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Ein Kosovo: UCK – KLA Terrorist wurde verurteilt, wegen Kriegs Verbrechen: Xhemshit Krasniqi

Verbrechen ohne Ende, Entführung, Folterung, Tödung von Zivilisten, Frauen und Kindern: die Terroristen Organisation KLA – UCK, als US Verbündete im Spektakel der Mörder, Drogen Geschäfte und dem Terrorismus. Selten wurde Einer verurteilt wie nun: Xhemshit Krasniqi


siehe UN Berichte aus 2003 und wegen den NATO Verbrechen dauert das dann über 13 Jahre.UNMIK Forensic Report Organ Trafficking Kosovo und

09 Aug 16

Kosovo Ex-Guerrilla Jailed for Wartime Torture

EU rule-of-law mission judges sentenced former Kosovo Liberation Army fighter Xhemshit Krasniqi to eight years in jail for the abuse and torture of civilians in detention camps in Kosovo and Albania.

Marija Ristic


Xhemshit Krasniqi. Photo: Facebook

The panel of international judges at the Basic Court in Mitrovica on Monday found Xhemshit Krasniqi, a former member of Kosovo Liberation Army, KLA, guilty of war crimes against civilians and “unauthorised ownership, control and possession or use of weapons”.

According to the ruling, Krasniqi was responsible for the “arrest, illegal detention, violation of bodily integrity and health and torture of several witnesses and unknown civilians in the KLA camps in towns of Kukes and Cahan (Albania), as well as in town of Prizren (Kosovo) during 1999”.

The verdict said he committed his crimes in collaboration with other KLA members.

Krasniqi was sentenced to eight years in prison and told to pay a fine of 1,500 euros.

His detention on remand was extended until the verdict becomes final, as both parties have the right to appeal.

Krasniqi was arrested in October in his hometown of Prizren in southern Kosovo during a police operation staged by the EU-rule-of law mission, EULEX.

During the NATO bombing of the former Yugoslavia, from March to June 1999, the KLA, then fighting the Serbian police and military, had a base in the Albanian town of Kukes, from where they launched guerrilla operations across the border in Kosovo.

The KLA also maintained a network of prisons in their bases in Albania and Kosovo during and after the conflict of 1999.

These prisons held Kosovo Albanians suspected of collaboration, Serbs and Roma. Some detainees were tortured and it is also believed that some were killed.

The Serbian association of missing persons says some 500 Kosovo Serbs are still listed as missing.

A Council of Europe report from 2011 said KLA fighters used a former metal factory in Kukes and converted it into a multi-purpose facility, including at least two ‘cellblocks’ to house detainees…..

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NATO Staat: How Kosovo Was Turned Into Fertile Ground for ISIS

Motor des Terrorismus, des Verbrechens sind die USA
New York Times

How Kosovo Was Turned Into Fertile Ground for ISIS

Extremist clerics and secretive associations funded by Saudis and others
have transformed a once-tolerant Muslim society into a font of extremism.

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John Kiriakou: über die westliche Werte Gemeinschaft und das System der Folter, Morde, Regierungs Umstürze

Dezember 16, 2014 7 Kommentare

update: Arte Doku im Dezember 2014 : John Kiriakou war in Wirklichkeit ein whistleblower, der die Folter Praktiken in den USA Medien publik machte und auch die Lügen. Einige Klar Namen der Folterer in den Kommentaren.

Die Dreh- und Angelscheibe dieses Mord-Netzwerkes heisst doch Ramstein, und diese Air Base liegt in Deutschland, was die gekauften Medien vertuschen, wobei am schlimmsten die NATO Website setimes ist. Im März 2015, wurde die Website geschlossen. Southeast European Times was a United States European Command-sponsored news website dedicated to coverage of Southeast Europe that ended publication in March 2015.

Was ist das für eine «Wertegemeinschaft»?Die USA und Europa nach dem Senatsbericht über Folterpraktiken der US-Geheimdienste | von Willy Wimmer, ehemaliger Staatssekretär im deutschen Bundesverteidigungsministerium

John Kiriakou, left, leaving court in Alexandria

Georg Tenet Man: Ex-CIA Officer John Kiriakou Indicted

Schweig, Verräter!

Whistleblower im Visier

Live Dienstag, 16. Dezember um 20:15 Uhr (97 Min.)

Whistleblower packen aus. Nicht über die brisanten Geheimdienstinformationen, die sie öffentlich machten, sondern über ihr Schicksal als „Verräter“ und angeklagte Straftäter. Weil sie die Wahrheit sagten, stehen sie nun am Pranger. In ihrer Geschichte spiegelt sich das Bild einer panischen politischen Praxis der USA im Kampf gegen den internationalen Terror.

Ex-C.I.A. Officer’s Path From Terrorist Hunter to Defendant

Published: January 24, 2012

WASHINGTON — In March 2002, John Kiriakou coordinated a team of fellow Central Intelligence Agency officers and Pakistani agents that descended upon a house in Pakistan where they believed they might find Abu Zubaydah, a high-level figure in Al Qaeda.

Foltern hat keinerlei Ergebnisse gebracht, wie der US Senats Bericht in vielen Details aufzeigt, über die Verbrechen der US Partner und der CIA Terroristen.

Nur ein Teil des geheimes Berichtes der in Wirklichkeit 6.000 Seiten lang ist und nicht 528 Seiten, die nun veröffentlicht wurden. Dana Priest eine investigative Journalistin erklärt die Fakten.


The release of the executive summary of the Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA’s post-9/11 interrogation program is, among other things, an epic act of record preservation.

Numerous CIA records that might not have been disclosed for decades, or ever, were rescued from oblivion by the Senate report and are now indelibly cited and quoted, even if many of them are not yet released in full.

That’s not a small thing, since the history of the CIA interrogation program was not a story that the Agency was motivated or equipped to tell.

“The CIA informed the Committee that due to CIA record retention policies, the CIA could not produce all CIA email communications requested by the Committee,” the report noted, explaining that the desired information was sometimes recovered from a reply message when the original email was missing.

Agency emails turned out to be a critical source of information, a fact that illuminates the Committee’s sharp response recently to the (now suspended) CIA proposal to the National Archives (NARA) to destroy most Agency emails of non-senior officials.

Thus, the gruesome record of the waterboarding of al Qaeda operative Abu Zubaydah “was referenced in emails, but was not documented or otherwise noted in CIA cables.” (This is at odds with NARA’s initial view that “It is unlikely that permanent records will be found in these email accounts that is not filed in other appropriate files.”)

The Committee report is also a remarkable demonstration of the congressional oversight function that is all the more impressive because it was performed in adverse, unfavorable conditions.

It is striking to see how the CIA sometimes treated the Senate Intelligence Committee, its leadership and its staff with the same disdain and evasiveness that is often perceived by FOIA requesters and other members of the public.

Committee questions were ignored, inaccurate information was provided, and the oversight process was gamed.

“Internal CIA emails include discussion of how the CIA could ‘get… off the hook on the cheap’ regarding [then-Committee] Chairman [Bob] Graham’s requests for additional information…. In the end, CIA officials simply did not respond to Graham’s requests prior to his departure from the Committee in January 2003,” the report said.

“I am deeply disturbed by the implications of the study for the committee’s ability to discharge its oversight responsibility,” wrote Sen. Angus King (I-Maine) in his additional remarks. “Because it appears from the study that the committee was continuously misled as to virtually all aspects of this program, it naturally raises the extremely troubling question as to whether we can trust the representations of the agency in connection with difficult or sensitive issues in the future.”

But minority members of the Committee disputed this characterization: “In reality, the overall pattern of engagement with the Congress shows that the CIA attempted to keep the Congress informed of its activities,” they wrote in their extensive dissenting views.

