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NATO konform: BAT taucht auf in Afrika, Mali, Alles muss mit Zigaretten Schmuggel korrumpiert werden

März 4, 2021 1 Kommentar

Die Bundeswehr ist dort nur, damit die Politik Banden, möglichst viel Geld stehlen können Der Deutsche Krieg von Mali, Afrika bis Syrien
1️⃣ British American Tobacco Fights Dirty in West Africa — BAT has oversupplied Mali with cigarettes for years, knowing they fall into the hands of jihadists and militants, according to dozens of interviews. 🌐 The Big Picture: While it may seem counterintuitive, there is a wealth of evidence indicating that tobacco companies profit from illegal cigarettes. This investigation provides fresh evidence showing how tobacco companies oversupply cigarettes in one country, knowing they can be smuggled abroad. 💁 More on Big Tobacco:Philip Morris’s representative in Burkina Faso is a prominent businessman who has made millions from cigarette smuggling in West Africa, leaked documents, court records, and interviews suggest. 2️⃣ New Details on the Assassination of Elmar Huseynov Sixteen years ago, Azerbaijani journalist Elmar Huseynov was gunned down in his apartment building. Documents from the FBI, which assisted in the murder probe, outline a series of missteps by Azerbaijani authorities, which may explain why two murder suspects remain at large.
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