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NeoCon: Robert Kagan mit der Ehefrau Victory Nuland: Krieg als Familien Geschäft

April 2, 2015 1 Kommentar


Thousands of Ukrainians Protest against the US Embassy. Media Blackout By Eric Zuesse, April 06, 2015

Wenn korrupte Idioten die Welt regieren:

Der Abgrund der Geschichte

Die westliche Außen-, Verteidigungs- und Sicherheitspolitik der letzten Jahrzehnte ist – gemessen an ihren eigenen Strategien und Zielvorgaben – gescheitert

A Family Business of Perpetual War

March 20, 2015

Exclusive: Victoria Nuland and Robert Kagan have a great mom-and-pop business going. From the State Department, she generates wars and – from op-ed pages – he demands Congress buy more weapons. There’s a pay-off, too, as grateful military contractors kick in money to think tanks where other Kagans work, writes Robert Parry.

By Robert Parry

Neoconservative pundit Robert Kagan and his wife, Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, run a remarkable family business: she has sparked a hot war in Ukraine and helped launch Cold War II with Russia – and he steps in to demand that Congress jack up military spending so America can meet these new security threats.

This extraordinary husband-and-wife duo makes quite a one-two punch for the Military-Industrial Complex, an inside-outside team that creates the need for more military spending, applies political pressure to ensure higher appropriations, and watches as thankful weapons manufacturers lavish grants on like-minded hawkish Washington think tanks.

Prominent neocon intellectual Robert Kagan. (Photo credit: Mariusz Kubik,

Not only does the broader community of neoconservatives stand to benefit but so do other members of the Kagan clan, including Robert’s brother Frederick at the American Enterprise Institute and his wife Kimberly, who runs her own shop called the Institute for the Study of War.

Robert Kagan, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution (which doesn’t disclose details on its funders), used his prized perch on the Washington Post’s op-ed page on Friday to bait Republicans into abandoning the sequester caps limiting the Pentagon’s budget, which he calculated at about $523 billion (apparently not counting extra war spending). Kagan called on the GOP legislators to add at least $38 billion and preferably more like $54 billion to $117 billion:

“The fact that [advocates for more spending] face a steep uphill battle to get even that lower number passed by a Republican-controlled Congress says a lot — about Republican hypocrisy. Republicans may be full-throated in denouncing [President Barack] Obama for weakening the nation’s security, yet when it comes to paying for the foreign policy that all their tough rhetoric implies, too many of them are nowhere to be found. …

“The editorial writers and columnists who have been beating up Obama and cheering the Republicans need to tell those Republicans, and their own readers, that national security costs money and that letters and speeches are worse than meaningless without it. …

“It will annoy the part of the Republican base that wants to see the government shrink, loves the sequester and doesn’t care what it does to defense. But leadership occasionally means telling people what they don’t want to hear. Those who propose to lead the United States in the coming years, Republicans and Democrats, need to show what kind of political courage they have, right now, when the crucial budget decisions are being made.”

So, the way to show “courage” – in Kagan’s view – is to ladle ever more billions into the Military-Industrial Complex, thus putting money where the Republican mouths are regarding the need to “defend Ukraine” and resist “a bad nuclear deal with Iran.”

Yet, if it weren’t for Nuland’s efforts as Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs, the Ukraine crisis might not exist. A neocon holdover who advised Vice President Dick Cheney, Nuland gained promotions under former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and received backing, too, from current Secretary of State John Kerry.

Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Victoria Nuland, speaking to Ukrainian and other business leaders at the National Press Club in Washington on Dec. 13, 2013, at a meeting sponsored by Chevron.

Confirmed to her present job in September 2013, Nuland soon undertook an extraordinary effort to promote “regime change” in Ukraine. She personally urged on business leaders and political activists to challenge elected President Viktor Yanukovych. She reminded corporate executives that the United States had invested $5 billion in their “European aspirations,” and she literally passed out cookies to anti-government protesters in Kiev’s Maidan square.

Working with other key neocons, including National Endowment for Democracy President Carl Gershman and Sen. John McCain, Nuland made clear that the United States would back a “regime change” against Yanukovych, which grew more likely as neo-Nazi and other right-wing militias poured into Kiev from western Ukraine.

