localizing responsibility, when it is entire institutions and not just particular officials that failed.

A different approach to the problem would start by considering the individuals who suffered abuse at the hands of the U.S. government, including a number of persons who were detained in error. Congress could now ask how some of them (i.e. those who are still alive) could be compensated in some measure for what was wrongly done to them.

Several previous efforts to seek remedies for torture were deflected by use of the state secrets privilege. In light of the detailed findings of the Senate Intelligence Committee report, that sort of evasion should be harder to sustain. Congress could accelerate a resolution of the problem with a focused investigation of what potential remedies are now feasible and appropriate.

Senate CIA Torture Report Timeline December 9, 2014

2014-1694.pdf Senate CIA Torture Report Feinstein Statement December 9, 2014
2014-1693.htm offsite CIA Response to Torture Report 1 2 3 December 9, 2014
2014-1692.pdf Senate CIA Torture Report State Talk Points December 9, 2014
2014-1691.pdf Senate CIA Torture Report Obama Statement December 9, 2014
2014-1690.pdf Senate CIA Torture Report Minority Views December 9, 2014 (14.5MB)

2014-1689.pdf Senate CIA Torture Report Additional Views December 9, 2014 (2.0MB)
2014-1688.txt Hacked RU Interior Ministry URLs and File List December 9, 2014
2014-1687.pdf Senate CIA Torture Report December 9, 2014 (108MB)

EU – US Partner: Scharfschützenmorde in Kiew – Die Spur führt zum Rechten Sektor

CIA-Folter: Amerikas Demokratie in Trümmern

Von Joseph Kishore, 12. Dezember 2014

Die Reaktion der Obama-Regierung und des politischen Establishments auf den Senatsbericht zur CIA-Folter macht deutlich, dass keiner der Verantwortlichen für diese schrecklichen Verbrechen für seine Taten verhaftet, angeklagt oder vor Gericht gestellt werden wird.

CIA-Folter und die Verbrechen des Staates

Zum Folterreport der CIA:
Die USA und ihr Legitimitätsproblem

Von Tom Carter, 9. Dezember 2014

Hitler lässt grüssen, wobei Hitler nicht so schlimm war wie die heutige NATO Verbrecher.

Das Steinmeiersche Programm erinnerte dabei stark an längst vergangen geglaubte deutsche Großmachtgelüste. „Deutschland solle ‚Europa anführen, um die Welt anzuführen’, ‚Russland europäisieren’ und ‚die USA multilateralisieren’“, forderte Steinmeier unter Berufung auf einen Aufsatz, der seit Monaten auf einer offiziellen Website des Außenministeriums prangt. Er fügte hinzu: „Keine ganz kleinen Aufgaben!“

Diese Worte kann man nicht missverstehen. Die Rückkehr Deutschlands zu einer aggressiven Außenpolitik verläuft wieder entlang ähnlicher Linien wie in der ersten Hälfte des 20. Jahrhunderts. Die deutschen Eliten betrachten es erneut als ihre „Aufgabe“, Europa zu dominieren, um Weltmacht zu werden. Dieses Programm des deutschen Imperialismus bedeutet heute wie damals Konflikt mit Russland und mit den USA.

„Russland europäisieren“ heißt nichts anderes, als Russland einem von Deutschland kontrollierten Europa unterzuordnen. „Die USA multilateralisieren“ bedeutet, den USA ihre Rolle als Weltmacht streitig zu machen. Mit anderen Worten: Die deutsche Außenpolitik wird sich künftig in zunehmendem Maße in Konflikt mit den beiden Mächten entwickeln, denen es bereits in zwei Weltkriegen gegenüber stand.

