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US Finanz Verbrecher rund um USAID Gelder und totaler Inkompetenz: Natalie Jaresko in der Ukraine

Oktober 4, 2015 Kommentare aus

Von Albanien, bis zur Ukraine, immer die selbe Betrugs Methoden, Klientel Politik, Familien Politik bis in die höchsten US Kreise.

andere Beispiele: Die Hinterlassenschaft der US – USAID – AAEF Banken Betrüger, beschäftigen die Gerichte

Gangster Treffen: Salih Berisha und Michael Granoff

Heute firmiert man unter AADF, wobei Zeitgleich die selben Leute, Geldwäsche US Mafia Fund dirigieren

Identisches Sytem mit eigenen Betrugs Banken, wo Darlehen vergeben werden im Nichts, oder Terroristen (Die Bin Laden Finanzierungs Familie: Yassin Kadi, hatte dort 35 Bankkonten, welche 2002 beschlagnahmt wurden)  und Drogen Bosse ist Standard, wie heute auch in der Ukraine.

Miliarden Summen werden unterschlagen, wie bei den Deutschen Entwicklungs Projekten mit dubiosen Consults, Phantom Projekten, EU Geldern, Gelder der KfW.

US Tax Dollars and Ukraine’s Finance Minister

October 3, 2015

Special Report: Though touted as the face of reform inside Ukraine’s post-coup regime, Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko enriched herself at the expense of a U.S.-taxpayer-financed investment fund – and USAID now says it’s missing some of the audit records detailing Jaresko’s dealings, reports Robert Parry.

By Robert Parry

The U.S. government is missing – or withholding – audit documents about the finances and possible accounting irregularities at a $150 million U.S.-taxpayer-financed investment fund when it was run by Ukraine’s Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko, who has become the face of “reform” for the U.S.-backed regime in Kiev and who now oversees billions of dollars in Western financial aid.

Before taking Ukrainian citizenship and becoming Finance Minister in December 2014, Jaresko was a former U.S. diplomat who served as chief executive officer of the Western NIS Enterprise Fund (WNISEF), which was created by Congress in the 1990s with $150 million and placed under the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to help jumpstart an investment economy in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko.

After Jaresko’s appointment as Finance Minister — and her resignation from WNISEF — I reviewed WNISEF’s available public records and detected a pattern of insider dealings and enrichment benefiting Jaresko and various colleagues. That prompted me in February to file a Freedom of Information Act request for USAID’s audits of the investment fund.

Though the relevant records were identified by June, USAID dragged its feet on releasing the 34 pages to me until Aug. 28 when the agency claimed nothing was being withheld, saying “all 34 pages are releasable in their entirety.”

However, when I examined the documents, it became clear that a number of pages were missing from the financial records, including a total of three years of “expense analysis” – in three-, six- and nine-month gaps – since 2007. Perhaps even more significant was a missing paragraph that apparently would have addressed an accounting irregularity found by KPMG auditors.

KPMG’s “Independent Auditors’ Report” for 2013 and 2014 states that “except as discussed in the third paragraph below, we conducted our audits in accordance with auditing standards generally accepted in the United States of America,” accountant-speak that suggests that “the third paragraph below” would reveal some WNISEF activity that did not comply with generally accepted accounting principles (or GAAP).

But three paragraphs below was only white space and there was no next page in what USAID released.

Based on the one page that was released for 2013-14, this most recent audit also lacked the approval language used in previous audits, in which KPMG wrote: “In our opinion, the consolidated financial statements … present fairly, in all material respects, the consolidated financial position of Western NIS Enterprise Fund and subsidiaries.” That language was not in the 2013-14 analysis, as released by USAID.

The KPMG report for 2013-14 does note that “The [audit] procedures selected depend on the auditors’ judgment, including the assessment of the risks of material misstatement of the financial statements, whether due to fraud or error. … An audit also includes evaluating the appropriateness of accounting policies used and the reasonableness of significant accounting estimates made by management, as well as evaluating the overall presentation of the financial statements.”

That page then ends, “We believe that the audit evidence we have obtained is sufficient and appropriate to provide a basis for our audit opinion.” But the opinion is not there.

After I brought these discrepancies to the attention of USAID on Aug. 31, I was told on Sept. 15 that “we are in the process of locating documents to address your concern. We expect a response from the bureau and/or mission by Monday, September 28, 2015.”