In early February 2014, Nuland discussed U.S.-desired changes with U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt (himself a veteran of a “regime change” operation at the International Atomic Energy Agency, helping to install U.S. yes man Yukiya Amano as the director-general in 2009).

Nuland treated her proposed new line-up of Ukrainian officials as if she were trading baseball cards, casting aside some while valuing others. “Yats is the guy,” she said of her favorite Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

Disparaging the less aggressive European Union, she uttered “Fuck the EU” – and brainstormed how she would “glue this thing” as Pyatt pondered how to “mid-wife this thing.” Their unsecure phone call was intercepted and leaked.

Ukraines Regime Change

The coup against Yanukovych played out on Feb. 22, 2014, as the neo-Nazi militias and other violent extremists overran government buildings forcing the president and other officials to flee for their lives. Nuland’s State Department quickly declared the new regime “legitimate” and Yatsenyuk took over as prime minister.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who had been presiding over the Winter Olympics at Sochi, was caught off-guard by the coup next door and held a crisis session to determine how to protect ethnic Russians and a Russian naval base in Crimea, leading to Crimea’s secession from Ukraine and annexation by Russia a year ago.

Though there was no evidence that Putin had instigated the Ukraine crisis – and indeed all the evidence indicated the opposite – the State Department peddled a propaganda theme to the credulous mainstream U.S. news media about Putin having somehow orchestrated the situation in Ukraine so he could begin invading Europe. Former Secretary of State Clinton compared Putin to Adolf Hitler.

As the new Kiev government launched a brutal “anti-terrorism operation” to subdue an uprising among the large ethnic Russian populations of eastern and southern Ukraine, Nuland and other American neocons pushed for economic sanctions against Russia and demanded arms for the coup regime. [See’s “What Neocons Want from Ukraine Crisis.”]

Amid the barrage of “information warfare” aimed at both the U.S. and world publics, a new Cold War took shape. Prominent neocons, including Nuland’s husband Robert Kagan, a co-founder of the Project for the New American Century which masterminded the Iraq War, hammered home the domestic theme that Obama had shown himself to be “weak,” thus inviting Putin’s “aggression.”

In May 2014, Kagan published a lengthy essay in The New Republic entitled “Superpowers Don’t Get to Retire,” in which Kagan castigated Obama for failing to sustain American dominance in the world and demanding a more muscular U.S. posture toward adversaries.

According to a New York Times article about how the essay took shape and its aftermath, writer Jason Horowitz reported that Kagan and Nuland shared a common world view as well as professional ambitions, with Nuland editing Kagan’s articles, including the one tearing down her ostensible boss.

Though Nuland wouldn’t comment specifically on her husband’s attack on Obama, she indicated that she held similar views. “But suffice to say,” Nuland said, “that nothing goes out of the house that I don’t think is worthy of his talents. Let’s put it that way.”

Horowitz reported that Obama was so concerned about Kagan’s assault that the President revised his commencement speech at West Point to deflect some of the criticism and invited Kagan to lunch at the White House, where one source told me that it was like “a meeting of equals.” [See’s “Obama’s True Foreign Policy ‘Weakness.’”]

Sinking a Peace Deal

And, whenever peace threatens to break out in Ukraine, Nuland jumps in to make sure that the interests of war are protected. Last month, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande hammered out a plan for a cease-fire and a political settlement, known as Minsk-2, prompting Nuland to engage in more behind-the-scenes maneuvering to sabotage the deal.

In another overheard conversation — in Munich, Germany — Nuland mocked the peace agreement as “Merkel’s Moscow thing,” according to the German newspaper Bild, citing unnamed sources, likely from the German government which may have bugged the conference room in the luxurious Bayerischer Hof hotel and then leaked the details.

Picking up on Nuland’s contempt for Merkel, another U.S. official called the Minsk-2 deal the Europeans’ “Moscow bullshit.”