Nach den Verbrechen des Nazi-Regimes sind die deutschen Eliten allerdings – zumindest momentan noch – bemüht, ihr Programm eines dritten „Griffs nach der Weltmacht“ so darzustellen, als würde es von außen an sie herangetragen. „Die Erwartung an deutsches Engagement“ begegne ihm täglich von seinen „Gesprächspartnern im Ausland“, beteuerte Steinmeier im Adlon. Er habe deshalb „eine große Gruppe von internationalen Experten gebeten, ihre Erwartungen an deutsche Außenpolitik zu formulieren“.

Steinmeiers Großmachtrede vor der deutschen Wirtschaft

Von Johannes Stern, 5. Dezember 2014

In seiner Auftaktrede beim SZ-Wirtschaftsgipfel richtete der Außenminister einen Appell an die deutsche Wirtschaft, den Aufstieg Deutschlands zur Weltmacht zu unterstützen.

Willy Wimmer: Jetzt reicht es! und die Inkompetenz der AA Truppe mit Frank Walter Steinmeier

European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), als Ableger des CFR: Front Organisation im Drogen und Waffen Handel

Über den Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

Die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik ist ein direkter „Kaktusableger“ des CFR

Henry Kissinger über die NATO, EU, US Idioten mit der Ukraine

Robert Parry: besoffene Ukrainische Militärs haben die MH 17 abgeschossen

Und die Ukraine ist total Bankrott, sagt der neue Wirtschafts Minister Aivaras Abromavicius, ein vom Westen eingesetzter Banken Gangster, der die Ukrainische Staats Angehörigkeit schnell erhielt

Ukraine’s new minister of economic development says Ukraine is bankrupt

11.12.2014 09:19:06

Focus ^ | 11 December 2014 | 01:02 |
Kiev. As cited by Itar Tass, Ukraine’s new Minister of Economic Development and Trade Aivaras Abromavicius said on Wednesday the country was in fact a bankrupt. “The state, as a matter of fact, is a bankrupt, so, it is simply unrealistic to expect us to offer real, but not declarative, programmes of motivation,” he said at a session of the Verkhovna Rada /parliament/ committee for economic policy. “Hence, the main thing now is not to impede businesses, and business will put things at rights.” He promised that it would take about two years for Ukraine to be ranked among top..
Fazit: Steinmeier und seine Lügen über Afghanistan, würde Bücher füllen schon vor 10 Jahren.
Milliarden sind weg, man spricht von über 26 Milliarden € nur von Deutschland in Afghanistan.

“Fortschrittsbericht” zu Afghanistan: NATO-Invasion hat keines der gesetzten Ziele erreicht

Der „Fortschrittsbericht“ der Bundesregierung zu Afghanistan kommt einem Offenbarungseid des „Demokratieexportes“ gleich, der durch den Nato-geführten Einmarsch 2011 angeblich stattfinden sollte. Die Armut ist in den letzten Jahren genauso gestiegen …

Noch ein CIA Analyst der auspackt, neben Robert Bear ebenso Alles erfahrene Leute. Vor über 10 Jahren, war das noch als Red and Blue Team bekannt.

Dividing the CIA in Two

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper talks with President Barack Obama in the Oval Office. (Photo credit: Office of Director of National Intelligence)

When created in 1947, the CIA was meant to coordinate objective intelligence and thus avert some future Pearl Harbor attack, but its secondary role – engaging in covert operations – came to corrupt its independence, a problem that must now be addressed, says ex-CIA analyst Melvin A. Goodman.

Vereint im Verbrechen: Barak Obama und Al-Maliki im Irak

Mord an ueber 1 Milionen Irakischen Zivilisten und das Morden geht weiter mit den US Verbrechern! Kriminelle Horden der NATO mit Massen Mord als System