Perhaps the most important achievement of the Committee report was to document and memorialize the fact that agents of the US Government practiced torture. Not “harsh measures” or “enhanced techniques,” but torture.

Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine), who criticized what she said were methodological flaws in the Committee report, said in her additional views that “Despite these significant flaws, the report’s findings lead me to conclude that some detainees were subject to techniques that constituted torture. This inhumane and brutal treatment never should have occurred.”

By the same token, the most important omission from the report is the absence of any discussion of remedies.

Now that it is firmly established that “we tortured some folks,” as President Obama awkwardly put it, the question is what to do about it. Confession without atonement is incomplete.

Prosecution seems problematic for a number of reasons, including the difficulty of localizing responsibility, when it is entire institutions and not just particular officials that failed.

A different approach to the problem would start by considering the individuals who suffered abuse at the hands of the U.S. government, including a number of persons who were detained in error. Congress could now ask how some of them (i.e. those who are still alive) could be compensated in some measure for what was wrongly done to them.

Several previous efforts to seek remedies for torture were deflected by use of the state secrets privilege. In light of the detailed findings of the Senate Intelligence Committee report, that sort of evasion should be harder to sustain. Congress could accelerate a resolution of the problem with a focused investigation of what potential remedies are now feasible and appropriate.

Senate CIA Torture Report Timeline December 9, 2014

2014-1694.pdf Senate CIA Torture Report Feinstein Statement December 9, 2014
2014-1693.htm offsite CIA Response to Torture Report 1 2 3 December 9, 2014
2014-1692.pdf Senate CIA Torture Report State Talk Points December 9, 2014
2014-1691.pdf Senate CIA Torture Report Obama Statement December 9, 2014
2014-1690.pdf Senate CIA Torture Report Minority Views December 9, 2014 (14.5MB)

2014-1689.pdf Senate CIA Torture Report Additional Views December 9, 2014 (2.0MB)
2014-1688.txt Hacked RU Interior Ministry URLs and File List December 9, 2014
2014-1687.pdf Senate CIA Torture Report December 9, 2014 (108MB)

EU – US Partner: Scharfschützenmorde in Kiew – Die Spur führt zum Rechten Sektor

CIA-Folter: Amerikas Demokratie in Trümmern

Von Joseph Kishore, 12. Dezember 2014

Die Reaktion der Obama-Regierung und des politischen Establishments auf den Senatsbericht zur CIA-Folter macht deutlich, dass keiner der Verantwortlichen für diese schrecklichen Verbrechen für seine Taten verhaftet, angeklagt oder vor Gericht gestellt werden wird.

CIA-Folter und die Verbrechen des Staates

Zum Folterreport der CIA:
Die USA und ihr Legitimitätsproblem

Von Tom Carter, 9. Dezember 2014

Hitler lässt grüssen, wobei Hitler nicht so schlimm war wie die heutige NATO Verbrecher.

Das Steinmeiersche Programm erinnerte dabei stark an längst vergangen geglaubte deutsche Großmachtgelüste. „Deutschland solle ‚Europa anführen, um die Welt anzuführen’, ‚Russland europäisieren’ und ‚die USA multilateralisieren’“, forderte Steinmeier unter Berufung auf einen Aufsatz, der seit Monaten auf einer offiziellen Website des Außenministeriums prangt. Er fügte hinzu: „Keine ganz kleinen Aufgaben!“

Diese Worte kann man nicht missverstehen. Die Rückkehr Deutschlands zu einer aggressiven Außenpolitik verläuft wieder entlang ähnlicher Linien wie in der ersten Hälfte des 20. Jahrhunderts. Die deutschen Eliten betrachten es erneut als ihre „Aufgabe“, Europa zu dominieren, um Weltmacht zu werden. Dieses Programm des deutschen Imperialismus bedeutet heute wie damals Konflikt mit Russland und mit den USA.

„Russland europäisieren“ heißt nichts anderes, als Russland einem von Deutschland kontrollierten Europa unterzuordnen. „Die USA multilateralisieren“ bedeutet, den USA ihre Rolle als Weltmacht streitig zu machen. Mit anderen Worten: Die deutsche Außenpolitik wird sich künftig in zunehmendem Maße in Konflikt mit den beiden Mächten entwickeln, denen es bereits in zwei Weltkriegen gegenüber stand.

Nach den Verbrechen des Nazi-Regimes sind die deutschen Eliten allerdings – zumindest momentan noch – bemüht, ihr Programm eines dritten „Griffs nach der Weltmacht“ so darzustellen, als würde es von außen an sie herangetragen. „Die Erwartung an deutsches Engagement“ begegne ihm täglich von seinen „Gesprächspartnern im Ausland“, beteuerte Steinmeier im Adlon. Er habe deshalb „eine große Gruppe von internationalen Experten gebeten, ihre Erwartungen an deutsche Außenpolitik zu formulieren“.

Steinmeiers Großmachtrede vor der deutschen Wirtschaft

Von Johannes Stern, 5. Dezember 2014

In seiner Auftaktrede beim SZ-Wirtschaftsgipfel richtete der Außenminister einen Appell an die deutsche Wirtschaft, den Aufstieg Deutschlands zur Weltmacht zu unterstützen.

Willy Wimmer: Jetzt reicht es! und die Inkompetenz der AA Truppe mit Frank Walter Steinmeier

European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), als Ableger des CFR: Front Organisation im Drogen und Waffen Handel

Über den Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

Die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik ist ein direkter „Kaktusableger“ des CFR

Henry Kissinger über die NATO, EU, US Idioten mit der Ukraine

Robert Parry: besoffene Ukrainische Militärs haben die MH 17 abgeschossen

Und die Ukraine ist total Bankrott, sagt der neue Wirtschafts Minister Aivaras Abromavicius, ein vom Westen eingesetzter Banken Gangster, der die Ukrainische Staats Angehörigkeit schnell erhielt

Ukraine’s new minister of economic development says Ukraine is bankrupt

11.12.2014 09:19:06

Focus ^ | 11 December 2014 | 01:02 |
Kiev. As cited by Itar Tass, Ukraine’s new Minister of Economic Development and Trade Aivaras Abromavicius said on Wednesday the country was in fact a bankrupt. “The state, as a matter of fact, is a bankrupt, so, it is simply unrealistic to expect us to offer real, but not declarative, programmes of motivation,” he said at a session of the Verkhovna Rada /parliament/ committee for economic policy. “Hence, the main thing now is not to impede businesses, and business will put things at rights.” He promised that it would take about two years for Ukraine to be ranked among top..
Fazit: Steinmeier und seine Lügen über Afghanistan, würde Bücher füllen schon vor 10 Jahren.
Milliarden sind weg, man spricht von über 26 Milliarden € nur von Deutschland in Afghanistan.

“Fortschrittsbericht” zu Afghanistan: NATO-Invasion hat keines der gesetzten Ziele erreicht

Der „Fortschrittsbericht“ der Bundesregierung zu Afghanistan kommt einem Offenbarungseid des „Demokratieexportes“ gleich, der durch den Nato-geführten Einmarsch 2011 angeblich stattfinden sollte. Die Armut ist in den letzten Jahren genauso gestiegen …

Noch ein CIA Analyst der auspackt, neben Robert Bear ebenso Alles erfahrene Leute. Vor über 10 Jahren, war das noch als Red and Blue Team bekannt.

Dividing the CIA in Two

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper talks with President Barack Obama in the Oval Office. (Photo credit: Office of Director of National Intelligence)

When created in 1947, the CIA was meant to coordinate objective intelligence and thus avert some future Pearl Harbor attack, but its secondary role – engaging in covert operations – came to corrupt its independence, a problem that must now be addressed, says ex-CIA analyst Melvin A. Goodman.

