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US Ambassador Jeffrey Feltman – Prinz Bandar Plan, um Syrien ins Steinzeit Alter zubomben

In allen Details wurde nun der Plan aus 2008  bekannt, durch gehackte emails, wie man 2 Milliarden $ an Kosten rechnete, Syrien zu zerstören, was bei wikileaks vor einem Jahr schon bekannt war, duch die veröffentlichten Stratfor emails, welche erst jetzt von einem Leser entdeckt wurden. Die Methoden, mit Kriminellen, Finanzierung mit Drogen Handel sind aber seit den Balkan Kriegen oder in der Iran Contra Affäre schon lange bekannt.


US Terrorist: Jeffrey Feltmann: UN Under-Secretary General for Political Affairs.

Bandar bin Bush SultanLike Son

Bandar Bush


Bandar bin “Bush” Sultan, the former Saudi ambassador to the United States, in collaboration with the former U.S. Ambassador in Lebanon, “Jeffrey Feltman“ current ( UN Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs – who was appointed by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.) plan to overthrow the regime in Syria and to bring Syria back to the “stone age”, according to sources.

Die USA und ihr Partner: Prinz Bandar: Gift Gas für Saddam und nun nach Syrien

John McCain ist sowieso bei jedem kriminellen Mist dabei.

Ein gelöschter Bericht, tauchte wieder durch die gehackten emails bei Stratfor auf, der die Schlüsselrolle des Prinz Bandar darlegt, den Plan mit dem US Botschafter Jeffrey Feltman im Libanon, wie man Syrien durch die Finanzierung von Kriminellen und Terroristen in die Steinzeit zurück bomben will. Es erinnert an den Im Mai 2002 eliminierten US BotschafterJosef Limbrecht in Albanien, der ebenso mit Drogen Terroristen finanzierte in Mazedonien und zuvor in Pakistan die Drogen Küchen aufbaute und kontrollierte.

On Monday February 27th, 2012, WikiLeaks began publishing The Global Intelligence Files, over five million e-mails from the Texas headquartered „global intelligence“ company Stratfor. The e-mails date between July 2004 and late December 2011. They reveal the inner workings of a company that fronts as an intelligence publisher, but provides confidential intelligence services to large corporations, such as Bhopal’s Dow Chemical Co., Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and government agencies, including the US Department of Homeland Security, the US Marines and the US Defence Intelligence Agency. The emails show Stratfor’s web of informers, pay-off structure, payment laundering techniques and psychological methods.

Re: G2/S2 – SYRIA/KSA/US – Media sources reveal details of a conspiracy by Bandar Bin Sultan and Feltman to „destroy“ Syria

Released on 2012-10-10 17:00 GMT

Email-ID 1147153
Date 2011-03-30 11:29:03

I am not amazed that this rumors are coming out at this critical time Asad
regime is going through.
The owners of Sham press have been paid by Syrian authorities (if the
website is not owned by the regime) to publish this in the hope of
diverting people’s attention from anti government protests. As usual, this
is a scapegoat tactic by Syrian regime. With the first look at the Arabic
version of the website, one can tell that this is a pro government
Interestingly, the website citing al Ikhbaraya paper, says today, it will
publish the phone calls made by Bandar to the Islamist activists to oppose
Syrian regime.
Keep in mind that Shampress is run and owned by some so
called independent journalists from Damascus. I assure you that no press
can be run from Damascus unless its sanctioned by Assad regime.


The Original Syrian Media Report Revealing Bandar/Feltman Plan To Destroy the Middle East

[Finally found the original report that was carried 2011-03-30 by Syrian Champress site, but no longer to be found there, for some reason.  Found the report on Wikileaks‘ Stratfor file leaks.  Everything that was spelled-out in the report below is proving to be true.  This is a „smoking gun“ pointed at the head of Obama, bearing proof of prior complicity in the countless war crimes committed in Syria, which have played-out since the date of publication.]

Media sources reveal details of a conspiracy by Bandar Bin Sultan and Feltman to “destroy” Syria

Several media sources have revealed the details of a “well-organized” plan
to destroy Syria and create chaos in the country. The plan is said to be
drawn up by Bandar bin Sultan, the former Saudi ambassador to the United
States, in collaboration with the former U.S. Ambassador in Lebanon,
“Jeffrey Feltman” to overthrow the regime in Syria and to bring Syria back
to the “stone age”, according to the sources.

The lengthy and detailed plan, developed by Bandar bin Sultan and his
friend Feltman in 2008 with a funding reached $ 2 billion, consists of
many items and precise details which significantly intersect with the
incidents of disturbances the city of Daraa has recently witnessed.
According to sources, the plan “strategically” depended on the
exploitation of peoples’ legitimate desire in freedom, dignity and getting
rid of corruption and on the turning of these wishes into a revolt against
the regime through convincing the people that the road to reform from
within the regime is closed and the solution is an all-out revolution.

However, the plan tactically divided Syria into three areas (big cities,
small cities and villages), and the established five types of networks:

1- The “Fuel”: This network comprises educated and unemployed youths who
are to be linked in a decentralized way.

2- The “Thugs” network which includes outlaws and criminals from remote
areas, preferably non-Syrians.

3- The “Ethnic-Sectarian” network which consists of young people with
limited education representing ethnic communities that support or oppose
the president. They must be under the age of 22.

4- The “Media” network that comprises some leaders of civil society
institutions which have European funding not American one.

5- The “Capital” network which comprises traders, companies owners, banks
and commercial centers in Damascus, Aleppo and Homs only.

On how to use these networks and link between each others, the plan
provides for:

The utilization of ambitious young people from the first network (Network
of fuel) through attractive phrases such as:

– You must have a voice

– Change can’t be achieved except by force

– Your future is yours to determine

– Your silence is the cause, and so on a*|.

The plan also provides for exploiting the skills of members of the second
network (Network of thugs) through:

– Training the thugs on professional killing including sniping and
murdering in cold blood.

– Training them on burning public buildings quickly by using flammable

– Training thugs on penetrating prisons police centers and security

According to the plan, members of the third network (sectarian ethnic
netwrok) will be exploited by

– Feeding their strong feeling of support for or opposition against the

– Making them feel that their communities are threatened in all cases.

– Creating the concept of using excessive force against others.

– Convincing them of the idea that all who oppose them in anything are

– Leading them to a “state of color blindness”, so see only black and

-Exploitation their age and lack of knowledge of history and geography and
leading them to the brink of being ready to do anything.

The fourth network (media network) will also be exploited to serve the
plan. Members of this network will be recruited and their skills will be
enhanced to lead the (public opinion) through:

– Enabling them to communicate with the media by satellite phone that
can’t be monitored or cut off.

– Promoting them as nationalists and as individuals who don’t oppose to
the regime, but call for civil society.

– Qualifying cadres and training them on techniques of modern media such
as blogging and using the Internet which help them communicate with the

– Holding regular meetings with them and coordinating their efforts so
that no one will contradict the other.

The fifth network (capital network) will be exploited by using their fear
of their money being wasted, so the following must be achieved:

– Linking traders with trade officials in the European embassies under the
cover of trade relations.

– Holding luxurious parties to be attended by businessmen and during which
exclusively Arab Gulf deals and investments are to be made.

– Threatening them with certain sexual relations that are filmed for later
blackmailing them.