Ten years on, the US are helping to destroy Fallujah again
Justice for Iraq

February 20, 2014 -Conflict and carnage on a scale unseen since the height of the Occupation nearly a decade ago have broken out in Iraq’s Anbar Province. Over 140,000 people have been made homeless since fighting started at the end of last year. According to the UN, 65,000 people fled the fighting in the towns of Fallujah and Ramadi in one week alone.Some commentators see the violence as a spillover from the Syrian conflict. Others analyse it in terms of Sunni tribesmen in dispute. When Iraq’s corrupt government earned a rebuke from the usually inert UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, who called on Nuri al-Maliki to address the root causes of the conflict, the Iraqi prime minister retorted, „We do not hold dialogue with al-Qaeda.“ The pernicious narrative, peddled by the Iraqi Government and picked up in the mainstream media, that Al-Qaeda had taken over Fallujah, was a long way from the truth. But it helped to secure an immediate delivery of arms to the Iraqi regime from its US puppeteers to help quell the protests in Anbar…
  continua / continued avanti - next    [105051] [ 22-feb-2014 03:07 ECT ]

More US Apache attack helicopters to Maliki? Are these children Qaeda?
Read and judge

Ibrahim Ebeid


February 15, 2014

David S. Cloud of the Los Angeles Times January 27, 2014, 5:13 p.m. reports that „Iraq’s embattled government will be allowed to buy and lease Apache attack helicopters to help fight a renewed insurgency after a U.S. lawmaker lifted his long-running objections to the deal, the Pentagon said Monday.

The agreement allows Iraq to lease as many as six Apaches this year and purchase another two dozen for delivery over the next three years, officials said.

Iraq’s military hopes to use the aircraft against militants from the Al Qaeda-linked group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, who have overrun parts of Iraq’s Anbar province, including the capital, Ramadi, and the city of Fallouja. The fighting has left hundreds of civilians, soldiers and militants dead and forced thousands of families to flee.

The Pentagon said the Apache leasing deal was worth $1.37 billion and included 152 Hellfire missiles, launchers, night-vision goggles, spare parts and other gear. The U.S. is also preparing to train Iraqi troops in Jordan, officials said.

High-level Brussels conference exposes human rights abuse in Iraq
Press Release by office of Struan Stevenson, President of the European Parliament’s Delegation for Relations with Iraq


February 19, 2014 – …In his address to the conference Dr Rafe Al Refaei – the Grand Mufti of Iraq, said: „Maliki is following a heinous policy of indiscriminate bombings of innocent people. The people of Al-Anbar did not start the war. We did everything to reach a peaceful settlement. Maliki forces attacked the peaceful rallies. They have bombarded the houses of innocent people. My own brother was killed last week in the bombardment and was not from al Qaeda or from Daesh. When Maliki launched his so-called war against terrorists in the desert in Anbar province not a single combatant of al Qaeda was killed. The only people killed were innocent shepherds. What is happening in Fallujah is genocide. 1000 civilians have been injured. Events in Iraq have taken a very dangerous turn. It could lead to a civil war in which all Iraqi people will lose. The European Parliament should deal with this matter. We’ve been handed on a golden platter to the Iranian govt.“….
  continua / continued avanti - next    [105040] [ 21-feb-2014 22:39 ECT ]

Complaint filed at International Criminal Court over NATO allies’ complicity in US drone strikes

February 19, 2014 – Drone victims are today lodging a complaint with the International Criminal Court (ICC) accusing NATO member states of war crimes over their role in facilitating the US’ covert drone programme in Pakistan.
It has been revealed in recent months that the UK, Germany, Australia, and other NATO partners support US drone strikes through intelligence-sharing. Because all these countries are signatories to the Rome Statute, they fall under The ICC’s jurisdiction and can therefore be investigated for war crimes. Kareem Khan – whose civilian brother and son were killed in a 2009 drone strike – is at The Hague with his lawyers from the human rights charity Reprieve and the Foundation for Fundamental Rights who have filed the complaint on his behalf…
  continua / continued avanti - next    [105039] [ 21-feb-2014 22:24 ECT ]