16 Jahre, wurden die Kosovo Todesschwadronen von kriminellen NATO Partner vertuscht

November 25, 2014 1 Kommentar

Alleged connections between top Kosovo politicians and assassin investigated

The final in Julian Borger’s series on Kosovo explores how senior figures in the governing party are being targeted in a major Eulex inquiry

EU’s biggest foreign mission in turmoil
EU accused over its Kosovo mission

Hashim Thaçi
The investigation into the shadowy spy group known as Shik could prove embarrassing for western intelligence agencies, whose support for PM Hashim Thaçi (pictured) dates back to the Kosovo war. Photograph: Valdrin Xhemaj/EPA

The EU legal mission in Kosovo, under fire for allegedly shielding powerful local politicians, reopened an investigation on Friday into connections between a convicted hit-man and senior figures in the governing party.
The move comes at a time when the EU is to send a legal expert to scrutinise the operations of the EU Rule of Law mission in Kosovo, Eulex, which is in crisis following recent allegations by a British whistleblower that it has been covering up evidence of corruption.

The investigation has been launched five years after a confessed assassin, Nazim Bllaca, claimed on video to have taken part in numerous killings of political opponents as part of a hit squad working for the intelligence wing of the governing PDK party.

A new investigation into the shadowy spy group, known as Shik, could also prove embarrassing for western intelligence agencies, particularly the CIA and France’s DGSE, whose support for prime minister Hashim Thaçi, the PDK and Shik dates back to the 1998-9 Kosovo war. At the time, the Americans and French backed Thaçi as the most effective Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) commander fighting the Serbian military, which was conducting a brutal counter-insurgency and “ethnic-cleansing campaign”.

Some Kosovar and Eulex investigators believe these wartime intelligence ties have helped protect the PDK leadership and held back efforts since Kosovo’s 2008 independence to curb the country’s runaway corruption and organised crime.

In his November 2009 video confession, Bllaca said he worked for Azem Syla, a former defence minister and several other powerful party figures.

According to the Kosovan daily Koha Ditore – which first published the revelations of the British whistleblower, Maria Bamieh, and the news of the Syla investigation – Bllaca’s family were moved abroad for their protection on Wednesday. The Guardian independently confirmed the launch of the Syla investigation with a Eulex source in Kosovo.

Syla and Thaçi have repeatedly dismissed allegations they were involved in corruption or political killings. Syla told Koha Ditore: “The credibility of such accusations is often unfounded and tendentious.”

In 2012 Syla was expelled from Switzerland, in part for abuse of the social security system, drawing €350,000 in disability payments there while he was working as a politician in Kosovo.

A Eulex spokeswoman, Dragana Nikolić-Solomon, said she could not confirm or deny an investigation was under way. “As you will appreciate, investigations cannot be commented in public. One of the main principles in such proceedings is the principle of confidentiality.”

The launch of the new enquiry, which will be conducted by Kosovan and Eulex investigators, will raise questions of why it was not begun five years earlier.

In his 2009 video Bllaca said that he worked for the execution arm of Shik, charged with killing “collaborators”, LDK officials and potential witnesses against KLA commanders for war crimes.

He said that between 1999 and 2003 he took part in an estimated 17 crimes, including assassinations, attempted assassinations, threats and blackmail, claiming that he worked directly for Syla.

His explosive testimony threatened to devastate the PDK and confirm suspicions that Shik, supposed to have been disbanded, remained a potent force in the shadows of Kosovan public life.

According to Andrea Capussela, former head of the economics unit in the International Civilian Office, a multilateral supervisory body in Kosovo, Shik is “the elite’s main instrument for political crime and a major criminal enterprise in its own right, with estimated annual earnings of $200m (£125m).”

Bllaca’s confession was highly embarrassing for Eulex as it turned out he had attempted months earlier to give his testimony to a top European prosecutor from the mission, who did not make a record of it. Furthermore, it took four days from Bllaca’s public testimony for Eulex to arrest him and put him in protective custody.

Bamieh, the British whistleblower at the heart of the current Eulex crisis, told the Guardian that she was prevented by a more senior prosecutor from questioning Bllaca about his information on PDK leaders and their involvement in suspicious privatisation deals. Bamieh was told he was not a credible witness.

“Evidently … his statements were judged credible in the parts in which he incriminated himself and other killers like him, but not credible in the parts in which he accused members of the political elite, despite the fact that such statements exposed him to a high risk of retaliation and were therefore unlikely to be knowingly false,” Capussela said in an assessment of Eulex’s six years of operations.

The new spotlight on the campaign of assassinations by Shik, may also prove uncomfortable for western intelligence agencies which helped set up the organisation during the Kosovo war, in which Nato sided with the KLA to oust Serbian forces from the former Yugoslav province, paving the way for its declaration of independence in 2008.

Kadri Veseli, the Shik chief and a close aide to Thaci, told the US news website GlobalPost in 2011: “We had a lot of partners — 25 intelligence services … The US, they help us a lot.”


Veseli said foreign intelligence services helped Shik “in every way”, but denied that Shik had carried out systematic political killings.

As well as the CIA, Shik received particular support from France’s external intelligence service, the DGSE. France, alone among the western allies, had provided military training for the KLA. British wartime intercepts of Serbian military communications during the Kosovo war, even revealed that DGSE officers had been killed alongside KLA fighters in a Serbian ambush.

In the spring of 1999, according to investigators who have tracked Shik’s activities, a group of 20 Shik recruits were taken out on a boat from the Albanian port of Durres and transferred to a French warship. They had been dressed in dark blue shirts so they would blend in with the French soldiers. Shipped to France they were given specialist weapons training as part of what was supposed to be a course in close protection. But according to investigators, some of the French-trained Shik recruits later became members of the assassination squad.

The French connection with Shik was strengthened when French troops took over control of northern Kosovo after the 1999 Nato intervention, which included the Drenica region, home to Thaci’s family and his close circle. A former head of DGSE operations, Xavier Bout de Marnhac, ran Eulex from 2010 to 2012.

A Kosovan investigator estimated the hit squad was responsible for as many as 30 killings, and that the French connection had helped played a part in Eulex’s apparent reluctance to pursue investigations to the top reaches of Kosovan politics.



Washingtons Todesschwadronen

Von Bill Van Auken, 11. Juni 2015

Ein Artikel in der New York Times über das Seal Team 6 deckt auf, dass die US-Regierung sich immer mehr auf den Einsatz von Todesschwadronen verlässt.

Ex-NATO Chef: Lord Roberston: “the KLA were responsible for more deaths in Kosovo than the Yugoslav [Serb] authorities had been.”

 Kosovo: a template for disaster

The idea that Kosovo is a model for humanitarian intervention in Libya is based on a series of myths

As they weigh up whether to support the attack on Muammar Gaddafi’s regime, some western commentators are taking comfort from the 1999 Nato air war against Serbia, which is widely viewed as a successful humanitarian mission that protected Kosovans from Serbian aggression. Moreover it was done at low cost to the intervening powers, who suffered no combat casualties. And ultimately it led to the ousting of Serbia’s villainous leader, Slobodan Milosevic. The Libya intervention, it is hoped, will have a similarly positive outcome.

In reality, Kosovo presents little basis for optimism with regard to Libya. Its success is based on a series of myths.

The first is that in Kosovo, war constituted a morally simple conflict, between aggressive Serbs and victimised Kosovan Albanians; and that Nato, in backing the Albanians, was furthering the cause of human rights. In fact, none of the parties were particularly moral. The war crimes of Serbian forces are well known, but their Kosovan adversaries committed crimes too. In early 1999, Tony Blair believed that the Kosovo Liberation Army was “not much better than the Serbs”, according to Alastair Campbell’s memoirs. And the UK defence minister George Robertson stated that until shortly before the Nato bombing campaign, “the KLA were responsible for more deaths in Kosovo than the Yugoslav [Serb] authorities had been.”

