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Libya: Transitional Council Failing to Secure Weapons

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Stockpiles of Surface-to-Air Missiles, Other Arms Found Unguarded
October 25, 2011
  • An abandoned AA-8 Aphid air-to-air missile found at an unguarded weapons stockpile near Sirte, Libya.
    © 2011 Peter Bouckaert/Human Rights Watch

For months we have been warning the NTC and NATO about the dangers posed by these vast stockpiles of unguarded weapons, and the urgent need to secure them. Surface-to-air missiles can take down civilian aircraft, and the explosive weapons can be converted easily into the car bombs and IEDs that have killed thousands in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Peter Bouckaert, emergencies director at Human Rights Watch

(Misrata) – Vast amounts of unsecured explosive weapons, including surface-to-air missiles, remain unguarded in the area around Sirte, Libya, Human Rights Watch said today. The National Transitional Council (NTC), Libya’s transitional government, has promised for months that it would secure weapons facilities.

Two unguarded sites near Sirte inspected by Human Rights Watch on October 22, 2011, contained surface-to-air missiles, tank and mortar rounds, large numbers of munitions, and thousands of guided and unguided aerial weapons.

“For months we have been warning the NTC and NATO about the dangers posed by these vast stockpiles of unguarded weapons, and the urgent need to secure them,” said Peter Bouckaert, emergencies director at Human Rights Watch. “Surface-to-air missiles can take down civilian aircraft, and the explosive weapons can be converted easily into the car bombs and IEDs that have killed thousands in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

The US government has a team of experts on the ground in Libya helping the NTC locate missing surface-to-air missiles. Fourteen contractors are in Libya and 50 more are being sent, Assistant Secretary of State for Political and Military Affairs Andrew Shapiro told the media on October 14. On October 18, the US pledged US $40 million to help Libya “secure and destroy dangerous stockpiles of weapons.” Canada has pledged CA$10 million (US $9.97 million) for this effort.

On October 22, Human Rights Watch researchers saw a truck in Sirte carrying surface-to-air missile tubes and other munitions. A Misrata-based anti-Gaddafi fighting group said it was preparing to take the weapons from Sirte to Misrata. Human Rights Watch identified seven SA-24 surface-to-air missiles – one of Russia’s most advanced surface-to-air missiles – on the truck. The Misrata fighters did not appear to have either the triggers for hand-held launching or a vehicle-mounted launcher that they would need to fire this specific type of surface-to-air missile. The Misrata fighters took Human Rights Watch to a site on the outskirts of Sirte where they had found the surface-to-air missiles and other munitions.


At the site, Human Rights Watch found various weapons, including surface-to-air missiles, tank rounds, mortars, and powerful air-to-surface missiles. Some of the weapons were in a storage facility and others in the open up to 500 meters from the facility, apparently moved there by Gaddafi forces that feared that NATO would strike the facility. Human Rights Watch found at least 14 empty crates that had once contained a total of 28 SA-24 missiles. More than 20 SA-7 surface-to-air missiles remained in their original packaging.

While Human Rights Watch was inspecting the site, civilians and armed anti-Gaddafi fighters arrived with pickup trucks to remove more weapons. The entire area had already been heavily looted, and some weapons, such as AK-103 and FN-1 automatic rifles, had apparently been entirely removed from the site, based on the numerous empty crates there for those weapons.

At a second site more than 100 kilometers south of Sirte, Human Rights Watch located a massive, unsecured ammunition storage facility with at least 70 bunkers containing explosive weapons. The entire facility was intact and undamaged from NATO airstrikes. Inside the bunkers, Human Rights Watch found large quantities of munitions, as well as thousands of guided and unguided aerial weapons.

Thousands of crates of rocket-propelled grenades, such as RPG-7 shells for tank cannons, artillery and mortar projectiles, anti-aircraft rounds, and other munitions lay dispersed for kilometers in the open desert around the second facility, also apparently moved to prevent them from being targeted in NATO strikes. Human Rights Watch spent two hours inspecting the site, without seeing a guard or any other person. Many of the bunkers had already been heavily looted.

“Now that fighting has ended, one of the NTC’s top priorities should be securing weapons facilities, and bringing the unchecked flow of arms in the country under control,” Bouckaert said. “The evidence at these sites indicates that there is no time to waste.”

The Sirte Massacres {masterlist}
Caustic Logic

December 3, 2011 – My Situation in Sirte article chronicled the plight of a holdout city subjected to a total and medieval siege. Many of the refugees, some cited at that link, complained of the situation in the city at the hands of the rebels they were effectively surrendering to. To rebuke from the bearded, heavily-armed, and brutal „Government forces“ in control of them, they tried to tell journalists how they had suffered heavy random shelling and bombing, with thousands of killed, mostly civilian, and the rest left without electricity, water, medicine, fuel, or food. The evidence backs them up that everything possible was denied to underscore the message of surrender or die…

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Syria News – December 2, 2011 (Warning: Graphic Videos)
Local Coordination Committees of Syria + Videos


December 2, 2011 – The number of martyrs on Friday in Syria rose to sixteen, including two children and a woman. Two of the martyrs died under torture.Seven of the martyrs were from Idlib, three martyrs in Homs, two martyrs each in both of Lattakia and Daraa, and a martyr each in both of Raqqa and Hama…Daraa: Naeema: Martyrdom of child Ali Mohammad Al-Falah (15 years old) from being shot by a sniper…Homs: Martyrdom of Mrs. Rashida Al-Yaseen via random shelling on Baba Amr neighborhood after the defection of some soldiers from the barricade placed within the consumer institution, it should be mentioned that she is the mother of martyr Abdul Wakel Al-Bowaidany and activist Abdul Hameed Al-Bowaidany…
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NATO Terror mit kriminellen Banden, Panzern, Artellerie gegen die Zivil Bevölkerung von Sirte in Libyen

