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Serbien ist der Strategische Partner von China in South Ost Europa

“Serbia is China’s strategic partner”
14 February 2010 | 10:40 | Source: Blic
BELGRADE — Chinese ambassador to Serbia Wei Jinghua said that Serbia became China’s main strategic partner in Southeast Europe last year.

Last year, the countries increased exchanges and cooperation in trade, Wei told daily Blic.

“During President Tadić’s visit to China, both sides signed agreements on economic and technological cooperation in the field of infrastructure. Chinese road and bridge corporations and companies for exports and imports of equipment signed separate pre-agreements with Serbia for projects for the Zemun-Borča Bridge and the revitalization and construction of the Kostolac thermo-electric plant,” Wei said.

The Chinese automotive company Dongfeng and Serbian automobile factory FAP from Priboj finished preparations for work on a new cooperation project, he said, adding that he hopes that these projects will be realized successfully so that more Chinese companies will want to invest in Serbia.

The ambassador stressed that China remains firm on its position regarding Kosovo.

“China always supports the efforts of Serbia in its defense of its sovereignty and territorial integrity, and insists on the preservation of international laws and norms of international relations, as well as the UN Security Council’s Resolution 1244,” Wei said.

He reminded that China submitted a written report to the International Court of Justice regarding the legality of Kosovo’s unilaterally proclaimed independence, stating that it was the first time that China participated in a written or oral debate before the International Court of Justice.

“We believe that the path of negotiations between the Serbian side and Kosovo’s temporary institutions is the only way to reach an acceptable solution for both sides. China is a country that leads equal principles towards the entire world. Its support of Serbia is not due to traditional friendship, but has to do with the preservation of international law and international relation norms, and preserving the authority of the UN,” he added.

Kommentar: China ist die aufstrebende Grossmacht, während Europa in die Bedeutungslosigkeit abgleitet und Amerika in ein Nichts verschwindet