A similar situation could occur in Libya: securing regime change will probably require a foreign occupation, which could last for years, in a country with three times the population of Kosovo and a much larger territory. The Nato powers may have no choice but to field troops, and to fund their occupation activities – on top of the UK and US commitment in Iraq and Afghanistan, and during a global economic crisis.

Robertson Underlines NATO Commitment to Kosovo



      Roberston stressed that the people of Kosovo must oppose organised crime and extremism and promised that the alliance will remain committed to helping them. He said the international community was not prepared to give up Kosovo “to organised criminals and those who use brutality in the name of ethnic nationalism”.………..


Kosova- Bildete der französische Geheimdienst Mörder und Banditen aus ?

von Ilir Berisha am 12.11.2014

Der französische Geheimdienst DGSE bildete nach Berichten der britischen Zeitung „The Guardian“, offensichtlich Mitglieder des Regierungsparteigeheimdiensts PDK- SHIK- aus. Dies berichtete unter Berufung auf die britische Zeitung, die kosovarische Zeitung „Zeri“ am vergangenen Samstag.Darunter ist zu verstehen, dass der Geheimdienst SHIK in der Handhabung von Waffen

und Verhörmethoden, zum Teil im Frankreich trainiert wurde. Der Chef des Geheimdienstes SHIK , Kadri Veseli bestätigte diesen Bericht. Selbstverständlich bestreitet er Morde gegenüber bestimmten Personen in Kosova. Die britische Zeitung hingegen schreibt, dass spezielle unter der Leitung von Azem Syla, rund 30 politisch motivierter Morde gegenüber Rivalen der Regierungspartei PDK in Kosova stattfanden. Unumstritten ist hingegen, dass der französische Geheimdienst seine Zusammenarbeit mit der SHIK seit dem Herbst 1998 betreibt. Im Frühjahr 1999 wurden Akteure des Parteigeheimdienstes SHIK, in Frankreich in der Handhabung von Waffen trainiert. Auch der US amerikanische CIA arbeitete nach eigenem bekunden mit der SHIK zusammen. Nun findet offiziell eine Untersuchung gegen den französischen Geheimdienst durch die Organe der EULEX in Kosova statt. Ein Mitarbeiter der französischen Mission im Kosova, hat die Zusammenarbeit mit der SHIK bereits eingestanden. Die noch Regierung unter Hashim Thaci , versucht sich gegenwärtig mit allen Mitteln -obwohl sie über keinerlei Mehrheit im Parlament mehr verfügt- an der Macht zu halten. Einer der engsten Mitarbeiter von Hashim Thaci ist der Leiter des Geheimdienstes SHIK, Kadri Veseli. Gegenwärtig versucht die SHIK mittels Erpressung andere Abgeordnete, doch noch zur Wahl einer PDK Regierung zu bewegen. Letzteres ist für diese Leute von eminenter Bedeutung. Die führenden Politiker der PDK hatten in den letzten Jahren Millionen Euro an Privatvermögen angehäuft………………kosovo – aktuell


Kosovo by the Institute for European Policy commissioned by the German Bundeswehr

11/18/2007 (

By David Binder

Forget about status negotiations for a moment. The near-term outlook for Kosovo is unalterably grim: an economy stuck in misery; a bursting population of young people with “criminality as the sole career choice;” an insupportably high birthrate; a society imbued with corruption and a state dominated by organized crime figures.

These are the conclusions of “Operationalizing of the Security Sector Reform in the Western Balkans,” a 124-page investigation by the Institute for European Policy commissioned by the German Bundeswehr and issued last January. This month the text turned up on a weblog. It is labeled “solely for internal use.” Provided one can plow through the appallingly dense Amtsdeutsch – “German officialese” – that is already evident in the ponderous title, a reader is rewarded with sharp insights about Kosovo.


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NATO Region Kosovo: Rekrutierungs Stelle des Terrorismus – I nuovi jihadisti vengono dal Kosovo

September 8, 2014 1 Kommentar

I nuovi jihadisti vengono dal Kosovo Le esecuzioni postate su Facebook

Centinaia di combattenti partiti per Iraq e Siria. Decine di fondamentalisti arrestati. Sedici vittime accertate. Un kamikaze saltato in aria a Bagdad. E un leader dell’Isis che pubblica sui social le decapitazioni. A sei anni dall’indipendenza, l’ex provincia serba si sta rivelando una fucina di terroristi

di Paolo Fantauzzi

08 settembre 2014

L’ultimo lo hanno fermato la settimana scorsa all’aeroporto di Tirana. Mentor Zejnullahu, 24 anni, residente a Viti, stava per imbarcarsi alla volta di Istanbul, per poi raggiungere la Siria e unirsi ai jihadisti. A inchiodare il reclutatore, gli sms scambiati coi ribelli di al-Nusra, il gruppo affiliato ad al-Qaeda. Sempre da Viti proveniva anche il sedicenne fermato il 5 agosto nello scalo di Pristina, anche lui con la stessa destinazione. E appena tre settimane fa una operazione della polizia del Kosovo ha portato in carcere 40 sospetti jihadisti (altri 17 sono risultati irreperibili), che vanno ad aggiungersi ai tre finiti in manette a giugno e agli 11 arrestati lo scorso novembre: i più giovani sono nati nel 1994 e molti hanno meno di 30 anni. I massacri e le bombe della Nato sembrano ormai solo un vago ricordo. Nella più giovane repubblica d’Europa, proclamatasi unilateralmente indipendente nel 2008 (e subito riconosciuta da Usa e quasi tutti i Paesi Ue), la nuova frontiera è il radicalismo islamico. E il nuovo nemico non sono più i paramilitari serbi come ai tempi dell’Uck ma gli infedeli. Così in una regione in cui l’Islam, abituato a convivere con le altre religioni, ha sempre mostrato il suo lato più tollerante, ad appena vent’anni dalla guerra che portò alla dissoluzione del mosaico etnico costruito da Tito il fondamentalismo mostra di aver piantato nel profondo le sue radici. Tanto da poter contare, rivelano fonti investigative all’Espresso, su almeno 20 cellule terroristiche attive nel reclutamento e addestramento fra Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro e Bosnia, come mostra la retata che ha portato all’arresto di 16 reclutatori, compreso Bilal Bosnic, l’ex predicatore del centro islamico di Cremona considerato uno dei reclutatori di spicco dell’Isis. Finanziate da ong islamiche – dall’Arabia saudita all’Inghilterra fino all’insospettabile Turchia – queste cellule in qualche caso vedono proprio gli ex guerriglieri (in Kosovo quelli dell’Uck) quali inevitabili punti di riferimento locale. Un avamposto in attesa, chissà, di rivolgere verso l’Europa quella guerra finora combattuta sul suolo mediorientale. IL JIHADISTA È SU FACEBOOK Le autorità di Pristina cercano di minimizzare: secondo il governo i volontari partiti sarebbero solo 43. Difficile crederlo statisticamente, considerato che le vittime accertate sono già 16. Non a caso diverse fonti ritengono che, fra gli 11 mila stranieri in Siria (dei quali duemila europei), sarebbero 300-400 i combattenti di etnia albanese, prevalentemente kosovari. Grosso modo quanto quelli provenienti dal Regno Unito. Con la significativa differenza che l’ex provincia serba è grande quanto l’Abruzzo e non arriva a due milioni di abitanti. Una rilevanza dimostrata anche dallo Stato islamico dell’Isis: il discorso con cui il comandante al Bagdadi si è autoproclamato califfo è stato tradotto in inglese, francese, tedesco, turco, russo e albanese. Del resto i jihadisti kosovari stanno dando il loro contributo: a marzo Blerim Heta, nato e cresciuto in Germania ma tornato in patria dopo la guerra, si è fatto esplodere a Baghdad uccidendo 52 ufficiali di polizia.