– Urging them against the regime and creating ideas such as: “The country
is yours and outsiders control you. The regime makes wealthy people on
your expense. You are the ones who build the country and others rule it.
Bashar al-Assad steals you via taxes and his supporters enjoy it. All your
businesses projects are a loss due to bribery and corruption. Your wealth
is threatened and must be transferred outside Syria because the regime
will collapse. We will make you rule the country after the collapse of the
regime. “

The plan also contained in its “executive” chapter several scenarios, and
precise details of how to start and move, how networks will be exploited
and how to move forward.
According to executive chapter, the plan adopts the following stages:

1- If a targeted person from the Fuel Network responded, another stage
will immediately begin based on exploiting his/her need for money, so the
plan starts to:
– Provide him/her with small amounts of money.
– Ensure him/her a rented car, a cellular phone and Internet connection.
– Ask him/her to look for and bring other young people and use the same
method with them.

– When the number of young people reach 5000 in major cities and 1500 in
small cities and 500 in the villages, these people are asked to start to
express their desire in change and reform. At this very stage any talk
against any side of the people must be avoided. Not a word on sectarian,
partisan, rightist or leftist basis is allowed at this stage.

As this stage proceeds, objections by non-enthusiasts are to be faced by a
set of appropriate responses such as:
– If someone says there is a change, the response must be: “There is no
change at all. This is all a lie”
– If he says change is coming, then the response must be: “We have heard
this for more than 40 years”
– If anyone says that time is not suitable, the response must be: “So when
must we move. Are we going to move after 100 years”
– If one says that of our dignity lies in resisting America, the response
must be: “We have nothing to do with resistance, we want to live” and so

– A Moving group has to be pushed into streets inside already existing
gatherings such as in crowded markets, in mosques after prayers and in
narrow alleys. This group is divided into three rings: The shouters, the
photographers, and the hidden people. The shouters gather at the center
of the circle and begin chanting within the gathering. This ring is
surrounded by the ring of the hidden people, while the photographers’ ring
surrounds all. If anyone tried to disperse the shouters the hidden people
defend them under the pretext: ” let them speak”, and if no one try to
disperse them, the same ring of the hidden people assaults the shouters
and disperse them. In both cases,” We get an excellent picture for the

– In general, the authorities have to be provoked to be drawn into the use
of torture and cruelty. Here the authorities have to choose one of two
solutions; either to intervene or not to intervene.

– If the authorities don’t interfere, the number of enthusiasts will begin
to increase, because young people’s demands will attract a bigger number
of new enthusiasts who all, according to the plan, must not know anything
about the network link.

– If the authorities intervene and arrest one of the network members,
he/she must make himself/herself appear “innocent and pathetic”,
immediately change his/her stance and illusively promise the authorities
not to do that again. According to the plan he/she is to be completely
frozen to the final stage, but funding continues.

– If the authorities intervene and arrest one from outside the network,
the incident must fully be exploited by raising the level of demands. If
the security forces torture him/her, this will be better as it will help
in fueling the people’s feelings and here phrases linking torture to the
whole regime not only to the security forces are to be promoted and the
following statements and ideas are to be disseminated: “Have you seen
what happened to the poor man, this is what the president wants. It isn’t
fair, the man wants only to live. Do those traders only have the right to
have money. Is it a government or a group of thieves. The reason behind
this is the top leadership”, and so on …

2- When moves start in the streets, people must be instigated as fast as
possible to change their just demands into calls for the downfall of the
regime. Here the following must be implemented:

– The second network, “network of the thugs”, is introduced to the scene
immediately to attack all of the demonstrators and security personnel.

– Videos and photos for dramatic events which hurt religious and social
feelings, such as attacking women, preferably veiled ones, must be taken.
As a result alleged demonstrators shout general slogans and if they are
attacked by security forces it will be very excellent. But if they are
attacked by civilians, the group says “security forces dressed in civilian
clothes,” attacked the demonstrators. However, if no one attack them, a
member of the same group will attack the demonstrators, even if this leads
to minor injuries. Video shots must not last more than 20 seconds and they
must be taken from a very close position not from a far one.

– The rapid use of bloodshed, because of its significant impact on the
people. This includes the killing of a protester from outside the network,
preferably a youth from big and famous families, or a youth who has major
social ties or a highly educated person, especially a doctor, an engineer
or an intellectual. The killing must be committed rapidly by snipers and
with bullets of the same type used by police or security forces. This
stage also includes the killing of security personnel or guarding police.

– Burning properties of the traders who have been involved in the plan and
dragging them into a state of fear together with other economic figures
with the purpose of having influence on the lives of as many people as

– Provoking Bashar al-Assad loyalists and engaging them in polemics with
others, especially the Islamists,. Here the loyalist are to be accused of
being from the intelligence and that they are horns of the regime and
beneficiaries from the authority.
Creating mistrust and tension between the loyalists and the people,
telling about the near end of Bashar al-Assad and calling for random
supportive demonstrations and calls advocating slaughter, murder and
terrorism are planned to be launched. In turn, opponents keep calm and
delay any move till after the creation of sectarian and ethnic killing.
They have to be well-organized in their calls for political reform,
freedom, democracy and civil life.

– Foiling any attempt to attain political solutions by the regime through
burning symbols of power such as the Baath Party headquarters, police
stations, prisons and security forces centers in addition to distorting
Bashar al-Assad pictures.
3- The fourth network (The media) is introduced. The aim here is to link
Bashar al-Assad to all previous era and to devalue all his actions by
opening all the old files and holding the current regime responsible for

Bandar bin Sultan recognizes in his plan that Bashar Assad enjoys a real
popularity inside and outside Syria that should not be underestimated. He
believes that this popularity must be exploited and transformed from a
point of strength into a point of weakness through the use of the
enthusiasm of supporters against demonstrations.

To undermine the military, the government and the security system, Bandar
believes that they must be torn into sects, and here comes the role of the
third network the ( “ethnic-sectarian” network) taking into account the
neutralization of major doctrines like the Shafi’I and the Hanafi. This
will be done as follows:

– Urging each sect to commit horrible bloody massacres against violators.
These crimes must be filmed and posted to the media as soon as possible.
The start should be in places far from Damascus and there should not be a
lot of blood for fear that people may retreat.

For instance, in Lattakia and Tartous, people from the Alawite sect from
the network slaughter youths from the Sunni sect, cut parts of their
bodies chant long live Bashar.
In Aleppo, Salafis from the network attack Alawites’ villages, burn their
homes and terrorizing the people to leave their villages and chant “Death
to the “Nasirien” death to the enemies of the Sahaba”.
In Hasakah, Arabs from the network slaughter and hang some young people
and make fun of the Kurds in a visual way without language and clear
enough to be understood by the Kurds without translation. Some Christians,
particularly Armenians are planned to be killed.
In Daraa, “snipers” from outside the city of Daraa kill young people from
the Jawabra and the Mahamid families without approaching anyone from the
Abazeed and the Masalmeh families.

In the city of Al-Boukamal, the Shi’ites kill Sunnis and scream, “Oh
Karbala, Oh Hussein”.
In Homs, Arabs kill Turkmen and loot their shops, particularly gold shops
and also kill Catholic Christians and Murshdis.
In Sewidaa, Druze members of the network kill a number of Christians in
surrounding villages and burning several churches
In Qamishli, Kurd members of the network avenge the killing of Kurds in
Hasaka. Some Armenians also kill Arab Muslims.
In Deir Ez-Zour, “snipers” from outside the city kill young people from
the Agidat and Bani Naeem tribes without approaching smaller tribes like
the “Rolla”, the “Jabour” or the “Shummar” and scream during the filming
in the name of the “Bokhabour and the “Mohassan”.