Nuland suggested that Merkel and Hollande cared only about the practical impact of the Ukraine war on Europe: “They’re afraid of damage to their economy, counter-sanctions from Russia.” According to the Bild story, Nuland also laid out a strategy for countering Merkel’s diplomacy by using strident language to frame the Ukraine crisis.

“We can fight against the Europeans, we can fight with rhetoric against them,” Nuland reportedly said.

NATO Commander Air Force Gen. Philip Breedlove was quoted as saying that sending more weapons to the Ukrainian government would “raise the battlefield cost for Putin.” Nuland interjected to the U.S. politicians present that “I’d strongly urge you to use the phrase ‘defensive systems’ that we would deliver to oppose Putin’s ‘offensive systems.’”

Nuland sounded determined to sink the Merkel-Hollande peace initiative even though it was arranged by two major U.S. allies and was blessed by President Obama. And, this week, the deal seems indeed to have been blown apart by Nuland’s hand-picked Prime Minister Yatsenyuk, who inserted a poison pill into the legislation to implement the Minsk-2 political settlement.

The Ukrainian parliament in Kiev added a clause that, in effect, requires the rebels to first surrender and let the Ukrainian government organize elections before a federalized structure is determined. Minsk-2 had called for dialogue with the representatives of these rebellious eastern territories en route to elections and establishment of broad autonomy for the region.

Instead, reflecting Nuland’s hard-line position, Kiev refused to talks with rebel leaders and insisted on establishing control over these territories before the process can move forward. If the legislation stands, the result will almost surely be a resumption of war between military forces backed by nuclear-armed Russia and the United States, a very dangerous development for the world. [See’s “Ukraine’s Poison Pill for Peace Talks.”]

Not only will the Ukrainian civil war resume but so will the Cold War between Washington and Moscow with lots of money to be made by the Military-Industrial Complex. On Friday, Nuland’s husband, Robert Kagan, drove home that latter point in the neocon Washington Post.

The Payoff

But don’t think that this unlocking of the U.S. taxpayers’ wallets is just about this one couple. There will be plenty of money to be made by other neocon think-tankers all around Washington, including Frederick Kagan, who works for the right-wing American Enterprise Institute, and his wife, Kimberly, who runs her own think tank, the Institute for the Study of War [ISW].

Kimberly Kagan, founder and president of the Institute for the Study of War.

According to ISW’s annual reports, its original supporters were mostly right-wing foundations, such as the Smith-Richardson Foundation and the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, but it was later backed by a host of national security contractors, including major ones like General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman and CACI, as well as lesser-known firms such as DynCorp International, which provided training for Afghan police, and Palantir, a technology company founded with the backing of the CIA’s venture-capital arm, In-Q-Tel. Palantir supplied software to U.S. military intelligence in Afghanistan.

Since its founding in 2007, ISW has focused mostly on wars in the Middle East, especially Iraq and Afghanistan, including closely cooperating with Gen. David Petraeus when he commanded U.S. forces in those countries. However, more recently, ISW has begun reporting extensively on the civil war in Ukraine. [See’s “Neocons Guided Petraeus on Afghan War.”]

In other words, the Family Kagan has almost a self-perpetuating, circular business model – working the inside-corridors of government power to stimulate wars while simultaneously influencing the public debate through think-tank reports and op-ed columns in favor of more military spending – and then collecting grants and other funding from thankful military contractors.

To be fair, the Nuland-Kagan mom-and-pop shop is really only a microcosm of how the Military-Industrial Complex has worked for decades: think-tank analysts generate the reasons for military spending, the government bureaucrats implement the necessary war policies, and the military contractors make lots of money before kicking back some to the think tanks — so the bloody but profitable cycle can spin again.

The only thing that makes the Nuland-Kagan operation special perhaps is that the whole process is all in the family.

Investigative reporter Robert Parry broke many of the Iran-Contra stories for The Associated Press and Newsweek in the 1980s. You can buy his latest book, America’s Stolen Narrative, either in print here or as an e-book (from Amazon and You also can order Robert Parry’s trilogy on the Bush Family and its connections to various right-wing operatives for only $34. The trilogy includes America’s Stolen Narrative. For details on this offer, click here.

| 9. September 2014


Laut einer Studie der New York Times, haben 64 ausländische Regierungen seit 2011, unter Verstoß gegen den Foreign Agents Registration Act von 1938, die 28 wichtigsten US- think-tanks (Denkfabriken) finanziert.