Mentre sul web impazza la figura di Lavdrim Muhaxheri, indicato come comandante della “brigata balcanica”: dopo aver rivolto ai connazionali un appello alla jihad , in un video dell’Isis che gira in rete ha arringato la folla in arabo fluente brandendo un grosso coltello e bruciato il suo passaporto kosovaro, “documento degli infedeli”: «Io sono solo un musulmano». Infine ha postato su Facebook una foto che la ritrae mentre decapita un ragazzino siriano accusato di essere una spia, mentre in un’altra lo si vede riprendere col cellulare una esecuzione compiuta da un connazionale.

Ed è proprio questa la novità: ormai non solo la guerra santa si svolge anche in rete con video e appelli ma i mujaheddin 2.0, riluttanti all’anonimato, postano senza alcun riserbo le loro azioni sui social network. A suo modo una fortuna, visto che questo consente all’intelligence di risalire alla rete dei loro contatti. In ogni caso, quando torneranno in patria, nessuno potrà contestare loro alcunché. Il Kosovo non ha ancora una legge che punisce il reclutamento di terroristi o chi va a combattere all’estero: il disegno di legge, che prevedeva pene da 5 a 15 anni, non è stato ratificato in tempo prima delle elezioni anticipate di giugno. POLVERIERA BALCANI A paradosso si aggiunge paradosso: sia Muhaxheri che Heta avrebbero lavorato nel campo Bondsteel, la principale base americana sotto il comando della Kfor, la missione Nato in Kosovo, che ospita migliaia di soldati. E proprio la città di Ferizaj in cui sorge, vicino al confine con la Macedonia, è diventata un centro nevralgico di reclutamento: oltre al kamikaze, 11 dei 40 terroristi arrestati ad agosto venivano da lì. Forse non a caso: sempre lì (all’hotel Lion, secondo un rapporto dei servizi di Belgrado del 2003) per anni la ong Islamic relief avrebbe reclutato bambini resi orfani dalla guerra per compiere attentati suicidi.

Quello dei volontari «è un problema comune a tutti i paesi democratici sviluppati» ha minimizzato nei giorni scorsi il generale Salvatore Farina, comandante uscente della Kfor, nella sua ultima conferenza stampa. Di certo la concentrazione di terroristi in Kosovo fa paura. E allerta anche gli 007, visto che un informatore della Kia, i servizi segreti di Pristina, sarebbe stato riconosciuto e ucciso in Siria a inizio anno. Il tutto mentre nella piccola repubblica operano ancora cinquemila militari dell’Alleanza atlantica che dovrebbero sostenere lo sviluppo di un Kosovo stabile, democratico, multietnico e pacifico . Insomma, i Balcani continuano a produrre più storia di quanto ne possono digerire, secondo il caustico aforisma di Churchill. In Albania, dove sono 60 i jihadisti identificati, sono stati arrestati un paio imam di Tirana per incitamento al terrorismo più altri sei miliziani, tornati dalla Siria a farsi medicare le ferite. Dalle province a maggioranza musulmana della Serbia meridionale si stima che siano partiti varie decine di combattenti. La situazione più pericolosa riguarda tuttavia la Bosnia, dove i servizi si sicurezza stimano che siano tremila i radicali islamici pronti a entrare in azione. Intanto anche Sarajevo ha avuto il suo kamikaze in Iraq: Emrah Fojnica, 23 anni, già coinvolto nell’attacco all’ambasciata statunitense del 2011.


Bajram Tmava  avokat i Shefqet Krasniqit mbron terrorizmin  skandaloz  që e turpëroj kombin shqiptar!!!


Nga Rrezart Kalaja


Pas vendimit për një muaj paraburgim për imamin Shefqet Krasniqi,dhe grupin e hoxhallarëve  terrorist, ka   reaguar avokati i tij Bajram Tmava. Ai këtë vendim e ka quajtur të pabazë  dhe turp i gjyqësisë së Kosovës.

Bajram Tmava   reagon kundër arrestimit të terroristëve  hoxhallarë ,paturpësisht   mbron  krimin e organizuar nga  ekstremizmi islamik në Kosovë.  


Për  hir të  gjendjes aktuale , për hir të opinionit  dhe për hir të interesit kombëtare reagoj kundër  Bajram Tmaves ,një   demagog  i paskrupullt,një interesgji   që e ndëshkon Kosovën për para te pista qe i merr nga   njerëzit hoxhallarë  pisa qe e i sollën  fatkeqësi dhe e  turpëruan kombin shqiptar  .Ky kokëtrashë  i shitur si avokat   në këto kohë po  hedh   benzinë në  zjarr,  duke i  kaluar  kompetencat e një avokati të përcaktuar, sipas  rregullave dhe normave të një shteti demokratik  siç është Kosova. Nxitje  për reagim ishte  mbrojtja e tij  që i beri   kryeterroristiti  Shefqet Krasniqit   në emisionin “Interaktiv” të KTV-së ka mohuar të gjitha dyshimet për të cilat është arrestuar imami Shefqet Krasniqi.



12 verhaftete Imane Kosovo

12 verhaftete Imane Kosovo

Pamje  e grupit  terrorist që  i sollën fatkeqësi kombit shqiptar ma shumë  nga të gjitha kohërat,  madje edhe ma shumë se  vet pushtuesit që ishin në këto troje!!! 


Licencimi i tij  si avokat bie ndesh me  drejtësinë  e Kosovës,   me ligjet e Kosovës dhe me  normat ndërkombëtare , ku cenon  shtetin e Kosovës   me  ndërmarrjen e tij për ta mbrojtur    vendin nga  bandat e caktuara terroriste   islamike  qe ma në fund i trokitën në derë edhe Kosovës.

“Dyshimi për shpëlarje parash është i pabazuar. Për mua nuk i ngjason veprës penale. Këto organizata kanë dërguar para për familje në nevojë, Krasniqi i ka shfrytëzuar këto para për atë që kanë qenë të destinuara” për familje me nevoja , ka thënë Tmava. Ai po ashtu ka mohuar se Krasniqi ka nxitur urrejtje ndër fetare dhe ka ndikuar tek të rinjtë që të shkojnë në Siri.

Ky e përcolli  seancën   gjyqësore  me çka tha se  nuk pajtohet me  aktvendimin.

Avokati Bajram Tmava me 4 shtator nuk ka qenë    mbrojtës i Shefqet Krasniqit ,por    ditën e përcaktuar  të  shqiptimit të paraburgimit për terroristet  e grupit   të hoxhallarëve në mesin e tyre edhe Shefqet Krasniqi. Ai flet dhe e kundërshton   bastisjen e  shtëpisë nga organet  e shtetit . Konfiskimin  e parave dhe  konfiskimit e  dokumenteve    dhe   dëshmive i quan   si të pa baza dhe   e sheh  normale  që  të rrezikohet shteti ynë   edhe  me shpëlarje  parash. Veprën penale  për nxitjen e terrorizmit e  quan  shume normale dhe e ndëshkon  gjyqësinë  e Kosovës dhe  policin mbi arrestimin e tij. Paratë e marra nga  qarqe të ndryshme nga   organizata e dyshimta   aziatike i quan si normale ky psikopat që e turpëron  gjyqësinë e Kosovës dhe  drejtësinë e Kosovës. Fondet e  organizatave  të    ndryshme   nga shtetet arabe  përmes  Beogradit   prapë i quan organizata  humanitare  . Shumë n  e   parave   i quan minimale  dhe   kalon në  një   përgjigjeje  idiotësie  që   thotë se ato ndihma janë  për  disa njerëz  me  nevoja    sociale . Le ta dëshmoj ky ,  avokat   edhe një   të vetmin rast që u ndihmuar dikush i sëmur apo i  rreshtuar si  tip  i rrezikuar nga skamja  apo  ndonjë sëmundj?  S’ka   edhe një emër që e kane ndihmuar këta  terrorist  në Kosovë . Këto mjete janë  dedikuar në   ndërtimin e xhamive ,  në propagandimin dhe    rekrutimin e të rinjve  në shpëlarjen  e trurit  për t’i  nxitur për pjesëmarrje në  luftërat e huaja. Paratë   e   arritura përmes këtyre kanaleve   këto grupe dhe Shefqet Krasniqi i kanë përdor për    literature ekstremiste dhe nxitje urrejtje ndërfetare në Kosove .Këtë e dijen edhe  fëmija e djepit , andaj turp për një avokat  duke belbëzuar del dhe zgërdhihet pran ekranit televiziv.