Bandar thinks that the regime as a whole will be busy trying to settle the
disputes between communities and ethnic groups. Bashar al-Assad will send
delegates from his government to resolve sectarian and ethnic differences
while Damascus will be empty of government pillars and here comes the turn
of Damascus where each minority group avenge and the city flares up from
all sides. This will be done as follows:

– The Christians in the east of Damascus kill Muslims who live among them
in areas like Qassaa and Bab Touma. They also kill the Druze in the
village of Jaramana.

– The Sunnis in the south of the city kill Shiites living among them in
the “Shaghour” and the “Muhajereen” areas.

– Salafis in the areas of “Duma” and “Darayya” burn the headquarters of
the municipality, courts and police stations.

– Alawites in the west of the city in “Mezze Jabal” area kill Sunnis who
live among them.

– Kurds in the north of the city in “Rukn Eddin” area attack Arabs from
all sects.

Meanwhile, Bandar believes that the army will be divided, the security
systems and the government will collapse and Bashar will only have the
Republican Guard, which he will not be able to move because the army will
stand against him. This will make Bashar al-Assad’s presence in power the
cause of all problems, and here comes the role of the fifth network the
(network of the capital). The following has to be implemented:


“Sarin-U.N.O.-Beauftragter” Sellström tief in europäischer Sicherheitsarchitektur des Stockholm-Programms verstrickt

NATO Länder und die Gift Waffen Lieferungen an Syrien, Irak, Iran

Der Flotten Aufmarsch der Kriegs Treiber gegen Syrien im Mittelmeer

Syria’s Creative Response to International Nonchalance: Kafranbel Our Ambassador

Iran-Contra Redux? Prince Bandar Heads Secret Saudi-CIA Effort to Aid Syrian Rebels, Topple Assad

The Wall Street Journal recently revealed new details about how Prince Bandar bin Sultan al-Saud — Saudi’s former ambassador to the United States — is leading the effort to prop up the Syrian rebels. Intelligence agents from Saudi Arabia, the United States, Jordan and other allied states are working at a secret joint operations center in Jordan to train and arm hand-picked Syrian rebels. The Journal also reports Prince Bandar has been jetting from covert command centers near the Syrian front lines to the Élysée Palace in Paris and the Kremlin in Moscow, seeking to undermine the Assad regime. “Really what he’s doing is he’s reprising a role that he played in the 1980s when he worked with the Reagan administration to arrange money and arms for mujahideen fighters in Afghanistan and also worked with the CIA in Nicaragua to support the Contras,” says Wall Street Journal reporter Adam Entous. “So in many ways this is a very familiar position for Prince Bandar, and it’s amazing to see the extent to which veterans of the CIA were excited to see him come back because, in the words of a diplomat who knows Bandar, he brings the Arabic term wasta, which means under-the-table clout. You know his checks are not going to bounce and that he’ll be able to deliver the money from the Saudis.”

  1. guiton
    Oktober 11, 2013 um 3:45 pm

    Syrien: Kurden gegen Dschihadisten

    Syrien: Kurden gegen Dschihadisten

    Im nordsyrischen Afrin herrscht noch so etwas wie Frieden. Die kurdische Minderheit, die in dieser Gegend dominiert, hat es bislang geschafft, sich einigermaßen aus dem syrischen Bürgerkrieg herauszuhalten. Assads Luftwaffe hat Afrin nicht angegriffen, weil die Kurden nicht mit der Freien Syrischen Armee gemeinsame Sache machen wollen. Doch jetzt bereitet sich Afrin auf den Krieg vor. Islamisten der Al Nusra-Front und Al Kaida wollen die Stadt erobern. Die Extremisten bauen ihre Vorherrschaft in Nordsyrien aus und liefern sich immer häufiger Gefechte mit den Kurden. Deren „Volksverteidigungseinheiten“ halten dagegen und schlagen die islamistischen Rebellen bislang immer wieder zurück. Unter den mehr als 7000 kurdischen Miliz-Angehörigen sind auch viele Frauen.

    Volker Schwenck, ARD Kairo



  2. guiton
    Oktober 11, 2013 um 3:48 pm

    Human Rights Watch bestätigt Genozid an Alawiten
    Dschihadisten töteten im August systematisch ganze Familien


    Anfang August verübten die al-Nusra-Front, die al-Qaida-Gruppe Islamischer Staat Irak und Levante, das Tschetschenenkommando Dscheisch al-Muhadschirin wa al-Ansar und mehrere andere Gruppen bei konzertierten Überfällen auf mehrere Dörfer in der Alawitenprovinz Latakia mindestens 190 Zivilisten, darunter zahlreiche Frauen und Kinder. Dabei gingen die Dschihadisten klar genozidal vor und ermordeten ganze Familien in ihren Häusern. Wer versuche, in den Wald zu fliehen, wurde ebenfalls erschossen. Mittlerweile befinden sich die überfallenen Dörfer wieder in der Hand der syrischen Armee, sind aber menschenleer. Etwa 200 Frauen und Kinder wurden von den Dschihadisten nicht erschossen, sondern verschleppt. Mit ihnen sollen angeblich Terroristen freigepresst werden.

    Diese Nachricht verkündet nun nicht etwa die syrische Regierung, sondern die einer Nähe zum Assad-Regime durchaus unverdächtige Menschenrechtsorganisation Human Rights Watch, nachdem sie vor Ort Massengräber besichtigte und Zeugen befragte. Außerdem wertete sie für ihren 104 Seiten umfassenden Bericht „‚You Can Still See Their Blood‘: Executions, Indiscriminate Shootings, and Hostage Taking by Opposition Forces in Latakia Countryside“ zahlreiche elektronische Bekenntnisse der Rebellengruppen aus, in denen diese ihre Taten nicht etwa abstreiten, sondern sogar damit prahlen. Der für den Nahen Osten zuständige HRW-Direktor Joe Stork betont in der Pressemitteilung zu dem Bericht, dass die Massaker nach Erkenntnissen der Menschenrechtsgruppe keine zufälligen Eskalationen, sondern geplant waren.

  3. nato
    Oktober 19, 2013 um 4:01 pm

    Published on Oct 15, 2013

    Manufacturing Dissent is a documentary posthumously dedicated to Syrian Palestinian actor Mohamad Rafea, who was kidnapped, tortured and finally brutally murdered on Sunday November 4th 2012 by terrorist groups that have been set loose on the country since the US, UK and their western and Gulf State allies launched a covert war in Syria in early 2011, dressed up by the media as a „revolution“. The words spoken in this video by Rafea, and the courage he shows here, is why he was murdered.

    Manufacturing Dissent is a feature about the psychological-warfare by the media and political establishment of the west and their allies aimed at facilitating the US, European and Israeli agenda of getting rid of the current Syrian government. It demonstrates how the media has directly contributed to the bloodshed in Syria.

    Manufacturing Dissent includes evidence of fake reports broadcasted/published by the likes of CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera and others and interviews with a cross section of the Syrian population including an actor, a craftsman, a journalist, a resident from Homs and an activist who have all been affected by the crisis.

    Produced by journalists Lizzie Phelan and Mostafa Afzalzadeh.

    Edited by Lizzie Phelan.

    Website for the documentary here designed by Shahinaz Alsibahie.