After the Sept. 28 deadline passed, I contacted USAID again and was told on Oct. 2 that officials were “still working with the respective mission to obtain the missing documents.”

Yet, whether USAID’s failure to include the missing documents was just a bureaucratic foul-up or a willful attempt to shield Jaresko from criticism, the curious gaps add to the impression that the management of WNISEF fell short of the highest standards for efficiency and ethics.

A previous effort by Jaresko’s ex-husband Ihor Figlus to blow the whistle on what he considered improper business practices related to WNISEF was met by disinterest inside USAID, according to Figlus, and then led to Jaresko suing him in a Delaware court in 2012, using a confidentiality clause to silence Figlus and getting a court order to redact references to the abuses he was trying to expose.

Feeding at the Taxpayer Trough

Other public documents indicate that Jaresko and fellow WNISEF insiders enriched themselves through their association with the U.S.-taxpayer-financed investment fund. For instance, though Jaresko was limited to making $150,000 a year at WNISEF under the USAID grant agreement, she managed to earn more than that amount, reporting in 2004 that she was paid $383,259 along with $67,415 in expenses, according to WNISEF’s filing with the Internal Revenue Service.

Among the audit documents that I received under FOIA, the “Expense Analysis” for 2004 shows $1,282,782 being paid out as “Exit-based incentive expense-equity incentive plan” and another $478,195 being paid for “Exit-based incentive expense-financial participation rights.” That would suggest that Jaresko more than doubled her $150,000 salary by claiming bonuses from WNISEF’s investments (bought with U.S. taxpayers’ money) and sold during 2004.

Jaresko’s compensation for her work with WNISEF was removed from public disclosure altogether after she co-founded two related entities in 2006: Horizon Capital Associates (HCA) to manage WNISEF’s investments (and collect around $1 million a year in fees) and Emerging Europe Growth Fund (EEGF), a private entity to collaborate with WNISEF on investment deals.

Jaresko formed HCA and EEGF with two other WNISEF officers, Mark Iwashko and Lenna Koszarny. They also started a third firm, Horizon Capital Advisors, which “serves as a sub-advisor to the Investment Manager, HCA,” according to WNISEF’s IRS filing for 2006.

According to the FOIA-released expense analyses for 2004-06, the taxpayer-financed WNISEF spent $1,049,987 to establish EEGF as a privately owned investment fund for Jaresko and her colleagues. USAID apparently found nothing suspicious about these tangled business relationships despite the potential conflicts of interest involving Jaresko, the other WNISEF officers and their affiliated companies.

For instance, WNISEF’s 2012 annual report devoted two pages to “related party transactions,” including the management fees to Jaresko’s Horizon Capital ($1,037,603 in 2011 and $1,023,689 in 2012) and WNISEF’s co-investments in projects with the EEGF, where Jaresko was founding partner and chief executive officer. Jaresko’s Horizon Capital managed the investments of both WNISEF and EEGF.

From 2007 to 2011, WNISEF co-invested $4.25 million with EEGF in Kerameya LLC, a Ukrainian brick manufacturer, and WNISEF sold EEGF 15.63 percent of Moldova’s Fincombank for $5 million, the report said. It also listed extensive exchanges of personnel and equipment between WNISEF and Horizon Capital. But it’s difficult for an outsider to ascertain the relative merits of these insider deals — and the transactions apparently raised no red flags for USAID officials, nor during that time for KPMG auditors.

Bonuses, Bonuses

Regarding compensation, WNISEF’s 2013 filing with the IRS noted that the fund’s officers collected millions of dollars in more bonuses for closing out some investments at a profit even as the overall fund was losing money. According to the filing, WNISEF’s $150 million nest egg had shrunk by more than one-third to $94.5 million and likely has declined much more during the economic chaos that followed the U.S.-backed coup in February 2014.

But prior to the coup and the resulting civil war, Jaresko’s WNISEF was generously spreading money around to various insiders. For instance, the 2013 IRS filing reported that the taxpayer-financed fund paid out as “expenses” $7.7 million under a bonus program, including $4.6 million to “current officers,” without identifying who received the money although Jaresko was one of the “current officers.”