Ky tip  avokati   në pyjet e gazetarit,  ai e mbronte Shefqet Krasniqin  në forme  globale pa   e shqyrtuar   dokumentacionin e tij . Ky  antishqiptar dhe njeri i  pa kurrfarë  arsye  e mbron edhe   veprën kriminale    për ata që  i    nxitën djemtë në pjesëmarrjen në  luftës se Sirisë  me  qindra që edhe   u vranë    si mercenar. Ky thotë e  kemi  vërtetuar  pafajësinë   e Shefqet Krasniqit   për  pak orë qe u autorizuar nga familja e Shefqet Krasniqit për një zhallogë parash   dhe që ju dha e drejta ta mbrojë në  seancën  e gjyqësisë. Në pyetjen për dokumetat e  letërnjoftimit të   Serbisë  ai e mbron   prapë dmth  se ky  idiot avokati   e mbron edhe  me ato   aktrime të   dokumenteve të Serbisë që i kane hyrë në punë për ta trash miqësinë me Beogradin . Ky e thotë dhe garanton  se për  Shefqet Krasniqin  nuk ka asnjë prove për vepër  penale !!! Vallë ku ka    prove ma te madhe se   me  qindra gra shqiptare  mbeten  të veja   qe ju vranë  të dashurit e tyre në  Siri nga nxitja  nga Shefqet Krasniqi . Ku ka  dëshmi ma të madhe se këto grupe  i  lanë me qindra   dhe mijëra fëmijë shqiptar   pa prind    për interesat e këtyre   analfabetëve  dhe   demagogeve  siç është  Bajram Tmava që për para të majme       e përdhunon    shtetin e Kosovës, po edhe shet prapanicën e vet. Dikush duhet të dënohet për  viktimat e djemve shqiptar që po vdesin në   luftërat e huaj  ndërsa  këta hoxhallarë djemtë dhe fëmijët e tyre i kanë  nëpër   universitete të ndryshme duke studiuar e shkolluar!!!Bajram Tmava duhet të  ndiqet penalisht.


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Korrupte Politiker werden Firmen Vertreter, am Beispiel von Bechtel und Christopher Dell

April 15, 2014 3 Kommentare

Langzeit Betrug im Kosovo, was mit dem UNMIK Chef: Kouchner begann und seinen Mobil Funk Lizensen und den vollkommen korrupten Deutschen, die UNMIK Leiter wurden und anderen Gestalten der Deutschen Politik. Es geht immer um Geschäfte.

Das System ist überall identisch schon vro 20 Jahren, wo die Amerikaner über Wirtschafts Vereine, ihre kriminellen Bestechungs Politiker und Diplomaten unterbrachten: von Ägypten und Albanien über Georgien, Afghanistan und Indien in die Ukraine. Die Deutschen Profi Kriminellen mit ihren Lobby Vereinen kopieren nur das Modell, als Berufs Bestechungs Clubs, vom Steuerzahler finanziert.

Die EULEX hat bestechliche Staatsanwälte, Troy Wilkinson, Chef Staatsanwalt der EULEX (Amerikaner), gehen musste, nachdem Freispruch für Fatmir Limaj, weil seine Telefone abgehört worden waren. Ein typischer Amerikaner, identisch wie Steven Schook (UNMIK Vize im Mafiösen Korruptions Kartell der UNMIK Leitung unter Joachim Rückers) der noch schlimmer war. Er war im Solde der als kriminelles Enterprise auftretenden US Botschaft, des Botschafters Dell, der keinen Schuldspruch von Fatmir Limaj wünschte. Der ITCY Chef, ist bekanntlich auch ein abgehalfteter seniler Pole mit US Pass natürlich, der von Vielen schon schwer kritisiert wurde.

Schmieren Geschäft der Demokratie Aufbauer und man sollte sich nicht wundern.

Vollkommen pervers, wenn die aktuelle US Botschafterin Tracey heute sagt: „das war vor meiner Zeit“! Einfach lächerlich, was die Amerikaner für Gestalten als Botschafter entsenden, wobei Profi Kriminelle wie Josef Limprecht, Mitte Mai 2002, eliminiert wurde im Terroristen Camp von Bicaj bei Peskopje, wo er ebenso den Drogen- und Waffen Handel regelte. Marisa Lino in Albanien ebenso, einfach lächerlich, was oft als US Botschafter kommt, inklusive dem Betrüger Frank Wisner, oder dem Komiker Daniel Fried.

Christopher Dell, organisierte auch die Vertrags Unterzeichnung in der Türkei, so das keine Verträge im Kosovo existieren.

US ambassador to Kosovo hired by construction firm he lobbied for

EU diplomat criticises way Christopher Dell pushed through deal for Bechtel Corporation to build controversial highway to Albania

Christopher Dell with Kosovo PM
Christopher Dell with Kosovo PM Hashim Thaci in 2009. Dell took joined Bechtel when he finished his career at the State Department. Photo: Office of the Kosovo PM

A US ambassador to Kosovo, who lobbied for the construction of a $1bn road through the war-torn country, has taken up a post with the American construction giant that secured the lucrative contract.

Christopher Dell, a career diplomat nominated by Barack Obama to represent the US in Pristina, was employed by the Bechtel Corporation, which he helped win a contract to build a highway to neighbouring Albania.

Dell took on a role as an African country manager with Bechtel late last year, months after ending a three-decade career at the State Department.

His employment at Bechtel, America’s largest engineering and construction firm, has ignited a debate over the controversial road-building project, named the „Patriotic Highway“.

Pieter Feith, the senior EU diplomat in Kosovo when the contract was secured, criticised the way the US ambassador pushed through the deal, and has called for an inquiry. Feith accused Dell of withholding information about the Bechtel contract, and lobbying Kosovo to agree to what he describes as an ill-advised deal with a US company, which placed enormous pressure on the fledgling country’s budget………


Africa Energy Intelligence N°718



Christopher Dell

The American engineering giant Bechtel can legitimately boast about having a highly effective former American diplomat looking after its interests (…) [131 words] [€5,2]

MENTIONED IN THIS ARTICLE: Bechtel | Christopher Dell | Africom

On September 15, 2012, Ambassador Christopher Dell was appointed the civilian deputy to General Ham, United States Africa Command.[15]

Mord und die Finanzierung von Terroristen und Kriminellen überall, als Geschäftsgrundlage der Gangster: Die Afrika und Ruanda Massaker und die “Neuen Führer” Afrikas, made by Bill Clinton und Madeleine Allbright

Peinlicher geht es wirklich nicht mehr, wenn ein US Botschafter heute für die Baufirma Bechtel, Afrika Manager wurde und im Kosovo, gegen alle Kritik die Geschäfte organisierte mit der „Autobahn der Nationalen Korruption“ mit der Autobahn im Kosovo und in Albanien kostete ein kleines Teilstück ebenso über 1 Milliarde €. Rumänien hat die Banditen raus geworfen, Skandale in Kroatien, wo man Aufträge erhielt, ohne Ausschreibungen eine Legende.