What is The Aim of Al-Maliki Government?
Dr.Eman Ahmed Khammas


February 15, 2014 – ….But ,the question that arises itself in – perhaps- some naivety; if the aim of occupying Iraq was to terminate the Iraqi State, since it’s an obstacle in the way of the Zionist-American strategic project, why does Al-Maliki follow the steps of the occupation and all its brutal policy, criminality and destruction? Maybe the readers remember how the American occupation claimed that it drawn Al-Qaeda, assembled it and hit it through the occupation of the country. The Iraqi government did the same: few days ago, Hasan Al-Shammari, the Minister of Justice confessed that they released some of the armed group leaders, in a spectacle operation of smuggling prisoners from the two prisons in Abu-Ghraib and Al-Taji. After a short period, there was news about the entrance of 5000 armed men ( from Syria, not from Iraq) – here we are talking about the escaped Syrian civilians who fled their houses due to the criminal bombing of Bashar Al-Asad regime. Now the Iraqi government is killing, destroying and committing crimes, in the pretext of “ fighting terrorism“. Isn’t the picture clear in the two similar scenarios? To open the gate to the terrorists, then killing the civilians, in the name of fighting terrorism…
  continua / continued avanti - next    [104934] [ 17-feb-2014 12:47 ECT ]

he Libyan Bedlam: General Hifter, the CIA and the Unfinished Coup
By Ramzy Baroud

February 19, 2014 -On Friday, Feb 14, 92 prisoners escaped from their prison in the Libyan town of Zliten. 19 of them were eventually recaptured, two of whom were wounded in clashes with the guards. It was just another daily episode highlighting the utter chaos which has engulfed Libya since the overthrow of Muammar Ghaddafi in 2011. Much of this is often reported with cliché explanations as in the country’s ’security vacuum’, or Libya’s lack of a true national identity. Indeed, tribe and region seem to supersede any other affiliation, but it is hardly that simple. On that same Friday, Feb 14, Maj. Gen. Khalifa Hifter announced a coup in Libya..
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09.08.2015 | 00:00

War Crimes in Iraq

At the moment the city of Fallujah in Iraq is occupied by Islamic State (ISIL) savages and is reported by the Pentagon to be under bombardment by strike aircraft of «US and coalition military forces». On 31 May, for example, «near Fallujah, one airstrike struck an ISIL tactical unit, destroying two ISIL fighting positions».

Western television and newspapers do not often carry details of such airstrikes. Indeed the western media rarely provide information such as that in al-Araby whose reporter was told by a health services spokesperson in Fallujah that «fighter jets and helicopters [dropped] barrel bombs on several neighbourhoods in Fallujah on Sunday [5 July, 2015] killing 29 civilians, including three entire families, and injuring at 41 others».

Fallujah was first subjected to ruthless attacks during the US war on Iraq when in 2004 it was twice besieged by US soldiers and Marines who finally destroyed much of the city after massive artillery bombardments and round-the-clock airstrikes. (The artillery fired White Phosphorous shells in the anti-personnel role.) And now, as stated by that saintly organisation, the UN High Commission for Refugees, «increased clashes following the launch of an Iraqi government offensive in Anbar have forced more than 250,000 civilians across the province to flee their homes since April. Since the beginning of the crisis early last year more than a million Iraqis from Anbar have been displaced».

The population of Fallujah continues to suffer horrifically and the Kurdish news agency Rudaw reported on 28 July that «3,243 corpses have been transported to the hospital, 279 of them were women and 249 were children», following airstrikes by «Iraqi jets and coalition warplanes on Fallujah neighbourhoods since early 2014».

Appalling war crimes have been committed by «coalition forces» in their aerial blitz on Fallujah, but its inhabitants are no strangers to such brutality.

In 2004 US ground and air forces committed war crimes in and around Fallujah, setting the scene for the future of all Iraq.