  4. salif
    Dezember 10, 2013 um 5:39 pm

    Syria militants working with organized crime syndicates: American newspaper
    Part of channel(s): Syria (current event)

    e al-Qaeda-affiliated groups in Syria have started working with crime syndicates and racketeering thugs for kidnappings, arms-smuggling, and widespread looting, an American newspaper says. Syria’s militants are becoming ever more enmeshed with organized crime, blurring the line between insurgents and racketeers and undermining the rebels’ efforts to maintain sagging popular support for the uprising against the Syrian government, The Daily Beast reported on Monday.
    And it isn’t only militias affiliated with the Western-backed the so-called Free Syrian Army or extremist militias profiting from the chaos and lawlessness to plunder and smuggle, extort and kidnap—the villainy is also being perpetrated by al-Qaeda-affiliated extremists.
    One of the battalions, Liwa Allah Akbar, is led by Saddam al-Jamal, who was, until his defection, the FSA’s top commander on the eastern front, and who earlier this week announced that he was joining ISIL on the grounds that the FSA had become a puppet of Western and Arab intelligence services.
    In a 30-minute video uploaded to YouTube, al-Jamal called on all militants to dissociate themselves from the Western and Persian Gulf-backed Syrian National Coalition and its military arm, the FSA, because of their opposition to the extremists and because they want “to prevent the Sharia of Allah from being established in the land.”
    He complained in the interview that, while working with the FSA, he had to “meet with the apostates of Qatar and Saudi Arabia and with the infidels of Western nations such as America and France in order to receive arms and ammo or cash.”
    But according to a Kurdish militia commander who has fought six battles against al-Jamal this year and managed to seize his headquarters at the border town of Ras al-Ayn, the Liwa Allah Akbar leader has had a checkered criminal history as an arms and drugs trafficker and been astute in the past at nurturing and playing off ties with both Syrian and Turkish intelligence when it served his purposes.
    “He isn’t himself at heart an Islamist,” says Giwan Ibrahim, a top commander with the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG). “He has the mentality of a Mafioso and not someone who has the mind of an ideological fighter.”
    The picture Ibrahim paints of al-Jamal is of a pirate and a personality not that dissimilar from the North African extremist leader-cum-trafficker Mokhtar Belmokhtar, the mastermind behind the bloody hostage standoff earlier this year at a natural gas complex in Algeria.
    Belmokhtar earned the nickname “Marlboro Man” for his extensive tobacco smuggling. And he too is suspected of having developed connections with intelligence services to help advance his criminal enterprises, including the kidnapping of foreigners for ransom.
    Of al-Jamal, Ibrahim says, his men follow him because they are rewarded with loot, women and cash. Because of funding and weapons-supply challenges, al-Nusra Front and ISIL are increasingly open to dealing with cross-border crime groups and the likes of al-Jamal.
    “The jihadists are not as strong as you think and they have a lot of problems, especially with their funding and they are trying to get any means of supply. There are some severe divisions at the top and there are a lot disagreements caused by these new groups in their midst,” he says.
    The extremists aren’t the only ones who are blurring the line between insurgency and crime in an effort to generate revenue for arms and paying militants.
    Criminality has worsened dramatically in the last year in militant-held territory, say refugees and those still living in northern and eastern Syria, who paint a bleak picture of mounting criminality—from extortion to kidnapping and the seizing of property—as civilians scramble to overcome shortages of food, water and fuel and prepare themselves for the hardships of a looming winter.
    Hussein, a 45-year-old father of four from Tal Rifat, a town north of Aleppo, complains of rampant plundering by militias. “They are out for themselves,” he says. Militants controlling checkpoints and border crossings demand higher and higher fees for transporting goods and often demand a large share of what is being carried, he says. Hussein runs a small transport business.
    Criminals are often more skilled logistically at smuggling weapons and ammunition, securing communication equipment and shifting money through banks. They also have the networks able to traffic in plundered goods and equipment.
    In August, UNESCO warned of extensive plundering of Syria’s rich cultural heritage and the looting of artifacts from archaeological sites for export. UNESCO’s assistant director-general for culture, Francesco Bandarin, told reporters that organized, armed gangs involving hundreds of hired men were exploiting the lack of security at archaeological sites.
    UN officials say the looters often work hand-in-hand with militias. Syria has more than 10,000 archaeological sites left by Greeks, Romans and Ottomans and others, and Interpol, the European police agency, says dozens of ancient mosaics and artifacts from Syria have turned up on the international art market.
    But looting isn’t restricted to ancient sites. The Syrian foreign ministry earlier this year complained that militants had plundered a thousand factories in and around Aleppo, Syria’s largest city and its onetime commercial hub, and transported equipment, machinery and raw materials into Turkey for sale.
    syrien terroristen

    • lupo
      November 12, 2018 um 11:44 am

      Und Alle welche den 11.9.2001 organiesierten sind wohl eliminiert, ebenso alle Saudis mit Ausnahme von Yassin Kadi, dem Recep Erdogan Partner

      Demnach wurde Prinz Sultan bin Turki, der laut Medienberichten über ein umfangreiches Korruptionsnetz zwischen anderen saudischen Prinzen und dem libanesischen Premierminister Rafik Hariri berichtete, im Palast des ehemaligen saudischen Königs Fahd in Genf unter Drogen gesetzt und nach Saudi-Arabien ausgeflogen. Seit 2016 hat man nichts mehr von ihm gehört.

      Prinz Turki bin Bandar al-Saud, ehemaliger hochrangiger Offizier der saudischen Sicherheitskräfte, war verwickelt in einen Erbschaftsstreit mit anderen Familienmitgliedern und verschwand schließlich spurlos, nachdem er aus Marokko entführt worden war.

  5. navy
    Januar 3, 2014 um 6:28 am

    Vollkommen kriminell, und erneut mit den Tschetenischen Pyschopaten

  6. honui
    Januar 29, 2014 um 6:38 pm

    Mit Giftgas Maske unterwegs: Die Verantwortlichen für den Gift Gas Angriff in Syrien:

    This video footage that recently surfaced shows jihadi militants from the Islam Battalion that operates in the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta and led by Zahran Alloush launching an operation called „al-Reeh al-Sarsar“ (Almighty Wind) on the Damascus suburb of al-Qaboun in Eastern Ghouta at the early morning of Wednesday, August 21, 2013.

    The video shows men wearing gas masks and firing an artillery shell while shouting Allahu Akbar! The name of ‚al-Reeh al-Sarsar‘ is coincidentally the name of the „chemical brigade“ that posted videos threatening the use of chemicals on Syrian government supporters, especially Alawites, while testing the chemicals on rabbits.

    Der Terrorist im Solde von Prinz Bandar

    Der Prinz und das große Geld

    Ein Sohn des saudischen Thronfolgers soll vom Kampfjetproduzenten BAE mit einer Milliarde Pfund geschmiert worden sein – unter Deckung der britischen Regierung. von John F. Jungclaussen
    Aktualisiert 15. Juni 2007 06:49 Uhr

    Prinz Bandar will sein Ferienhaus verkaufen, für 135 Millionen Dollar. Es steht in Aspen im US-Bundesstaat Colorado und ist größer als das Weiße Haus in Washington. Das weiß er genau, denn in den vergangenen 25 Jahren hat er wohl ebenso viel Zeit mit amerikanischen Präsidenten verbracht wie in seinem Feriendomizil. Von 1983 bis 2005 war er saudischer Botschafter in Washington, seither ist er nationaler Sicherheitsberater. In Riad baut er sich gerade einen Palast.

    Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud, der Sohn des saudischen Thronfolgers, ist also ein Mann mit viel Geld und viel Einfluss. Und er steht ihm Zentrum des vielleicht größten Korruptionsskandals der Industriegeschichte.