Hintergrund sind die Profi Betrugs US Berater und Kriegs Profiteure, die ihre Geschäfte gestört sehen. In der Sache Bechtel (Bechtel had help getting the contract from Mr. Tavlarides, the legislative director at the National Security Council during the 1999 Kosovo intervention. According to a lobbying report filed with the United States government, Mr. Tavlarides lobbied on behalf of Bechtel in Kosovo on “highway-related issues” while working for Van Scoyoc Associates, a Washington-based lobbying firm. ), gab es ja auch Ermittlungen der EULEX, wo man dann in Mafia Manier, lieber in die Türkei flog zur Vertrags Unterzeichnung.

US Ambassador Christopher Dell and Albana Bylykbashi, at KMFA training

US Ambassador Christopher Dell and Albana Bylykbashi, at KMFA training Partner der ordinärsten Balkan Mafia in Tirana ebenso wie Ourel Bylykbashi.

Gangster Boss: US Botschafter im Kosovo: Christopher Dell, identisch wie der Gangster und Balkan Botschafter Frank Wisner, ein billiger Betrüger, oder

Privatisierungsprozess- Korruption und organisierte Kriminalität- Filmdokument

von Redaktion am 06.12.2012

Die Organisation COHU hat vor einiger Zeit einen Dokumentationsfilm zum Thema Privatisierung in Kosova erstellt. Der Film zeigt einen kriminellen Prozess. Leider ist der Film in sechs Teilen nur in Albanisch mit englischen Untertiteln verfügbar. Dennoch dokumentieren wir das Dokumentarfilmprojekt. Dies gerade in einer Zeit in der nach den Worten von Ministerpräsident




General Wesley Clark und der Balkan Gangster Damir Fazllic und die Energie Geschäfte.


US Ambassador to Kosovo Hired by Construction Firm He Lobbied For

EU diplomat criticises way Christopher Dell pushed through deal for Bechtel Corporation to build controversial highway to Albania.

Die Afrika und Ruan

Die Mafioesen Umtriebe, des US Botschafter Christopher Dell in Phristina mit der Kosovo Mafia

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Front von Al-Queda in der Welt: US Senator John McCain von der Albaner Mafia UCK – KLA finanziert

September 21, 2013 4 Kommentare

Im Gefolge einer kriminellen Terror Politik der NATO, USA erscheint immer der hoch korrupte John McCain, direkt von der Albaner Mafia fiananziert, deren Terroristen Kommandos der KLA schon eine Legende sind im Internationalen Drogen und Terror Handel rund um den Gangster Frank Wisner und Co.. Die Iran Contra Affaere von damals, bis heute die selben Akteure immer mit Kriminellen und Terroristen unterwegs: von Bosnien, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Libyen und dem Irak mit den MEK Terroristen.

Yassin Kadi, der Bin Laden Financier und die Albaner UCK – KLA Terroristen


John McCain Terroristen Banden aus dem Kosovo

Xhavit Halili, Xhaferi, und Berisha, hatten ein Treffen in 1998, wie hier dokumentiert. Man kannte sich bestens.


Albanian Secret Service Chief Fatos Klosi in 16.5.1998 in der �Albania� durch den Albanischen Geheimdienst Chef Fatos Klosi: KLA (UCK) is financed by Bin Laden

Xhavit Halili, Hashim Thaci und die Fatos Nano und Berisha Mafia

Hitlers Gross Albanien – Joseph J. DioGuardio und der AACL

November 1988. DioGuardi with President Regan, Congressman Rinaldo and National Security Adviser Poindexter in the Oval Office discussing U.S. foreign policy in Balkans.

aus der Mafia Website AACL

Im Parteibuch wurde der russisch-amerikanische Deal zur Vernichtung der syrischen C-Waffen, der dem offenbar zionistisch-wahhabitisch orchestrierten C-Waffen-False-Flag-Terroranschlag vom 21. August folgte, bereits skeptisch kommentiert. Die von RIA Novosti veröffentlichten Details des soeben spezifizierten russisch-amerikanischen Deals, demzufolge Syrien bis Mitte 2014 alle Chemiewaffen vernichten oder außer Landes schaffen muss, verstärken den Eindruck, dass es sich bei dem Deal um eine ohne Not abgegebene und nur dünn kaschierte syrische Kapitulationserklärung handelt.

Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

Sogar AlJazeeraEnglish sendet die Al-Queda Verbindung

John McCain hat eine uralte Verbindung zur Albaner Mafia, wo er 2000 schon gesponsert wurde.

February 2000. Presidential candidate and former POW Senator John McCain addresses New York rally to demand the release of Kosova Albanian prisoners in Serbian jails.

“Sarin-U.N.O.-Beauftragter” Sellström tief in europäischer Sicherheitsarchitektur des Stockholm-Programms verstrickt

NATO Länder und die Gift Waffen Lieferungen an Syrien, Irak, Iran

Der Flotten Aufmarsch der Kriegs Treiber gegen Syrien im Mittelmeer

Syria’s Creative Response to International Nonchalance: Kafranbel Our Ambassador

This Catastrophic Agreement
By Sayyed Zahra

September 18, 2013 – …When the U.S. threatened military strikes against Syria, we said it has no legal, political or moral right to unilaterally undertake such aggression. Now, we also say that the U.S. and Russia have no legal, political or moral right to decide in an affair of this nature on their own. Note that when the U.S. and Russia agreed on the Syrian chemical weapons issue, they did not say they had put forward an initiative or presented a joint proposal but that they had concluded a contract. It was portrayed as if this agreement were binding for everyone merely because the two of them had agreed to its terms. The U.S. and Russia granted themselves a right that is not theirs and willfully imposed directives that find no support in international law. Had there been a general agreement for the destruction of Syrian chemical weapons or guaranteeing their discontinued use against the people, then — logically and legally — this should have been accomplished within an international framework, acceptable to the international community, meaning the United Nations and nowhere else. We ought to keep in mind the obvious — that Syria is an Arab country. Therefore, the Syrian issue is fundamentally an Arab issue…The complete disregard for the Arab world not only shows contempt for Arab nations and their will, but it also means something more dangerous. ..
  continua / continued avanti - next    [101025] [ 21-sep-2013 02:17 ECT ]



September 18, 2013 – The American-Russian deal regarding the handover of the Assad regime’s chemical weapons has been received with much perplex and skepticism by most Syrians. Those living inside the country felt utterly disappointed at the fact that the regime has been granted yet another chance to resume its slaughter using conventional weapons.On Tuesday, a video created by activists in Kafranbel, throurgh which they intended to portray their view of the recent events, went viral online. Many activists and social media followers reacted positively to the video saying that it really reflects reality and demonstrates the way most Syrians currently feel…
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US-Präsidentschafts Kandidat John McCain finanziert von der Albaner Mafia

Aus aus genau diesem Grunde, lassen sich gewisse US Kandidaten direkt von der Mafia aus Las Vegas, Drogen Mafia, Albaner Mafia wie Clinton und Wesley Clark, den Wahlkampf finanzieren. Oder gerne nimmt man das Geld von der Rüstungs- und Öl Industrie, und organisiert umgehend den nächsten Krieg, um durch Terror Überfälle auf Länder, die Bodenschätze zu rauben.

Hat kaum noch Geld für den Wahlkampf: John McCain (Foto: DPA)
Präsidentschafts-Kandidat McCain ist pleite

Er galt lange als der aussichtsreichste Kandidat der Republikaner ? jetzt ist John McCain pleite. Doch auch seine innerparteilichen Konkurrenten haben Probleme. Die Chancen der Republikaner, den Nachfolger von Präsident Bush zu stellen, verschlechtern sich zusehends.