WNISEF’s filing made the point that the “long-term equity incentive plan” was “not compensation from Government Grant funds but a separately USAID-approved incentive plan funded from investment sales proceeds” – although those proceeds presumably would have gone into the depleted WNISEF pool if they had not been paid out as bonuses.

The filing also said the bonuses were paid regardless of whether the overall fund was making money, noting that this “compensation was not contingent on revenues or net earnings, but rather on a profitable exit of a portfolio company that exceeds the baseline value set by the board of directors and approved by USAID” – with Jaresko also serving as a director on the board responsible for setting those baseline values.

Another WNISEF director was Jeffrey C. Neal, former chairman of Merrill Lynch’s global investment banking and a co-founder of Horizon Capital, further suggesting how potentially incestuous these relationships may have become.

Though compensation for Jaresko and other officers was shifted outside public view after 2006 – as their pay was moved to the affiliated entities – the 2006 IRS filing says: “It should be noted that as long as HCA earns a management fee from WNISEF, HCA and HCAD [the two Horizon Capital entities] must ensure that a salary cap of $150,000 is adhered to for the proportion of salary attributable to WNISEF funds managed relative to aggregate funds under management.”

But that language would seem to permit compensation well above $150,000 if it could be tied to other managed funds, including EEGF, or come from the bonus incentive program. Such compensation for Jaresko and the other top officers was not reported on later IRS forms despite a line for earnings from “related organizations.” Apparently, Horizon Capital and EEGF were regarded as “unrelated organizations” for the purposes of reporting compensation.

The KPMG auditors also took a narrow view of compensation only confirming that no “salary” exceeded $150,000, apparently not looking at bonuses and other forms of compensation.

Neither AID officials nor Jaresko responded to specific questions about WNISEF’s possible conflicts of interest, how much money Jaresko made from her involvement with WNISEF and its connected companies, and whether she had fully complied with IRS reporting requirements.

Gagging an Ex-Husband

In 2012, when Jaresko’s ex-husband Figlus began talking about what he saw as improper loans that Jaresko had taken from Horizon Capital Associates to buy and expand her stake in EEGF, the privately held follow-on fund to WNISEF, Jaresko sent her lawyers to court to silence him and, according to his lawyer, bankrupt him.

The filings in Delaware’s Chancery Court are remarkable not only because Jaresko succeeded in getting the Court to gag her ex-husband through enforcement of a non-disclosure agreement but the Court agreed to redact nearly all the business details, even the confidentiality language at the center of the case.

Since Figlus had given some of his information to a Ukrainian journalist, Jaresko’s complaint also had the look of a leak investigation, tracking down Figlus’s contacts with the journalist and then using that evidence to secure the restraining order, which Figlus said not only prevented him from discussing business secrets but even talking about his more general concerns about Jaresko’s insider dealings.

The heavy redactions make it hard to fully understand Figlus’s concerns or to assess the size of Jaresko’s borrowing as she expanded her holdings in EEGF, but Figlus did assert that he saw his role as whistle-blowing about improper actions by Jaresko.

In a Oct. 31, 2012, filing, Figlus’s attorney wrote that “At all relevant times, Defendant [Figlus] acted in good faith and with justification, on matters of public interest, and particularly the inequitable conduct set forth herein where such inequitable conduct adversely affects … at least one other limited partner which is REDACTED, and specifically the inequitable conduct included, in addition to the other conduct cited herein, REDACTED.”

The defendant’s filing argued: “The Plaintiffs’ [Jaresko’s and her EEGF partners’] claims are barred, in whole or in part, by public policy, and particularly that a court in equity should not enjoin ‘whistle-blowing’ activities on matters of public interest, and particularly the inequitable conduct set forth herein.” But the details of that conduct were all redacted.

In a defense brief dated Dec. 17, 2012 [see Part One and Part Two], Figlus expanded on his argument that Jaresko’s attempts to have the court gag him amounted to a violation of his constitutional right of free speech:

“The obvious problem with the scope of their Motion is that Plaintiffs are asking the Court to enter an Order that prohibits Defendant Figlus from exercising his freedom of speech without even attempting to provide the Court with any Constitutional support or underpinning for such impairment of Figlus’ rights.

