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Mongolia’s spy chief: invited to Number 10, detained in Wandsworth

November 13, 2010 1 Kommentar

Mongolia’s spy chief: invited to Number 10, detained in Wandsworth
(The Independent) When Mongolia’s spy chief stepped off an Aeroflot flight
into Heathrow a few weeks ago, he expected a welcome befitting a foreign
dignitary arriving for high-level talks with the British government on a
new era of intelligence co-operation. After all, preparations for his visit
had included an invitation to meet Downing Street’s National Security

But rather than being ushered through Heathrow’s VIP lounge for talks in
Whitehall’s inner sanctum, the chief executive of Mongolia’s National
Security Council and the one-time head of its security service was met by
Scotland Yard detectives armed with an international warrant for his

Bat Khurts, Mongolia’s most senior intelligence officer, is currently
languishing in a cell in London’s Wandsworth prison while awaiting
extradition proceedings. It is an extraordinary twist to a tale of alleged
trans-border kidnap and skulduggery that began seven years ago in a
McDonald’s car park in a French port – and has led to a diplomatic row.

Mr Khurts was arrested for the alleged drugging and rendition of a refugee
who was later tortured in a Mongolian prison. Documents obtained by The
Independent show that lawyers for Mr Khurts accuse Foreign Office officials


of „misusing ordinary diplomatic courtesies“ to facilitate the Mongolian
father-of-three’s arrest. Court papers allege that the Foreign Office
contacted the UK Serious and Organised Crime Agency (Soca) with full
details of Mr Khurts‘ arrival date to enable his detention on an
outstanding European arrest warrant six weeks ago.