    Mitte der achtziger Jahre fädelte der Prinz mit dem britischen Waffenhersteller BAE Systems den Al-Yamamah-Vertrag ein. Darin geht es um Lieferung und Wartung von Kampfflugzeugen für Saudi-Arabien. Über 150 Tornados und Hawks wurden seither ausgeliefert, das Auftragsvolumen für BAE betrug umgerechnet insgesamt 63,5 Milliarden Euro. Dass dieser Megadeal mit viel Geld geschmiert wurde, ist erwiesen. Neu ist allerdings, dass Prinz Bandar selbst im Laufe der Jahre rund eine Milliarde Pfund erhalten haben soll – so behaupten es die Londoner Zeitung The Guardian und Reporter der BBC, die den Fall gemeinsam untersucht haben. Das alles ist schon spektakulär genug. Nun aber gerät auch die britische Regierung unter Beschuss. Sie hat offenbar nicht nur von den Schmiergeldzahlungen gewusst, sondern auch die Aufklärung des Falls immer wieder aktiv verhindert.

    Angefangen hat alles 1985. Margaret Thatcher war Premierministerin und gab sich alle Mühe, die Saudis zu überreden, den Auftrag für die neuen Kampfflugzeuge an die britische Industrie zu vergeben. …

    Anfang 2010 versuchte Prinz Bandar König Abdullah zu stürzen, um seinen Vater Sultan auf den Thron zu setzen. Das Komplott schlug fehl, er wurde aus dem Königreich verbannt, aber dank der abnehmenden Gesundheit des Monarchen gelang es ihm ein Jahr später nach Saudi-Arabien zurückzukommen. Seit dem Tod von Prinz Sultan wurde er de facto Chef des Haus der Sudeiri, des Clan der Falken der königlichen Familie. Sein Tod ist ein schrecklicher Schlag für alle Geheimdienst-Aktionen des Westens in der muslimischen Welt. Syrien brauchte nur acht Tage um diese spektakuläre Vergeltungsoperation zu vollbringen.

    Prinz Bandar neuer Geheimdienstchef: LaRouche fordert Abbruch diplomatischer Beziehungen der USA zu Saudi-Arabien
    22. Juli 2012 • 13:51 Uhr

    Laut dem 330-seitigen Senatsbericht über die Rolle der HSBC (SPSI) in Bezug auf Geldwäsche für Drogenkartelle und terroristische Organisationen unterhielt HSBC eine Korrespondenzbank-Beziehung mit der Al Rahji Bank aus Saudi-Arabien. Diese soll zu einem Netzwerk von Banken und Stiftungen gehören, über das schätzungsweise 30 Mio. $ pro Jahr in Operationen von Al Qaida und andere islamistische Terrorzellen flossen. HSBC habe durch ihren New Yorker Ableger HBUS Al Rahji und anderen Elementen der sog. „Goldenen Kette“ Zugang zum amerikanischen Bankensystem verschafft.

    Wie berichtet, hatte die HSBC auch einen Großteil der saudischen Botschaftskonten von der Riggs Bank übernommen, nachdem diese wegen Beschuldigungen von Geldwäsche und anderen kriminellen Aktivitäten zugunsten mehrer ausländischer Regierungen dichtgemacht worden war. Unter den Konten waren auch die des saudischen Botschafters Prinz Bandar bin-Sultan und seiner Frau. Darüber sollen mindestens 2 Mrd. $ an Geldern geflossen sein, die Bandar 1985 für seine Vermittlertätigkeit beim Zustandekommen des berüchtigten „Al-Yamamah-Deals“ ( Waffen gegen Öl) mit der damaligen britischen Preministerin Margaret Thatcher bekommen hatte.* 50,000 $, wenn nicht mehr, sollen an zwei saudische Geheimdienstleute, Osama Basnan und Omar Bayoumi, gegangen sein, die mindestens zwei der Flugzeugentführer von 9/11 mit Finanzmitteln versorgten. Um diese Transaktionen war es in einem 28-seitigen Kapitel des 9/11-Kongress-Abschlussberichtes gegangen, das von Präsident George W. Bush als „top secret“ klassifiziert und bis zum heutigen Tage der Öffentlichkeit vorenthalten wurde.

    Im Februar 2009 versprach der neue US-Präsident Obama den Familien der Opfer von 9/11 bei einem persönlichen Treffen, sicherzustellen, daß dieses Kapitel öffentlich zugänglich gemacht werden würde. Dieses Versprechen löste er jedoch nie ein. Am 29. Mai 2009 beauftragte der Präsident sogar US-Generalstaatsanwältin Elena Kagan, die Gerichte anzuweisen, keine Klagen von Familienmitgliedern der 9/11-Opfer gegen saudische Regierungsvertreter oder Mitglieder der saudischen Königlichen Familie entgegenzunehmen, da diese diplomatische Immunität genössen. Kagan wurde später von Präsident Obama für das Oberste Bundesgericht der USA nominiert.

    Als Folge dieser Politik konnten einige der führenden Beteiligten an 9/11 frei herumlaufen. Letzte Woche nun wurde ausgerechnet Prinz Bandar als neuer Chef der saudischen Geheimdienste ernannt. Amerikanischen Quellen zufolge soll er hinter der Förderung neo-salafistischer Terroristen stehen. …

    Hinrichtungen Non-Stop um Panik und Terror zuverbreiten.

    Zahran Alloush – Prime suspect for the CW attack in Ghouta
    29. Januar 2014

    Who is Zahran Alloush? Some links.

    – Zahran Alloush is the son of the Syrian Salafi cleric Abdullah Mohammed Alloush based in Saudi exile, who is said to be close to the ruling Saudi family.

    – Hold in Sednaya prison due to extremism, released in an amnesty 2011 granted by the Syrian government in response to protesters demands of releasing political prisoners

    – Head of the “Islam Brigade” based in Duma (it was later enlarged and named itself then “Islam Army”)

    – Military chief for the Southern Front (incl Damascus) in the Supreme Military Council of the Free Syrian Army (SMC)

    – After US didn’t strike Syria in September, on 24th September, Alloush built a formal alliance with other extremist groups including Al Qaeda’s Nusra Front which signed as number 1, but didn’t follow this “Islamist Alliance” after sharp US criticism

    – Abandoning the “Islamist Alliance” idea, Alloush than built the Islamic Front (IF), which formally excludes Al Qaeda’s Nusra Front. Zahran Alloush’s title is head of military operations of the IF. The IF denounced the SNC, but with the SMC there is some room for ambiguity.

    Previously known behaviour and Extremist believes of Zahran Alloush and his men

    – Zahran Alloush’s Islam brigade took credibility for the high profile bomb attack that – among others – killed Syria’s defense minister in July 2012:

    – In Agust 2012, Syrian state news agency SANA reported that a gang in Douma led by Zahran Alloush is gruesomely torturing and killing civilians there

    – Videos previously published by these terrorists to blame the Syrian Army for their crimes, like mass executing hostages by slitting throats, indicate that this murderous group is especially active in the area Douma, Harasta, Barzeh and Qabon northeast of Damascus

    – Zahran Alloush says he fights for a medieval caliphate ethnically cleaned of Shia, Alawites and Persian influence

    – Zahran Alloush publically advocates torturing and murdering captured people he doesn’t like

    Connection of Zahran Alloush’s group to CW stuff & PR prior to August 2013

    – In May 2013 allegations and videos came up that the Syrian Army used chemical weapons in Adra, East Ghouta. The Videos were probably taken in Fuchs chemical company, that seems to be under control of Alloush’s Islam Brigade. It may be, that the videos were an attempt to invent a Syrian Army CW attack to spur US intervention, or that there was a mishap in handling CWs the terrorists themselves tried to make in that facility, what is likely a chemical company occupied by Liwa Islam. Many of these revealing chemical false flag videos were since deleted, but some of these images are still available.