“Plaintiffs cannot do so, because such silencing of speech is Constitutionally impermissible, and would constitute a denial of basic principles of the Bill of Rights in both the United States and Delaware Constitutions. There can be no question that Plaintiffs are seeking a temporary injunction, which constitutes a prior restraint on speech. …

“The Court cannot, consistent with the Federal and State Constitutional guarantees of free speech, enjoin speech except in the most exceptional circumstances, and certainly not when Plaintiffs are seeking to prevent speech that is not even covered by the very contractual provision upon which they are relying. Moreover, the Court cannot prevent speech where the matter has at least some public interest REDACTED, except as limited to the very specific and exact language of the speaker’s contractual obligation.”

A Redacted Narrative

Verbrechen als Deutsche Staats Doktrin im Ausland: Die gewaltsame Erstürmung der Erdölraffinerie von Odessa

Dezember 4, 2014 2 Kommentare

Die Amerikaner wollen mit allen Mitteln Krieg, wo die „Hühnerfalken“ das Sagen haben. ein Land wo keine Demokratie mehr existent ist und Polizisten Kinder erschiessen und bei Festnahmen Morden.

Die EU und Deutschland, organisiert nun eine Klientel Mafia Polizei mit Vadym Trojan, nachdem über 20 Jahre Polizei Aufbau im Nichts endete. Die Finanz Mafia mit der Georg Soros Schock Therapie, übernimmt das Finanz- und Wirtschafts Ministerium in Kiew.  Ukraine Braces for „Shock Therapy“ Economics

Daniel Zubov  „“Helping Yatsenyuk strip Ukraine’s assets to maximize profits for overseas investors will be Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko and Economic Minister Aivaras Abromavicius.““
A top problem of Ukraine has been corruption and cronyism, so it may raise eyebrows that new Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko, an ex-U.S. diplomat and newly minted Ukrainian citizen, was involved in insider dealings while managing a $150 million U.S. AID-backed investment fund, writes Robert Parry.

Von der rechtsextremen Miliz Asow zum Polizeichef

Die EU unterstützt mit einer Mission den Aufbau der Polizei in der Ukraine und muss dabei auch mit dem Ex-Vizekommandeur des Asow-Bataillons zusammenarbeiten

Die MA17 Untersuchung ist längst ebenso ein Skandal: „Independent analysts as well as OSCE monitor Michael Bociurkiw have rather mentioned no signs of a missile could be found on the wreckage, only machine gun-like holes, evidence which corroborates the Spanish air trafic controler’s testimony who claimed Ukrainian fighter jets had shot MH17 down. Eyewitnesses on the ground have also told the BBC Russian service that they saw Ukrainian fighter jets next to MH17 before it crashed. The report was censored by the BBC. (You can view it and read the transcript in this article: Deleted BBC Report. “Ukrainian Fighter Jet Shot Down MHI7″, Donetsk Eyewitnesses)“

In Moskau hat man den peinlichen Trottel (Steinmeier) raus geworfen und niemand will mehr diese Profi Kriminellen wie auch Gernot Erler noch als Vermittler sehen. Jetzt klaut man vor den Augen der Welt auch noch das Vermögen wie Firmen Sitze von Pipeline Betreibern, Raffinerien usw. im Stile des Gangsters, Mördern, Chef der Todesschwadronen inklusive Hinrichtungen von Gefangenen: Igor Kolomojski überall als Gangster bekannt, und überschüttet mit Milliarden, für angebliche Juden. Die Grünen Spinner machen sowieso mit der Heinrich Böll Stiftung bei jedem Verbrechen im Ausland mit. Hauptsache die Kasse stimmt.

Die Steinmeier Mord Schwadronen von der ” MH17″ bis Mikael Skillt und dem Partner Igor Kolomojszkij

Igor Kolomojskis Todesschwadrone – Partner des Frank Walter Steinmeier

Kiew sabotiert Ermittlungen und schickt keine Experten. Nur die OSCE Beobachter waren vor Ort.