It is very rarely that mainstream TV networks and newspapers in the United States report on war incidents that could give rise to international criticism of their country, but sometimes it is unavoidable, and one particularly evil crime in Fallujah was covered by some papers. The New York Times had to record on 16 November 2004 that «A United States marine shot and killed a wounded and apparently unarmed Iraqi prisoner in a mosque in the former insurgent stronghold of Falluja, according to pool television pictures broadcast Monday… The shooting on Saturday was videotaped by a pool correspondent [of NBC News] who said three other previously wounded prisoners in the mosque also had apparently been shot again by the marines inside the mosque».

The Washington Post reported the incident at the time, but it can’t be tracked in the archives. What appeared in the paper was «The killing of a wounded Iraqi by a US Marine in Fallujah was termed a „tragic incident“ by the US military commander in Iraq on Tuesday as Arab satellite channels replayed unedited footage of the shooting as often as every half-hour. While US networks declined to air the actual shooting [emphasis added], Arab networks such as al Jazeera and al Arabiya broadcast the entire incident, with graphics and narration illustrating the sequence of events. At times, the images were frozen. The gunshot splashed blood against the wall behind the Iraqi’s head, and the man’s body went limp».

Nothing was done about this horrific war crime. Nobody expected there to be a proper investigation, and none was held. US forces were never held accountable for even the most obvious violations of the Geneva Conventions.

An Iraqi Associated Press photographer, Bilal Hussein, stayed in Fallujah during the city’s dying days in 2004 and his record of the carnage and destruction is stark and shocking. When «US soldiers began to open fire on the houses… I decided that it was very dangerous to stay in my house», and he decided to escape across the Euphrates River which flows on the western side of the city. «I wasn’t really thinking», he said. «Suddenly, I just had to get out. I didn’t think there was any other choice… I decided to swim… but I changed my mind after seeing US helicopters firing on and killing people who tried to cross the river». A family of five was shot dead as they tried to cross, and he «helped bury a man by the river bank, with my own hands… I kept walking along the river for two hours and I could still see some US snipers ready to shoot anyone who might swim». He gave up the idea of being killed by a combination of bullets and drowning and managed to get away unscathed, and he was extremely lucky, because US snipers were most active.

In the week that Hussein saw the family being slaughtered by US gunships the Western media was portraying the Marines and soldiers destroying Fallujah as heroes. The Daily Telegraph of the UK and its Australian clone, the Sydney Morning Herald, entranced their readers in an article in November 2004 with an opening sentence that «After seven months in Iraq’s Sunni triangle, for many American soldiers of the 1st Infantry Division the opportunity to avenge dead friends by taking a life was a moment of sheer exhilaration». It reported a psychotic Sergeant Anyett as screaming «Yeah», he yelled. «Battle Damage Assessment — nothing. Building’s gone. I got my kills, I’m coming down. I just love my job».

As I wrote on 18 November 2004 : «He just loves his job? He loves killing people? Is this real? Is he a real person? Can he be a human being? I wore army uniform for 36 years and served in three places in which there was a certain amount of disturbance and even a modest amount of firing on the two-way range: Cyprus, during the ‘Emergency’; Borneo in Malaysia when Indonesia was trying to invade it ; and Vietnam, where nationalist patriots were trying to unite their country. And during my entire service I never heard a soldier say that he loved killing people. Apart from anything else (I mean such weird things as morality, dignity and decency), it would have been considered bizarre that anyone could think such a thing. If someone had said he loved killing people he would have been put very swiftly into the hands of the shrinks, the psychologist team, who would have ensured that he was removed from the army and given intensive treatment in a quiet and caring hospital until he regained his sanity and was fit to rejoin the human race».

But Sergeant Anyett and the rest of the demented killers in Fallujah were regarded as heroes and protected from any war crimes investigation.

Little wonder the US military are loathed, feared and despised throughout Iraq and in much of the rest of the world. They haven’t got «boots on the ground» again in Iraq – yet – but their legacy lingers, and nowhere is it so rancid as in Fallujah, where war crimes continue.

Republishing is welcomed with reference to Strategic Culture Foundation on-line journal

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