Die Zeitung sagte, dass diese Regierungen somit sichergestellt hätten, dass diese Denkfabriken nichts gegen sie veröffentlichen würden und in selteneren Fällen sie ihre Anliegen durchsetzen konnten, oder sie sogar für Lobby-Aktionen benutzen konnten.

Die Zeitung beschuldigt direkt einerseits Japan, das Katar, die Vereinigten Arabischen Emirate, Norwegen und Aserbaidschan, und andererseits das Atlantic Council, die Brookings Institution, das Center for Global Development und das Center for Strategic and International Studies.

« Foreign Powers Buy Influence at Think Tanks », von Eric Lipton, Brooke Williams und Nicholas Confessore, The New York Times, 6. September 2014. Die NYT-Website veröffentlicht auch eine Reihe von Dokumenten, die während ihrer Untersuchung gesammelt wurden.

Normal bei den US Gangstern:

Ex-U.S. Envoy Khalilzad Subject of Money-Laundering Probe

A U.S. probe into alleged money laundering by Zalmay Khalilzad has led Austrian authorities to freeze a Vienna bank account linked to the former presidential envoy to Afghanistan.

Khalilzad, who served as U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan and Iraq, allegedly transferred $1.4 million to his wife’s bank account in Vienna, Austrian magazine Profil reported today, citing court documents. The money came from oil and building contracts in Iraq and the United Arab Emirates that allegedly violated U.S. laws, U.S. investigators told their Austrian counterparts, according to the papers cited by Profil.

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Im Solde des PNAC, für faschistische Kriege: Hillary Clinton ist in Ankara um Terroristen mit Waffen auszustatten

August 24, 2012 4 Kommentare

Die Amerikaner brauchen mehr Tode, wobei die Türkei eine mehr wie dubiose Rolle spielt, welche sogar die Türkei langfristig gefährdet.

Hinter all diesen Kriegs Aufrufen seit dem Kosovo Krieg, stehen unverändert die Robert Kagan Gestalten des PNAC.

Seine Ehefrau Victoria Nuland , ist sogar Beraterin von Hillary Clinton, so das man diese oft dämlichen Lügen und Ausführungen von Hillary Clinton besser verstehen kann. Die Einfältigikeit dieser Leute wäre normal peinlich, aber ist hoch verbrecherisch und 100 mal schlimmer als was die Nazis inzenierten. Die Methoden sind immer gleich: Erst werden solche Resolutionen ausgetüfelt und unterschrieben, denn Krieg ist das Geschäft der US Politik. Jeder Präsident, braucht seine Kriege.

Victoria Nuland als Beraterin der Lügnerin Hillary Clinton, immer auf Krieg programmiert

Thursday, August 23, 2012


A delegation from the U.S. State Department will be arriving in Istanbul on Wednesday to begin a first round of talks with the Turkish government geared towards coordinating increased help for the Syrian opposition.