Samstag, 19. Juli 2014 Flugzeugabsturz MH17: Zehn Fragen der Russen – Ten Questions

Kiews Nazi Junta lenkte die MH17 offenbar absichtlich in das Kriegsgebiet

Vor kurzem ist im Internet ein Video erschienen, welches von der brutalen Erstürmung der Erdölraffinerie von Odessa berichtet. Auf dem Video ist zu sehen wie vermummte militante Schlägertrupps die Türen der Wachtposten der Raffinerie einschlagen und die Raffinerie stürmen. Die Vermummten werden dabei von bewaffneten Soldaten mit den Abzeichen der ukrainischen Armee unterstützt. Die Wächter der Raffinerie werden dabei gewaltsam herausgezerrt, auf den Boden geworfen und mit Waffen bedroht. Die Leitung der Erdölraffinerie von Odessa berichtete von der Erstürmung der Erdölraffinerie, ausgehend von militanten Gruppierungen wie der Söldnerstruktur Titan, welche vom ukrainischen Oligarchen Ihor Kolomojskyj bezahlt und geleitet wird. Zudem gab es eine Mittäterschaft seitens der Polizei. Es war nicht der erste versuch des Oligarchen Ihor Kolomojskyj, die Raffinerie unter seien Kontrolle zu bringen. Kolomojskyj war bereits in der Vergangenheit dadurch aufgefallen, dass er das eindeutig neo-nazistische Freikorps “Asov” maßgeblich finanzierte.

Faschistoide Ästhetik überwiegt bei den Milizen aus der Westukraine. Überhaupt gleichen sich die Bilder von den ukrainischen und separatistischen Milizen mit denen der islamistischen Gruppen: Männer, die in ihre Waffen verliebt sind und sich in Posen der Stärke präsentieren. Freiwillige oder Söldner? Florian Rötzer Nach Ansicht der Menschenrechtsorganisation HRW findet in der Ostukraine ein “bewaffneter Konflikt” statt und gilt daher das Kriegsrecht für alle KonfliktparteienDie Menschenrechtsorganisation Human Rights Watch hat in einem Bericht darauf aufmerksam gemacht, dass der “bewaffnete Konflikt” in der Ostukraine zwischen ukrainischen Streitkräften und “bewaffneten Gruppen/Aufständischen” nach dem internationalen Kriegsrecht einen internen bewaffneten Konflikt darstellt. Die bewaffneten Gruppen müssen dazu hinreichend organisiert und ausgerüstet sein, um militärische Aktionen durchzuführen. Das sei in der Ostukraine gegeben, weswegen hier auch das internationale Kriegsrecht gelte, d.h. die sich bekämpfenden Konfliktparteien müssen die internationalen humanitären Regeln der Genfer Konventionen einhalten.wird privat finanziert und sucht auch Kämpfer aus dem Ausland.

Das Kriegsrecht muss auch eingehalten werden, wenn die jeweils andere Seite sich nicht daran hält. Angriffe dürfen nur auf militärische Ziele erfolgen, direkte Angriffe auf Zivilisten und zivile Ziele sind ebenso verboten wie exzessive und ungerichtete Gewaltanwendung. Zivilisten dürfen nicht als Schutzschild verwendet werden, Artilleriebeschuss oder Bombardierung von militärischen Zielen in dicht besiedelten Gebieten können gegen das Kriegsrecht verstoßen, wenn nicht alles getan wird, um das Risiko für Zivilisten zu mindern. Journalisten, die nicht an Kämpfen teilnehmen, dürfen “niemals” angegriffen werden. Radio- und Fernsehsender dürfen nur angegriffen werden, wenn sie direkt für militärische Zwecke verwendet werden, das gilt auch für Flughäfen, Brücken und Straßen. Gefangene müssen angemessen versorgt und dürfen nicht misshandelt werden.

Das Verbrecher Kartell des Igor Kolomoisky mit den Ukraine Ratten der Wirtschafts Lobbyisten

September 11, 2014
Das Frank Walter Steinmeier direkt Kontakte zu solchen Profi Kriminellen pflegt wie Kolomoisky, ist ja bekannt. Was anderes kennt diese Licht Gestalt der Korruption, Bestechungs, des Lobbyismus auch nicht. Russland enteignet ukrainischen Oligarchen auf der Krim Igor Kolomoisky – Foto:

(Merkel) Die destruktive Georg Soros Mafia über die Hirnlosen der EU Politiker: “political fallout after the illegal coup in Ukraine “

Die Steinmeier Mord Schwadronen von der ” MH17″ bis Mikael Skillt und dem Partner Igor Kolomojszkij

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Die Dreistigkeit einer inkompetenden Verbrecher Riege des Auswärtigen Amtes, hat die Verantwortung des kriminellen Putsches in Kiew, wobei die Banditen und Faschisten auch noch anerkannt wurden, obwohl es wie im Balkan bereits Mord Truppen waren, im Solde der US Faschisten und Verbrecher.
 Nazis ukraineDas Asow Battailon in Aktion, womit dann bereits Alles gesagt ist, wohin Deutsche Steuergelder erneut gehen.