Es gibt nur zwei Gründe, die John McCain dazu bringen würden, seine Kandidatur für die Wahl zum US-Präsidenten zurückzuziehen: ?Tod oder tödliche Krankheit?. Das sagte der republikanische Senator von Arizona nach der bislang schwersten Woche seines Wahlkampfes in New Hampshire, wo im Januar 2008 die erste Vorwahl zur Präsidentschaft stattfindet.

Der Auftritt vor Anhängern in dem Ostküstenstaat stand am Ende einer langen Reihe von Tiefschlägen, die McCains Kampagne zuletzt hatte einstecken müssen. Zum einen fiel der Vietnam-Veteran in der Gunst der republikanischen Wähler auf Platz drei hinter den ehemaligen New Yorker Bürgermeister Rudolph Giuliani und den eher unbekannteren Tommy G. Thompson, Ex-Gouverneur von Wisconsin und Mitglied der Administration von Präsident George W. Bush. Nur noch 16 Prozent der republikanischen Wählerschar hält McCain nach einer jüngsten Umfrage des Forschungsinstitutes Gallup für den geeigneten Kandidaten. Im März waren es noch 22 Prozent.Die andere schlechte Nachricht, die vielleicht noch bitterer für den erfahrenen Wahlkämpfer ist: Die McCain-Kampagne ist pleite, die Wahlkampfkasse fast leer. Von den ursprünglich knapp 25 Millionen Dollar Wahlkampfspenden sind noch 3,2 Millionen übrig. Außerdem stehen Schulden in Höhe von 1,8 Millionen Dollar aus.

Es droht das Ende der „Erbfolgepolitik“

McCain entließ 80 Mitarbeiter seines 120-köpfigen Wahlkampfteams. Zuvor hatten bereits sein Wahlkampfmanager, sein politischer Berater und seine beiden Werbestrategen gekündigt. McCain kündigte nun einen verschlankten Wahlkampf an; er will sich in den folgenden Monaten auf die Staaten New Hampshire, Iowa und South Carolina konzentrieren, Schlüsselstaaten bei den Vorwahlen. Außerdem erwägt er, auf staatliche Wahlkampffonds zurückzugreifen; dann allerdings unterläge er strikten Auflagen, für welche Projekte er wie viel Geld ausgeben darf.

Das Einbrechen der McCain-Kampagne hat etwas Tragisches, und es spiegelt die gegenwärtige Misere der Republikanischen Partei. Was derzeit geschieht, könnte die Abkehr von einer mehr als 40-jährigen Tradition im Nominierungsritual der Republikaner bedeuten. Von wenigen Ausnahmen abgesehen, war der republikanische Kandidat bisher entweder der amtierende Vizepräsident, die Nummer zwei im vorhergehenden Wahlkampf, oder stand in der familiären Erbfolge, wie im Falle der Familie Bush. Ronald Reagan verlor gegen Gerald Ford und wurde beim nächsten Wahlkampf als Kandidat nominiert. Bush senior verlor gegen Reagan, wurde jedoch Vizepräsident und später Präsident. Und George W. Bush war eben der Sohn von George H.W. Bush.

?Diese Erbfolgepolitik geht zurück in die Frühzeiten der Republikanischen Partei?, sagt Wahlkampfberater Nelson Warfield, der in den Diensten des erzkonservativen Präsidentschaftskandidaten Fred Thompson steht. ?Und das ist es, was die McCain-Leute so sicher gemacht hat.? John McCain hatte bereits im Jahr 2000 seinen Hut in den Ring geworfen, verlor damals aber gegen George W. Bush.

Der Krieg im Irak ist das Schlüsselthema

Das Schwächeln der ?Grand Old Party?, wie die Republikaner in den USA genannt werden, hat eine Reihe von Gründen. Zum einen drückt die Niederlage bei den Halbzeitwahlen 2006 auf die Stimmung, als die Republikaner die Mehrheit in beiden Häusern des Kongresses an die Demokraten verloren. Auch die sinkenden Umfragewerte für die Bush-Administration ? zuletzt lag die Zustimmung für die Politik des Präsidenten bei 29 Prozent ? stimmen kaum zuversichtlich für das Wahljahr 2008.

Der Krieg im Irak ist ein Schlüsselthema im zunehmend kampfesmüden Amerika: Mehr als 60 Prozent der US-Bevölkerung würde einen Truppenabzug befürworten. John McCain hat dagegen klar seine Unterstützung für Bushs Irak-Politik erklärt und forderte eine Aufstockung der Truppen von derzeit 750000 auf 900000 Soldaten. Das dürfte ihn viel Sympathie in den eigenen Reihen gekostet haben……………

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04. November 2007

Fred Thompson ließ sich von Ex-Drogendealer fliegen

Hilfe von einem zwielichtigen Freund: Der republikanische Ex-Senator Thompson nimmt einem Bericht der „Washington Post“ zufolge im Wahlkampf die Hilfe eines früheren Drogenhändlers in Anspruch. Von der kriminellen Vergangenheit seines Beraters will der Präsidentschaftsbewerber nichts gewusst haben.

Washington – Dem US-Republikaner Fred Thompson, Bewerber um die Präsidentschaftskandidatur, steht Ärger ins Haus, weil er das Flugzeug eines ehemaligen Drogendealers für Wahlkampfauftritte nutzte. Der „Washington Post“ zufolge gehörte die Maschine dem Geschäftsmann Philip Martin, der sich 1979 schuldig bekannte, sechs Kilogramm Marihuana verkauft zu haben. Martin erhielt damals eine Bewährungsstrafe. Vier Jahre später sei Martin zudem unter anderem wegen Kokainhandels und Verschwörung angeklagt worden.

Ex-Schauspieler Thompson: Gegen Abtreibung, gegen Einwanderung, für den Privatbesitz von Schusswaffen

Ex-Schauspieler Thompson: Gegen Abtreibung, gegen Einwanderung, für den Privatbesitz von Schusswaffen
Martin soll Thompson auch als Berater und beim Spendensammeln für dessen Kandidatur geholfen haben. Die Flüge mit seiner zweimotorigen Cessna haben Thompson dem Bericht zufolge mehr als 100.000 Dollar während des Wahlkampfs erspart

Das Büro des Politikers teilte mit, Thompson habe von der kriminellen Vergangenheit Martins nichts gewusst. „Bis jetzt war Senator Thompson diese Information unbekannt“, sagte seine Sprecherin Karen Hanretty der „Washington Post“. „Phil Martin ist seit Mitte der neunziger Jahre ein Freund von Thompson und wird es auch jetzt bleiben.“ Sein Sprecher Todd Harris erklärte, Martin habe nicht die üblichen Sicherheitsüberprüfungen für Wahlkampfhelfer durchlaufen müssen, weil er ein langjähriger Freund Thompsons sei. Es gebe keinen Wahlkampf in der Welt, in dem die vergangenen 20 Jahre und mehr im Leben eines jeden Helfers überprüft würden.

Fred Thompson ist nicht der erste Bewerber, dem die kriminelle Vergangenheit eines Helfers Schwierigkeiten macht. Auch Senatorin Hillary Clinton machte Schlagzeilen, als bekannt wurde, dass einer ihrer Großspender wegen Betrugs verurteilt worden war. Die Demokratin zahlte mehr als 800.000 Dollar zurück, die sie von ihrem Unterstützer Norman Hsu erhalten hatte.


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Der NATO Geheim Bericht 47 Seiten, über den Super Verbrecher Xhavit Halili
Ein unglaubliches Verbrecher Kartell, was auch in Albanien, über 100 Hektar Land gestohlen hat und illegal ganze Horden von Verbrechern im Raum Plepa, Golem, Pista Ilyria und Shkozet bei Durres angesiedelt haben, auf besetzten und gestohlenen Grundstücken.

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DasVerbrecher Kartell der Todesschwadron + Yhavit Haliti
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