    – Mohammed Al-Saeed, the guy who took at least one of these videos from Adra is a friend of Zahran Alloush who posed with him at his wedding party.

    – A man from Zahran Alloush’s Liwa al-Islam was in a group of extremists of Al Qaeda and Ahrar al Sham raided by Turkish police in spring 2013 for trying to buy large quantities of chemicals needed to make CWs

    – A leading insurgent Youtube channel from Douma – that’s where the HQ of Alloush’s gang is and where Alloush’s gang rules – published on 5th of August 2013 a video of animals, prominently dog, allegedly killed with chemical weapons. Of course, the video claimed, the Syrian Army murdered the animals with chemical weapons, but more likely it seems that this was an animal test run for the chemical weapons false flag attack that would follow two weeks later:

    Indicators of prior knowledge of Zahran Alloush to the CW attacks in East Ghouta on 21th of August 2013

    – After the 21-8 Ghouta CW attacks some former US intelligence professionals, among them Larry Johnson, published an open letter indicating expectation of a surprising war-changing development by high level FSA commanders and foreign intel agencies backing the FSA, that will make the US bomb Syria:

    “… we have learned that on August 13-14, 2013, Western-sponsored opposition forces in Turkey started advance preparations for a major, irregular military surge. Initial meetings between senior opposition military commanders and Qatari, Turkish and U.S. intelligence officials took place at the converted Turkish military garrison in Antakya, Hatay Province, now used as the command center and headquarters of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and their foreign sponsors.

    Senior opposition commanders who came from Istanbul pre-briefed the regional commanders on an imminent escalation in the fighting due to “a war-changing development,” which, in turn, would lead to a U.S.-led bombing of Syria.

    At operations coordinating meetings at Antakya, attended by senior Turkish, Qatari and U.S. intelligence officials as well as senior commanders of the Syrian opposition, the Syrians were told that the bombing would start in a few days. Opposition leaders were ordered to prepare their forces quickly to exploit the U.S. bombing, march into Damascus, and remove the Bashar al-Assad government

    The Qatari and Turkish intelligence officials assured the Syrian regional commanders that they would be provided with plenty of weapons for the coming offensive. And they were. A weapons distribution operation unprecedented in scope began in all opposition camps on August 21-23. The weapons were distributed from storehouses controlled by Qatari and Turkish intelligence under the tight supervision of U.S. intelligence officers. …”

    – On 13th of August 2013 on the Facebook page of “Abu Hamza from Duma” was published that preparations are in it’s final steps for a new surprise for the Syrian government, under a apparently new picture where Zahran Alloush posed with other insurgent leaders in Turkey

    The 21-8-13 Chemical Weapons Attack in Ghouta

    – the most important official UN and US documents

    Klicke, um auf Secretary_General_Report_of_CW_Investigation.pdf zuzugreifen

    Klicke, um auf report.pdf zuzugreifen

    – There were two very distinct areas where chemical weapons were allegedly used: the Zamalka/Ein Tarna areas in East Ghouta (only a few km away from Douma) where Alloush’s Islam brigade was/is in firm control and the Muadamiyah area in southwest Ghouta (about a dozen km away from East Ghouta) where the level of control by Alloush’s Islam brigade is lower

    – The alleged number of people killed in this Chemical Weapons attack waried greatly: from a few hundred as alleged by the British and French government up to more than 1400 as alleged by the FSA, the SNC and the US government. The alleged points of impact are quite far behind any front lines of the battle and the victims are alleged to be mostly civilians, with many women and children among them. The great differences in victim numbers is an indicator that at least FSA and SNC tried to present numbers as big as possible, but besides – hardly verifiable – Youtube videos the evidence for such huge number of victims is rather thin. However, at least some of the Youtube videos were clearly staged, as they featured the same alleged victim persons, but in very different situations so the story in at least some of the videos simply doesn’t add up.


    – Missing are especially the names, autopsies and testimonies of friends and relatives of victims that would back up such big numbers. Virtually nobody seems to know whom most of the alleged victims were. And as Mother Agnes Miriam points out, missing is especially the expected neighborhood chatter of mourning of friends and family, so the actual number of victims might be even very significantly lower than the lower British and French allegations – there might have been just a dozen or so real victims killed by CWs and the rest may have been fabricated propaganda. While this doesn’t mean that there was no CW attack, this is relevant in so far as fewer than assumed victims would mean the amount of Sarin in possession of the perpetrator of the CW attack may have been lower than assumed.

    – The UN inspection of the two alleged areas of impact went on very different and had very different results, but also some common features to note. In both areas an unnamed top insurgent commander guaranteed safety to the UN inspectors. From the description of the range of his influence given by UN inspectors this can hardly be anybody else than the FSA’s top Damascus commander at that time, Zahran Alloush, or one of his subordinates. The UN inspectors were always accompanied by insurgents, they led them to the places they should investigate and presented them the evidence they should investigate. Videos of the work of the UN inspectors indicate that Zahran Alloush’s above mentioned friend Mohammed Al-Saeed, who produced at least one of the Adra CW videos, was always with the UN inspectors in Muadamiyah, Zamalka and Ein Tarma.

    In Moadamiyah, snipers at first tried to prevent the UN inspection by shooting at the UN inspectors cars. In the environmental samples taken by UN inspectors in Moadamiyah there was not found any Sarin. There were found some chemicals in the environment smaples that could be breakdown chemicals of CWs, but there may be a host of different explanations for these results than a fresh CW attack. The alleged CW rocket shown to UN inspectors in Muadamiyah is very different from those presented to them in Zamalka/Ein Tarma, and the flight path of the rocket shown to them in Moadamiyah is highly implausible – or improbable. It is plausible to assume that the UN inspectors were fired at upon entrance to Moadamiyah by insurgents, because these insurgents knew that the environmental samples in Muadamiyah would surprisingly tested negative for Sarin. However, the victims allegedly injured by CWs presented to the UN inspectors seem to have been really exposed to Sarin. Though symptoms were not totally corresponding to what would have been expected their was really found Sarin in their bodies. A possible explanation for this difference between environmental samples may be that these CW victims were prior to the arrival of the UN inspectors moved to Moadamiyah. As Alloush’s friend Mohammed Al-Saeed demonstrated with his presence in Moadamiyah, insurgents were able to move between Moadamiyah and Zamalka at that time. Another, more nasty, but since suicide terrorist attacks are also a known feature of the war in Syria, not a priori impossible, explanation for the diverging results between body and environment samples in Moadamiyah would be, that some persons in Moadamiyah were especially intoxicated with a small dose of Sarin just to mislead the UN inspectors. What can be definitely said of the Moadamiyah investigation is that the stories and the blood of victims and the test results of the environmental samples diverge, and the stories of the doctors there were no help to bridge that divergence neither.

    In Zamalka and Ein Tarma the UN inspectors results were very different. The UN inspectors were shown rockets capable of delivering up to about 50 kg Sarin, rocket remains and environmental samples nearby all tested positive for Sarin as well as the blood of victims tested positive for Sarin. That is what is to be expected when there was really a Sarin attack.