Schwerverbrecher, Mörder, Chefs von Todesschwadronen, Drogen Bosse,  als Partner Deutscher Aussenminister hat eine Langzeit Traditon in der Deutschen Aussenpolitik, was mit FDP-Kassierer Otto Graf L a m b s d o r f f   und Hans Dietrich Genscher begannmit Michael Chordorkowski, der mit seinem Sicherheits Chef, Reihen weise Konkurrenten ermordete, in die Luft sprengt. Damit war man für die Deutsche Partnerschaft geadelt, als Partner eines Deutschen Aussenminister und die Nachfolger arbeiteten identisch nach dem System, was als Politik verkauft wird, inklusive der Grünen Bande.

Begnadeter Gangsteroligarch Chodorkowski von Genscher in Schönefeld “ehrenvoll” empfangen

Breaking: Adoption of House of Representatives Resolution: Provides De Facto “Green Light” to Obama to “Declare War on Russia”


The US House of Representatives has overwhelmingly approved a document which strongly condemns Moscow’s actions against its neighbors, calling them a policy of aggression.

Passed with 411-10 votes, the resolution slams Russia’s “continuing political, economic, and military aggression” against Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova and the “continuing violation of their sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity.

The US, Europe and our allies must aggressively keep the pressure on Mr. Putin to encourage him to change his behavior,” Rep. Adam Kinzinger, the resolution’s sponsor, said.

The resolution calls for Russia to stop supporting local militias in eastern Ukraine and for the cancellation of Crimea’s decision to join Russia. In addition, it calls on Moscow to withdraw its troops which the US claims are in Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova.

The House calls on President Barack Obama to provide Ukraine with defense equipment and training.

Ukraine is clearly in need of urgent military assistance,” Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen said as quoted by The Hill.

Previously Obama declined Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s plea for lethal military aid. During his visit to Washington in September, Poroshenko addressed Congress calling to provide Kiev with “more military equipment, lethal and non-lethal” drawing applause from the audience.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko addresses a joint session of the US Congress at the Capitol in Washington, DC, on September 18, 2014. (AFP Photo/Nicholas Kamm)

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko addresses a joint session of the US Congress at the Capitol in Washington, DC, on September 18, 2014. (AFP Photo/Nicholas Kamm)

Thursday’s  resolution also urges NATO members and US allies to suspend military cooperation with Russia. Addressing Obama, the House urged him to review the readiness of US and NATO armed forces under the Conventional Armed Forces in Europe Treaty (CFE).

The lawmakers agreed that the president and State Department should also find a way to “distribute news and information” in Russian to countries with Russian-speaking populations.

The lawmakers specified that the resolution was targeting Putin and his policy, but not all Russian people.

The resolution follows Putin’s speech to Federal Assembly made on Thursday, where he criticized the “deterrence policy” conducted against Russia by other states.

The deterrence policy was not invented yesterday, it has been always conducted towards our country, for decades, if not centuries,” Putin noted. “Every time somebody considers Russia is becoming too powerful and independent, such instruments are turned on immediately.

He mentioned that the US has been manipulating foreign relations of Russia’s neighbors, adding that “sometimes you don’t even know to whom it is better to talk to: the governments of certain countries or directly with their American patrons.

READ MORE: ‘House of Representatives’ resolution declares Cold War’

The relations between the two states have got colder in the past decade and will deteriorate even more following the adoption of the H. Res. 758, warns former Republican Dennis Kucinich.

NATO encirclement, the US-backed coup in Ukraine, an attempt to use an agreement with the European Union to bring NATO into Ukraine at the Russian border, a US nuclear first-strike policy, are all policies which attempt to substitute force for diplomacy,” he said as quoted by Truthdig.

READ MORE: ‘NATO’s disastrous expansion at the core of the Ukraine conflict’

Kucinich explained that Russia had only responded to an appeal by the local population in Ukraine to protect them from the violence when Moscow agreed to Crimea joining the Russian Federation. It was “a reaffirmation of an historic relationship,” Kucinich said.