This visit is the first to take place within the framework of an agreement reached between Turkey and the United States on taking joint action on the situation in Syria, a decision which was reached during U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s trip to Turkey on August 11th. The delegation, led by Acting Assistant Secretary Beth Jones also includes representatives from the Ministry of Defense and the U.S. Intelligence Organization.
U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton said on Aug. 11 that Washington and Turkey were looking at all measures to help the insurgents, including a no-fly zone. Clinton had told reporters after talks with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu that their countries needed to get into detailed operational planning on how to assist the rebels and bring a halt to the violence. Asked if discussions included options such as imposing a no-fly zone over territory that Syrian rebels claim to control, Clinton indicated that was a possible option.
The ‚operational mechanism‘ on Syria which came into being during Clinton’s visit earlier this month is part of the Obama administration’s efforts to promote a transition to democracy in Syria through interactions with countries of the same mindset and increased interactions with the Syrian opposition. During this first meeting, the U.S. delegation, led by Elizabeth Jones will broach the issue of increasing operational planning with the Turks and possibly establishing a no-fly zone. The meeting will be held at the Turkish Foreign Ministry in the capital Ankara on Wednesday and will be closed to the press.
State Department Spokeswoman Victoria Nuland mentioned tomorrow’s meeting on Tuesday, by stating, „Remember what the secretary committed to when she was in Istanbul, which was an interagency conversation, U.S. and Turkey sitting down together to share the operational picture, to talk about the effectiveness of what we’re doing now, and about what more we can do,“ State Department Spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said Tuesday. „This is a bilateral conversation across the interagency. Our position on this one hasn’t changed. We are providing nonlethal assistance to the Syrian opposition… but also, increasingly, training for those future leaders of the NGO sector, some of the types of groups that the secretary met with when she was in Istanbul,“ Nuland said.  Daily Press Briefing 23. August
Aus der US freundlichen  , welche den Krieg finanzieren
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Victoria Nuland als Beraterin der Lügnerin Hillary Clinton, immer auf Krieg programmiert

Februar 19, 2012 17 Kommentare

Hinter all diesen Kriegs Aufrufen seit dem Kosovo Krieg, stehen unverändert die Robert Kagan Gestalten des PNAC. Die gute Frau, gilt bei echten US Experten in der Aussenpolitik, als Pyschopatin der Ignoranz und damit der kriminellen Dummheit. Deshalb suchen solche extrem dumme Leute immer Ja-Sager und Huldiger wie Speichellecker, denn dann gibt es Geld, wenn die Dümmsten der Welt zufrieden sind. Steinmeier, Helge Schmid des Auswärtigen Amtes, machen in diesem Dumm Theater für Terroristen und Mafiöse Zirkel aktiv mit. Grund: damit niemand merkt, wie dumm man ist, macht man halt mit.

Seine Ehefrau Victoria Nuland , ist sogar Beraterin von Hillary Clinton, so das man diese oft dämlichen Lügen und Ausführungen von Hillary Clinton besser verstehen kann. Die Einfältigikeit dieser Leute wäre normal peinlich, aber ist hoch verbrecherisch und 100 mal schlimmer als was die Nazis inzenierten. Die Methoden sind immer gleich: Erst werden solche Resolutionen ausgetüfelt und unterschrieben, denn Krieg ist das Geschäft der US Politik. Jeder Präsident, braucht seine Kriege.

Ein neuer „Offener Brief“: Neocons fordern „Hilfe“ für das syrische Volk

Demonstration in Syrien / Foto: shamsnn; CC BY 2.0

Von Hans-Werner Klausen

Rechtzeitig vor Weihnachten haben sich die US-amerikanischen Neokonservativen („Neocons“) wieder mit einem Offenen Brief zu Wort gemeldet – diesmal zu Syrien. Am 19. Dezember 2011 veröffentlichten die Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI) und die Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) einen Offenen Brief an US-Präsident Obama unter der Überschrift „Foreign Policy Experts Urge President Obama to Take Action Against Assad“.

Die Unterzeichner des Briefes fordern
* härtere Sanktionen gegen Syrien
* Schaffung einer internationalen Kontaktgruppe mit gleichgesinnten Partnern
* Etablierung direkter Kontakte zu regierungsfeindlichen Gruppen, insbesondere zum „Syrischen Nationalrat“ und zu den Deserteuren aus der syrischen Armee
* Zusammenarbeit mit der Türkei um zum „Schutz von Zivilisten“ „No-Go-Zonen“ für die syrischen Sicherheitskräfte zu etablieren.

Die letztgenannte Forderung bedeutet faktisch die Schaffung von geschützten Aufmarschgebieten für die in Syrien agierenden konterrevolutionären Banden.

Die für den Brief mitverantwortliche Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI) – de facto die Nachfolgeinstitution des Project for the New American Century (PNAC) – hatte am 25. Februar 2011 in einem Offenen Brief an Obama den Sturz des libyschen Revolutionsführers Muammar al-Gaddafi gefordert. Im August 2011 hatte ein Offener Brief , der im wesentlichen dieselben Unterzeichner wie der jetzige Brief hatte, von der Regierung Obama mehr Härte gegen Syrien gefordert. Der jetzige Brief läuft in seinen Forderungen auf die Vorbereitung einer neuen imperialistischen Aggression hinaus.