    However, a closer analysis of the capability of the rockets allegedly used to deliver the CW showed that these rockets were not professionally designed sophesticated missiles to deliver CWs, but more like quite unprofessionally manufactured devices based on standard Grad missiles which are also in possession of insurgents. And the potential reach of these missiles of about just two kilometers is just too short that they could have reached all alleged areas of impact from government controlled territory. Some of these missiles could theoretically have been fired from disputed territories, but some, that landed far behind the front line, had to have been fired from insurgent controlled territory. That insurgent territory in East Ghouta is controlled by Alloush’s Islam brigade, which makes it improbable that anyone could have fired these CW rockets in East Ghouta without the permission of Zahran Alloush.

    Who had a plausible motive for the CW attack?


  7. norumj
    Februar 5, 2014 um 10:49 am

    Wer „Syrien Giftgas Richard Lloyd Theodore Posto“ in eine
    Suchmaschine eintippt, findet nahezu ausschliesslich linke Medien und
    Blogs, die über eine Studie berichten, die nachweist, dass die Rakete
    mit dem Giftgas nicht aus dem Gebiet der regulären Streikräfte
    abgefeuert wurde.
    Die versammelte Staatspropaganda verschweigt die Studie (die auf TP
    erwähnt wurde):

    Es ist unglaublich, wie die Leute hierzulande für dumm verkauft und
    manipuliert werden.
    Ein anderer Knaller ist ein Interview mit Roland Dumas aus dem
    letzten Jahr.

    “England was preparing the invasion of the rebels in Syria.”

  8. Februar 18, 2014 um 10:27 am

    Syrien: Die Aufrüstung des bewaffneten Widerstands
    Thomas Pany 17.02.2014
    Saudi-Arabien und der CIA bauen an einer neuen Südfront, die nun auch Flugabwehrsysteme bekommen soll. Zugleich gibt es öffentlichen Druck, auch vom Physiker Hawking, an den Zuständen im Land dringend etwas zu ändern
    Wer aus den ergebnislosen Verhandlungen den Schluss gezogen hatte, dass Genf II zu keinen Resultaten geführt habe, sieht sich getäuscht. Ende vergangener Woche berichtete das Wall Street Journal über neue Waffenlieferungen an Gegner der syrischen Regierung. Dabei geht um schultergestützte Flugabwehrwaffen (Manpads), deren Lieferung sich die Aufständischen schon lange erhofft hatten. Der militärische Druck auf Baschar al-Assad wird erheblich verstärkt. Waffenlieferungen und wie auch größere Finanzströme, die nun mit einer neuen Welle an die Gegner der Regierung im Süden fließen, sind Teil einer größeren Strategie.

    Was die politischen Verhandlungen in der Schweiz nicht erreicht haben – dass die syrische Regierung Machtpositionen räumt und sich auf die Bildung einer Übergangsregierung einlässt -, wird nun mit wieder mit verstärkten Mitteln über die kriegerischen Auseinandersetzungen versucht.

    Jetzt also doch Flugabwehrwaffen an eine dubiose Opposition, die in der öffentlichen Wahrnehmung mit al-Qaida, Innereien der Gegner fressende Dschahidisten und Salafisten mit Talibanistan-Agenda verbunden wird? Hatte nicht US-Geheimdienst-Chef Clapper vor Kurzem dem Kongress gegenüber davor gewarnt, dass von den syrischen al-Qaida-Kämpfern Gefahr auch fürs Homeland ausgeht?

  9. navy
    Mai 23, 2014 um 9:21 pm

  10. moana
    Juli 27, 2014 um 8:19 pm

    Newsletter vom 28.07.2014 – Die syrische Kröte

    BERLIN/DAMASKUS/MOSKAU (Eigener Bericht) – Scharfe Kritik an der
    westlichen Syrien-Politik übt der Direktor des katholischen Hilfswerks
    Caritas Libanon. Der Westen müsse endlich aufhören, gemeinsam mit
    seinen mittelöstlichen Verbündeten die Aufständischen in Syrien mit
    Kriegsgerät auszustatten, erklärt der libanesische Caritas-Leiter Paul
    Karam. Zudem müsse er dafür sorgen, dass nicht andauernd Bürger
    europäischer Staaten zu salafistischen Terrormilizen in Syrien
    überliefen – auf Kosten der geplagten Zivilbevölkerung. Aufschlüsse
    darüber, wieso der Westen an seinen Bemühungen festhält, Assad zu
    stürzen, obwohl die Forderungen immer lauter werden, man müsse so
    schnell wie möglich dem Terrorregime des „Islamischen Staats“ ein Ende
    setzen, liefert der Außenpolitik-Experte Dmitri Trenin vom Moskauer
    Carnegie Center. Trenin zufolge ist es Russland im Verlauf des
    Syrien-Kriegs gelungen, dem Westen empfindliche machtpolitische
    Niederlagen zuzufügen. Der Westen wiederum setze alles daran, im
    Syrien-Krieg auch Russlands nahöstlichen Einfluss zu zerschlagen. In
    Deutschland wird dabei in inzwischen sogar wieder die Forderung nach
    einer westlichen Militärintervention in Syrien laut.

    Die Lehre aus dem Libyen-Krieg
    Zu den Hintergründen der westlichen Unterstützung für die Aufständischen in Syrien hat sich unlängst der Außenpolitik-Experte Dmitri Trenin vom Moskauer Carnegie Center geäußert. Das Zentrum ist eine Außenstelle des US-Think-Tanks Carnegie Endowment. Trenin weist zunächst darauf hin, dass Moskau sich nach dem Beginn der Unruhen in Syrien 2011 geweigert habe, die Bemühungen des Westens um Assads Sturz zu unterstützen. Hintergrund seien Erfahrungen aus dem Aufstand in Libyen gewesen: Russland habe mit seiner Enthaltung im UN-Sicherheitsrat die dortige Militärintervention des Westens ermöglicht, dann aber konstatieren müssen, dass dieser mit Gaddafis Sturz seine Interessen einseitig durchgesetzt, Russlands Positionen hingegen empfindlich geschwächt habe. Moskau sei deshalb nicht bereit gewesen, nun auch noch Assads Sturz zu ermöglichen. Hinzu kam laut Trenin, dass Präsident Putin zu der Einschätzung gekommen sei, Assad werde sich als stärker als die Aufständischen erweisen, während unter diesen schon bald militante Salafisten die Oberhand gewinnen würden; letzten Endes werde man sich also zwischen Assad und den Salafisten entscheiden müssen. „Diese Einschätzung erwies sich als realistischer als das Kalkül von Obamas Beratern im Weißen Haus“, bilanziert Trenin.[3]
    Wieder auf Augenhöhe
    Trenin erinnert sodann daran, dass Moskau Washington im Mai 2013 angeboten habe, gemeinsam zu einer politischen Lösung in Syrien zu gelangen; der Westen habe die Offerte allerdings ausgeschlagen.


  11. natirum
    März 13, 2015 um 6:35 pm

    Der US Botschafter in Kiew

    Geoffrey R. Pyatt Skirmisher of Euromaidan


    Part of channel(s): Ukraine (current event)

    Geoffrey R. Pyatt Skirmisher of Euromaidan


    Gespräch zwischen Vize-Staatssekretär und Botschafter der USA in Ukraine
    von Andrey Fomin

    Ein auf YouTube aufgetauchtes abgefangenes Gespräch zwischen Vize-Außenministerin Victoria Nuland und ihrem Botschafter in der Ukraine hat einen starken Konflikt zwischen Washington und Brüssel ausgelöst. Aber das wichtigste ist woanders: das Gespräch zeigt, dass die Vereinigten Staaten nicht an den offiziellen Slogans der Demonstranten von dem Maidan Platz (Anschluss zur Europäischen Union) interessiert sind, sondern dass sie für den Regimewechsel arbeiten, um einen von ihren Männern an die Macht zu bringen und Unruhen zu verbreiten.
    Voltaire Netzwerk | 8. Februar 2014
    English français Español

    JPEG – 25.2 kB
    Victoria Nuland und Botschafter Geoffrey R. Pyatt kamen die Demonstranten auf dem Platz Maidan zu unterstützen.