“The Western press begins its narrative on the Crimea situation with the annexation, but completely ignores the provocations by the West and other causal factors… This distortion of reality is artificially creating an hysteria about Russian aggressiveness,” he said, adding that the US Congress “is responding to the distortions, not to the reality.”

Kucinich also criticized US rhetoric, calling it “saber-rattling, which led to the initiation and escalation of the Cold War” and urged Washington to “employ diplomacy, not more military expenditures, in the quest for international order.”

Als Terroristen und Verbrecher Organistaion, ermordeten die Alten SS Kamerdaden in der Ukraine noch bis 1951, 35.000 Personen in der Ukraine nachdem Ende des 2 EK, unter dem Kommando des CIA Direktors Frank Wisner sen. der später dann Selbstmorde machte, über seine eigenen Verbrechen in der Welt.

Die EU finanziert dieses Mord Treiben von primtiiven Mördern heute.

Von der rechtsextremen Miliz Asow zum Polizeichef

Die EU unterstützt mit einer Mission den Aufbau der Polizei in der Ukraine und muss dabei auch mit dem Ex-Vizekommandeur des Asow-Bataillons zusammenarbeiten

ZDF lobt Alt-Nazi zum Ukraine-Helden um?

Daniela Lobmueh BanderaBriefmarke

Lwow, Westukraine. Das ZDF meint, Stepan Bandera habe zwar mit den Nazis paktiert, ABER gegen die Sowjets mit dem Ziel der FREIHEIT für sein Volk. Und wer könnte Bandera das krumm nehmen? Für die FREIHEIT! Gegen die (wie ZDF-Zuschauer täglich neu erfahren: teuflischen) Sowjets! Wen interessieren da noch groß Banderas Massenmorde? Ein alter Kämpe der Bandera-Truppe durfte jetzt gegen die Sowjets vors ZDF-Mikrofon, als Freiheitsheld.

Den ZDF-Intendanten Bellut interessiert Banderas Blutrausch gegen Juden, Polen, Russen usw. wohl scheinbar nicht. Aber nun der Schock: Dafür kassiert er jetzt schon wieder eine Beschwerde! Etwas mehr Mühe sollten sich die Lobhudler vom ZDF schon machen. Jetzt wurden sie schon wieder bei Tendenzlügen mit Rechtsdrall erwischt und Intendant Bellut bekommt schon wieder eine Programmbeschwerde. Dabei hat Bellut doch bloß getan, was ein ZDF-Intendant nunmal tun muss. Also senden lassen wie ein braver Bello es täte, also Wuff-Wuff-Bellizist der herrschenden Westeliten (Nato, Bilderberger, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs) und weiß gar nicht was seine Zuschauer sich neuerdings immer so haben?

Die Kriegs Postille „Die Zeit“ der Transatlantiker, schreibt sogar über diese Ganoven Regierung in Kiew.

Die neue Regierung sei ein „Frankenstein“ aus alten Insidern und völlig unbekannten Neulingen geworden, urteilt der ukrainische Politologe Petro Oleschtschuk beim Nachrichtenportal Sechs Minister aus der Übergangsregierung sind im neuen Kabinett wieder vertreten, darunter Premier Jazenjuk, Außenminister Pawlo Klimkin, Verteidigungsminister Stepan Poltorak und Innenminister Arsen Awakow.


Die drei ehemaligen Ausländer in der Regierung sind einerseits ein Zeichen dafür, dass von der neuen Regierung wirklich neue Impulse ausgehen sollen. Doch gleichzeitig zeugt ihre Nominierung davon, wie kaputt und korrupt die einheimischen Kader sind. Im Korruptionsindex 2014, der soeben von Transparency International veröffentlicht wurde, ist die Ukraine Schlusslicht in Europa; hinter dem Kosovo, Albanien und Russland.


Natalie Jaresko Aivaras Abromavicius Ukraine Parlament

UkraineJazenjuks schräges Krisenkabinett

Kontinuität in Schlüsselressorts, drei Ausländer im Kabinett und ein Informationsministerium: Die neue ukrainische Regierung ist fragil – und steht unter großem Druck.  von Lucian Kim  143 Kommentare

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