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Mossad Chef Meir Dagan und der Mord an Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai

Februar 25, 2010 2 Kommentare

Namen, Fotos etc.. der Gesuchten

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0551/2010  —————————————————————
Mossad has long history of assassination operations
The recent assassination of Hamas military official Mahmoud al-Mabhouh has
sparked a public debate about the history of the Kidon (formerly known as
Caesarea), Mossad’s elite assassination unit. Several participants in this
debate frequently mention the infamous Black September killings of the
1970s (operation BAYONET), which exterminated almost every original member
of the Palestinian group that perpetrated the massacre of the Israeli
athletes in the 1972 summer Olympic Games in Munich. In reality, however,
these operations were not conducted by the Kidon, but by a separate unit
outside Mossad’s operational structure, created specifically for this


(b) Tourists with a License to Kill:,1518,678805,00.html

Viele erstklassige Videos wurden veröffentlicht

0552/2010  —————————————————————
Meir Dagan: the mastermind behind Mossad’s secret war

Meir Dagan, Chef des israelischen Auslandsgeheimdienstes Mossad

Dagan differs markedly from his predecessor, the London-
born Ephraim Halevy, a nephew of the late writer and
philosopher Isaiah Berlin. Halevy was dubbed the “cocktail
man” for his long chats with foreign diplomats. He shrank
from brutal covert operations. Eventually the then prime
minister, Ariel Sharon, removed him and appointed Dagan in
his place.

The new chief soon began to restore Mossad’s reputation
for lethal operations. The tone of his directorship is

ACIPSS-Newsletter 09/2010                9

set by a photograph on the wall of his modest office in the Tel Aviv
headquarters. It shows an old Jew standing on the edge of a trench. An SS
officer is aiming his rifle at the old man’s head.

“This old Jew was my grandfather,” Dagan tells visitors. The picture
reflects in a nutshell his philosophy of Jewish self-defence for survival.
“We should be strong, use our brain, and defend ourselves so that the
Holocaust will never be repeated,” he once said.

One hit he masterminded was in Damascus two years ago against Imad
Mughniyeh, a founder of Hezbollah and one of the world’s most wanted
terrorists. Mughniyeh was decapitated when the headrest of his car seat
exploded — close to the headquarters of Syrian intelligence. Six months
later, Mossad, in co-operation with special forces, struck again at the
heart of the Syrian establishment. General Mohammed Suleiman, Syria’s
liaison to North Korea’s nuclear programme, was relaxing in the back garden
of his villa on the Mediterranean shore. His bodyguards were monitoring the
front of the villa. Out to sea a yacht sailed slowly by. No noise was
heard, but suddenly the general fell, a bullet through his head.

One of Dagan’s most recent concerns has been the rise of the Iranian threat
to Israel, both directly and through its links with Hamas. It is in that
context that the operation to eliminate Mabhouh should be understood.

«Times» Netanjahu genehmigte Hamas-Mord

Dubai CCTV footage reveals spy craft details

Der eine Deutsche Pass, wurde von der Kölner Behörde ausgestellt, mit einer angeblichen Heirats Urkunde, das die Eltern in Deutschland damals heirateten. Das könnte jeder billige Mafia Boss in Europa, so eine Urkunde sich ausstellen zu lassen. Michael Bodenheimer in Wirklichkeit in Amerikaner, der in Israel lebt.

Der deutsche Pass auf den Namen Bodenheimers war mit diesem Foto versehen.
0557/2010  —————————————————————
German passport tied to Dubai hit wasn`t forged

According to the findings of German federal investigators,
in June 2009 an Israeli man named Michael Bodenheimer – who
shares the name of an alleged member of the Dubai hit squad
– came to immigration officials in Cologne with the pre-
World War II address of his grandparents. Bodenheimer
acquired German citizenship on the basis of this data.

After his name was listed as one of the suspected members of the Dubai
assassination squad, Bodenheimer, who lives in Bnei Brak and is of American
origin, said that he did not know how his identity was stolen.

Der echte Micahel Bodenheimer: Amerikaner und Rabbi in Israel

Sonntag, 21. Februar 2010

Michael Bodenheimer ist KEIN Deutscher


Aus Deutschland kam die Meldung, der deutsche Pass des Michael Bodenheimer sei echt ! Die Polizei in Dubai sucht nach wie vor die elf Beteiligten an der Hinrichtung eines führenden Hamas Mitgliedes und ein Michael Bodenheimer soll daran beteiligt gewesen sein.

Dieser Michael Bodenheimer wohnt in Bnei Brak, ist Rabbiner und wusste von seinem „Glück“ überhaupt nichts. Zehn Pässe erwiesen sich als gefälscht, doch aus Deutschland hiess es, der deutsche Pass des Michael Bodenheimer sei ein Original gewesen. Nun meldet sich Michael Bodenheimer (Photo) zu Wort. Seine Eltern kamen zwar aus Deutschland, doch er selber wurden in den USA geboren. Auch habe er NIE einen deutschen Pass beantragt.

Rabbi Michael Bodenheimer sagte der Zeitung MAARIV:
Die ganze Angelegenheit hat nichts mit mir zu tun und sie flösst mir keinerlei angst ein.
Es gibt einen G – tt.

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