    Hier finden Sie die Übersetzung eines Telefongesprächs zwischen Victoria Nuland, Unter-Staatssekretärin der Vereinigten Staaten, und Geoffrey R. Pyatt, US-Botschafter in der Ukraine.

    Dieses Gespräch wäre zwischen dem 22. und 25. Januar 2014 abgefangen worden. Es ist auf mysteriöse Weise auf YouTube geladen worden, was vorerst ein Dementi des State-Departments auslöste. Dann, als nach der Veröffentlichung eines Artikels im Kyiv Post der Skandal in Schwung kam, hat sich Victoria Nuland bei der Europäischen Union entschuldigt, aber mit der Bemerkung, dass das Abhören eines privaten Gespräches durch den russischen Geheimdienst gemacht worden sein könnte, – eine wirklich spaßige Bemerkung seitens eines Staates, der die Kommunikation fast der ganzen Welt ausspioniert-.

    Victoria Nuland ist eine neo-konservative Diplomatin, Ehefrau des Historikers Robert Kagan. Sie war der wichtigste Berater in Außenpolitik von Vizepräsident Dick Cheney, bevor sie von George W. Bush zum Botschafter bei der NATO ernannt wurde. Hillary Clinton machte aus ihr den Sprecher des Außenministeriums, und John Kerry danach seine Assistentin für Europa und Eurasien. Sie ist es, die die Destabilisierung der Ukraine leitet.

    In diesem Gespräch gibt sie in trivialer englischer Sprache Anleitungen, wie auf den Vorschlag von Präsident Janukowitsch, die Opposition eine Regierung bilden zu lassen, zu reagieren sei. Ihr zufolge müsste man Arseniy Yatsenyuk platzieren, Wladimir Klitschko aus dem Spiel halten und den Naziführer Oleh Tyahnybok umgehen, weil er unangenehm wird.

    Nebenbei erfährt man, dass der ehemalige amerikanische Diplomat Jeffrey Feltman, jetzt Stellvertretender Generalsekretär der Vereinten Nationen, in dieser Organisation ernennt, wen er will, und er die Vereinten Nationen dazu nutzt, um den verdeckten Aktionen der USA einen legalen Anstrich zu verleihen. So konnte er den Niederländer Robert Serry, ehemaligen Leiter der NATO-„Operationen“, zum Vertreter der Vereinten Nationen ernennen.

  12. astroniom
    September 11, 2015 um 6:48 am

    Ein Verbrechen, wo Westerwelle die SWP Berlin aktiv mitmachten.

    die erneuten Luegen wie im Kosovo, Irak, Afghansitan und Libyen Krieg der US Praesidenten. Libyen war ebenso ein Verbrechen durch auswaertige Terroristen, finanziert direkt von Hillary Clinton und Victory Nuland, erklaeren spaeter die eingesetzten STaathalter der USA und von Sarkozu

  13. astra
    Oktober 7, 2015 um 4:38 am

    Das Ende der Uno

    Syrien-Krise: Das Ende der Uno

    Syrien brennt, die Uno zaudert: Das Scheitern der Weltgemeinschaft im Angesicht der eskalierenden Katastrophe ist nicht nur eine Konsequenz verkalkter Strukturen. Es ist eine historische Schande. Ein Kommentar von Marc Pitzke, New York mehr… [ Forum ]

    Weitere Wikileaks-Dokumente ausgewertet. Vorwürfe der Regierungen von Bolivien und Ecuador gegen US-Botschafter und USaid waren begründet
    Als rätselhaft hat die „Deutsche Welle“ die Revolte in Tadschikistan im September bezeichnet. Es gibt aber wenig Rätselhaftes da in Wirklichkeit. Es ist leicht zu erraten, wer den Versuch des Militärumsturzes organisiert hat, den Vize-Verteidigungsminister Abduchalim Nasarsoda unternommen hat. Der Irak, Ägypten, Tunesien, Lybien, Syrien, Georgien, Kirgisien, die Ukraine – wer steht hinter der Zerstörung dieser Staaten? Braucht man irgendwelche Winke, um diese Frage zu beantworten?
    This partial timeline provides evidence that the U.S. government and Obama in particular bear a significant responsibility for the Syrian war and the results of that war. Obama approved elements of CIA plans that go back over 65 years. The CIA meddling is distinct from the Pentagon’s failed plan to train moderate rebels, not covered in this timeline.

    Krasukha-4 jamming system present at Latakia


  14. März 31, 2016 um 4:57 pm

    Putin erklärt wie unlogisch damals die Lügen der Amerkaner waren, das die Syrische Regierung den Giftgas Angriff organisierte, erklärt deutlich, das es eine typische Operation war um einen Regime Chance einzuleiten, Syrien zu besetzen, Flugverbots Zonen mit diesen Lügen zuerrrichten.

    Aktiv unterstützt diese Verbrechen: durch Volker Perthes, SWP-Berlin, Guido Westerwelle, Frank Walter Steinmeier und anderen Kriminellen

  15. April 27, 2016 um 4:38 am

    Alle Geheimdienst Offiziere konnten keinen Hinweis finden, das Syrien damals Sarin benutzte auch was unlogisch war. Die Geheimdienste wussten aber sofort, das es Hinweise gibt, das Rebellen Giftgas benutzten. Alles Propaganda, wie Cheney, die Irak Lügen organisierten

    Für den RT Deutsch-Kooperationspartner Telesur interviewte Abby Martin den ehemaligen US Army Colonel und früheren Sicherheitsberater der Reagan-Regierung Lawrence Wilkerson. Darüber hinaus war Wilkerson viele Jahre als Berater des US-Außenministeriums unter Colin Powell aktiv. Heute spricht der ehemalige Regierungsbeamte offen über die Korruption innerhalb der politischen Elite und deckt auf, wie Wirtschaftsinteressen die US-Außenpolitik bestimmen. Wilkerson gewährt einen seltenen Insider-Blick auf die Hintergründe US-amerikanischer Kriege, die Manipulation durch Geheimdienste und die Verflechtung der Rüstungsindustrie mit politischen Interessen. Den US-Imperialismus sieht er zum Scheitern verurteilt.

  16. August 12, 2019 um 4:44 am

    Deutschland die EU wird auch in 2019, aktiv an den Massenmorden in Syrien beteiligt sein, Tausenden von IS Terroristen Schutz in Deutschland geben und weitere Milliarden in den Verbrecher Sumpf stecken. „Die Werte“ der Angela Merkel mit den Sanktionen für Profite der KfW, Privatisier und den Hirnlosen Verbrecher Banden des Auswärtigem Amtes, der GIZ und der KfW. Bildung, Krankenhäuser, Wasser Alles muss zerstört werden wie die Justiz, kopiert aus dem Balkan, wo EU und Deutsche Politik, ebenso ein Fiasko erleidet.

    Westliche Sanktionen töten Kinder in Syrien, aber der Spiegel verdreht die Tatsachen

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