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Nichts Neues, über die CIA und Mi6 Verbrecher Methoden! Man heuert Kriminelle an, provoziert einen Staat, betreibt massive PR und Medien Fälschungen, wie direkt Hillary Clinton! Die Methode ist uralt, aber niemand stoppt die Verbrechen, denn am Wieder Aufbau verdienen kriminelle Politiker Miliarden. Ermittlungen werden gezielt verhindert, wie bei der Kosovo Terroristen Mafia, rund um Del Ponte, wo ein Georg Tenet, jede Ermittlungshilfe direkt verweigerte.

Internationale Sanktionen gegen das Gaddafi-Regime Internationale Sanktionen gegen das Gaddafi-Regime

© REUTERS/ Ahmed Jadallah

Internationale Sanktionen gegen das Gaddafi-Regime

13:17   06/10/2011

NATO Refuses to Investigate Libyan Civilian Deaths
Jason Ditz

October 4, 2011 – In August, regime officials of Muammar Gadhafi claimed that 85 civilians were killed in a NATO airstrike in the village of Majar. Locals have acknowledged that the Gadhafi spokesman’s figures were inflated, including both those killed and injured. But now survivors and family members are requesting compensation for the lost lives and property and they’re demanding answers as to why NATO bombed them. They put the death toll at 35, and provided photographs of 28 people they said were victims, which included young men, older women, and children….
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Deshalb funktioniert, weder im Kosovo, Albanien, Irak, Afrika, Afghanistan, bis heute keine Wasser Versorgung, weil die Gelder spurlos verschwinden, wie bei Berlinwasser in Albanien.

Reine Show, der Wieder Aufbau um hohe Geldsummen zu unterschlagen, im einem Mafiös aufgebauten Verbrecher Kartell der Helfer.

Video: Libya: Sirte Inside, 03.10.2011, NATO destroy the entire city

NATO Rebels Gunfire stops Red Cross from going in Sirte to help civilians

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NATO ‘protection of civilians’ – propaganda and pretence to escape war crimes trials
Human rights investigations

October 5, 2011 – … This propaganada allowed a mobilisation of the international community and the passing of UN Resolution 1973 which imposed the No-Fly Zone. It is UN Resolution 1973 which NATO argues provides the legal basis for the coalition operation in Libya as NATO makes clear in their Factsheet on Operation Unified Protector: United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973 mandates „all necessary measures“ to protect civilians and civilian populated areas under attack or threat of attack. In line with this authorisation, NATO conducts reconnaissance, surveillance and information-gathering operations to identify those forces which present a threat to civilians and civilian-populated areas. Notwithstanding this NATO supported the rebels as they escalated the level of violence directed against those who opposed them, civilians and guest workers with attacks using Grad rockets, artillery, tanks and mortars – in fact any weapons that could be looted from arms dumps or supplied by NATO, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates…
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Are Democracy Now!’s Libyan Correspondents Feeding Us the State Department and Pentagon Line on Libya?
Bruce A. Dixon


October 5, 2011 – Is the independent media movement’s flagship radio-TV show Democracy Now! pushing the State Department and Pentagon line on Libya instead of „going where the silence is“ and telling the truth without fear or favor? Are its Libyan correspondents embedded with the US-backed Libyan rebels to such an extent that they have minimized and failed to follow up persistent reports of ethnic cleansing in Libya or investigate whether alleged „mercenaries“ ever existed or Khadaffi’s „massacres“ ever took place? …
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Another NATO-backed interim government in Libya
By Will Morrow

October 5, 2011 – After a lengthy delay, the chairman of the National Transitional Council (NTC) in Libya, Mohammed Abdul-Jalil, announced the formation on Monday of a new „interim government.“ Virtually all the current NTC ministers were reappointed, after Jalil admitted the council had been unable to come to any agreement over ministerial changes. The NTC, a pro-imperialist proxy backed by the US and European powers, is deeply divided between tribal groupings, Islamists and defectors from the previous regime, all of whom are scrambling for power following the ousting of former Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi…
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October 5, 2011 – The Sirte hospital was hit various times in the NATO and NTC (National Transitional Council) forces bombings on the city, still under control of loyalists of Colonel Muammar Gheddafi, said to MISNA sources of the ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross).“The humanitarian situation is dramatic. The walls of the hospital are charred by blasts and riddled with bullets“, said Steven Anderson, who on Monday coordinated an ICRC mission to deliver oxygen and essential medical supplied to the Ibn Sina Hospital….
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Sirte residents turn anger on Libya’s new rulers
By Rania El Gamal

October 5, 2011 – Many residents of Sirte, Muammar Gaddafi’s birth-place, blame Libya’s new rulers and their Western allies for the death and destruction unleashed on their city by weeks of fighting. Most are reluctant to talk openly about their allegiances, for fear they will be branded as members of a pro-Gaddafi fifth column. Yet their anger and bitterness is clear….“The rebels from Misrata say they will destroy Sirte because Misrata was destroyed,“ said Ali, another fleeing resident. „NATO has brought destruction, and the revolution has brought destruction,“ he said….Another angry resident shared Ali’s view. „What did America and NATO bring to us? Did they bring apricots?“ he demanded. „No, they brought us the shelling and the strikes. They terrorized our kids…
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