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China wirft die US Schrott Firmen wie IBM Spionage Server: Boston Consulting und McKinsey raus

Mai 28, 2014

Wegen Spionage werden die IBM Server aus den Banken entfernt. ebenso die vollkommen unnützen Wirtschafts Prüfungs Gesellschaften Boston Consulting, McKinsey und andere ähnliche Construkte, die für viel Geld, jede Betrugs Bilanz absegnen. Niemand braucht diesen Windows Schrott, denn es gibt Linux Systeme.

Reuters / China Daily China urges banks to remove IBM servers over espionage concerns – report
China is calling on banks to stop using IBM servers and replace them with local-made machines amid fears that the nation’s financial security might be compromised via the US-based company’s servers, a Bloomberg report has revealed. 78
The news follows an announcement that state-owned Chinese companies will cease to work with US consulting companies like McKinsey and Boston Consulting Group over fears they are spying on behalf of the US government.

The country’s foreign ministry announced that it is suspending activities of the Sino-US internet working group. Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system was banned from government computers last week.

  1. morning
    Juni 10, 2014 um 4:07 pm

    New Chinese radar may have jammed Taiwan’s SRP
    Richard D Fisher Jr, Washington, DC and Sean O’Connor, Indiana – IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly
    05 June 2014
    Airbus Defence and Space imagery shows an unusual large phased array radar (LPAR) deployed at the Huian Electronic Warfare (EW) complex in Fujian Province, China. The LPAR differs from other Chinese LPARs in that its array face is oriented much closer to vertical. (© CNES 2014, Distribution Airbus DS / Spot Image)

    Taiwan’s new USD1.38 billion long-range radar, the Surveillance Radar Programme (SRP), has been fully operational for about a year. However, China may already have the ability to interfere with its signals, according to sources in Taiwan and Washington.

    Development of the SRP, which is intended to provide Taiwan with a form of „strategic depth“ by providing very early warning of Chinese long-range air and missile activity, dates back to 2000 when its sale was approved by the Clinton Administration. Following repeated delays and cost overruns, Taiwanese officials revealed that it was operational in February 2013.

    Taiwan’s SRP is based on the Raytheon AN/FPS-115 Pave Paws large phased array radar (LPAR). Located at Loshan Mountain in Hsinchu County, Taiwan, it is reported to have a range of 5,000 km (3,100 n miles), and it is able to track a golf ball-sized target out to 3,000 km. Taiwanese officials revealed that it was able to track North Korea’s 12 December 2013 satellite launch, which was about 1,800 km from Taiwan.

    Satellite imagery obtained by IHS Jane’s shows that China has built a large phased array radar north of Huian in Fujian Province approximately 240 km northwest of Taiwan’s SRP. The Chinese radar array, constructed sometime before 2008, is similar in size to the SRP. It appears to employ a fixed array boresighted along an azimuth of approximately 144 degrees. With an assumed coverage of +/-60 degrees in azimuth, the Chinese LPAR is theoretically capable of monitoring the entire Taiwan Strait region, as well as the southern approaches to the South China Sea….

  2. zumbani
    Januar 20, 2015 um 12:25 pm

    Die dümmsten Lügen Medien mir ihrer aktuellen Dumm Schlagzeitel:

    Wachstumseinbruch Chinas Wirtschaft schwächelt. Zum Glück!
    Eine Analyse von Bernhard Zand, Peking

    Um 7,4 Prozent ist Chinas Wirtschaft 2014 gewachsen – der schwächste Wert seit 24 Jahren. Auch wenn es nicht so klingt: Für die Volksrepublik ist das eine gute Nachricht……….

    China fährt das ungesunde Super Wachstum zurück, weil man nicht mehr den $ als Zahlungs Mittel haben will, denn es ist eine vollkommen wertlose Währung, ohne INhalt und Gegenwert.

  3. koni
    Juli 20, 2020 um 8:21 pm

    China steht heute besser da, denn je, aber weil die USA, EU, Berlin, nur noch von raffgierigen Idioten regiert wird und Finanzbetrügern. Boston Consult, wollte mit zu Guttenberg, Angela Merkel, über Wirecard, die grosse Betrugsfirma neu starten in China.

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