Die Initiatoren des jetzigen Briefes haben damit Erfahrung. 1998 hatten Offene Briefe des PNAC den Sturz von Saddam Hussein und Slobodan Milosevic gefordert und mehrere Unterzeichner des jetzigen Briefes waren unter George W. Bush in Regierungsfunktionen für den Irak-Krieg mitverantwortlich. So war zum Beispiel Douglas Feith von 2001 bis 2005 Staatssekretär für Politik im Pentagon. Elliott Abrams – gegenwärtig hauptamtlicher Mitarbeiter des Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) – war Nahost- und Demokratieberater von George W. Bush. Abrams hatte bereits unter Ronald Reagan praktische Erfahrungen bei der Unterstützung konterrevolutionärer Banden : als Staatssekretär für Lateinamerika im State Department gehörte er zu den Helden der Iran-Contra-Affäre. James Woolsey, Martin Peretz und Leon Wieseltier hatten 1986 einen Offenen Brief für die Bewaffnung der Contras unterzeichnet.

Mehrere Unterzeichner des jetzigen Briefes sind Berater republikanischer Politiker, die sich um die Nominierung als Kanidaten für die Präsidentenwahl des Jahres 2012 bewerben. Robert Kagan (Vorstandsmitglied des PNAC und der FPI; seine Frau Victoria Nuland war einst bei Richard Cheney stellvertretende Beraterin für nationale Sicherheit und ist gegenwärtig Pressesprecherin von Außenministerin Hillary Rodham Clinton), Eric Edelman (Vorstandsmitglied der FPI), Dan Senor (Vorstandsmitglied der FPI) und Dov Zakheim sind Berater von Mitt Romney, Douglas Feith ist Berater von Rick Perry, James Woolsey ist Berater von Newt Gingrich. Man wird also noch einiges von den Neocons hören.

Foreign Policy Experts Urge President Obama to Take Action Against Assad

December 19, 2011 | Open Letter from FPI and FDD

Getty Images

Washington, D.C.—Fifty-eight foreign policy experts and former U.S. government officials signed an open letter today urging President Obama to act more assertively to stop the Assad regime’s continuing atrocities against Syrian civilians.  Organized by the Foreign Policy Initiative and the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, the letter calls on the President to impose crippling multilateral sanctions; form a contact group of like-minded international partners to further pressure President Assad; establish direct contact with the Syrian National Council and other anti-regime Syrian groups; and work with Turkey to establish safe havens for Syrian civilians and no-go zones for the Assad regime’s military and security forces.

As you said in the case of Libya, it is now time „to live the values we hold so dear.“


Khairi Abaza Thomas M. Donnelly William Kristol Gary J. Schmitt

Ammar Abdulhamid Mark Dubowitz Robert J. Lieber Daniel S. Senor

Mouhanad Abdulhamid Eric S. Edelman Tod Lindberg Lee Smith

Oula Abdulhamid Douglas J. Feith Bashar Lufti Henry D. Sokolski

Hussain Abdul-Hussain Jamie M. Fly Lila Lufti Kurt Volker

Elliott Abrams Reuel Marc Gerecht Thomas G. Mahnken Kenneth R. Weinstein

Tony Badran Abe Greenwald Michael Makovsky Pete Wehner

Bassam Bitar John P. Hannah Ann Marlowe Leon Wieseltier

Max Boot William Inboden Clifford D. May R. James Woolsey

Ellen Bork Bruce Pitcairn Jackson Joshua Muravchik Khawla Yusuf

L. Paul Bremer Ash Jain Andrew S. Natsios Dov S. Zakheim

Matthew R. J. Brodsky Allison Johnson Martin Peretz Robert Zarate

Seth Cropsey Robert Kagan Kori Schake Radwan Ziadeh

Toby Dershowitz Sirwan Kajjo Jonathan Schanzer

James S. Denton Rachel Kleinfeld Randy Scheunemann

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