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Die „Moon“ Sekte und der UN General Sekretär Ban Ki-Moon

Juni 27, 2011 10 Kommentare

October 5, 2006 — WMR’s „Special Alert“ on possible links between the favored next UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the Unification Church of Sun Myung Moon, a strong Bush family political and financial supporter, has brought indignant replies from certain members of Ban Ki-moon’s support network. They are claiming that Ban Ki-moon was carefully vetted before being nominated by the Korean government.

However, given the close ties between the Korean government and Sun Myung Moon’s organization, that is little consolation. Attention is drawn to a report of the Report of the Subcommittee on International Organizations of the Committee on International Relations, U.S. House of Representatives of October 31, 1978 (Investigation of Korean-American Relations). This is what the report stated about the Unification Church:

„In pursuit of this and other goals, the Moon Organization has attempted, with varying degrees of success, to gain control over or establish business and other secular institutions in the United States and elsewhere, and has engaged in political activities in the United States. Some of these activities were undertaken to benefit the ROK Government or otherwise to influence U.S. foreign policy . . . While pursuing its own goals, the Moon Organization promoted the interests of the ROK Government, and at times did so in cooperation with, or at the direction of, ROK agencies and officials. The Moon Organization maintained mutually beneficial ties with a number of Korean officials . . . The subcommittee found that the Moon Organization has had a number of influential allies in the Korean Government, including Kim Jong Pil, Pak Chon Kyu, and others. Although investigations and publicity in the 1976-78 period appear to have had an effect on the degree of influence Moon’s supporters had with the Korean Government, there were continuing indications that the Moon Organization retained significant support.

„Moon, like Tongsun Park, showed a keen understanding of the use of imagery in building political influence. Just as Tongsun Park used his close relationship with a few Congressmen to attract others, Moon used the names and pictures of prominent Americans, Japanese, Koreans, and others to create an image of power and respectability for himself and his movement. The multifaceted Moon Organization thereby obtained the help and cooperation of numerous Americans who had no idea they were contributing to Moon’s plan for world theocracy.

„Of particular concern is the Moon Organization’s involvement in the production and sale of M-16 rifles and other weapons provided to Korea under U.S. aid programs and subject to the Arms Export Control Act. In late 1977, Moon Organization representatives tried to renegotiate a coproduction agreement between Colt Industries and the ROK Government. The circumstances suggested they were secret envoys of the Korean Government which, under the coproduction agreement, has exclusive control over M-16 production. Although the ROK Government said it wanted to produce 300,000 extra M-16’s because of the need to equip its own forces, Moon Organization tried to get Colt’s agreement to export guns to third countries.“

Questions about „Moonie“ ties still plague Bush favorite to become next UN Secretary General

The Austrian government reportedly vetted Kurt Waldheim before his election as UN Secretary General in 1972. It was later discovered that Waldheim served in Greece as a German SA-Reiterscorp (Stormtrooper-Cavalry Corps) and was complicit in war crimes. Waldheim’s vetting in 1972 was carried out by the Austrian government, then headed by the Jewish Chancellor Bruno Kreisky. Not only did Kreisky endorse Waldheim but the Soviet Union bought off on his candidacy. The Waldheim experience shows that the Secretary General selection process involves a great deal of nationalistic pride on the part of the sponsoring nation on behalf of their candidate. The skeletons in closets rarely emerge.

It is being reported that some Asian nations, particularly Japan, Indonesia, India, and Thailand, are now having serious second thoughts about Ban Ki-moon’s candidacy.

October 4, 2006 — SPECIAL ALERT. The Unification Church, the global enterprise of South Korean Rev. Sun Myung Moon (born Yong Myung Moon), may be attempting to take control of the United Nations through the all-but-certain election of South Korean Foreign Minister Ban Ki-moon as UN Secretary General. Foreign Minister Moon is slated to be formally elected Secretary General on October 9 by the UN Security Council. Moon has already won four straw polls by the UN Security Council and is now considered a shoo-in to replace Kofi Annan.Some informed UN sources are concerned that Moon lists his religious affiliation as „non-denominational Christian,“ a code word often used by the „Moonies“ for the Unification Church. In addition, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and UN ambassador John Bolton are attempting to have former Washington Times editor Josette Sheeran Shiner become the next Executive Director of the World Food Program. Sheeran Shiner is a member of Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church. The term of the World Food Program Executive Director is five years. Shiner is currently the Under Secretary of State for Economic, Business and Agricultural Affairs.

Moonies making a play for control of United Nations?

Although Ban Ki-moon and Sun Myung Moon are not related, some UN members may sense that there is something amiss about the Bush administration’s strong support for the South Korean Foreign Minister given the close links between some Bush officials and the „Moonies.“ There were a few „discourage“ and „no opinion“ ballots cast by Security Council members on Ban Ki-moon. Although the balloting is secret, it is believed that France and the United Kingdom are not thrilled with the Moon nomination and that Japan, a non-permanent member that holds the Security Council presidency for October, is also reportedly opposed to Moon. Ban Ki-moon has lived in the United States for a number of years, having gone to graduate school at Harvard and serving two tours at South Korea’s Washington embassy, a diplomatic mission that maintains close contacts with the Sun Myung Moon organization in Washington, DC. The Unification Church, in addition to owning the Washington Times, also owns United Press International.

Moonie attempt to take over United Nations? Possible links between all-but-certain next UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Sun Myung Moon, and Josette Sheeran Shiner nomination as UN World Food Program director. Left to right: Ban Ki-moon, Sun Myung Moon and his wife Hak Ja Han being crowned in the Dirksen Senate Office Building, and Josette Sheeran Shiner, Unification Church member and State Department official.

Sun Mying Moon, who was excommunicated by the Korean Presbyterian church for preaching heresy, claims he is the Messiah and intends to take control of the world. The South Korean government, which has close ties with Sun Myung Moon’s organization, has used its considerable public relations machinery to convince the Security Council members to elect Ban Ki-moon as the next Secretary General. Only a veto by one of the four other permanent members — France, United Kingdom, Russia, or China — can derail the possibility of a Unification Church ally from becoming the next UN Secretary General.

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